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Thank you, Thank you!

An amazing reading tonight. Thank you for your help and explaining the man's mind and emotions. I feel so much more positive where their was anxiety. You are an angel and very gifted.

Andrea From East Riding of Yorkshire On 01/02/2019

Mind Blowing

Thank you for such an amazing reading.

From On 30/12/2018

angel is much better than average on here but not the best. not mind blowing. what I like about her is she doesn't make up stuff she straight tells you I don't know which I appreciate.

From On 25/11/2018


Spoken to this wonderful lady a number of times and the way she picks up on my twin flame is exceptional.Only reader that has picked up on the physical distance btwn my twin flame and i. She's reassured me on instances where i was on the verge of giving up. I'll be back to let you know of the contact comes in at the end of the week. Love and light. Xc

B From Australia On 11/11/2018


she knew my situation straight away, 100% accurate! sorry i got off the phone abruptly someone came in the room. Thank you so much, looking forward to the prediction xx

Anisha From london On 17/10/2018

Lovely lady Thank you for ur reading!

From On 16/10/2018


This reader is top class. She gets so many details that no other reader I have spoken to gets. Thank you for the warning and thank you for the positivity about France. Bless you, you are an amazing lady. xxx

From Scotland On 02/10/2018

Great energy

sorry - phone got cut off. Thank you for a great reading!! It was consistent with others readers and hope this will unfold beautifully in the end. Will update you if it does...

From On 01/10/2018

Great reading

very positive,hopeful reading, thanks

From On 30/09/2018


Thank you for a brilliant reading, so much info and most helpful. Will certainly be back!!!

M From Uk On 17/09/2018

Awesome A great and true psychic

She is really superb in what she does , she is awesome... really well connects and reads really well.. she is very very sharp and intelligent truely gifted


Driving test + Ex

It was lovely speaking to Angel :) She’s very warm and kind made me feel a whole lot better and confident! I will definitely update on predictions god bless Xxxxx

Ana From On 04/09/2018


sorry we got cut off.. amazing insightful reading from a lovely lady. first reading from Angel and she is for sure a god send.. looking forward for everything to unfold aso confident that this lady is the read deal. thank you xxx

janet From Ayrshire scotland On 04/09/2018

OMG Incredible!

The reader I wanted was not available so I was put to Angel and I was so lucky to have her on 25/8/2018! She’s a real psychic and everything she said was true! I was full of anxiety but she calmed me down and cheered me up. She said that my twinflame will be back soon and we’ll be reunited after waiting for 5 years! Unbelievable! Hope all her predictions will come true. She saw another guy and will also come forward next month. Lucky me! Will call her again! She’s the best reader here and accurate! Thank you so much Angel! You’re a healer! Xoxoxo

Isabel From London On 27/08/2018

Well I never got the contact in the week that you predicted, but I'm still hopeful that things will come together for me and you predicted I'd meet someone in October so that may still happen yet but ex never contacted me x

Dorothy From Northeast On 24/08/2018


From the word go, the first few words she said were exactly why I called. This lady is a very genuine gifted reader

M From Lancs On 19/08/2018

My favourite reader

I have been calling Angel on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis for months and she is always correct with all her predictions and picks up on people's thoughts and feelings incredibly well. She is very honest in what she sees (won't tell you what you want to hear) which makes the things she says a lot more meaningful. A true pleasure and a true psychic

Anna From UK On 15/08/2018

You are an Angel

Thanks. Very accurate and always lovely talking to you. Very impressed xx Máire

Maire From London On 13/08/2018

Brilliant women

shes big hearted positive sweet and i felt lighter after speaking with her looking forward to your prediction unfolding

rosie From london On 19/07/2018

Angel you are an absolute STAR

Just an update. We spoke earlier today and it all happened just like you said. The event went extremely well. I was made a work-related offer by a man at that event completely out of the blue. I'm feeling much better. And next week there will be a reason for me and "him" to communicate because (again out if the blue) One of my clients will come for work experience and sit in his office

From On 19/07/2018

Always have readings with Angel

I always try to get hold of Angel, as she really is fantastic. Very calm and always accurate. She can pick up other people's energies extremely well and her short term predictions are very accurate. She is the best by far for a 7-day reading, which is what I usually ask for.

Anna From London On 15/07/2018


What a wonderful caring and empathic reader. Angel has the full package. Omg she got the significance of a country that no other reader on this line has EVER got. She just blew me away. Thank you so very much for being so good at what you do and humble too. Please never change, you are rare xxx

From Scotland On 14/07/2018

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing

This lady is absolutely brilliant and I felt she connected with me straight away. I didn't need to disclose information as she picked up on my situation. Would definitely get a reading with this lady again. Thank you Angel x

C From Liverpool On 14/07/2018

positive accurate reading

angel was amazing with her accuracy and details, she was able to connect faster than a fibre-optic broadband. thank you angel for all your help and your ability to convince me to trust the universe. love and light...

j From uk On 30/05/2018


Rang for and update. Consistent with previous reading and definitely picked up on latest developments without prompting from me.

Wini From London On 27/05/2018


Angel, I called about the work situation with a negative woman trying to stir drama and you said she's jealous (which I believe!). My life is a bit in a stir with worries and negativities esp with the paternity issues of my child. You described the 2 potentials very accurately that I was so shocked! I am looking forward to your predictions which I know will happen, especially the overall abundance and the promotion/ option/ progress at work.

J From Essex On 26/05/2018

Brilliant. And honest

Eventually got through.. picked up on situation. I'm hoping prodictions come to pass. Thanks Angel x

Tony From Under the earth's sun On 20/05/2018


Absolutely the real deal and SO what I needed today. Thank you for the clarity, the complete concise interpretation of the situation and the time frame for me to work towards. You have given me the strength to remain positive and patient.

Lyn From Aus On 06/05/2018

Wow amazing

First reader on here to give me goosebumps, she picked up on everything without me saying anything, i mean everything! I’m still in shock!

Natalie From London On 01/05/2018

Love this lady and her guide

Only had 8 minutes left and what a great connection and good reading Angel gave me. From a fellow reader, thank you my lovely keep up the good work ;)

From Edinburgh On 17/04/2018

Always right

She hasn't been wrong so far and I have had 3 readings with Angel. Everything always comes to pass. And not only does she not waste minutes, she actually told me that she has already answered all my questions and I should hang up. She is truly special

Anna From UK On 13/04/2018

Accurate & compassionate reader

Her reading was accurate regarding my situation. She was also non-judgemental which I liked, as my situation was a little complicated. She showed understanding. Gave me predictions for the future, which I'm sure will unfold. Thank you.

N From England On 11/04/2018

Vry true rading fingrs crossed predictions come true

From Belfast On 28/03/2018


Accurate on details and recent changes yet again. Picked up on emotional situation and reactions of the person in question. Clear, caring guidance on how to respond. highly recommend.

Wini From On 25/03/2018


She did not ask any questions. She just started and described my situation to tee. Sorry that we got cut off was topping up and they said wrong info. I was so upset I WILL call again. Just amazing. And gave me hope there is light at the end of the tunnel finally... Love and Light to you Angel xx

Patsy From South Australia On 18/03/2018


Angel saw the situation clearly and mentioned about my flat which I hadn't told her about.

Wini From On 04/03/2018


Excellent - accurate and very interesting. Very gifted young lady. Thanks Maudie

Maudie From London On 04/03/2018

Picked up everything

Had a great reading from angel, it matched all the other top readers predictions , I just asked for a reading on relationship and business and Angel made so much sense and every thing was related to my situation, I had a reading off Charlie a few weeks ago about business premises and Charlie who is a fantastic reader said I will get 3 premises and have a small successful chain of shops, so when Angel read for me , I just asked do you see a new busness for me and she said I do and you will have 3 premises, I do have a new busness starting and I wanted to have a small chain of these, so there obviously picking up on the same out come

Dc From Uk On 04/03/2018

Fantastic !!!

OMG this lady is bang on with her reading. She just opens her mouth and off she goes without a breath. She has a real connection to spirit and i loved my reading. Thank you x

From Edinburgh On 27/02/2018

True ability.

Accurate and true ability. Mentioned something about a flat move that she couldn't possibly have known. Also got the situation about my relationship really accurately. Would recommend.

W From London On 25/02/2018


Thank you Angel, It’s such a blessing when you get a reader of this calaber. The way she reads energies is spot on. Thank you for everything.

Helanah From On 22/02/2018

Very good! Wonderful

Angel she's amazing ! She knew everything about my man without me telling anything ! She was so spot on! I definitely recommend her for an onest reading ! She will tell you the truth ! Not lies! Thank you so much Angel!

Maria From London On 20/10/2017



toni From california from us On 23/09/2017

Thank you

I just wanted to say thank you and thank you for your wonderful reading and for how much you care.

Dorothy From North Yorkshire On 17/09/2017

Predictions Happened Fantastic Reader

I told Angel I had put my house up for sale that day,she told me I would sell it the following week to a man who would have someone with him..I didn't doubt her but wasn't confident It could possibly happen so fast..It sold the following week to a young man who came and viewed with his mother..I called Angel back to thank her and that I had put an offer in on a property but didn't think it would be accepted she described the house to me and said I would get it..I have had my offer accepted..She really is an Angel you can't get more accurate than that.X

Alison From Huddersfield On 02/09/2017


I had a beautiful reading with Angel. She is honest and gives a reading according to what she picks up not what she thinks you want to hear. I really enjoyed her reading and pray all that she predicted comes to pass. Bless you and thank you x

B From London On 26/08/2017


I had a beautiful reading with Angel. She is honest and gives a reading according to what she picks up not what she thinks you want to hear. I really enjoyed her reading and pray all that she predicted comes to pass. Bless you and thank you

B From London On 26/08/2017

The maze

Thankyou Angel, assuring me that I will find my way out of the maze, a very positive reading. Blessings to you.

Ann From Australia On 23/08/2017


You are absolutely amazing awesome awesome awesome reading very tuned in thankyou thankyou thankyou

R From Australia On 15/08/2017

Very insightfu 5*

Being psychic myself i know a good reader and Angel is most definitely a trustworthy reader. As many readers know its not always possible to read for yourselves and at timea you need to seek out guidance for oneself. I am glad i chose to speak with Angel and get some deeper insight into a personal situation and was left assured my own intuition was guiding me on the right path. Thank you Angel for my reading and was great chatting to you too. A lovely girl God bless. I know your going to do great on this sight. Best of luck xx

Fellow Reader From UK On 13/08/2017

A real reader....

I didn't even need to give my name, the information just poured out of her, she picked up SO much and has said the same thing as other readers who didn't need to be prompted at all. Highly highly recommend Thanks so much Angel xxxx

Optimist From London On 30/07/2017

Beautiful Angel

Angel is such a lovely lady. She picks up on your energy really quickly and goes straight into the reading. She's positive and realistic and makes you feel confident about yourself. A beautiful reading. Thank you xxx

Belinda From UK On 26/07/2017

5 stars very accurate and spot on

Very great reader. Did not have to give ANY information to her at all. Picked up on everything. Very accurate very specific very spot on. I was blown away at how great and awesome this earth angle is. Strongly recommend this very beautiful soul. Love and light angel xx

grace From Australia On 26/07/2017

Honest and Realistic

I had a reading and it seemed to match my true thoughts so thanks for being honest and I hope it comes to pass - so mote it be.

Phil From South West On 26/07/2017


Totally blew me away...spot on even down to the time frame that something significant in my life happened! Such a true ANGEL she is. Caring and sweet and easy to speak with! I will have faith and listen to my gut feeling on this one! Stay tuned!

B From USA On 25/07/2017

Great reading

lovely reading, picked up on what was going on, looking forward to seeing the predictions happening!

Donna From London On 23/07/2017

Genuine and honest

Angel asked two questions... My name and the kind of reading I'd like.. Connected with my situation straight away and was spot on with my situation and what was going on. Angel is truly a gifted reader and I will be back when I've had my out come. Love and Light Angel xxxx

S From On 22/07/2017

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