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Very Friendly and On point

Angelina is very kind and well connected to who she is reading for. Made me laugh as well as giving me a beautiful reading. Thank you so much! I will remember to be careful!

April From UK On 10/05/2021

Post my review angelina.. you ask for reviews enough at the end of a call

Angelina, is ok, but sometimes just runs with what you say and you can actually tell by her stuttering she hasn't got a clue so makes it up... has a tendency to just keep repeating herself too, brings in her own personal issues too much - the call is about me not you

From On 12/04/2021


One of the best authentic.. Readers on this site... Would recommend... Out of all the readings I have had this is my first review thankyou ♥

Jacqueline From Bristol, City of uk On 30/03/2021

So so

Little bit annoying as she doesn't listen properly, which affects the way the reading goes.. but is helpful with advice

From On 29/03/2021

sorry got cut off

Sorry Agelina, got cut off, will try to reach out to you when get more credits. Thank you so much for a lovely reading, everything resonated well. xoxo

Cath From On 04/02/2021

Good Connection. Accurate.

The reading was very informative and, she concentrated on what I wanted to know. She did not go off on a tangent about herself which has been my experience with some psychics. She described situations I was concerned with accurately, I felt there was a good connection there and was very happy with my reading. She had a lovely, approachable manner. I would thoroughly recommend a reading with Angelina. As for the prediction.....I will have to wait and see.

Yolanda From UK On 25/01/2021

On point and gifted

Amazing reading and was able to pick up on everything around me. Thank you so much Angelina

Mishelle From UK On 19/01/2021

Very nice lady

I really enjoyed the reading, she is a very nice lady to talk with, I will definitely be back. Thank you Angelina

Clau. From London On 14/01/2021

A kind soul

Angelina is kind and accurate thank you

Caroline From Scotland On 05/01/2021


Hi Angelina I've just got cut off and now someone has got you ,4th Jan 12pm we we talking about the virgo man and preppin him like a turkey (haha). Insightful chat and I will try and put your advice into action - hope to get you again soon

From On 04/01/2021

Great reader, was spot on with the reading. Gave guidance and clarity and now i know how to deal with my situation. Thank you so much x

Sandra From London On 29/12/2020

Absolutely Amazing

Angelina is absolutely fantastic. I called and when she ask my date of birth my initial thinking was here we go, she’s going to reach for the cards and call out the Ace of swords or the Ten’s of penticals, but she doesn't use cards thank goodness. She channeled in to the POI and to my astonishment, she was able to come up with everything about them and the quarrels we've been having. She also picked up on the kind gesture I did for them and told me what they were thinking where I was concerned. It was as if she lived my life. I highly recommend her and would call upon her again provided she not bombarded with too many callers. Thanks you Angelina ☺️

Ch From London On 23/12/2020

Accurate mediumship

She was really accurate about my relatives that had passed. Thank you

J From UK On 22/12/2020

Very accurate

Had another reading today and she remains very accurate. No sugar coating just to the point. You must try.

Jay From London On 08/12/2020

Too Generic

Lacking in specifics, could've applied to any1.

Anon From London On 03/12/2020


Accurate reading, everything resonated, thank you very much! x

Cath From On 30/11/2020

Very lovely

Amazing person to talk to.

From On 10/11/2020


I have had several readings with Angelina concerning a very complicated relationship. She has always been kind, compassionate and truthful. She is very, very accurate and has never steered me wrong on anything. She does not sugar coat anything, so if you want fairytales, she is not the reader for you. But I just love her and her honesty. Thank you so much Angelina...your my rock!! Love and light, Kelly xx

Kelly From Scotland On 28/10/2020

Insightful Reading

Angelina was able to pick up a lot of stuff and details. Lovely energy and great insight. Thank you :)

From On 26/10/2020

Brilliant Reader

Angelina is an amazing spiritual reader. She will guide you forward in the right direction to your journey. Do not hesitate to contact Angelina you want be disappointed. ❤️

Sharon From Australia On 26/10/2020

Thank you

Thank you you were amazing 5 star true psychic

Nishi From Australia On 07/10/2020

Amazingly accurate reader

Thank you Angelina for tuning into my ex so accurately. You have picked the past, the present and the future so well. Your guidance has helped to move on to the lovely new guy that I met. Thank you so much.

Steph From London On 06/10/2020

Wow wow

5 star !! Amazing talent !!

Nina From Uk On 08/09/2020

Amazing Libra Man

Angelina, thank you so much for your reading. It was fun and uplifting. But also so insightful & empathetic. Thank you. I'm going to update you on how things progress with the love life ❣️

Nina From London On 26/08/2020

Amazing Libra Man

Angelina, thank you so much for your reading. It was fun and uplifting. But also so insightful & empathetic. Thank you. I'm going to update you on how things progress with the love life ❣️

Nina From London On 26/08/2020

Quick and spot on

She is very quick and spot on with details. Can’t wait for my next reading.

Jay From London On 13/08/2020

Thank you for the reading this morning 13/8/20 you were spot on with everything, lovely lady and I will keep you updated

Susan From On 13/08/2020

Very accurate

Thank you so much Angelina for kind honest and compassionate reading. If you feel delicate and need some tlc I highly recommend. Very sensitive. Thank you so so much. Xxx

Jennifer From Eastbourne On 10/08/2020

good listener, accurate and sincere

Lovely lady, my 2nd reading .I spent 40 minutes and everything she told me was accurate. I will definitely be calling her back soon to give feedback.

pauline campbell-gordon From uk On 15/07/2020

Accurate and kind

What a lovely reading. Really accurate in picking up on my situation and gave good and specific guidance. Didn't waste time. Really recommend her.

Marianne From London On 06/07/2020


I spoke to her 2nd time today. She is wonderful she even remembers me. She picked up everything so well and explained everything to me. Thankyou so much i will get back to you soon.

From On 22/06/2020


Angelina is kind hearted and warm. She picked up on my situation immediately and really got to the root of the problem, showing me the other person’s perspective, whilst integrating elements of knowledge from the zodiac. Angelina truly helped me to understand the whole picture and gave me advice on how to move forward. I fully recommend a reading with this lovely lady. Thank you Angelina.

K From UK On 16/06/2020


Amazing reading picked up on points I’d not even thought of discussing, my work, relationship, home, previous owner. Outstanding

KM From England On 01/06/2020


First time to write a review. Angelina was specific and to the point. Didn’t waste time and was able to pick up on the situation. Also has a lovely personality and caring nature.

Talat From Manchester On 13/05/2020


Spent 40 minutes talking with Angelina, Double the time I usually would and she is worth every penny, really works hard to bring forth information, she is easy to talk to and spot on with validations, she is amazing, honest and non judgemental, I have added her to my favourite readers list. Thanks so much Angelina, will call again with an update xx

Melissa From London On 04/05/2020

to the point

Listened, caring and works really well in reading the astrology side of things. I firmly believe in astrology and her psychic intuition kicks in whilst talking.

From On 07/04/2020

Spot on!

Absolutely spot on with details she couldn't have known about. And lovely manner - thank you so much!

Liz From Canada On 07/04/2020

Lovely lady

Really good reader. Picked up on most things but not all details. Sorry Angelina my credit ran out I really want to continue the reading so will be calling bk when I can. Thank you love xxxxxx

Julie From Glasgow On 10/03/2020


what an amazing reading, she read my situation really well and gave such good advice. will definitely be calling back

dora From uk On 04/03/2020


Angelina was truly amazing, spot on in everything in my life, a very nice and easy to talk to. I would say the best out there thankyou. X

Christine From Wales On 06/01/2020

Really great reader give her a go

From On 30/12/2019

Thankyou Angelina 2754 very good reading

Sue From Australia On 27/12/2019


Spoke to Angalina today 27/12/19 to see if a certain person was being honest with me in our communications I'm pleased to say he is . Thank you for putting my mind at ease

Yvonne From Scotland On 27/12/2019

Amazing insight

Incredible insight into a complex and painful situation. Thankyou so much, you were incredibly insightful.

Sara From London On 17/12/2019

Great experience

It was a great experience talking about the future. Will keep in touch

Ipsita From Cambridge On 17/12/2019

Thank You

Thank you Angelina for a lovely reading. Your voice sounds like a real Angel which i love them. I enjoyed your guidance and you understood my concern. Look forward to another reading. Many Thanks, PC

From On 11/12/2019


Very talented, very helpful lady. Thank you x

Mandy From Cheshire On 10/12/2019

Ask and you shall receive

It was a pleasure speaking to you, and especially to have one of your predictions happen in real-time! Thank you for the insights and advise given. Waiting for the other predictions to unfold.

Evelina From UK On 13/11/2019

Thank you so much

What a wonderful caring reader - picked me up & was spot on with her reading - definitely 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank you

Tina From On 05/11/2019

I like her!

Angelina recognized my voice from our previous chat and picked things up without me saying anything. She provided lots of validation but what I liked most was the fact that there were no pauses in the reading. The info just flowed. She also left me feeling a lot happier. Thank you. Xxx

A From Birmingham On 29/10/2019


Great talk Angelina! Thank you for all the insight spot on & accurate!

Dolly From On 23/09/2019

Thank you so much For my reading Angelena. You were spot-on when you mentioned my client to me who passed away last year everything you said was so true. Anyone who reads this you should have a reading with Angelena a lovely lady and honest and truthful. God bless thank you

Jo From London On 13/09/2019

She is amazing

Thank you so much for the reading and guidance, I so enjoyed talking to you. You were spot on . I will keep you update how things are going. Lots of love and big hugs from Scotland

From On 09/09/2019


I have have just finished the call with you. Thank you soo much for helping me tonight as I needed to speak to my family so badly and you made me feel so much better. For anyone reading this, I really do recommend Angelena for reading as a spiritualist/trance medium myself, I am someone that looks for a very high standard from those that I go to for reading and I felt so down and lonely tonight as I haven’t had a message from myself for quite some time, I desperately needed to talk to my family members in spirit, particularly both my husband (Jonty) and my son (whom would have celebrated his 2nd birthday this coming Sunday). Angelina was able to connect to both of them and through her, I was able to communicate with them both and also my parents and grandparents as well. It felt like I was able to have a conversation with them And I feel so much better now. Thank you Angelina, I promise that I will be in touch with you again soon.

Lynn From London On 07/08/2019


Thank you and many blessing for my reading this morning . Very uplifting. Inspiring me forward into my next chapter of life.

Jilly From Bournemouth uk. On 09/07/2019

Super cute and fantabalous

She is brilliant extremely gifted, and super talented. She gave a great reading made my day.. superb insight you are bestest . thank you so much

PRANAV From Midlands On 22/06/2019


Angelina gave me a perfect reading and really helped me understand what is going on in my relationship. Highly recommend calling Angelina! Will definitely be calling her back up. X

Holly From England On 20/06/2019

Warm and Insightful

Angelina, you were so warm and welcoming from the moment I heard your voice and I thank you for your reading and picking up on a few things and your guidance.

Victoria From UK On 03/06/2019

So precise! Helped me come to the right conclusion. So down to earth and comfortable to talk to can’t wait for the next few months ahead. Thank you

Cheryl From Uk On 14/05/2019

Lovely reading

Lovely reading, she’s picked up on a lot of things, I really do appreciate it, I will definitely ring again

From On 06/05/2019


Thank you so much for the reading - spot on & cheered me up - this lady is a true psychic & talented

Tina From On 29/04/2019


Thank you so much Angelina you have help you so much my reading was amazing and you knew exactly what was happening thank you for your guidance

Kim From Australia On 22/04/2019


Informative and affirmed what direction I have been travelling and hopes for the future. supportive and gave confidence.- was good information was forthcoming rather than asking me to answer lots of questions

Tina From Australia On 09/04/2019

A Genuinely warm and Insightful Lady..

This lady is to the point, giving clarity to the information that she is picking up. A very warm and genuine psychic.

Barr From London On 21/03/2019

Great reading

Thank you for giving clarity on my situation. Great reading with picking up on so many things in my life. Ill call again and let you know about Janno and my business.

Kathleen From Perth Australia On 20/02/2019

Amazing Lady!

Spot on with everything! looking forward to seeing the predictions unfold. Thank you!!

From London On 03/01/2019

very good straight forward

very nice reading with Angelina, she picked up on lots of things and was accurate. Angelina is a lovely lady, very sweet and gentle. Sorry we were cut off Angelina, thank you for your predictions about my exams will let you know. Blessings and light xx

From uk On 03/01/2019

Honest reading

As much as I didnt want to hear - had to accept it as she picked up on a lot of things right. Only time will tell if one’s heart is strong enough to go through the challenges ahead.

From On 23/11/2018

Lovely reading. Calming nature

Emma From South wales On 28/09/2018

Great Psychic!!!

Lovely read which helped me a lot will ring again ..

Janine From Runcorn UK On 16/08/2018

Gentle kindness mixed with clarity

Angelina helped me focus and to see things more clearly. She picked things up very quickly and it was lovely to talk to her. Thank you, Angelina, for your time and your positive energy.

Rachel From Cornwall On 17/07/2018

Great reading

Thank you Angelina for your guidance and advice. The reading was very accurate on the situation I am in right now. I hope to connect with you again.

From Australia On 17/07/2018

Very clear reading

Angelina was very quick at picking up my situation and provided great advice. L from Australia

From On 10/07/2018

direct and honest reading

A very enjoyable reading with Angeliana I found her to very tuned into me, and gave me a very in depth reading. I would recommend Angelia if you want an honest direct reading.

mary From scotland On 04/07/2018

Positive & direct

Had a lovely reading with angelina..she’s very positive and direct..does not sugarcoat and gives u a very practical advise base on zodiacs :) love her accent.. very easy to understand.xx

Pam From Uk On 04/07/2018

Brilliant Reader

Have just had a very positive reading with Angelina. She is so lovely and was very quick to pick up on my situation. Will definitely ring her again. Thank you very much Angelina x

Anonymous From England On 01/05/2018

Such a nice lady

Such a good reading delivered with warmth , such a pleasure to talk to this lady .. thank you

From On 17/04/2018

Lovely Reader!!

The most kind, lovely, honest reader on this site I will definatly look forward to getting a reading again from you!!

Anon From London On 19/03/2018

Good reading

Thankyou, very good and positive reading

Anonymous From Wales On 14/03/2018

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I’ve been involved in spirituality and energy work since my teens, and have many years’ experience working with crystals, vibrational energy and healing. My energy work guided me to my ability with and passion for using tarot cards to provide insight and clarify issues for myself and others. I offer readings that are positive, authentic and non-judgemental. PIN: 8770

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My name is Jackie.I have had my gift since a young child and used it for over 30 years while assisting and providing insight to valued customers. I am easy to talk to, a good listener, non judgemental and supportive. I communicate directly with spirit by seeing, hearing feeling and knowing. PIN: 2260

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I am a spiritual healer practiced in the art of shamanism, card reading and astrology. I have been giving readings since I was a teenager; about twenty years now and also there is psychic roots in the family tree. I can give you insight on love, feelings, friendship, career and also deeper insights into characters. My favourite area is astrology where I have given compatibility and personal readings. I am familiar with Tarot and trained in the heart of Glastonbury. PIN: 2375

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Hello I am Liz. I work with a higher intelligence to bring you positive and clarity filled readings. I work in a natural and open way to bring you the very best readings. I have been reading tarot for 20 years and have grown considerably. Spirit is always around me allowing me to provide you with a detailed reading. PIN: 2602

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I have been a practising my Psychic abilities for over 30 years both face to face and on telephone, with excellent response and appraisal from my customers. I offer a confidential non judgemental Psychic counselling service with a positive open minded approach. I specialise in “Affairs of The Heart. I consult intuitively “fine.tuning” with voice vibration and I use cards/crystal ball to assist. PIN: 8331

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Hi there my name is Kate and I was aware from a child that I had a gift that I wanted to share with others. I use my gift to bring people clarity into their lives. I work with colours, crystals aura's and guides. I am none judgemental and I am ready to assist in any areas that may be troubling you. Love and Light. PIN: 4535

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I am a lady with over 50 years experience in this field. I have always been aware of my spiritual abilities and am honoured to be able to use this gift to assist others. I regularly have premonitions and dreams that have come true. I have a passion for Astrology and use this knowledge when doing my readings. PIN: 1678

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Gifted from birth but the understanding did not come to me until I was 14 years old. From that age on wards, I was able to use my gift to assist friends and families. I am now a professional reader that will give insightful readings on any area that you would like me to look at. I am a warm, relaxed and confidential reader. PIN: 2962

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Psychic Reader Susan


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Hello my name is Susan I am a psychic based near Reading. I can assist you and guide you in all aspects of your life from finance to family. I have had an interest in angels now for many years and use them to guide me through my own life. I like to think I am kind and always friendly with an open mind. With my psychic abilities along with my angel guides I can assist you with any situation and look forward to speaking to you soon.PIN 8576

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Hi my name is NICK, my pin number is 5800. I have been reading Tarot for 31 years. When I lay out your cards I can see the picture that gives me insight in order to have solutions on the Question you need Answers for. I use Tarot cards and my intuitive gift to assist you take the next steps forward solving issues to the questions you have. I use my empathy and in a non judgemental way give insight to your Questions. PIN: 5800

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My name is Linda and I am a psychic tarot reader with over 25 years experience. I have always loved to assist people from all backgrounds in a caring nonjudgemental way. I can focus your reading on family, relationships, career or can give you a general reading. I am very intuitive and passionate about giving the best reading possible. I am a kind reader and I never judge on a situation. I specialise in Love related issues or questions. PIN: 5360

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