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Speechless and mind blowing

Omg always wanted to speak to Liam but yesterday l got through to him people l urge to call Liam you are not going to waste your money everything was spot on about a move and long time relationship please please people call Liam. Liam l will let you know next month once again thank you & luv & light my angel Liam xxx

Cynthia From London On 16/04/2019

Too the point!

Great reading, everything I was told before so on same track of some great readers. Straight to the point sats what he see's, I really wish Liam's predictions are correct.

Rene From London On 15/04/2019

This guy is superb. No faffing, just accurate.

Paul From London On 08/04/2019


Very accurate concerning my situation. Gave good advice !

Alexis From Iowa On 08/04/2019

Spot on!!

Liam, had to repost, just to let you know that your prediction of a discussion with a certain man taking place in 10 days, happened yesterday (10th day) as you predicted. I was shocked but you were right. Others need to see this message to showcase your pure skill/gift. Thankyou x

Leighton From Brighton On 24/03/2019

I got cut off due to funds ...as always a total utter GEM!!!!Bless you.

From On 13/03/2019



a very happy women From cardiff On 06/03/2019

10 star plus

Thank you so much for your ongoing support for more than a year. So sorry we got cut off. I appreciate all your predictions and explanations have come true for the past year and more. With gratitude.

Sue From On 03/03/2019

Accurate and great delivery

Spot on with predictions

Caroline From North East UK On 26/02/2019

Thank you so much

Thank you so much for your ongoing regular support for over 12 months now. I appreciate your honest reading, no sugar coating anything. Everything you have said over the past 12 months have been spot on. You are truly a gifted psychic and thank you for sharing your gift. Sorry phone was cut off I couldn’t top up as I was at work. From your weekly caller with gratitude

Sue From Australia On 15/02/2019

Really very very good

Everything you predicted beginning of January has all started to unfold over this past 2 weeks Liam. Thank you very much. Enjoyed our chat thank you very much x

Lanah From York On 07/02/2019

10 Stars!!

Liam you are a Diamond ... I am lost for words you have no idea that what you have revealed to me is nothing but the whole truth and your unbelievable degree of accuracy is 100% Spot on. You came across very clear and the things you said to me have made see things a lot clearer and best of all you didnt ask me any questions. Right now I am speechless. I cannot believe how you knew that I was about to walk away. Well you were right. I am glad that we spoke because I am begining to feel that there is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel I just have to be patient which is not my strength, but you stopped me in my tracks. I really hope and pray that what you've said will come to pass. I will update you in the coming months ahead. God bless you. Liam is a true pyschic on this site. I highly reccommend him.

Dee From Essex On 06/02/2019


Liam has kept me going over the last 4 months, his readings are always the same, which is good, he has predicted for this month the the POI finally comes forward, will update when it happens, Thankyou Liam

Wendy From Melbourne Australia On 04/02/2019

The best

Thank you !

From On 01/02/2019

Amazing chat

I loved talking to Liam. I shall take your advice and update you down the line. You’re defitely the best psychic I have spoke to on here. Your honesty is highly valued and I truly hope you’re right about he man I feel is my soulmate. Sorry we got cut off but after £30 I could not afford more. Thank you Liam.

Michelle From U.K. On 21/01/2019

Great Psychic!!!

Outstanding Liam your predictions have come true with my partner and you have really helped me you put my mind at ease thank you star once again!!!

Jackie baillie From Burnley UK On 11/01/2019


Liam, had a reading from you two years ago, spot on at the time, thank you, had a reading from you tonight, you told me without promoting what I should do ,ignore him,omg my gut told me same thing, you are amazing, lovely, HONEST, reader, thank you so much, honestly can't tell you how much what you said to me meant to me it was like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, thank you with all of my heart xx ,,

Jacqui From Uk On 07/01/2019

Very genuine connection

God what to say. I have probably been having readings for at least five years with Liam, I remember so many readings and Liam was positive and telling my life was getting going to get better and better i was living in a van in the woods. Now i am about to build my dream house with my soul mate in the woods and life really is starting to be amazing again. All i have to say is Liam has always been right just some things happend further down the line. Happy New year Liam. Thankyou very much for every thing. Ali.

Alistair From South Wales On 04/01/2019

Thank you

Liam is one person I always turn to for advice and so far he has always been on point. Almost everything that has meant to be in my life and he predicted has happened. He is very very honest and a lovely person to speak to, definitely my go-to person. Thank you for your sincerity, honesty and guidance. xxx

Belinda From UK On 21/12/2018

Thanks liam

So sorry we got cut off. Will let you know in two weeks regarding the prediction of him coming back. Thank you

Zana From On 17/12/2018

Amazed about accuracy, things occurred exactly as Liam said

I am speechless, as Liam was recommended and his reading was so accurate that events occurred exactly the way he described they would. I am very happy.

A from Melbourne Australia From On 09/12/2018

Thank you so much for sharing your psychic gift

Thank you so much for your incredible spiritual support over the past many months every single week that I call you. I really appreciate you sharing your incredible psychic gift being true spiritual teacher and guide. Blessing to you always. Many thanks.

Susan From Australia On 05/12/2018

Thank you so much... Like I said to you, you are just fab.. I so enjoyed my reading.. I will call you again.. Massive hugs xx

From On 27/11/2018

Thank you so much again!

Thank you so much again for your continuous support and psychic guidance for my complicated matters of the heart situation. Your support over many many months has really helped me. Spot on about everything in all the details. Highly recommended gifted psychic.

Susan From Australia On 19/11/2018


Just finished talking with Liam, after I had seen that he had over 200 reviews I thought I would give him a try. This was a very uplifting reading. Liam had picked up on the POI, predicted that there will be contact early December. Predicted progression between myself and the POI in the coming months. Looking forward to the predictions unfolding and to what's ahead for me.

Mickey123 From Australia On 16/11/2018

100% recommended

I am leaving another review for Liam whom I have been consulting with for many months. He is always spot on accurate, consistent and all his predictions and comments are true. What I like most is that he is honest and will not sugar coat and tell you what you want to hear. He will tell you the truth. If you cannot handle the truth, dont waste your time and money calling psychics. Thank you Liam for all your help and supporting me dealing with a difficult situation. Your psychic insight have always been spot on accurate. I highly recommend Liam without any hesitation.

From Australia On 13/11/2018


Hiya Liam predictions re my humi have come to pass ...cheers hun..ya tried get you loads times always booked up..looking forward to next chat.Blessings star..

Jackie baillie From BLACKBURN UK On 10/11/2018

Called him in may

Back in a may i had a reading with liam , i called him after breake up , he told me we would get back together in early july , and we did . Tried to talk you today again but u already logged off . Just wanted to say thank you and you was completely right with your predictions , to be honest back than i thought you was just people pleaser and tried to make me feel better lol . Now i see how strong u really are .. can’t wait to talk to you again x

Rita From London On 07/11/2018


Seems to be very confident in his predicitions. Hoping they come true

Michael From India On 05/11/2018

100% satisfied

Liam has been my guide and support for nearly a year and he is truly gifted. He is spot on accurate and honest. If you want a true psychic who will tell you the truth and your future (without sugar coating) Liam is the person to talk to. He has helped me enormously and all his predictions and explanations have occurred. I fully trust him and recommend him to anyone. Thank you Liam for your ongoing support.

Susan From Australia On 28/10/2018

A million thankyou’s

Hi Liam I’m the lady that called so many times throughout this year about my ex when I felt down and lost and each time you have been so supportive. Thankyou for reassuring me when I needed it and for guiding me along this process, and for being non judgmental and patient with me, it has taken some time to get to this point as my ex is pretty stubborn, your prediction is slowly starting to unfold! Speak to you soon Nadine

From On 26/10/2018


Hi Liam, my reading with you today was absolutely amazing and uplifting, you have given me so much clarity, you understood my position and have made me feel so positive and excited, Liam is such a lovely person to talk to as well, will definitely update as the predictions come to pass.

From On 24/10/2018


Hi Liam, I am not using my real name but I just spoke to you ande unfortunately the call got disconnected even though I still had minutes so sorry - it is the system. You were AMAZING. The feeling you gave me - $1 mill could not buy. I am so hopeful and positive and excited. I will keep you posted and definitely try to ring you to tell you as predictions are close. Thank you so much. I feel on top of the World.

Carolyn From Esperance On 19/10/2018

Truly gifted and all predictions have occurred exactly as he said

Im just leaving another review for Liam as I am extremely a satisfied client. Liam has been helping me with various issues in my life over the past 8 months and he is always spot on accurate and all his predictions come true for me. I truly appreciate his honesty telling me as things are not sugar coating. If you are ready to hear the truth, than contact Liam. If you want someone to tell you lies and sugar coat, than there are plenty others around. Thank you Liam for all your help over the past many months. Bless you for the gift you offer the world.

Sue From Australia On 18/10/2018


There not enough stars for this guy.hes really nice and care about his clients situations.thank you

From On 12/10/2018

Thank you so much for your words of wisdom.

R From Uk On 05/10/2018

Honest and enlightening reading

Liam was honest with his reading and gave me the reassurance to tackle the situation that I am currently in. No false hopes, no sugar coating - straight answers. Thanks Liam for listening and your wise advice.

From On 30/09/2018

WOW what can i say

Liam is great! sorry line cut off run out of minutes. Hes very consistent with his readings and 100% accurate and honest! looking forward to the predictions

Anisha From On 28/09/2018

Many thanks again and again Liam!

I have had many readings with Liam and he is the best psychic I have ever come across. Totally accurate, spot on truth and honest. He does not tell you what you want to hear, rather the honest psychic truth. His predictions have all come to pass for me and he has been my spiritual teacher. He is a wonderful kind soul and highly recommend to anyone who is ready to hear the honest truth. Thank you very much Liam for all your spiritual guidance which have assisted me with challenging circumstances in my life over the year. With gratitude always, lots of blessings to you which you deserve.

Susan From Australia On 24/09/2018

Really great

Had 3 readings with Liam, his first prediction has happened this weekend. Really great to chat to and love how straight and honest he is. Looking forward to what’s ahead. Thank you very much.

V From Herts On 17/09/2018


He is easily the best psychic on here and that's speaks volumes.He tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear and gives advice that is spot on for your evolution.He tunes in immediately and has knowledge of people and yourself you will be amazed by.He literally sees into the soul and knows past present and future events aswell as the feelings of everyone and is incredibly funny too.He really is a gem and deserves blessings of good fortune always.If you want the truth and to be aided to improve yourself and situations you face he is the go to man.No sugar coating just total honesty for your higher good.Amazingly accurate it is spooky!Bless you Liam.

From On 10/09/2018


Liam made me feel at ease! so honest and 100% accurate on my situation and on the person. Thank you for the reading! looking forward to the predictions

From On 10/09/2018


Thank you Liam for being consistent and real. I really appreciated your guidance this morning and helping me to stay the course. Blessings Sharon

From On 07/09/2018

Amazing reading

Thank you for another great reading as always.

Donna From London On 07/09/2018


Liam is one of the best his predication came to pass, I couldn't be more grateful.he's so kind funny, ans explain things in a clear without sugar coating anything.I got the job I wanted and a few things i'm waiting to see if their come through, which in mind I know their will what a lovely true soul, this is the person has the really spiritual gift. thanks kindly Liam your the best Shabs

shabnam From NORTHAMPTON On 06/09/2018

Very consistent

Reading with Liam are very accurate and consistent. His predictions are coming to pass.

From On 05/09/2018


Thank you Liam, for your advice and guidance on my current situation.I have just had a reading with you and you have really helped me.Please try this man he is amazing.Thanks again.

karen From On 31/08/2018

Top reader

Really good

Sue From Derbyshire On 29/08/2018

100% All Predictions Came True

I have had number of readings with Liam and have found him to not only be 100% spot on accurate, but also all his predictions have come true. This is what I call a true psychic as opposed to many simple counselors here and on other psychic lines. If you want a psychic to give you answers and predictions, than Liam is the go to person!

Sasha From Australia On 22/08/2018

Pretty Good

Thanks for the reading, very accurate and quick to tune in.

From On 19/08/2018


He is the best.

j From On 19/08/2018

Thank you

My hero... love what you say and the guidance given. God bless. Belinda xxx

From On 19/08/2018


Bob on Liam...u lot keep me going love ya...hope connect week or two...advice and psychic stuff AMAZING!!!TANK EWE...

Jackie baillie From BLACKBURN UK On 30/07/2018

Fantastic Reader. !!!!!

Thank you for all your help and guidance again Liam

M From York On 20/07/2018

Spot on!

Liam is one of the top readers on here. Gives In depth review of the situation at hand, so refreshing to have a male understanding and explanation of things. He picks things up with ease and tells you what to do. He was able to describe the issue without giving any information. Seriously, ignore all the negative reviews

Sylvia From Australia On 19/07/2018

Extremely satisfied 10/10

I’ve had a few readings from Liam. He’s always spot on with the situation and picks up very quick. Thank you for the predictions. I hope they come true! Highly recommended.

N From Uk On 16/07/2018

Very Good reading. Deep insight .


Wini From uk On 13/07/2018

WOW !!

Thank you so much for such a precise, informative and helpful reading on 10/07. Couldn’t believe your accuracy on my present situations. I feel so much more optimistic for the future having spoken to you, and your delivery of messages is just so caring and spot on.

M From York On 10/07/2018


Sorry we got cut off again, great reading as always!!

Donna From On 10/07/2018


Thank you Liam for your honesty!!

Theresa From Australia On 09/07/2018

Amazingly and consistently accurate and all predictions came true - Gifted

This person is the best professional psychic I have ever come across. I have had number of readings with him, he is consistently accurate and all predictions have come true. Highly recommended!!

Sue From Australia On 09/07/2018

Feeling optomistic

I had a reading 6.7.18 he seems to be quiet confident in what he says,I will post validation if they come to pass, I am feeling positive, even though I thought wow, this is going to be to good to be true.

Ginger From Australia On 07/07/2018


Liam and his guides remembered my situation with my ex to a t...even though i gave np clue and hadn't spoken to him for over a year. He was bery helpful, accurate and funny!

Mandy From Cheshire On 29/06/2018

Amazing gifted reader! Spot on consistently accurate! All predictions came true!

Thank you so much Liam I have had several readings, Liam is consistently accurate, spot on and all predictions have come true. Very gifted psychic!! Highly recommended!

Susan From Australia On 27/06/2018

Liam does not disappoint, he is very well spoken, does not waffle explains things thoroughly. Very uplifting and positive reading.

From On 23/05/2018


Thanks Liam as always you are consistent. Sorry we got cut off.

C From London On 15/05/2018


Jeez I cannot wait to connect with this brilliant psychic again!!!☆☆☆☆☆ Absolute gem he is...confirmed lot that was on my mind from Spirit..blessings Liam ...

Jackie D From BLACKBURN UK On 07/05/2018


Thanks Liam for.another amazing reading..you was consistent.. thanks again

Tiger 1 From Under the earth's sun On 19/03/2018

Spot on

Ive had several readings from Liam. One thing I can definitely say is he has been consistent in my readings. 100% would recommend him...

. From West Midlands On 12/03/2018

Thank you

Had several readings with Liam. Spot on. He’s amazing, honest and my go to psychic

Claire From Edinburgh On 09/03/2018

Spot on

Liam was 100% accurate about my situation,and made things clearer as to what going on. Thank you.. ps sorry we got cut off my credits finished

S From West Yorkshire On 06/03/2018


Liam.is great... got everythn to.a tee

From On 02/03/2018

Thank you!

Liam was 100% accurate and was amazing in his psychic abilities , he gave me great advice in regards to my partner and my children as I was very distressed at 4am on a Tuesday ! I will certainly be in touch and thank you so so so much !

Suzanne From Berkshire On 21/02/2018

Mind blowing

I was so amazed by what Liam said in the reading. He is sticking with his predictions so much that I felt like he was reading from a file but when he said something that my ex only said to me, I was speechless. I had never had a reading about my ex with Liam so he wouldn’t have guessed the exact words to the dot. I know There are fake readers on here but I am convinced 100% that Liam knows what he does and he is so good at it.

S From Birmingham On 20/02/2018

Consistent & Reliable - Predictions come to pass

I totally agree Liam is very consistent. I too had 3 readings with him and two predictions already come to pass. He's a very great listener too. Thanks Liam. PS I meant to say you were 100% right in the feedback left on 22/12/17.

AD From UK On 17/02/2018

Accurate and consistent

All my readings with Liam was the same! Very sure on his predictions! Which I looking forward to unfold! Thank you Liam!

F From Leeds On 14/02/2018


3rd reading Liam remains consistent saying the same things, he picks up. He told me exactly what to do and stand my ground . When a reader sees the same thing over and over that’s the real deal. Amazing man I will post my next reading and what comes to pass. Thank you Liam ring this man.

Maria From Australia On 05/02/2018


This guy just talks picks up on everything, And know whatbhis saying be,Iive me. His amazing Call him I will post my outcome soon as it happends and I know it will Liam knows what his talking about. Ring this man.

Maria From Australia On 02/02/2018

Spot On.....

Thank you, First prediction came through...

Peter From Queensland, Australia On 26/01/2018

better late than never

predictions are coming true although timings are way off scale

christine From UK On 26/01/2018


I would like to say most of predictions that Liam had stated have come true. Keep up the good work!

M From Bedfordshire On 08/01/2018

Liam is straight to the point

I really liked Liam he is straight to the point and picked up on my situation currently.

Gerry From Australia On 06/01/2018

1 years later! what liam said happened, exactly the same. very very nice information.

From On 01/01/2018

Prediction came true!

Thank you so much Liam for all the kindness and great reading. I'm so happy to see one of your predictions already happening. It was so hard to believe that my case would be solved the way you said it would. You were 10% accurate and I am 1000% relieved. Thank you.

AD From UK On 22/12/2017


Always picks up on my situation ! Amazing ! Thank you!!!

Blondie From On 09/12/2017

Thank you Liam.

I've talked to you about 5 times over a year about the same subject. Although you probably have no idea!! You've given real great and down to earth advice. You be stuck to the same outcome and that gives me strength. Sometimes it's also nice to get a man's perspective on things! Thanks again. Louisa

Louisa From Essex On 24/11/2017


Love Liam! He's got a beautiful soul.. . You just have to 'get' how he works. Thank you for giving me hope and positive validations xxx

Belinda From UK On 04/10/2017

Thankyou Liam

I don't know what I would have done without Liam He's given me hope when times were bad but also has predicted many accurate things Wouldn't hesitate to call him Highly recommended

A From London On 03/10/2017

WOW, just WOW

I am so surprised, I saw all the reviews and thought Liam must be amazing, and he completely delivered. He didn't beat around the bush, said it how it was. I felt like I used my minutes in the best way and wasn't a waste of my time at all. He saw the whole situation and gave me new hope, I hope it comes true! I will definitely be calling back soon to let you know what happens. Thank you so much for a wonderful and insightful reading

olivia From On 29/09/2017

Thank you

So sorry the phone got cut off. Thank you for your beautiful reading as usual. You're my mr wonderful xx

Belinda From UK On 25/09/2017


After recent reviews not sure on whether to have another reading or not

christine From UK On 02/09/2017

Hung up on me when asked to clarify what he was saying

Hugely dissappointed as when i pointed out "A" is actually a very hard working person holding down two jobs and he said didn't make sense, he started becoming aggrivated and hung up the phone.

Ak From Cheshire On 19/08/2017

Liam. Thank you

After speaking to a couple of psychics on here today and hearing some of what I can only describe as fabrications and confusion I spoke to you. Straight to the point. Great insight into a man's mind and some real truth. Thanks for the chat and Thanks for getting to the heart of the situation. I will let you know when things start to happen between me and my man.thanks again.....Louisa

Louisa From UK On 14/08/2017


Liam's short term prediction came true! The big ones will come true too. He is amazing.

kavita From London On 11/08/2017

john west

i have at least 4,to 5 readings,with liam,,I have bud him john west,as he this person asks a lot of questions,what is so annoying ,it clear he tells you what you want to here ,if I was to realy believe this man he gives no prof,he a good lister that about it ,I got to be fair they are many reader on here that with out asking to many questions can tell you thing they can not possly know,not of of ilam s many pordictions have come ture nor can he offer any prov,you would have be realy glabable to o,take serusly what john west as to say ,on at least 2 occastions I politely point this out only rudely to be told I have somany callers I cant remember it what be onist and respect for ilam to say I cant connect try some one it no acase I upset it did come ture ,it that some people realy believe and hang on every word ,I under stand he as to make a living but does it realy hurt to say I cant not connect,i have at least 6,dates over the past 2yrs when a ex is sompose to get intouch and magic winfulls that have never happebn it realy is a shame as it so insulting ,and coast a lot of money,.scott

scott From east london On 20/07/2017

Top reader

Liam is brilliant

Sue From Derbyshire On 18/07/2017

A ++++++

Liam picked up the situation immediately and guided me like a teacher through the troubled waters. I hope his predictions come true and will update here but for now I am so relieved that I spoke to a very compassionate, patient and extremely gifted reader. I cannot imagine this man to be blunt or rude at all, as some have said. I will never forget this reading as he put my mind to so much of rest -it was like the best reading combined with deep spiritually guided therapeutic skills. I consult Allen, Zara and Lee on this website too. Liam, thank you once again if you are reading this and enjoy your holidays.

kavita From London On 17/07/2017


Thankyou so much Liam. Spot on and I know I need more patience but feel that finally may be heading in the right direction. Second reading I have had with Liam and both have been excellent Love and Light x

Patsy From Australia On 17/07/2017

Amazing.accurate.reading with Liam

Spoke to Liam about a work issue - he got right to the heart of the matter no fishing or time wasting - described the situation and the people involved perfectly in detail and gave clear guidance on what I needed to do - highly recommended.

Heather From London On 30/06/2017

I found Liam to be rude and Forthright , and would not call on him specifically , I was put through to him , as reader I wanted was busy.

Christine From North East On 22/06/2017

Great teacher

Taught me how to understand things. Teaches me many things. Thanks

A From Essex On 22/06/2017


3rd reading with him but all 3 predicted the same. Can be very blunt but a nice guy. I see a lot of his predictions have come through so i hope mine does too as just about given up

Shirley From Ireland On 20/06/2017

Love and light ?

Liam is easily offended. .. & becomes quite rude if you dont agree with him. Alarming.

M K From UK On 14/06/2017


I have been having readings from Liam for the past few years and want to say that his predictions have come true , even the ones I didn't believe they would have happened. I trust Liam's guides and he explains every situation so well specially in a male perspective. Liam is a top reader on this site, I recommend him, he has a lovely sense of humour and he does make me laugh. Not sure why some people leaving negative reviews about Liam, he is a great man who tries his level best to deliver correct guidance , may be people don't like to hear the truth, message to every one stand up strong and be brave to listen to the truth rather than blaming Liam for what he has said. Liam you are the best keep up the good work, and we still need you here !

M From Bedfordshire On 25/05/2017

Best Reader!

I think Liam connects with some people and not others. If we're told what we want to hear it makes us happy. A happy client makes for a happy reader. I believe everything is based on another person's free will. Our destiny is in our hands but another person's is not. If things don't happen at a certain time we give up therefore changing our own path. If we take another path and don't wait around for the person that was 'meant' to be with us, That does not make it the fault of a 'psychic'... who you believe may have misguided you. Your choices are your own as is any other person's choice. It's a hard journey... life... but enjoy it. Be grateful for the lessons you learn on the way and for those who are there to guide us to discover our truth, it's not until later you may discover that you were meant to help yourself find the actual correct path you were meant to be on. I connect with Liam... both he and his guides are honest as they can be. It's sad some people sound bitter towards him. Personally I just think his honesty is misunderstood and may come across as rude, but he is only the messenger... Thank you Liam for all your readings... bless you x

Belle From UK On 18/05/2017

I won't be using this reader- honest review

Kudos to this psychic line for allowing user to give honest reviews, avoiding us wasting money so that we can continue to use your service with confident, that this service is honest. In regards to this reader I expect readers to be honest, and do their best in given accurate reading!and not make up some fairy tale to keep the client happy! It gives us false hope and makes us hanging on for longer than needed in a dire situation which is making us unhappy. To just create a story and then say afterwards, oh it was the other person free will! is not sufficient!, you could ask that 50/50 question to anyone not psychic and get an answer. So best advice to Liam is to only give honest psychic advice and not create a fantasy, one which you think the client would like, because eventually you will be found it! and dont be rude to people either.

Pinkbrightstar From On 13/05/2017

100% Accurate

I had a reading today with Liam. What an amazing, amazing man. Liam answered all of my questions with regard to specific questions and advised me on all of the situations. I was amazed at the accuracy of his advice. He has a natural gift to advise people in a way that people understand and I can't thank him enough for all of his advice on my reading. Simply amazing and his accuracy is 100% spot on. Thank-you Liam. Your one in a million!

Charlene From London On 05/05/2017

Lovely man a pleasure to speak to!

Liam was very nice and a lovely man to speak to. Straight to the point. No waffling, tunes in very well and acurate reading. Does not waste your time repeating himself. Really knows what he is doing. Thank you Liam and will be in touch or update on here when it all happens which i also strongly feel. His reading was in line and consistant to what other readers have said so i dont doubt it will happen.

A From Lomdon On 30/04/2017

Thankyou so much

Liam helped me as a pet psychic and I found that he was right about inter relationship also with my boyfriend, he is a really nice guy and I am very happy to call him again. Thankyou Liam from Pat in Leeds.

Pat From leeds On 30/04/2017

Top Man this Liam

What is it with Amanda from Australia she leaves everyone a bad review so I quess she just likes calling back in her search. I have found Liam rude but with his jokes lolol. Top man, great guy, love him to bits. Thanks Livelines UK I really love you too. x

Elaine From Cheshire On 09/04/2017


Yes, he did get the job on Thursday just like you said !! I had a few readings with Liam and he is just phenomenal. back in February Liam also predicted that I would get new workers the middle of March and I did .. I will keep you up-to-date with the other predictions..

Alessia From On 07/04/2017


He was so wrong it's not even funny. His readings are complete rubbish.

Bob From America On 06/04/2017

Very pleasant reading.

Asked Liam about something that was really bugging me he told me what the connection was to the person in question..he speaks the truth most of his predications have come true great bloke has helped me loads defiently the best pyshic I have ever spoke to don't listen to other negative comments. ..

Nicola From UNITED KINGDOM On 02/04/2017

Wow, I wish I had found you earlier

Thank you Liam for a great reading. You really made thing clearer for me and put my mind at ease. Keep it going, top bloke.

Nick From S. Wales On 30/03/2017

23 March

Had plenty of readings with Liam over last few years , I don't find him rude or ignorant at all!! I just had readin today n always have a giggle , he tells it u bluntly n that's just how I like readings . I don't understand the bad reviews at all , I have had bad readings on this site with other readers n I never left a bad review I just end the call n don't have another reading with that person !!!! Thank u again sure we'll speak again in near future

Carol From Notts On 23/03/2017


I had a reading with Liam earlier this year, He was right, His predictions all came true. Everything he said was completely accurate. I had no idea and was feeling lost and devastated and in the dark. And even though it seemed what he said wouldn't come true and I had to wait and learn to be patient..... it all came true. Even the things he said about the person in question.... I finally found out as he reached out and told me... and it was exactly what he said It was even down to why and what was going on in his mind at the time.... I can't even explain. He was spot on. And just wow. Liam. You were spot on. Spot on.

Madison From Aust On 23/03/2017


I am very disappointed with Liam. He is rude and insensitive. Non of his predictions are true. he predicted that my ex would come back and even though I told liam that my ex was engaged to someone he totally became defensive and ridiculed me. In the end my ex married and Liam said his guides were right because he will still come back to you after he divorces! I think to mislead people and to emotionally play with their feelings is cruel.

Pat From cheshire On 11/03/2017

worst reading ever

I'm sorry Liam but nothing you said happened and I will not be calling again did not connect

Amanda From Australia On 07/03/2017

Response to review 25/02

Completely agree, if you pin your hopes on every prediction you're deluded.. get on with your life, do things for you and things will fall into place if they are meant to when it comes to love. When you stop waiting you tend to get what you want, easier said than done sometimes but it's true.

Lisa From Uk On 01/03/2017


liam was a incredible wonderful gentleman he gave me a very accurate spot on incredible reading i look forward to positive light with my twins sons he is the real psychic very caring and kind Thankyou with all my heart

aVRIL From SCOTLAND On 25/02/2017

Can I just say sometimes what people like Liam, who have a gift, sees for YOU is accurate. However as human beings no one can control the actions of other people. I have also been given predictions some of which have come to pass and those of love that have not. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean what Liam saw for me was not accurate at that time, it simply means that the other person had a change of heart, timing was not right and simply no one can control another person's free will. It is clearly written on the website that 'this service is for entertainment purposes only.' So I think people need to be calling with a light hearted approach. These readers are simply providing a service with the greatest gift of all, it's called 'hope' and if we rely on there every word and sit ideally waiting for things to materialise, nothing ever will. Life is about taking care of you and if calling the trusted psychic line gives you that joy appreciate it for what it is in that moment. What ever will come to pass will only manifest if we have control of our own journey and the best you can do is enjoy the feeling of the possibility and that there are wonderful things that you dream of that can possibly happen if you believe in yourself first. Make things happen for you. No one can control what happens for other people in your life. Don't be disheartened, just be grateful that you were given a sense of hope.

From On 25/02/2017

He is rude

I wouldn't normally write anything negative about a person but I feel I should here, only to save others unnecessary pain. His predictions are wrong and if you question him he gets quite stroppy and rude. Don't pin your hopes on his predictions.

Joanne From London On 23/02/2017

Spot on

Great reading thank you so much so accurate

Maria From United Kingdom On 23/02/2017

disappointing. his timings are wrong. liam can come across very insensitive. He always likes to ask you for the name of the loved one. none of his predictions came true, and his guides are all wrong or whoever they are!

From On 20/02/2017


I had my first ever reading with Liam and so can honestly say that he surprised me. Liam was able to tell me things that were going on in my life without questions, I mean direct things. He predicted I'd hear from someone by the end of that day and I did. There are some other predictions for the comings weeks/months - if these happen then I truly will be astonished. Liam is direct, doesn't sugarcoat anything - explains what he means. He's answers are not wishy-washy and he doesn't answer your question with another question. You are amazing Liam - Thank you!

Charlene From London On 17/02/2017

amazing insight

Got straight to the point with me and locked in 100% on my current situation, truly amazing, plenty to think about over the coming months

christine From west midlands On 08/02/2017

Fabulous reader and real deal

Liam is a fabulous reader. Took me through work and love for the rest of this year and onwards. His validations are spot on. He gives you in 10 mins what other readers take 20 mins to do ! No nonsense and straight to the point ! Thank you Liam from a fellow reader x

From Scotland On 06/02/2017

Great reading

Thank you Liam for a great reading I hope everything's that you sayd will came to light. I will confirm whith you. Thanks again

Antonio From Jersey On 04/02/2017

He is such a nice bloke..

Liam you are truly amazeing and you certainly are the best pyshic on here.....seriously give him a call he is the real deal he tells you the truth and doesn't waste your time like some pyshics on here....worth every penny in my eyes...keep up amazeing work liam I will ring u back soon shame it's taking so long for robbie to come bk to me but I have faith in everything you say.

Nicola From West Midlands On 03/02/2017


I had a tricky reading for Liam and he aced it.... He knew everything. He honestly did. I wish I could have kept talking. He's great, hilarious and how he could know so much about so many different situations with just names.... Is amazing.... You magical man you! I'll be back....

Madison From Australia On 02/02/2017

Amazing and incredibly accurate

I have to admit I was disappointed the first time Liam read for me in October because I didn't want to accept what he was saying. Had I done so my life would have been so much easier and I would have been less worried. He told me my soulmate would come back but it would take time and that I should wait and that he loved me as much as I love him. I didn't believe it I was frustrated and insecure about things and I gave up till close the new year when things started to happen as Liam said. Now I am seeing the love of my life at least once a week and we text every day. Which I never expected and Liam has predicted we will get serious over the next couple of weeks. So grateful and lucky to have had Liam's insight . Wish I had listened and trusted him fully 5 months ago. Give him a try he is the real deal and predators do happen. He is my favourite psychic full stop

M From Hertfordshire On 02/02/2017


Talk to lu all the time he is truly amazing

Sk From Midlands On 22/01/2017

Thank you Liam

You picked up on so much and were so accurate. Sorry we got cut off, you've given me a lot of clarity and insight with the way forward and i very much appreciate that.

Lisa From Somerset, Uk On 18/01/2017


My first psychic reading was with Liam Jan 2016 said similar to Australia 14/01. Said I would be back on track for Valantines 2016 that never materialised I then rang again and he said it was because I'd tried to contact the person this went on till I gave up listening to him back in November He'd told me he'd be back in a couple of months but it's been over a year now I'm not sure he should mention times he's given me a few and never materialised ! He's good in other areas but don't take timings to heart.

H From Uk On 18/01/2017

Very good, thorough reading recently,lots of helpful info.

J from London From London On 18/01/2017

The best pyshic on here!!

He's amazeing better than any pyshic on here you go liam n xx

N From Uk On 16/01/2017

Not impressed

I had my third reading with Liam. In my first reading I asked a out someone specific. He said this person love me, there was a strong connection and to expect contact before new years. Contact never came. I had my second reading and asked about the same person after new years, he said contact was coming in 3 weeks. I then had my third reading and just asked for a general. He told me that someone knew would be entering my life in March, with absolutely no mention of the other person.. nothing added up to his previous readings. Not accurate at all unless you give him info and then he prompts by saying his trying to make sure his established a connection by asking very pivotal question.

From Australia On 14/01/2017


For the many years I spoke to Liam time frames were never correct and predicted outcomes never eventuated no matter how many times I was reassured, infact more often than not the opposite happened

From On 11/01/2017


There was a greeting message at the start which was a bit off putting ONLY Because I was worried abt losing Minutes n I was gona hang up. BUT OMG I AM SO GLAD I DID NOT HANG UP. Mann! Once LIAM Shuffled them Cards He just Realed Everything off. CONNECTED & TUNED IN SUPER FAST. SPOT ON with Details about me and my Ex n Issues we had Gone Through, whats Going on right now n more Importantly What is to COME

Natasha From England On 08/01/2017

The best pyshic on here!!

Please ignore my last review people it seems I was misunderstood with time frames with predictions. ..he picked up exactly how things are...will keep you updated liam on me and my x partner and thank u so much for always being there you really have helped me....this guy knows his stuff you won't be disappointed.

nicola From West Midlands On 07/01/2017

No more holidays!!!

Thank you for another consistent reading that has given me hope again, especially as your timings have been spot on so far. No more holidays now though Liam please...unless you're going to take your phone with you !

Jo From Cheshire On 06/01/2017


HI liam have not been able to get hold of you just wanted to let you know your predictions about robbie aND me back together at the time you stated never came true....however I would still recommend you as you have helped me alot....talk soon.

nicola From West Midlands On 03/01/2017


Pretty dissapointed to report that none of Liams predictions came to pass

E. From AUSTRLIA On 31/12/2016

Outstanding thank you!

Liam is an incredible geniune kind and very gifted psychic. I was blown away, no rubbish straight to the point and gave me so much insight. Thank you so much you are amazing Xx

Theresa From Uk On 27/12/2016

Prediction came true within 13hrs

He is amazing! Without a mention, he goes into details if the person in question. I was apprehensive about this specific person, but as Liam predicted, he contacted me! I am eagerly waiting for his othe predictions to follow

Kay From London On 26/12/2016


Liam seemed to pick up on the situation accurately. He made a prediction from someone that I have been waiting on for 4 months for this week! Will be back to update if it comes through :)

E. From AUSTRLIA On 26/12/2016

Have been waiting for contact from an ex for 4 months. Liam has predicted contact from anywhere between now and New Years ehich makes me really happy. Will be back to update of contact comes through :).

E. From On 26/12/2016


Peaceful and fulfilled Christmas Liam I have to say Thankyou for your support and readings the whole year It's your readings that stopped me from giving up ! Love and Lite Liam . Helena 25.12.16. X

Helena From North East Uk On 25/12/2016

feel like a dark cloud has been lifted

after talking to Liam feel so positive and happy after months of darkness, hope it all works out as he predicts

christine From west midlands On 23/12/2016

Not even 24 hours amd ypur prediction have alreadu started to come true

Oh my gosh! I cant believe it. Liam you said he'd be in contact between now and christmas and that he was thinking about me. He sent a message to say exactly that!! Im gonna 'give him hell' like you said and see what happens. You're absolutely amazing and spot on! Thank you. Cant wait for out next session. So calm, funny and kind. I felt at ease and everything you said resonated.

T From UK On 22/12/2016

Spot on

Thank you Liam for a lovely reading Didn't sugar coat it and pray that what you said comes true . Merry Christmas to you all x

Maureen From Glasgow On 15/12/2016

Wow hes amazing

Thankyou liam that was very nice reading and i feel better now on what path to make very accurate and truthful and very positive ptediction thankyou very nice psyhic reader i would recommended him to everyone

From Adelaide On 09/12/2016

The best pyshic on here!!

He is totally awesome doesn't hang around tells you as it is and what you need to know...fortunately for me it was what I wanted to hear..following g his advice will now wait for the love of my life to realise he wants me xxxx

nicola From Uk On 06/12/2016


Liam it the greatest reader. He is very spot

Faton From London On 01/12/2016


Have been speaking with Liam for a bit now and all i can say is WOW he is always on the ball and you never have to say what the problem is as he alredy knows. He is always to the point and will always tell you good or bad. Liam thanks alot for all your help.

From On 28/11/2016

Thank you

Been having readings with Liam for last few months and he is very consistent with what he sees. He always makes me feel uplifted and positive. Know everything will work out like he says. Thanks Liam you are a star x

Adele From Uk On 23/11/2016

The best reading ever!

Had several readings with liam he gets straight to the point in real detail I'm amazed by how accurate he is...will call him back when predictions come to light I was really down before I spoke to liam and now I feel like a new woman hopefully me and robbie back together soon thank you sp much liam..ps I'm the one you said could not get a word in edge ways xx

Nicola From West Midlands On 20/11/2016

Liam is the real DEAL

Sorry we got cut off as my minutes ran out. This is my second reading with Liam & everything still stands the same, thank you so much for an outstanding reading. You eased my mind on so many levels. The best part is that I didn't say anything but my name & the persons name in question. Liam is unbelievable spot on & accurate, just amazing & is very sure of the outcome for me. Do yourself a favour & give Liam a call you will not be disappointed trust me.. will definitely keep you updated. Thanks a million Liam :)

Sarina From Australia On 31/10/2016

So positive! :-)

First time I speak to Liam and I found him to be a really down to earth man, with a simple and clear approach. Fortunately for me he said all things positive so I only can say I look forward to see it happening! :-) thank you for brightening up my day xx

G From London On 27/10/2016


Spoke to Liam again tonight all I can say is WOW his reading's are always spot on and to the point. If you need a reading Liam is the man to talk to. Thanks again Liam.

M From England - Northamptonshire On 21/10/2016

Accurate every single time

I had my first reading with Liam back in January this year and all of his predictions came to pass regarding a confusing situation with my ex. My second reading was to do with someone completely new and with the right guidance and accurate time frames I can see everything Liam has predicted falling perfectly in to place. Just came off the phone after talking again, and he picked up on everything in relation to the second reading as well as career changes which he doesn't specialise in but done an amazing job in picking up what was in store for me. I can't thank you enough Liam and highly recomend him. He is the only psychic on here I wish to speak to as he is in depth and provides a lot of insight which has all been on point and puts you in the right frame of mind. So excited for everything to unfold. I can't thank you enough Liam! You are a true diamond!

S From UK On 11/10/2016

Prediction came true

Hi liam I had best reading with u not that long ago. The man in question got in touch as u said(within 7-10 days) on the 8th day!! I feel things will be much better and stronger between us as u said Ur reading was excellent, made me stay positive about the situation and u gave me plenty of reassurance things will be ok. I feel they wil be too!!

From On 26/09/2016

Exceptionally Accurate

I have been chatting to Liam for the last 4 months over a relationship. Everything that Liam has said has come to light. He has exceptional psychic abilities through his guides. From the first reading he has been spot on with the situation and personalities involved. He is consistent and always reassuring.

Grant From Australia On 25/09/2016

Consistent reader

Thank you Liam for yet another reading. I find you a very consistent reader and you give detailed reasoning for what you say/see. Also you never probe for information which I appreciate. Thank you x

Jackie From United Kingdomconsistent On 17/09/2016

Fab reading

absolutely spot on with my situation, got me and partner spot on and some of what Liam has said has come to light already. Would love a 121 reading in person with Liam as i am truly amazed with his gift. Shame I can never catch him on line as i really could do with his help right now, anyway ill keep looking out for you. Love and Light xxx

Suzanne From Lancashire On 03/09/2016

Top bloke

You have to be quick to catch Liam, second reading today after the first a month ago, still telling me same outcome even though he didn't recall our first reading. He is on the ball, hopefully as predicted September into October will see things happening for me that I have hoped for. Never sugarcoats things or tells you what you want to hear, only tells you what he sees and picks up and twice now it's the same things. Many thanks Liam, you're a star.

Carl From On 29/08/2016

Thank you for your frankness

Lovely directive and clear reading with Liam. Feel confident of his insight and await to see results. Spot on re situation and how things are at the moment Will definitely use again x

Alison From London On 22/08/2016

Great reading

Liam gets straight to the point and doesn't waste any time. He is friendly and very certain about what he sees. Waiting now for his new predictions to come true as to date they have

Anya From London On 03/08/2016


Wow, amazing reading. Very accurate and on point! Great advice given and now will look forward to predictions coming to light. A lovely, kind and friendly man to talk to as well..love and light xx

Scottish Lass From NE Scotland On 17/07/2016

Thank you

Thanks for being there for me and shooting it to me straight. I need that between the eyes at times. You know when to shake me and say the right thing. You have helped me make alot of self realizations. Not an easy task.Thanks for understanding what makes my brain tick. I still can't wrap my brain around men but you can decipher for me. You have been a true friend and counselor. Means more than you know. Xxoo

K From From On 14/07/2016


Liam just wanted to tell you, your prediction came to pass! You told me I was going to hear re new job prospect on Monday and guess what I did I got the job like you said! Am so happy just waiting for the other prediction to surface! Thanks so muc Liam your the best!

J From A On 27/06/2016

Thank you

I have been reading with Liam for almost 2 years now. My last relationship was a narcissistic disaster and ended horribly. Liam was very comforting and understanding. Thank you for putting up with me. I never saw this new relationship coming and it surprised me out of nowhere. Of course Liam knows how a man thinks. I still can't wrap my brain around it but I keep coming back for his advice. Liam you do care and I know I challenge you but I do appreciate our conversations. Thanks for being there! It means more than I can say. This one is going to be for keeps. Blessings Xxoo

K From From On 25/06/2016


Had my first reading with Liam today, and to say he left me speechless is an understatement. The other reviews say it all, but I wanted to add my thanks. He picked up on my situation exactly with just two names and no further information. He was to the point, insightful and offered me calm, clear and uplifting guidance. Extraordinary reader. Thank you Liam.

Ires From Melbourne On 20/06/2016

Lovely person

Just had my second reading with Liam and have to say that reading was spot on as was the first. Lovely person, excellent reader

Jackie From United Kingdom On 10/06/2016

Liam is the real deal

Liam really is the real deal! He predicted everything. Thank you so much buddy.

Dean From East Anglia On 21/04/2016

This guy will save your life!

Have had numerous readings with Liam and have to say he has been a complete life saver! Have spoken to many many psychics who certainly bring wonderful gifts however not many are able to match Liam's. In terms of honesty and accuracy he's off the scales. He wont tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. Unfortunately I didn't listen to him in the past however hindsight is always a blessing... He said that all was not lost and that I would find strength which I eventually did. Despite not being out of the woods, I trust Liam's readings and that the future will get better for me. He has truly empowered me to end something which was destroying my life. I still have some way to go yet if it wasn't for this talented reader, my situation would have further deteriorated. Thank you for standing by your predictions and for being my rock. You have truly saved me xxx

Returning customer From UK On 18/04/2016

Thank you

Thanks Liam for yet another positive and reassuring reading.

Belinda From london On 16/04/2016


Sorry Liam we just got cut off. Thank you for the accurate reading. You got straight to the heart of the matter and my reading and your reassurance has helped the anxiety around it. I will be speaking to you again!

Jo From Preston On 15/04/2016

08 April 16

Wow! I see why Liam is so popular! Fabulous reader. I love the fact that he is very very strait forward and incredibly consistent. This was my second reading with him and I feel so much at peace after speaking to him. He honestly tells the truth as he sees it but provides possible ways forward, even in the trickiest of situations. I'm certain his predictions will come to pass. Sorry we got cut off! So greatful I have spoken to you though! Thank you! Xxx :)

NB From Uk On 09/04/2016

6/03/16 amazing

Thank you Liam. You have been consistent with my readings for months now. I have faith all will turn out as you have seen it. Blessings

Donatella From Australia On 06/04/2016

It's no wonder you're always busy. Just when I was ready to walk away from someone who I feel is my soulmate but it with someone else, you tell me his heart lies with me and not to walk away from him as he will come forward. You have brought tears no other reader has. Thank you Liam.

Jackie From Norwich On 04/04/2016

Great Reader

Had my first reading with Liam this evening. Fantastic reading picked up on the situation in question straight away, which totally put my mind at rest. Thank you x

Jackie From United Kingdom On 22/03/2016


Just had a reading with liam, and having been struggling lately with wanting to know my place and where im heading, i do now. Feeling so much more positive and happy with what the year has to bring to me, and love knowing my career and relationship are heading where i want them to. Thank you for changing my day xxx

Lauren From Brisbane, Queensland, Australia On 21/03/2016

Great Detail On A Man's Point of View

Liam needs to write a book "Woman's manual on how men think" Whenever I need an interpretation of how men think Liam is my go to man. He explains in detail how men think and what they are really saying. I have been reading with Liam for over a year now. He is always honest, no rubbish. Readings are amazing and ACCURATE. Very caring,open,giving individual.Thank you Liam for getting me through the toughest year of my life. I appreciate what you do and that you do it so well. Your gift is amazing. I will always be a fan. God Bless. XOXO

Kathy From Tennessee (TN) USA On 17/03/2016

Love Wow

Liam was an excellent reader.. I enjoyed talking with him I wish I had more funds. He was spot on and detailed with everything he said. Very positive reading and great advice, a lovely and down to earth guy.

C From London On 07/03/2016

Top man!

Just had my second reading with Liam (3 months apart) and astonished at his consistency. Although sad to hear the outcome hasn't changed it was comforting to hear the truth from him. Liam reads quickly and is very direct. He doesn't sugar coat but has the highest ethics. Much love and thank you Liam xx

G From London On 03/03/2016

Real dates

Had a reading was spot on, the amazing part was he insisted I would have contact with in the next 5 days and said can't happen. Unbelievable 3 days later the most amazing message. Thank you

Gp From Warwickshire On 29/02/2016


What can I say!top bloke and a legend! People you must ring him! Only problem he is always busy ????.

Daniel From Wiltshire On 27/02/2016

Best reader online!

Had a first reading with Liam, did not have to say anything at all. Very honest as well no sugar coating at all, says it how it is! Very accurate, very detailed, and gives a reason behind everything he says and explains it properly! One of the best readers I have ever spoke to in my life seriously! Thank you so much Liam will give you a call again! :)

Arosa From Manchester On 24/02/2016

Amazing reading

One of the best readings I've ever had tonight with Liam. Really gutted we got cut off but had all the clarity I needed. Looking forward to seeing what happens now with predictions! Liam is genuine and connects so well with the situation you ask about I highly recommend! Thank you for all your answers :))

Sophie From UK On 17/02/2016


Liam is truly a gifted soul. He is absolutely spot on and certainly doesn't give a 'sugar coated' response, he says it how it is. I am truly grateful to him for his guidance as at this difficult time it is helping me to cope. I am a regular caller and I must admit Liam tends to have a straightforward approach and is extremely accurate with people, events and the situation. With heartfelt sincerity Thank you.

Belinda From London On 03/02/2016


absolutley amazing xx

Rachel From kent On 02/02/2016

Genuine and Gifted

My first but not last reading with Liam . About to give up on a relationship when Liam was able to see clearly what the problem was and with wonderful accuracy he pinpointed what was happening ,why it was happening and what the future held ! I nearly lost something that was special but with Liam's help and direction I'm at ease and learning to be patient after all Good things come to those that Wait. Thank you Liam I look forward to another valuable reading with you soon , Love and Light

Helena From North East England On 25/01/2016

Fri 22jan 2016

Had quite a few readings of Liam . Can see why he's always so busy . This reading was a general and as always tells you everything as it is . Is funny and a great reader . Thank you lil bit of hope restored xx

Carol From Uk On 22/01/2016

Ah yes true what people say - Liam has very good energy, I hope his prediction with dates comes true!

Happy From On 10/01/2016

Amazing First Reading

I have had several readings with many different readers both recently and in the past. I must say by far Liam is what I feel to be the most accurate reader I have spoken with in a very long time and my first review for a reader on this site.... I am sure that the things you have spoken are true and predictions will come to pass recently close in accordance with the time you felt for me. Now for at least some time I can stop spending money looking for answers. Thank you for a great reading I shall be back at some point and sorry we were cut short. But you gave me the answers my heart and mind needed to rest.

Jasmine From London On 07/01/2016

Love Specialist!

Liam is wonderful. He helped me to understand my current love life and to how to deal with it. I wish him well professionally and personally.

Rima From Elkridge,Maryland On 03/01/2016


Liam, your reading has been so clear... it has given me a valuable direction on how to deal with my current situation. A big thank you and blessings to you.

Donatella From Australia On 21/12/2015

Spot on

I have just had a reading from Liam and I have to say he is one of the funniest readers I have ever spoken to. he was not only spot on, but put a smile on my face and I am now ready to move on into the New Year. Thank-you Liam, your a star.

Charlene From London On 17/12/2015


Thanks so much Liam for always listening to me been speaking to you for so many months and you always stand by what you see! Your funny and always end up putting a smile on my face can't wait for things to start happening just need to chill like you keep telling me cheers talk soon :-)

J From A On 09/12/2015

Wonderful reading!

Thank you for another amazing reading!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! :D

Happyone_33 From Australia On 07/12/2015

Straight talking and accurate

Easy to see why Liam is so popular - he gets to the heart of the matter quickly and doesn't sugar coat. He could read my situation very well and validated what I felt could happen. He was able to give me some courage during this emotionally draining period of my life. I will definitely be back for more.

Jennifer C From London On 06/12/2015

Best reader

I have had a a few readings now with Liam. He is a great reader! Everything he says is spot on and has almost always happened. I find myself waiting for him to be "unbusy" so I can quickly call for another reading.

Stephanie From United States On 06/12/2015

Excellent! 5 star reading

Thank you Liam for the wonderful reading today! It was truly amazing! Your very kind and helpful :) THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Happyone_33 From Australia On 04/12/2015

Funny, Great, uplifting

Liam what can I say thanks so much for the laughs, love talking to you as you always make me see the light at the end of the tunnel! Can't thank you enough for listening to me and yes I definitely need to chill and be a bit more patient as you keep telling me! Thanks heaps your the best...????

J From A On 30/11/2015

Falling in love

I wish l had spoken to Liam first. I cried within me as ur readings were a comfort to me. Honest and truthful. Thank you. Am waiting to see what happens and l will definitely call you again. I have also and will recommend you to friends. Thank you Liam. Thank you

Black From London On 25/11/2015

lovely reading!!! :-)

I have had 3 readings with Liam now and everytime he told me exactly same without any information or questions from me. He knew exactly what is going on in my ex's life and the difficulties he's facing. It will be a positive year for me next year! My predictions i have every faith they will happen (january) i will be back soon for an update thankyou for keeing me positive. Gemma x

Gemma From yorkshire On 22/11/2015

Very Good

I spoke with Liam this week and he was very detailed wonderfully really. I enjoyed his reading very concise straight to the issue I will definitely be back once his predictions happen.

From Channel Islands On 17/11/2015


Wow, amazed at how much Liam got my situation spot on. Made me feel more positive about my situation and I look forward to the future now. As I've learned patience is the key in this one. Thank you Liam

Claire From Edinburgh On 11/11/2015

Great insight

I have had many reedings with other psychics. Liam stays true to his predictions,is kind,compassionate. Gives us a male perspective. Thank you for that! Very comforting and true. He is the real deal. Blessings

Kathy From Usa On 11/11/2015

one of the best

Liam gets straight to the point and doesn't waste time . Accurate and highly recommended. Have had a few readings with him and will definitely be back for more

Anna From London On 10/11/2015

Spot on

Thank you so much for all your words. I can see why people come back to you and that you really giving them peace of mind. I don't have a words to say how very much appreciate I am. Love and Light

M From On 03/11/2015 On 03/11/2015

Beautiful & insightful

Thank you for showing me that being myself is the right choice and all will work out. Your readings are always spot on and insightful. I'm blessed by your readings and wished I could have talked longer. Thank you once again for the reassurance I needed. Love and light to you also :)

Julie From On 02/11/2015

Liam was right on tract and helped me see as a reader myself what I had difficulties seeing in my relationship. This was an excellent reading and I will be back for more.

Doris J Onwuyali From From U.SA On 31/10/2015

Peace of Mind

Thanks Liam for always giving me clarity and peace of mind your confidence in your readings always leave me uplifted so glad I found you on this psychic line your genuine and a natural and my favourite.....

J From A On 16/10/2015

The best

Thanks so much Liam for always putting my mind at ease your the best, funny and accurate talk soon....

J From Aust On 05/10/2015


Have had 2 readings with Liam he is a lovely down to earth man and spot on with his readings and timings.

M From Hertfordshire On 05/10/2015

Confident and caring.

Thank you Liam for another wonderful reading. I really do hope what you will come to pass. Your confidence in my situation really helps me to stay strong. I look forward to speaking with you again. :)

Mel From Australia On 30/11/-0001


Liam is an excellent reader, is honest and was able to pick up on the situation without any prompting. I finished my reading feeling so much better and trust that the predictions made will come to pass. Fingers crossed.

C From United Kingdom On 30/11/-0001

Wonderful Reader

Liam today the 3/7/15 is the second time I have spoken to you and what can I say! Thanks so much for an uplifting reading you were so accurate in what you picked up again! Definitely will try and stress less and let the universe do its work thanks Josie xo

Jj From Australia On 30/11/-0001

peace of mind

a caring and gentle reader who does not sugar coat things, when I feel the situation is hopeless Liam gives me a different way to see things and I leave uplifted and confident that things will improve with a renewed sense of peace.

K From Aus On 30/11/-0001

one of my favorite readers

Liam I've been speaking with you off and on regarding my ex and you kept insisting that he will be coming back even though everything else around me said no. Just wanted to say thank you because it's finally happening! !!!

nel From ny On 30/11/-0001

Great reader

Liam, Thank you for the fantastic reading. Made a lot of sence. wish I had a reading with you in the past.

chann From On 30/11/-0001

The best

Liam is undoubtedly the best reader online . His confidence is so reassuring and he is so in tune with everything that's going on and with what is to come .

Tanya From London On 30/11/-0001

Fantastic Reader

Liam today the 12/7/15 is my third reading with you and what can I say, you were so accurate again! Love talking to you as your funny and straight to the point! You always put a smile on my face every time I talk you. I know that things will fall into place as they should! Look forward to talking to you again thanks a million your the best...,Josie from Oz

Jj From Australia On 30/11/-0001

Thank you !

The time ran out before I had the chance to thank you Liam. The best reading. Such an insightful reading which has put my mind at rest. Many many thanks.

Trish From London On 30/11/-0001

The best

Thanks Liam for another great reading you always put my mind at ease especially when I feel depressed! Your the best and always accurate look forward to our weekly chat! J from Oz

Jj From Australia On 30/11/-0001

One of my fav readers

Honest, caring, compassionate. doesn't beat around the bush, fingers crossed I will see what is predicted come to pass! Always come away feeling better and at peace with my situation after a reading with Liam.

Kel From Aus On 30/11/-0001


I have been speaking with Liam on and off for a couple of months now. His confidence and patience are very comforting and has helped me a great deal, I truely believe he is the reall deal. I will update if and when predictions come to light, truely am amazing man many many thanks to yo

Ss From Hex On 30/11/-0001

Will definitely call back was a great reading.

Laura From Manchester On 30/11/-0001

The best

Liam I have been speaking to you for a few months now! Your straight to the point, you don't sugar coat anything and tell it as it is! Your the best male reader on here by far! I always feel so much better after I have spoken to you will defininitejy chill like you said thanks so much for always putting my mind at ease talk soon....

Jj From Australia On 30/11/-0001


A brilliant natural psychic

mandy From cheshire On 30/11/-0001

Another great reading. My favourite reader

Laura From Manchester On 30/11/-0001

Very nice Man

I loved my reading with Liam. I even had to call their office to see when he would be on next. He was spot on about everything he told me. Thanks Liam.

Helena From London On 30/11/-0001

Superb reading

Had a fab reading with Liam re my ex. He put alot of things into perspective. A very compationate man and defiantly honest and no sugar coating. Will keep u posted on the update of the situation. Thanks Liam x

Tamsin From London On 30/11/-0001


Liam you are the best Thank you x

Rachel From Gravesend On 30/11/-0001

love reading

Spoke to Liam couple times regarding my ex,he put things into perspective from a males way of thinking, assured its not over and to expect contact, will update when predictions comes through, nice reading...

vb From scotland On 30/11/-0001

Great Reader

Liam what can I say thanks very much for a great Reading you are a fantastic Reader and you have put my mind at ease and I will certainly talk to you in the future!

J from Oz From Australia On 30/11/-0001

Great Reader

Had a reading with Liam on the 14/6/15! Great reading Liam is fantastic he put my mind at ease now I am just going to continue getting on with my life and just let things unfold naturally! Can't thank you enough....

J from Oz From Australia On 30/11/-0001

Brilliant straight to the point very confident reader. Accurate.thanks liam

Mandy From USA On 30/11/-0001

Spot on

Amazing reader picked up on everything without asking questions and made a lot of sense of the situation spot on with timings absolutely brill

Mel From On 30/11/-0001


Puts my mind at ease after speaking to Liam. Predictions have come to pass. What ever he says is correct. Thank you.

M From United Kingdom On 30/11/-0001


Started of perfect ended perfect just now have to wait and see.thank you Liam.

flower From wales On 30/11/-0001


Sandy From London On 30/11/-0001

Psychic Reader Wendy
WendyPIN : 1830 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
Using the Tarot to give me insight from universal wisdom, I can assist my callers to work out the the best path for their future and even better it if they explore different perspectives. As well as reading tarot for the last twenty years, I am a qualified Life Coach and Reiki master and I know there is a good way forward, the tarot is a good tool to bringing positive advice to my callers. PIN: 1830
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Psychic Reader Ceridwen
CeridwenPIN : 3030 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
My bloodline runs all the way back to the earliest days of the Tarot cards. So it seemed inevitable that I would start to read them when I was very young. I have been reading professionally since the turn of the century. I also use Angel cards and sometimes the runes as well. I give caring,compassionate, advice in readings that are non judgemental and confidential. I can advise you on problems concerning love,work,general finances,home and family. PIN: 3030
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Psychic Reader Heather
HeatherPIN : 5502 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I am a Tarot and Angel card reader with over 30 years experience providing good insight from the various cards I read. My spirit guides and Angel guides help me with my readings. I use a crystal pendulum to get yes or no answers to direct questions. My readings are always friendly and enjoyable. I specialize in love relationships and careers. And also can do more general readings. PIN: 5502
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Psychic Reader Victoria
VictoriaPIN : 2749 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I have over 20 years of psychic and tarot experience, reading from people from all areas of life. I specialise in Love and relationships and have a fantastic wonderful relationships with all of my clients. I can offer and in depth, non-judgemental calming and insightful readings on any subject matters that you wish to discuss. PIN: 2749
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Psychic Reader Evangeline
EvangelinePIN : 6034 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I began seeing auras and having intuitive dreams as a small child. My maternal grandmother also started appearing to me in dreams and giving me advice and warnings from the other side, she had passed over before I was born. My family are a part of the travelling community and for generations my female relatives have been using tarot readings to guide and assist people. I use my Tarot deck to pick up the spiritual energy from my callers while they ask their questions. PIN: 6034
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Psychic Reader Marie
MariePIN : 1090 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
Hi, I'm Marie. Thank you for looking at my profile. I am a Spirit and Tarot card reader. These gifts were passed to me from my Grandmother who was a wonderful reader. If you want to find out information, let me contact my Spirit guides and they will pass me the information that they want to, I have brilliant guides! I am compassionate and a great listener. I specialize in Love, Relationships and Family issues. PIN: 1090
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Psychic Reader Nick
NickPIN : 5800 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
Hi my name is NICK, my pin number is 5800. I have been reading Tarot for 31 years. When I lay out your cards I can see the picture that gives me insight in order to have solutions on the Question you need Answers for. I use Tarot cards and my intuitive gift to assist you take the next steps forward solving issues to the questions you have. I use my empathy and in a non judgemental way give insight to your Questions. PIN: 5800
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Psychic Reader Amelia
AmeliaPIN : 2100 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I read tarot and angels cards and have just over ten years worth of experience. My strong intuition and natural empathy, along with life experience, aid me to really be able to connect with you and feel what you are going through.Let me read for you today and lets unearth what may be happening around you. Lets see into the future or look at an issue with a love interest. Let the universe speak to us as we are conducting our reading together. PIN: 2100
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Psychic Reader Charlotte
CharlottePIN : 8039 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I have 30 years experience of reading the tarot. I am clairsentient, connecting with spirit through my guides. I am non judgemental, compassionate and intuitive. l can assist with love, relationships, career, family matters and general insight. I aim to give clarity on what is the best way to move forward, and give clarity when answering your questions in depth. I love the energy that comes through the tarot, showing the best outcomes in situations. PIN: 8039
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Psychic Reader Eve
EvePIN : 9555 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I was born in England, year 1977 as part of a collective of beta generation naturally gifted indigo children. I offer intuitive insight using Tarot as an aid to connect with my higher self -The divine. I have been using my clairsentient abilities from a tender age when I started to demonstrate something that comes naturally to me the ability to feel and sense others emotions and pick up on energies around places. PIN: 9555
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Psychic Reader Monica
MonicaPIN : 6498 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I’m a clairvoyant Tarot card reader and energy healer, in the last 9 years I have been using my healing gift and offering readings after as things present themselves to me. I’m a good listener, with the assistance of my gifts and spirit guides we can look at ways to guiding you on the road to peace and positive solutions. I’m an empathic, clairvoyant, energy healer I use the Tarot and call on the Angels and my guides for assistance I find meditation helps too. PIN: 6498
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Psychic Reader KCMoon
KCMoonPIN : 5361 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I have been reading cards throughout my life for over 23 years now. I am strong with the spirit and have been around it closely. I used to live in a haunted house for many years. I use clairvoyance within my readings.I am a great listener, professional, calming, empathetic and inject love and light in my readings. PIN: 5361
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Psychic Reader Alexandra Starr
Alexandra StarrPIN : 5191 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
My spiritual abilities are directed to assist you reach mindfulness and clarity in your mind and in your heart. I am connected to the Angels and their higher energies work as the compass that guides me to the answers. With over 10 years worth of experience, and a life that has shown me all its colours. I specialise in Angel Cards, Tarot Cards, Lenormand Oracle, and energy and love channelling. PIN: 5191
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Busy For 23 Minutes
Psychic Reader Tasha
TashaPIN : 7660 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I am an intuitive tarot reader and I also can connect to spirit guides. My abilities have been passed down to me from my maternal grandmother. I have always had strong intuition and have been reading tarot cards for eight years. I am empathic and non-judgemental and can offer insights, clarity, and reassurance. PIN: 7660
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Busy For 5 Minutes
Psychic Reader Lucy
LucyPIN : 8061 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
Hi I mainly use the Tarot cards and crystals to give you a fulfilling reading. I have been offering readings for over 30 years and I specialize with problems of the heart. I am a member of the psychic university and practice my abilities daily. I work as a medium and can assist you in contacting your loved ones. I also offer guidance with career issues. PIN NUMBER 8061
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Busy For 40 Minutes
Psychic Reader Scarlet
ScarletPIN : 2712 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
Hello, I am Scarlet an experienced Psychic Tarot reader who see's visions. I was passed my gifts from my mother who was a phenomenal reader. At age 18 my natural gifts started to emerge. I see visual images of the future and I use the Tarot as a complimentary tool to these images. Please call me for a reading today. PIN: 2712
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Busy For 10 Minutes
Psychic Reader Phil
PhilPIN : 1387 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I have over twenty years experience as a Tarot card reader,both over the phone and on a face to face level. When you contact me for a reading you can be assured that I will find all the aspects of the situation that is going on around you.I can focus on past influences,the dilemma that is challenging you at the present,and a way forward that provides a long lasting positive final outcome. PIN: 1387
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Busy For 18 Minutes
Psychic Reader Rachel
RachelPIN : 1449 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I am a psychic and use tarot cards as a tool to connect with spirit on any chosen subject. I have been reading professionally for a number of years. My readings consist of past, present and future events and I can home in on certain areas of your life. For example relationships, career prospects etc. However my area of expertise is relationships and matters of the heart. PIN: 1449
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