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Trevor - 2745

I have been reading Tarot for thirty years now, having the ability to listen to people and gain an understanding of their life's issues. I can empathize and understand their situation to a degree, and try to lighten their load, tarot can be a great tool in such cases. PIN: 2745



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Trevor - 2745

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sorry I got cut off again..thank you for your help xx

From On 31/07/2018

very good indeed

Tapped right in and was on the nail incredibly well. Thank you for the wise guidance. Will follow your advice.

L From Aus On 07/07/2018

A fake friend

Thanks ☆☆Trevor found your accuracy and empathy really great..will hopefully connect again

Jackie baillie From ACCURATE On 04/07/2018

Great reading indeed!

Good clear, concise guidance. Much appreciated. Backs what many others have said with a few extra details that are helpful. Many thanks.

Lyn From Aus On 03/06/2018


Such a nice caring person and also very accurate and explains the situations and expected out comes very clearly so you know what to expect in detail. Will call again.

Kay From Australia On 03/04/2018

Thank you!

Trevor has helped me look forward to a positive future. His insightful reading, which was empowering and uplifting, showed reasons to believe in my own abilities. Thank you, Trevor!

Rachel From Cornwall On 16/03/2018


Trevor is fantastic. He saw what was happening around me and gave me some excellent practical advice to help me through the situation. I will heed this advice and feel positive it is going to work. Thank you Trevor

Karen From On 11/03/2018

Excellent Reader Absolutely Precise no Generalizations

My reason for engaging Trevor in a reading involved a life decision causing me much distress. His objectivity and precision in addressing my specific issue was nothing short of excellent, brilliant and so helpful I simply cannot say enough good things about him. He listens intently, he reads the cards with expertise , his whole heart and mind engaged in what he’s doing and absolutely no personal bias or generalisations. His work is clean, succinct, focused And absolutely right on. You will get more then your money’s worth with Trevor and there simply isn’t a better read it out there anywhere and I have tried a few over the years. Trevor I am so incredibly grateful to you, very impressed and I look forward to speaking with you again. Blessings !

From On 05/02/2018

100% Accurate

I have just come off of a reading with Trevor and I was in shock as to the accuracy of my reading. I am definitely going to take his advice. Trevor does not waffle believe me he is the real deal. Try him and you will not be disappointed. He is not only 100% accurate he does not waffle and is a 100% genuine reader. He is just absolutely amazing as well as spot on with regard to my love situation and I now know what I need to do with regard to my situation. Thank-you Trevor, u are not only amazing, you are genuine and have such amazing talent to help people. Keep up the good work, ur the best!

Charlene From London On 25/10/2017

Clear reading

Very clear reading no time waisted positive words. Thankyou

A From Australia On 10/09/2017


I was very happy with Trevor's honesty. Definitely not a good reading but he admitted to the fact that he is not psychic and what he picks up from the cards are only his interpretation. He interpreted something of one card then changed the interpretation based on something I said about the situation. Tarot cards are available at Big W. Although not a satisfying reading, I appreciated his honesty. Thank you Trevor

Beck From Sydney On 29/08/2017

Spot on

Trevor 2745 was spot on with my love situation. I was surprised how accurate and informative he was I'm sorry we got cut off. Will call again for update.

Su jha From London On 30/05/2017

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