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Very heart warming

Spoke with Mr Sinclair and he was a real gentleman and was precise in his reading for me and he gave me hope and comfort for the future. He is direct but honest and I will defo call him soon a big thanks to you Jeff xxx

Isobelle From West Yorkshire On 18/01/2019

Fantastic reader

A lovely man and a gifted reader got my situation immediately. No nonsense no frills just plain hard truth thank you for your help

Elizabeth From London On 03/01/2019

Very good experience

Spoke with this man for the first time and I was astounded that he picked up on the trouble in my life. He gave me hope and I believe every word he said and I certainly recommend this guy it's good to know that people like Jeff are there for you thanking Jeff from bottom of my heart and await for your things to happen great guy

Holana From Usa On 19/12/2018


Spoke with this man a few times now and he is very consistent in his readings and I would happily recommend him to my friends thank you once again Jeff and bless you

Amanda From Bournmouth On 22/11/2018

Very good experience

I found this reader to be vwry tuned to my situation and can only speak very highly of him.

Hooda From Norfolk On 08/11/2018

Really nice guy but didn’t connect with me at all. Was guessing most of the answers. Not for me. Won’t recommend him but definitely nice guy

Rita From Australia On 02/11/2018

Quite brilliant

Jeff is always ready to listen and guide me through the corridors of my complex life. I always end our conversations on a high and I value his readings thank you Sir xx

Isobel From London On 01/11/2018

Very trueful

Jeff I found to be a very understanding reader and honest and sincere in his approach to my complex situation. Came away feeling hopeful and enlightened thank you Sir

Carmel From Usa On 28/10/2018

Very on message

Spoke with this man and he picked up straight away on my negative husband and the toxic relationships in my life. Gave me guidance and clarity and above all inspiration and hope for the future. May god bless you JS and I thank you and will take on board your message

Faharna From Croydon On 19/10/2018

Great Human being

I have more than 5 times reading with this gentleman but all time he pick same situation. Really Amazing!

G From Wales On 10/10/2018

So kind

Thank you Jeff for talking to me with so much kindness and compassion. Very good reader.

From On 10/10/2018

So kind

Thank you Jeff for talking to me with so much kindness and compassion. Very good reader.

From On 10/10/2018

Terrific reader

I spoke with Jeff for the vwry first time and I was not disappointed with this guy. Very poignant delivery and heart felt truth. Will call him again and again

Honey From Reigate On 07/10/2018

Awesome reader

Jeff for me is a amazing listener compassionate but above a great psychic reader. I recommend him totally thank you Jeff xxx

Teresha From London On 30/09/2018

Clear and honest reading. It felt really good after talking to Jeff!! Lets hope to god know what he saw will be a reality. Thanks for a fantastic session!!

From On 29/09/2018

So inspired

Spoke to jeff he seemed like a old friend its as if he knew me for years. Almost felt like we been on a caravan holiday together and chatting over a beer wow Jeff is defo the bizzo 5 star reader for me !

Trev From Isle of Wight On 19/09/2018

Jeff delivered what he promised - peace of mind when life was not going well. He made me feel better and hopeful that an optimistic future awaited. I should know in the near future if what the cards showed comes to fruition and will write another post then. Compassionate and responsive reader.

Kristina From Kalgoorlie On 19/09/2018

Great reading


From On 16/09/2018

Wonderful reader

Very uplifting very astute and honest. Thank you Jeff you have helped me beyond words. I will definitely recommend you to my friends

Rosalyn From Queensland On 08/09/2018


I am the biggest sceptic but thought I would try this,service and,spoke to jeff. He blew me away tbh and I am grateful to this guy for his truth in my reading thank you

Hooda From Hackney On 02/09/2018

This guy is the real deal

OMG, Jeff blew me away with his predictions. He's very accurate.

From On 29/08/2018

Just very heart filled truth

This reader made me cry with the way he spoke to me and delivered the hard hitting gut wrenching truth to my situation. I am very happy to have got through to him and he told me how it is in no uncertain terms but at the same time was reassuring in his spoken words. I now realise I have been kidding myself for months but no more thank you Jeff and god bless you Sir

Amanda From Bournmouth On 28/08/2018


Had my first reading from JS yesterday and was blown away by how he tuned in to my situation after just a few minutes. Do not know how its done but he certainly knows his stuff.Finished the call and,just wondered what the hell has just happened. Certainly recommend this man

Brooke From Scotland On 22/08/2018

Just very honest

If you want this guy to tell you what you want to hear AVOID however if you want and can deal with the truth then he is the one to call.Jeff thank you Sir to help me understand and deal with the truth and get the slime ball out of my life you were spot on bless you L from Sweden

Lucy From Sweden On 21/08/2018

Wonderful reader

Jeff I find to be honest and non judgemental in his,approach to me and my complex situation. Thank you Jeff for listening and will speak again soon

Katrina From Oxford On 12/08/2018

Jeff is lovely !

It was lovely speaking to you again Jeff I look forward to another reading with you! Thank you God bless xxx

Ana From Croydon On 05/08/2018

So inspired

Spoke to JS for the first time and I was blown away by his forthright delivery of his reading for me! He was soooo right and perceptive in my dilemma and he has given me hope and clarity for the future thank you JS

Trixie From Surrey On 30/07/2018


Jeff was pleasant and uplifting Jeff tuned in to my situation without me giving any details .Jeff said I will see my dog again in a couple months .will let you know when it happens .Thanks Jeff.Melissa from Perth 29.7.18

Melissa From Perth On 29/07/2018

Top of the pops

Had a reading with Jeff Sinclair he is forthright honest and really very good. Tbh I am going to continue calling this guy I found him to be accurate in my situation and reassuring in his predictions thank you Sir

Chantelle From London On 26/07/2018


Spot on and confirmed facts. No mumbo jumbo and no time waster! Thank you Jeff.

Val From Australia On 23/07/2018


I truly Can't fault this guy, I'm the biggest skeptic ever. I read the reviews and decided to give him a ring. He said i would hear from a past love in 2 Weeks. Also gave more information that other readers haven't. I shall definitely ring him again. Many thanks

Sly From Australia On 16/07/2018

Just great

Very good reader in my humble opinion. Honest direct but sympathetic . Wonderful experience and thought provoking.

Sharice From London On 24/06/2018

Thank you

Jeff is a wonderful reader, kind and patient. compared to another top reader I rang today who gave me a reasonable OK reading which left me feeling deflated. I will be taking on board Jeff's advice and finding a new job.

Sue From Derbyshire On 06/06/2018


What a wonderful reading from this guy. Straight talking no b/s just sincere and he,homed in on my complex situations. Great guy recommend him for sure,

Helen From New york On 03/06/2018

Shocking but accurate!

Jeff, you were right about him. There was more disturbing evidence and I came across a glimpse of it today. I have shivers running down my spine. Thanks for giving me the heads up!

J From U.K. On 30/05/2018


Jeff i had to leave you this review you WAS RIGHT. I have just got a promotion. You said i would and i have. Thank you. I am so happy.

Fiona From Devon On 19/05/2018


Jeff really zoned into my emotions and situation. Thank you Jeff 5 star for sure.

Moana From Bradford On 18/05/2018

Fun filled future

Thanks for the reading. Confirmed all I was hoping for. I’ll check bag and give you the update at the end of June 18 as you requested.

David From London On 16/05/2018

Just great

I have spoken to Jeff on several occasions and he never faltered in his direct but to the point reading. He listens never critical and emphatic in his precise delivery.I thoroughly recommend this reader if you are not afraid of the hard hitting truth .

Loretta From Croydon On 16/05/2018

My Happy Future

I liked dealing with Jeff very much. Concise positive and to the point. His predictions for my near future made smile but only time will tell if all he predicted for me will come true and as requested I’ll certainly come back and let you know if all happened as you foretold. I sincerely hope so.... :o) Many Thanks Jeff

David From Wimbledon On 15/05/2018

So supportive

Thank you Jeff sorry we got cut off. Your so supportive I can talk to you for hours. I always get and honest and direct answer and whilst time is hard to tell. If you say it’s going to happen it happens :)

C From London On 11/05/2018

Very honest and correct

Spoke with this man today on my situation that has been worrying me for a long while. Jeff was very assured and calming and reassuring in my reading. I firmly believed his words and I will be back for certain

Honey From Essex On 09/05/2018

Thank you so much!

Thank you Jeff for your insight. I will definitely keep you informed of what is going on. I hope the 5 stars I have given you are recorded as the website is not displayed properly. Thanks again and talk to you soon.

Antonella From Leeds On 07/05/2018


After using this site for a few years and speaking to many readers I thought I would this guy and I was not disappointed.He listened and was totally emphatic and precise in his delivery and I think he stands out from a lot of readers on this site. I urge you to try him and his maybe hard to handle truth if you do not want to always hear the hard truth.Great reading Jeff will call you again xxxx

Wanda From Cork ireland On 04/05/2018

No Nonsense

Honest guy impervious to criticism just tells it how he reads it. Bit like marmite you either love him or hate him. But I love Marmite and I recommend this reader if you want the truth !!!!!!

Diana From LEEDS On 30/04/2018

Blinding truth

Spoke with this guy on Saturday for first time. All I can say he is the real deal truthful but to the point. He certainly delivered a honest account of my situation and although it was hard to digest he tells it how it is and,speaks from the heart thank you Dear Jeff I will stay in touch love this reader

Shantell From East london On 30/04/2018

Do not shoot the messenger !

This man was correct and precise he told me things that I did not want to hear but the timing he gave me turned out to be correct. Do not phone this man if you want only to hear what you want to hear because he says it how it is he is direct and to the point thank you Jeff

Loretta From Streatham London On 09/04/2018


Had a reading with Jeff last week and he told me I would see the man I like before the end of last week. I did see him on Saturday so hoping that things start to happen soon.

S From UK On 02/04/2018

Very good!!

Jeff told me a few days ago that I would bump into someone I like before the end of this week, and it came true. I still can't believe it.

From UK On 31/03/2018


Fantasic reading for the first time I spoke with this guy. He connected on my level and delivered a spot on reading into my complex situation this man is the real deal and one word sums him up just WOW

Hazel From Queensland On 31/03/2018

Just great

This man is so calming and direct true to his beliefs and a inspiration to me and my life thank you sweet Jeff xxx

Amanda, From Bournmouth On 26/03/2018


Jeff is so amazing!! Thank you so much for the reading. I just wanted to let you know that everything you told me, I was able to confirm it later. I’m moving on and thanks to you I was able to find the truth about him and make a decision. Even though it was hard to hear, I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. God bless you

Diane From On 24/03/2018

Brilliant reading!

Quick connection, accurate reading!

Ana From London On 20/03/2018


I have used this service for serveral years but spoke to Jeff for the first time yesterday. He blew me,away with his delivery .He pivked up on my situation and this man even told me where my next holiday destination is booked. Wow bit,scary but this man is the,real deal !

Hioney From Berkshire On 11/03/2018


Very accurate and predictions happened and within the timescale predicted. Thank you

Annemarie From Surrey On 09/03/2018

Very good !!!

Had a great chat to this man very true and very believable as to what he said about my situation.Can only say I believe he is the real deal .

Toni From East london On 28/02/2018

Always consistence

Thankyou for the truth and not fairyland like some phychics. Your always right and reassuring. Will post when he returns..

Maria From Australia On 28/02/2018

Never fails

It's been several months since I have made contact but Jeffs insightful reading hasn't changed and he gave me understanding and put my thoughts straight to continue on the right path and have fath in what I'm doing . I know Jeff is sincere and gifted and a real gentleman to talk to . God Bless. Helena north east uk 20.02.18

From On 20/02/2018

Just great

This man is very understand and my reading was clear and,precise and he picked up on my situation. I look forward to my future now a massive thanks to this reader

Michelle From London On 18/02/2018

Very helpfull

This man is very nice and precise to talk to. I think whilst very direct but he is spot on with my situation .Thanks Jeff

Alison From Tyneside On 09/02/2018

Another consistent reading

2readings Jeff stayed on path with first reading, this time even better. He sees things for what they reallly are. And I belive him 100%. When a reader remains consistent you know it’s the real deal. Will post outcome soon. Thankyou Jeff. Not to many people can see through my real feelings Jeff can. Amazing man ring him.

Maria From Australia On 01/02/2018


Jeff you are a really great psychic, listener,councillor and I thank you so much for the help I recieve each time we speak. Luv this man so much

Penny From NORFOLK On 28/01/2018

Down to earth

Thank you Jeff you were honest and right about everything. I will do what you said I understand now.. I’m getting on. With. My life , but I will let you know what happends. And if he returns god blesss.

Maria From Australia On 26/01/2018


Jeff I thank you from bottom of my heart for restoring my faith in humanity. Bless you xx

Joanna From City of angels On 21/01/2018

Great Guy

What a great reading from a really good psychic. Spot on and truth will call again thanks Jeff

Jareece From Wakefield On 16/01/2018

Just fantastical

Jeff is a legend always accurate always honest I really respect his readings and I recommend him totally

Brooke From Isle of Skye On 11/01/2018


Jeff. My situation was complicated and i was ashamed of who i was turning into. You made me see sense. What you read was on point. Thank you darling.

Melissa From Scotland On 11/01/2018

Is he coming back?

So sorry Jeff - I pressed the button by mistake!!!! You really gave me clarity. Such a lovely guy you are. Many many thanks

Evelyn From On 10/01/2018

Great Guy

I have rated jeff 5stars quite simply because he is honest forthright and does not cut corners.But at the same sympathetic and understanding and above all correct. Keep up the good work Jeff

Melody From Jersey On 05/01/2018

Top reader

lovely, kind man, thank you.

Sue From West Midlands On 30/12/2017

What can I say

Just every so often someone you meet or talk to make a,great impression on what is going on around you. When I spoke,to Jeff that every so often moment happened. Very honest heartfelt reading thank you so much Sir,xxxxx

Lolitta From London On 30/12/2017

Very helpfull

Spoke to this gentleman today for the first time and he was very kind and I felt reassured by his reading and when I return to London will call him again thank you Jeff and hapoy christmas to you zzxzz

Simone From West Africa On 21/12/2017

The girl who was anxious on holiday

From the first time I called I made a connection with Jeff. Running from psychic to psychic looking for the answers I wanted to hear Jeff taught me the difference between my intuition and my heart. Through the strength of his reading he provided me accurate readings and insights from events in my current life.. A week later events took a turn for the worst and I got back in touch with Jeff who advised me that the reading remainded the same.. My ex was still looking to return to my life in the given time frame. In my heart I'm hurt and I think it's done.. But I'll keep perseverance and keep you posted for the 4 week period he advised. :)

S From Amsterdam On 15/12/2017

Oh I say

Aint it real after speaking to this man I felt I have known him all my life. He picked up on my Fred and told me in no uncertain terms what I had known for years that Fred was going to rip me off. It was not easy hearing the truth but that is what Jeff told me,and it made my toe nails curl in disbelief. Jeff thank you for helping me face the,truth at long last best wishes Shirls

Shirley West From Banghole On 10/12/2017


Always accurate, always detailed... Great reading as always, I look forward to seeing the changes happen xx

Donna From London On 05/12/2017

What a reading

Jeff all i can say is you have blown my mind. You was so patient and you never judged when i told you i had made some bad decisions. Thank you. The cards you pulled for me was spot on. I am changing my ways ready to meet mr right is march. THANKS JEFF. XOXO

Emma From York. On 01/12/2017

To the point.

This reader does not sugrr coat his answers. He reads what he sees.and tells me how he sees it. I was shocked at his bluntness. But wow i was blown away with what he was saying. And on tuesday morning i was told i was being promoted.JEFF YOU WAS 100% ACCURATE.

Jeremy From Brighton On 29/11/2017

100% on point.

Jeff my life was going in a dowh hill spiral until i called you. You made me realise where i was going wrong. You focused and zoned in on me and my emotions you read the card perfect. I was unsure at first but i will be back and one perdiction came true my beloved cat harvey came back. Thank you jeff. Thank you.

Susan From Usa. On 29/11/2017


Amazing what you said came true. My wife she come back from pakistan and we are working on things. Thank you jeff you gave me hope against hope. You told me to listen more and not speak and its working you top man. May allah bless you. 5***** be back soon top man

Mustafa From Birmingham. On 29/11/2017


Magic reading always tells it as it is! Very genuine caring supportive reader. I found Jeff very patient and understanding. Very grateful for his help. Cheers Leanne

Leanne From On 24/11/2017

Adorable and charming

Jeff told me I hasn't heard the last of an ex that he's be back in touch .. 100% right .. I could have spoken to jeff for hours ... mwahh xx

Tracey From Devon On 23/11/2017


Spoke with JS today quite freaky how he homed in on my situation and delivered a reading that could only be done by someone that is a true psychic. Thank you dear Sir and I will be back for more great reader and direct to the point

Vanessa, From Wimbledon On 14/11/2017

top reader

I had been looking for a male reader for a few weeks after reading jeffs reviews i thought i would give him a try. My relationship is very complex jeff took the time to listen and then read my cards. He never stuttered or quivered about the answers he gave me. I was shocked at how much he knew. I will be back again soon i spoke to my wife and as jeff said she is coming back to me. Jeff i rate you 5 stars plus. Thank you so much.

dave bendover From austin texas On 11/11/2017

What can I say

After speaking to jeff sinclair I felt like I had known him for years he really understood my plight. It almost felt like I was talking to a family member. I cant recommend this man highly enough thank you so much dear Sir xxxxx

Natasha Pereira From Croydon On 08/11/2017


Today was the second time I spoke to Jeff & the reason why I wanted Jeff to do my second reading was because my first reading was so incredible. I initially checked the reviews & took things from there & I wasn't disappointed, his manner of gentleness, understanding & general sincerity was truly overwhelming. His gift is amazing the whole insight to my mind & soul made my reading really special. Jeff, I thank you for this experience & I have no doubt I will call again

Pauline From West Mids On 06/11/2017

Excellent, restored my faith, and I got back my job x

Thanks so much for listening and asking questions , some negative reviews I think are all ridiculous, Jeff questions as this is his way, and he is amazing spot on, restored my faith in my ability to work professionally, after I came off the phone a brick lifted off my head , I shed tears indeed needed to shed, Jeff has his magical way to tease the utmost truth out of you, and psychic he is not only a great psychic but a great counsellor, advisor, and will be grateful for this reading as the kids will too I'm back working, earning, his first words where psychic, as he asked me why, x y and z was happening, he knew this as he's an amazing psychic and now friend.. Thank you Jeff from Lisa x

Lisa From South tyneside On 05/11/2017


Spoke with this geezer Jeff and he was in my opinion he was spot on and,totally correct with his reading well done

Ronaldo Brown From South London On 03/11/2017


Black and white no frills says it as it is makes u feel relaxed and uplifted afterwards good connection yes u do have to speak and say few bits but Jeff connects and tells u things that he couldn't know I update u when predictions come to light thank u for a very positive good reading thank u

P From Berks On 31/10/2017

Lovely gentleman (definitely NOT rude)!!!

Thank you Jeff for my reading this afternoon, you do have a very calming voice and a lovely nature - keep doing what you are doing!! Thank you, speak soon.. Claire

Claire From Wales On 28/10/2017


You were right. We got back together. I made first contact tho

From On 26/10/2017


Had reading from this guy who really homed in on my circumstances and although I did not like to hear the truth! I believe the truth is what I got. Hard hitting but no fairy tales from this reader. Thank you and I will now get stronger

Mellisha From Portugal On 22/10/2017

Great Guy

Had a spot on reading with this man. I could not believe what I heard. He got it right from the start thank you JS 5 stars

Dave Barraglough From Southsea On 18/10/2017

A real gentleman.

AMAZING this reader is spot on with his readings. He took the time to get to know my situation and read my cards how he saw them. He knew things i had not even mentioned. 100% jeff sinclair i am a fan be back soon.

Becky From Oz On 16/10/2017


Excellent reading! Just excellent. I urge you to try Jeff.

Libby From New Zealand On 15/10/2017

What can I say

Had the sheer pleasure of speaking to this guy for the first time today. I have used many psychics over the years but this man takes the biscuit He is kind,sincere compassionate and the most reassuring person I have ever spoken to. Bless Mr Sinclair I am now a fan xxxxx .

Simone From Dublin On 15/10/2017

Very helpfull

Hi Jeff although you did ask me a lot of questions you did give me the answers and you did explain the questions were necessary in order to give me the answers that I sought. I found you to be blunt but compassionate and I thought that you were compassionate and sincere and I thank you so much worth every penny of my call

Heather From London On 13/10/2017

Spot on

My story is very complicated and Jeff was there all the time and all his predictions came true .. he is the one that made me feel confident and push me towards the positive way ... I really love this man for his pacience and good listening. Thank you Jef ❤️

Amani From On 06/10/2017

Kind and caring

Thankyou Jeff for being there You are a very special person Highly recommended

A From East Sussex On 05/10/2017

Perfect reader.

Hi jeff. Thank you so much for all your advice its always been on point. You really helped me understand the meaning of my cards and yes my ex work pals loved the cake i baked. Thank you so much darling. Speak next week. Xx

Christine From London On 30/09/2017

Lovely guy

I enjoyed speaking to Jeff today he was totally understanding and picked up my concerns without prompts. He is direct in his manner but that I liked no bull from this guy thanks jeff

Belinda From Surrey On 22/09/2017

Thanks Jeff

Just to say spoke with this guy found him to be honest and very supportive and I will defo use him again very good,

Lindsey From West Yorkshire On 09/09/2017

He is de man

Wow this guy was spot on, he told me how it is. Okay not everything I wanted to hear but to the point and so honest in his,delivery. He don't sugar coat just up front and honest and I like that and look forward to my new future thanks Jeff five stars

Haley From London On 04/09/2017


He was faced with a complex situation that only the universe and the Angels really know what's happening yet he could see and knew the truth ,he delivered the message with an empathetic understanding he was feeling caring yet direct and accurate . . If you don't connect say thankyou and put the phone down instead of watching the minutes go by and then leave negative condemning review he is here to help and guide people on their path . God Bless Geoff. Helena. 21.08.17

Helena From North East uk On 21/08/2017


He left me very confused he was very contradictory and very rude, will not call him again

Australiana From On 20/08/2017

Spot on

Not sugar coated but honest - even had a great :-)

Phil From South West On 19/08/2017

Great Guy

Had my first reading with this guy I found him to be honest and truthful in his reading to me. Thank you Jeff xxx

Carla From London On 18/08/2017


Hi Jeff I have spoken with you a few times now and I felt that I owe you a review. You are positive in your delivery and straight forward in your approach. Whilst some people may not appreciate this honesty I for one do. I have had several readings from different psychics on here and for me you are the best by far! You do not say pie in the sky stuff and with you pigs dont fly and cows dont jump over the moon. So if people want honesty and understanding and clarity I recommend you every time warm regards Cindy xx

Cindy From Dalston On 09/08/2017

Kind and caring

My reading was an emotional one. I asked for help on my grandad passing and you told me he was at peace. Thank you jeff. You never over did the reading and asked me sensible questions. Your a top blode. Bless you jeff

Precious From Isle of wight. On 09/08/2017


Jeff thank you for he insightful reading and your guided support. You was kind and helpful and the reading was scary to hear but exciting at the same time. Thank you. Next time i will ring when i am home and not at work lol sorry about the noise. Speak soon jeff.

Becky orange From London On 04/08/2017


After speaking to Jeff he reassured that my Ricky would be back in my life in July ! Just to let you Know Jeff he came back today and im so happy and sooooo thankful to you for keeping me positive. We are now trying to work things out thank you Jeff your a angel xxxxx Alison

Alison From Herts uk On 30/07/2017


Hey Jeff I don't really leave reviews but I felt I had to let you know that I took your advice and went for it and yes I got a positive response as predicted. I will get in touch on Monday and let you know if there is further progress. Thanks again for your support and expertise. C

C From London On 27/07/2017

Good reading

Spoke to Jeff when I was feeling incredibly down, didn't keep me on the phone longer than necessary and gave me the information I required. Just now need to wait for things to happen.

Sue From West Midlands On 27/07/2017


Jeff is a fantastic reader. I approached him with a complex situation and he gave me a very calm and informed reading. Thank you.

kavita From UK On 26/07/2017


I could not possibly imagine the reading i got would be so insightful and inspiring. Thank you so much jeff. You have given me hope and courange to move forward in my next fase of my journey. God bless you sir.

Norman bates From Swansea On 26/07/2017

Top bloke.

Thank you sweetie for a lovely siteful reading. I am so happy with what you said. You was spot on with all what you said. I will be back again next week. THANK YOU AGAIN. For giving me hope.

Lisanne From Brighton On 25/07/2017


Thank you Jeff you are non judgemental and in my opinion very sound in what you say and you have made my day. Forget all the negative comments you cant please everyone but for me you are the best. You don't mince your words you are direct and truthful thanks xxx

Lucy From Herts uk On 25/07/2017

What a rude man!

He asked me a question " how long have you known this person". I said " how is that relevant?" The rude man said " Which bit of the question you didn't understand. You have just ruined my concentration and I can't do this"!! This man has a very angry aura around him and maybe he is a good reader but with such awful manners, I wouldn't even care talk again.

- From from London On 24/07/2017

To the point.

This reader does not sugar coat his findings and answers. He is patient and he was spot on when he said i was in contact with an old flame. Thank you jeff sinclair. I was cautious of calling but i will be back. You have made me feel more positive about things. And sorry for the mini breal down lol. Speak soon jeff.

Mary From Wales On 21/07/2017

Helpful and kind.

Thank you for an amazing reading. You was acurate on what you said. You listened and did not judge me. Thank you. I will ve back asap. Xxx thanks jeff.

Poppy From Scotland On 18/07/2017

very rude

very rude and inaccurate

louise From scotland On 12/07/2017

Calming and truefull

Spoke with Jeff for the second time, he was very calming understanding and precise in his reading. I felt much more relaxed and,hopeful after the reading.His voice is so clear and reassuring and I will be back to this man thanks xxx

Vanessa, From London On 12/07/2017

Right about everything.

Thank you jeff for your time and patience with me. Your right my WIFE has just called me and we are trying to work through our issues. You have been spot on with your predictions. THANK YOU BUDDY. speak soon.

Mike From Sutton On 06/07/2017


Thank you jeff for your lovely reading very true with what you have said. You listened and understood my plight. You told me the truth and for that thank you. I wish you well jeff. God bless. Xx

Bernice From Scotland On 28/06/2017

Not worth it

Dont waste your money, hes a fake an asked for information to surround his answers on. Won't be back, waste of money

Mark From UK On 27/06/2017


Perfect amazing. Trust worthly reader. Amazing just out of this world. Everything you said was true. You really made me open up and you never judged me for being gay. And you never laughted when i told you my fears. Thank you so much. You did not just tell me what i wanted to hear. You told me about my job situation and i never mentioned i was a tutor. I will be calling back again. THANKS JEFF SINCLAIR.

Patrick From Bedford On 26/06/2017

Gave me hope.

Hi jeff. Thank you. I tested you tonight to see if you knew what i was talking about and you did. You was tuned in and switched on. Thank you. You dont sugar coat the answers and i like that about you. I will be calling you again. Does not hurt you have a lovely voice as well. Very silky and relaxing. Xx

Bianca From Sheffield. On 21/06/2017

Very helpful

Thank you for a wonderful reading Jeff. Not what I was hoping to hear but what you said is closer to the truth than my hopes are. You've been a great help.

Sandra From UK On 17/06/2017

Agree with Claire. This is not a good or helpful reading

He asked too many questions instead of doing what psychic does which is pick things up. Too much guesswork, and he couldn't even pick my situations right. What he does is ask you as many questions as he can then base his opinions on your answers. Wouldn't use again.

Jane From London On 11/06/2017

Each to their own

I had a reading with Jeff recently, came across as a really nice guy, but I have to agree with Claire, he asked way too many questions.I have had a lot of readings and have never encountered so many before, but like I say, each to their own.

Jacqui From Uk On 08/06/2017

Thank you so much Jeff

Had a reading from Jeff today a very caring and insightful man and cant speak highly enough of this man. Xxx

Kathy From Isle of wight On 08/06/2017

Reply to clair uk

I am unsure as to why clair you feel its ok to say jeff has no experiance just because your reading was not what you wanted to hear. I for one am grateful for my reading. Jeff you have really helped me. I am asking people the questions you suggested and its paying off. You gave me the courage to move forward. Thank you so much. Will be speaking to you again soon.

Bonnie From Australia. On 29/05/2017

Reply to clair uk

Perfect reading jeff. Thank you. You calmed me down and made me feel secure enough to make changed. To clair from uk. It does state in introduction for entertainment purposes only. Jeeze. Lol. Maybe you just was not listening to jeff. He has to ask questions to get to know you ever thought of that? Jeff i will ve calling again for another reading real soon. Thank you 100% xx

Melissa From Usa On 29/05/2017

Thank you to all of your comments

Thank you all for all your comments good and not so good. Whilst I try to please everbody most of the time I guess as a human being I make mistakes as well. One thing I pride myself with is being truefull to everyone I speak to and never sugar coat my readings or shape to what people may want to hear. My simple motto in life is whatever people think or say about me its NONE OF MY BUSINESS

Jeff Sinclair From Leeds On 28/05/2017


I was a little sceptical about ringing and getting a reading. I was put through to you jeff. And i could not of been happier with my reading. I was shocked at how accurate you was. You told me things i had kept bottled for years. Thank you. I will be calling you back very very soon. Thank you again.

Fiona. From Hastings. On 28/05/2017

so wrong

The reading was bad, too many questions then answering on my replies. Doesn't have experience and this shone through on my reading. Nice man but thats it. I won't be calling him again. I paid for the reading and could have done it myself. Thanks Jeff but no thanks

Claire From UK On 28/05/2017

kind and on point

Jeff one has to say your voice is like soft velvet you really was patient with me when I kept asking you questions, thank you so much for the amazing reading and the insight into what is really going on, I would rate you 5*****s amazing. you made me feel relaxed and very happy with being so open with you, I wont be using anyone else apart from you. thank you again. may god keep you and support you in what you do. god bless you sir,

annie harland From canada On 26/05/2017

Kind and caring.

This is the first time ive ever rang this number. And it wont be the last. I LOVED the reading you helped me realise i have been an idiot and i needed to change. You told me things nobody has had the guts to say. Thank you. Will be calling back.

Alan dodson From Uk On 25/05/2017

Reply to Susan.

Susan my review was neither rude or offensive just honest. I have said no connection and perhaps it was an off day, what's rude about that ? It also was not because I was told info I didn't want to hear because my reading was all positive, everything in my life is going to be amazing. Are you working....no oh you're going to be offered a job. In a relationship yes/no you're about to meet an amazing man/your partner is your soul mate. I could have gave the reading myself and I'm not psychic. So thanks Susan I'm glad your reading was wonderful but in the interest of balance and fairness I reviewed my reading and people are free to make their own choices based on these reviews. I'm not the only person here to mention it so perhaps you should just be happy that your reading was fantastic, have a nice day :)

Jay From UK On 24/05/2017

On point.

Thank you jeff sinclair for your kind words and your compassion. Your voice is so soft and delicate and the reading you gave me was on point.the cards you read me was perfect and so true. You touched me deep inside and you told me things i did not know was possible. Sorry jay but i dobt agree with your comment just because your was not happy about your reading dont poison his talent with your rude comments.

Susan songhurst From America On 23/05/2017


Could.not ask for a better reading thank you so much jeff. Your words are of great comfort to me.

Florrie From Uk On 22/05/2017


Jeff thank you so much for my reading. Its 100% on point. You are friendly warm and amazing to talk to so understanding. You told me things that i had not even mentioned to you. You got it spot on. You listened and really understood my plight. I AM 100% HAPPY THANK YOU. god bless you. And speak to you again real soon. (Hugs) :) :)

Emmie west. From Australia. On 22/05/2017


100% amazing. The reading i got was 100% on point. Could not of asked for a better reading. Thanks jeff. Xx

Louise smith From England. On 22/05/2017

Spot on

He was spot on with my situation thanks so much

Maria From London On 21/05/2017


I really wish you can tap into your intuition rather than asking questions..trust me it will work.

rita From Brisbane On 21/05/2017


Unfortunately, I would agree with Jay's review. Too many questions, did not feel he picked up on anything. After I answered his questions, he gave predictions, quite vaguely which I feel were just made up.... A big no from me sorry.

M. From Surrey On 18/05/2017

Very on point

Jeff read both myself and the person in question really well saw things as they are now and gave me insight on how things are going to go very comforting and I found he wasn't over the top his wisdom and knowledge shone through his sincerity. He doesn't sugar coat he tells it as he sees it which reassured me in ways no money can buy. Thank you a Million definitely calling him back again!!! Top Psychic on here..

Ms A From Australia On 17/05/2017

No connection

Asked me are you working, looking for work, in a relationship etc. Based the reading on my answers And couldn't get names correct even after I provided them! Sorry maybe it's an off day, I hate to leave bad reviews but there was nothing psychic about my reading!

Jay From U.K. On 16/05/2017

Thank You

Fab reading thank you xxxxxx

Rachel From Kent On 12/05/2017


Kind compassionate man and a pleasure to speak to. Helps you a lot with your situation.

Marie From London On 05/05/2017

Lovely reading

Great reading thank you so much. I was feeling very low and the clarity you gave me helped so much. I will keep You updated as promised. You really are a star x

Kerry From London On 03/05/2017


great advice and straight to the point, will ring you again in the future, thank you.

IA From USA On 03/05/2017

Straight to the point.

Had a reading with Jeff when I was very upset. After the reading i felt clear and calm. Highly recommended

A From London On 02/05/2017

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