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One in a million! Absolutely love this lady

I have been fortunate enough to be speaking to mystic May since late last year. She is amazingly accurate about everything, her predictions come true for me, and she is so lovely and well spoken. I have been seeing many psychics for over 20 years and I can honestly say, mystic May is by far simply the best! We are lucky to have found her on this site. Thank you so much mystic May for all your lovely support, you are one in a million.

Sue From On 10/04/2019

I'm Amazed

This for me was the best reading that ive ever had , even the psychics at fairs were no where as good , spot on will all of my past and family and both of her predictions have gone through this week , i am blown away x

Kristina From Wallingford Oxford UK On 09/04/2019

First Hand Experience

this was the first time ive ever had a reading , im so gutted that my money ran out so quickly so i just had to give this lady a quick review. You was spot on with everything that you said thank you for the amazing experience. will call you again Curtis

curtis From Blackburn , Lancs UK On 07/04/2019

she's come up Trumps !!!!

Gave the most marvelous reading this very talented and gifted lady. all of her predictions have all come up trumps im gobsmacked , i have since tried to call her back to tell her all of this but just so hard to get through to her , so i thought id just leave this review instead , thank you so so much

Veronica M From Malaga Spain On 05/04/2019

3rd time Lucky

Been trying so hard to get through to Mystic May that night but i managed to get through on the 3rd attempt. She was spot on with everything ... from family , relationships and work, she has already come up trumps with both of her predictions this week too. xx

Peggy From Kings Lynn Uk On 05/04/2019


I had a reading with May yesterday but will call back as I was cut off. She knew things no one could have known and she was uplifting and encouraging. She also did everything she could to help me improve my situation. I LOVE her. Thank you so much and I’ll call again.

Kristina From Australia On 30/03/2019

Reaching new Heights

There are mediums , there are tarot readers and there is MYSTIC MAY . this lady is just simply brilliant had the best reading ever she was so correct regarding and brother and my ex partner , she predicted that i would get a new job in the hospitality industry ... i started a new job as the general manger! simply the best many thanks

Simon From Bath Somerset England On 30/03/2019

Fab Reading

This was the best reading that ive had in years, Mystic May was correct on all points of the reading my family and my past relationship , looking forward to see what unfolds with her predictions , was so so gutted that my money had ran out , coz it was going so well. tried to call her back but couldn't get through as she was too busy

Cilla From Hereford UK On 29/03/2019

Highly Recommended

Ive had a few reading from Mystic May and she never fails to deliver. Its also very hard to get through to her as she is extremely popular , if anyone was to ask me who can i call for a accurate tarot reader id always recommend Mystic May to them

Aurora From Hobart AUS On 27/03/2019


Wow what a wonderful lady & spot on reading! Your the tonic that I needed - this is definitely my favourite psychic ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Tina From On 26/03/2019

Top of the Pops x

This reader for me is top of the charts in more ways than one . Firstly her reading was super accurate, and to top it all she predicted id be going on holiday with my ex in 2 months and that is what is happening we got back together and he booked a surprise trip to Paris via Eurostar , amazing Many Thanks M May x

Samantha From Whitney Oxfordshire UK On 26/03/2019

Different Class

Mystic May was so on the money with my reading with regarding my family and with my old work place So im putting up this review to let her know that both of her predictions came true ( which i didnt think that they would) ... thank you for sharing your amazing gift with me Looking forward to talking to you soon ... Amy x

Amy From Daventry Northampton UK On 26/03/2019

All predictions have come true!

I am speechless about how accurate Mystic May is and how incredibly gifted she is. All her predictions for me have come true. Eg. she said money owed to you, you hear about it end of January and receive in March. That is exactly what happened. She said my ex will come back in Natch which will cause me confusion, and that is exactly what happened, the list goes on. Unbelievably gifted and lovely and kind lady. Thank you!

Sue From Australia On 25/03/2019

Deeply Exited

This for me was one of the best and most positive readings that ive ever had . Mystic May has got her predictions right regarding my ex partner and my ex work colleague . Cant wait to speak to her again im deeply exited for the future and a positive outcome. Many thanks Helen M x

Helen From Middleton , Manchester UK On 25/03/2019

Ahead of the Competition

I have been on Trusted Psychics before and spoke to some of the readers on here before. For me this lady is on top of her game and by far the best one that ive spoken to , she picked up on everything , from relationships to my family pasts ' I cant wait for her predictions to unfold All the Best Veronica x

Veronica From Gibraltar Spain On 23/03/2019

Just so Good

This reader is just brilliant she was bang on track with her reading regarding my career and relationship status !! Her predictions have both come through for me , she said i start a new job in April and ive just been offered a high profile marketing job with Easy Jet to start in April and she said i would be speaking to my ex again after 2 years and that is just the case Simply the best Mystic May Best Wishes Chantelle xxxx

Chantelle From Gants Hill Essex UK On 18/03/2019

Had my first reading with her and she was amazing been trying to get through to her for a while now but finally got the chance to speak to her unexpectedly I’m so grateful as she really tuned in with me as I also asked just for a general love reading and picked up on someone from my past. She was amazing now I know why she’s always so hard to get through, will definitely call back and definitely give her a call (I’m sorry we got cut off ran out of minutes) xxxx

P From N-London On 18/03/2019

Feeling on top of the World

Well what can i say i had a reading with Mystic May way back in November last year , she predicted that my ex would contact me again after 3 years apart (although im current with someone at present) but i didn't think anything of it. yesterday he turned up on my door step he has been living in France for 2 years we always had a great connection and i was sad that we split up , i am amazed at how accurate Mystic May is , im so happy and i will call you again soon ... had to put this review up to let you know Many Thanks

Cheryl From Great Yarmouth UK On 17/03/2019

Too Good

I was so annoyed when my money ran out chatting to Mystic May as this reading was getting better and better, she was so true regarding everything in my past life. she has given me 2 predictions which one of them has come true already. tried to ring her the next day but she is constantly busy and so hard to get through to , thank you , i hope to speak to you soon , Juliet

Juliet From Morden , Surrey UK On 17/03/2019

Simply Brilliant !!!

This lady truly does have an exceptional gift not like other readers who are more like Councillors. Mystic May is by far the best reader ive spoken to , you was right about my family and a certain person at my work place not to trust , thank you for sharing your gift with me , Looking forward to seeing how my predictions unfold x

Siobhan From Bedfordshire UK On 16/03/2019

More than Impressed !

Im a little bit critical regarding Tarot card readers and mediums because most of them talk rubbish and never deliver. However This lady is so impressive that all 3 of her predictions came true , one of them being that me and my dad would be talking again after 10 years and thats one thing that i thought that would never happen after what happened between him and mum amazing 10/10 for you Mystic May and will definitely will be calling you again for sure Alana xxx

Alana From Huntington Beach CA USA On 15/03/2019

She was right !

What she said aboht my job came to pass!!!!!

Nat From On 14/03/2019

Added Bonus

Thank you so much Mystic May for all your support and loving guidance. All predictions to date have unfolded and others are coming. As well as you giving me a great reading i get the added bonus of predictions coming true . thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift with me. Fiona x

Fiona From Romford , Essex UK On 13/03/2019

Made it Through

I finally got through to Mystic May after months of trying to get through , just thought id let you know both of your predictions came through and im over the moon , dollars spent wisely , hope to speak to you soon Britney

Britney From Hartford Connecticut USA On 12/03/2019

Finally Got Through

I have waited ages to get through to speak to Mystic May for over 3 months. Had an amazing reading with this lovely lady we had a great connection i was on the phone to her for well over hour i couldn't top up any more as id run out of money , would just like to say 1 of your predictions have already come through . Thank you so much Liz

Elizabeth From Waterford Ireland On 11/03/2019

First Choice

i had to give this gifted and talented reader a review she was so on point with everything that she said. 2 of her predictions have already come to light. Mystic May is always going to be my first choice to get my readings done no matter what Thank you x

Sarah From Sunderland UK On 11/03/2019

Correct Forecasts

I had a reading with Mystic May over 3 months ago and im putting up this review to let her know that ALL 3 OF HER PREDICTIONS cam through , she said id be working in banking by march ... i started a new job at natwest last week she said that i would meet up with Paul again , and i had 3 days ago and she said that id be talking with my sister Claire again , we started talking 2 weeks ago This reader is AMAZING !!!! THANK YOU

Joanne From Plymouth UK On 09/03/2019


She is amazing and funny

Phone dropper From Australia On 03/03/2019


I’m a regular caller of this amazing lady as I find her so addictive due to the spot on predictions. May once again you were correct which I found hard to believe at the time but il take it slowly as you said. Also you told me about a windfall of money being presented to me in late December and I have recently received a letter about some money owed to me. No doubt I will be speaking to you again very soon. Thankyou so much xx

From On 03/03/2019

Hell of a Reading

I was talking to Mystic May for at least 30 mins till my money ran out i was totally gutted . Was one of the best tarot readings ive ever had she had already came through for me already as both her predictions have come true , i have tried to ring her a couple of days after but i just couldn't get through to speak to her and i totally understand why Hope to speak to you soon Mandy xx

Mandy From Ipswich Suffolk UK On 03/03/2019

Over whelmed

I spoke to Mystic May over 4 months ago , im just putting this review up now because she predicted that i would meet a redhead from my past in 3 to 4 months and this week , thats exactly what happened What can i say im speechless, the lady is the best Best Wishes Adam

Adam From Stevenage , Hertfordshire UK On 03/03/2019

So Happy

i am so happy that at last i finally got through to talk to Mystic May after months of trying to get through. Well all i can say that it was well worth the wait as i found it to be the most enjoyable reading that ive ever had ... well worth the money .. looking forward to my predictions to come through x

Marianne From Lymington Uk On 02/03/2019


For me this is one of the most exiting readings that ive ever had and i have had lots of readings in the past and there are nowhere near as good as this Both of her predictions have come true she said that id get a new job near where my sister is based and thats just happened , she also said that my dad would be talking to me again after 15 years of exile. He found me on Facebook and he is flying over to see me in 4 weeks, trusted psychics this is the best reader that you have ... DONT LET HER GO !!! Thank you

Alejandro From Dubai UAE On 01/03/2019

Ace Reading

I dont really bother with reviews to be honest , but i had to review mystic may , because 2 of her 3 predictions have come true today . I cant get over it , there are good psychics and there are WORLD CLASS PSYCHICS and that is just what this reader is WORLD CLASS Many thanks Ollie

Ollie From Newcastle Australia On 28/02/2019

Well Worth Calling

I had a reading with Mystic May last week , after i had a reading from another reader from another site. there is just no comparison May was on point with the situation with my girlfriend and my brother and already one of her predictions have come true , she said i would come in to money , ive just had a $15,000 dollar insurance payout come through today , cant wait for her other predictions to come true ...... Many Thanks

Amit From Brisbane Australia On 26/02/2019


I spoke to this amazing reader for well over an hour ? if my money hadn't of run out id still be talking to her right trough to the morning she is THAT good. she was spot on with everything she had said regarding my girl friend and with other aspects of my life ... well worth calling again ... looking forward to my predictions coming true

Jay From Peterborough On 25/02/2019

Great Reading

this is the first time ive ever had a reading and was a bit skeptical , but im just so impressed with mystic may. I had to give her a review as i had run out of money and the reading was getting better and better Many Thanks

Ryan From London Uk On 22/02/2019

Different League

This reader is in a higher league above all the other readers that i have spoken to in the past , she was on point with the family issues that i was having and to top it off 2 of her predictions have come through. you can always tell if they are going to be a top reader before you speak to them by the high volume of quality reviews that a reader gets , plus the fact that it has taken me 2 months to finally get through to speak to her , thank you xxx

Nora From Dunstable , Beds UK On 20/02/2019

A cut above the rest

This lady was so impressive with her predictions and with my past relationships it just blew me away. I Have spoken to a lot of readers on this site and on other sites , for me she is the best reader ive had , will recommend her to my sister

Vicky From Cairns Australia On 19/02/2019

Another Level

i have used psychic lines now for over 3 years , this lady just shows she has a proven track record by the number of reviews she has. By far the best reading that ive ever experienced not only have her predictions have come true but she was so accurate with what was going on in my private life ... looking forward to the future Many thanks

Corticia From Hobart Australia On 18/02/2019

Impressed to bits !!

I must of been on the phone to this Amazing reader for well over an hour, im so impressed by how accurate that she was with my past life and my family. she has foretold that i would get a new job and that has already come to light , looking forward to her other predictions to come true. by far the best reader ive spoke to by a country mile Thank you Hayley

Hayley From Oxford UK On 18/02/2019

I love this lady she's the best psychic on this site

This is another review for lovely Mystic May. I have been talking to her over many months and she is always so spot on accurate and all her predictions come true. Plus she gives excellent spiritual advice. My go to number one psychic I call every week. I have been having psychic readings all my life and can honestly say Mystic May is the best gifted psychic and lovely person I have ever come across. Thank you!

Sue From Australia On 17/02/2019

Strong Positive Outcome

Mystic May is very hard to get through to and i can see why , had a good positive long chat with her and she predicted that i would bump in to an old flame from the past and thats exactly what has happened. She was so correct with all of my family members and now i have a strong positive outlook for the future thanks to this brilliant reader Best Wishes Shaun

Shaun From Belfast Northern Ireland UK On 17/02/2019

Made My Day x

I dont really bother to write reviews that often but this lady defiantly deserves one without a shadow of a doubt. For me this was the best reading that ive ever had one of her predictions have already come true already , i can see why i have had trouble in the past to get to speak to her because she is so popular , have been trying to get to speak to her for the last 5 months , thank you Mystic May

Jenny From Gold Coast Australia On 16/02/2019

Absolute Euphoria

This for me was one of the best readings ive ever had , or probably the best one ive ever had , Mystic May cheered me up and picked me up at my lowest point as ive been having family issues over the past few months , one of her predictions have already come true in which im over come with joy with, well worth the money i sent chatting to this lovely lady xxx

Faye From Eastbourne / Sussex UK On 14/02/2019

Superb the best

Its not that often that i phone tarot lines , but to be quite frank the times that i have used them the readers have all been rubbish ... NOT this lady she was on track with everything and accurate and to make it even more amazing her prediction came true also ... .. BRILLIANT

Akeel From Greenford , Middlesex UK On 13/02/2019

Great Connection

This is by far one for the best reading that ive ever had on Trusted Psychics for sure , had to top up with my card twice for Mystic May as this reading was so good , one of her predictions have already come to light , looking forward to the other now , thank you very much Jacqueline ;)

Jacqueline From Southend , Essex UK On 12/02/2019

Truly Gifted Psychic! Magical!

Thank you so much Mystic May for all your support and loving guidance. All predictions to date have unfolded and others are coming. The explanation and details of the circumstances are spot on. thank you so much for sharing your gift.

Sue From On 11/02/2019

Precise Reading

This lady was on point and so Precise with everything that she had told me regarding my work and my current relationship. One of my predictions have already come true already , really looking forward to the future now ... thank you x

zoe From Bradford W.Yorkshire UK On 11/02/2019



N From On 10/02/2019

The Best of the Best

this lady was so accurate in what she predicted , she said that id meet someone from another county ? i did 2 days ago she said id get a new job , got new job to start on 1st March and she said id get a windfall , well i got payout from my old companies pension scheme for £4,000 coming in on April happy days , i have tried to speak to her before on numerous occasions but she is so hard to get hold of .. NOW I KNOW WHY ...thank you so much xxx

Tara From Swindon Wilts UK On 10/02/2019

So Good

this is one of the best readings that i have ever had , she is so accurate and so far 2 of her 3 predictions have already come true , she is the best x

Laura From Luton UK On 09/02/2019


this is one of the best readings ive ever had , she was on point and very concise with her answers , looking forward to her predictions to come through , first class reading through out , many thanks

Jayne From Arizona USA On 08/02/2019


Had a reading 6/2/19, when I was feeling lost and losing faith, i spoke to this amazing reader. I am so sorry May that I couldn't top up but I was out of funds. You gave me the strength to move forward on the path that I am on. Knowing that I am on the right path is so important to getting what I want. It was the first time I had spoken to you. Judging by your reviews I know that your predictions will come true coz I believe in what you said to me. It's been a long and difficult journey that I have been on but you have assured me that things will be ok. For that I want to thank you and will call you again soon xx

Tara From On 07/02/2019

True predictions

what a fantastic reading i had with Mystic May , i was speaking to her for at least 40 mins well worth the money, she was on point with everything that she said and 2 of her predictions have already come true as well . all the bless

Jatinder From Walsall W Midlands UK On 06/02/2019

A wonderful person and soul ,given me a super reading,excellent listener ,thanks

Mack From Kent On 05/02/2019

World Class Reading

i have been using mystic lines and talking to tarot readers for the last 15 years, but this lady is ( in the words of Tina Turner).. simply the best , all of her predictions came true from starting my new job , to me bumping in to someone from my past , im just so blown away ... money well spent .. i can see why people find it so hard to get to talk to her on here .... trusted psychics YOU NEED TO KEEP HOLD OF THIS LADY X God bless Belinda

Belinda From Newton Abbot Devon UK On 05/02/2019

So Impressed

ive always been a big skeptic of medium and tarot readers , but this Lady is world class , told me about my past and future relationships , she was even right about my career too , thank you .. will be using Trusted psychics again for sure

Jamie From Bristol Avon UK On 05/02/2019

Full of Praise

One of the best readings that ive ever had , Mystic may was just bang on with everything that she had said , she was also kind in giving me a lot of positive advice on getting rid of negative energy from within my home , i have recommended her to my sister , thank you

Tamika From Queensland AUS On 04/02/2019


i dont really write reviews of any type , but i just want to shout this from the roof tops ... Mystic May is the best tarot reader on here by miles ... my reading was like magic ,every thing she told me about my past and my family was spot on ... love it

Nicola From Aberdeen , Scotland On 02/02/2019

Prediction update

I remembered something today which you told me bk in October, you told me that a job opportunity would come out of the blue in December. Well I got a call in very early January which came out of the blue just like you said and it’s looking very promising so thank you so much. I must remember to write everything down when I next speak to you but looking forward to Feb as you told me it would be a strong month. Your fab xxx

From On 01/02/2019

On Point

what a fabulous reading i had with this lady , i will call her again as her accuracy is so on point , have tried to get through to her in the past , but she is so popular she is nearly impossible to get through to her ,,, many thanks xx Tania

Tania From Milton Keynes UK On 30/01/2019

Finally got through

She is one of the hardest people to get through to, but it was so worth it. She is so accurate and funny and the information just flows! Will definitely call again. Can’t wait for my predictions to unfold!

Natasha From On 29/01/2019

Loving it x

Wow what can i say , just a top first class reading with probably the best reader ive ever had , she has already made 1 prediction come true ... im so looking forward to the others to come good thank you Mystic May x

Caroline From hove UK On 29/01/2019

So Refreshing

Really enjoyed my reading with Mystic May . i have been trying to get through to her for over 4 months , so glad i finally did i can see why she gets lots of amazing reviews .... simply blown away xxx

Lorna From Hamilton Scotland On 28/01/2019

Truly Blessed

what a fantastic reading i had from this lovely lady , was on point with all of my past , thoroughly enjoyed it and well worth the money , one of her predictions already has come true already I feel truly blessed :)

Rachel From Margate Kent UK On 26/01/2019


I'm just socked and surprised at how good Mystic May really is , very down to earth lady looking forward to her predictions coming through , very exiting and enjoyable reading ... will be calling again soon x

Candy From Perth WESTERN AUSTRALIA On 25/01/2019

Professionalism of the highest order

i dont really write reviews but i felt i had to in this case , the most professional psychic review ive ever had everything that she said was spot on , and will definitely will be using trusted psychics again

Murray From Edinburgh Scotland On 25/01/2019

Pure Quality

I have used Trusted psychics now for at least 3 years , why didn't i speak to this lady earlier , have been trying to get through to her for at least 6 months but can never get through , now i know the reason why .. PURE QUALITY best reading ive ever had by a country mile

Carol From Nottingham UK On 22/01/2019

First Time

this is the first psychic reading ive ever had and couldn't have wished for a better reader than Mystic May for my first time ... her accuracy just blown me away .. will be coming back for more for sure

Phillip From Lincoln UK On 21/01/2019

Correct and Accurate !!

With out a doubt this is the best reading ive had , and also a lovely polite lady to go with it , some of the readers that ive spoke to in the past on this site , i find quite rude , she said and predicted a windfall for me during the Christmas period and that is whats happened ... thank you so much , will be in touch very soon

Laura From Watford UK On 20/01/2019


enjoyed my reading with mystic may she was bang on point im going to recommend her to friends and family ...PERFECT x

Bambi From Wellington NZ On 19/01/2019


This for me was probably the best reading ive ever had , very accurate and both predictions that Mystic May said that would happen over the Christmas period DID happen ..marvelous reading ... god bless and thank you x

darchia From London UK On 15/01/2019

Highly Rated

Im so impressed with how accurate this lady is with her reading ... i highly rate her and i have already recommended her to my friends and family .. thank you so much ...Ashley x

Ashley From Glasgow Scotland On 14/01/2019

Good reading connected well

Louise From On 30/12/2018

Lovely reading

Thank you for your lovely reading and your support it really help me today, Mystic May bless.

Lorna From London On 28/12/2018

Joy full Emotions

this was the best reading ive ever had , this lady predicted a lot of things that were going to happen and to be fair to her thay all did , i was over come with joy , such emotional reading , god bless and thank you very much .. Tina x

Tina From Adelaide Australia On 22/12/2018

Amazing as always

Thank you, you’re literally the best psychic on the line! No one else is as accurate as you and I’m talking about 4 yrs calling this line! I won’t ever call the lines back as I’ve promised myself but wish you all the best. Merry Christmas and happy new year xxx

Baha From London On 21/12/2018

Very pleasant

had a great reading with Mystic May , she actually knew what type of dog i had with me ... how fabulous is that , very pleasant and relaxing chat ... will definitely be calling her again

Mac From Northampton UK On 21/12/2018

Reading of the Highest Merritt

what a fabulous reading i had with this lady , very accurate ... if Carlsberg made tarot readers , then it would be Mystic May.. Thank you will definitely will be paying trusted psychics another visit

Antonella From Southampton UK On 19/12/2018

Top Class

the most genuine reader ive ever come across ... Top class accuracy she bought up my dad and my brother ... best reading ive had in ages ... Thank you

Louisa From Portsmouth UK On 18/12/2018

Just awesome!!!

I have spoken to May a few times and the predictions she makes always comes true! She’s a wonderful reader as well!! Thank you May for helping people like myself get through some hard times!!

T From Australia On 18/12/2018


i had a long reading with Mystic May and listened to what she had to say and i thought this isn't going to happen and really didn't take any notice ... im putting this review up to tell her thank you very much ...not 1 but all 3 of her predictions all came true, an ex from the past came in contact with me , i got my new job , and my mum got in contact with me after 2 years and we are talking again.

Olivia From Sheffield UK On 17/12/2018

Absolutely amazing!!

I have spoken to May a few times and the predictions she makes always comes true! She’s a wonderful reader as well!! Thank you May for helping people like myself get through some hard times!!

From On 17/12/2018

Absolutely amazing!!!!

I have spoken to May a few times and the predictions she makes always comes true! She’s a wonderful reader as well!! Thank you May for helping people like myself get through some hard times!!

From On 15/12/2018

On the Case

this lady is bang on the case , her predictions came true she said id meet a dark haired guy linked to my past and thats exactly whats happened ... best reader ever thank you x :)

Cherrie From London UK On 15/12/2018

Outstanding Gifted Psychic!

I have spoken to Mystic May several times and every time she has been spot on accurate, truly gifted and a beautiful soul. She is 100% the go to person and she is my spiritual counsellor who is very wise and gifted. I highly recommend her. Thank you very much.

Sue From Australia On 14/12/2018

x exceptional x

been trying to get through to this lady for months on end ?? finally got through and i can see exactly why this reader is so popular ... Exceptional xxx

Lucy From Melbourne AUS On 14/12/2018


well what can i say about Mystic May , best reading ive had in ages , im sure this talented lady is going to be famous xx

Moira From London UK On 11/12/2018

Long time coming

been trying for 4 months to speak to this lady but i can never ever get through. Finally get through to her last week best reading ive ever had , and that not me being polite ... this is me telling the truth , thank you so so much x Zamira

Zamira From Bedford UK On 10/12/2018

2nd Time Lucky

i had a reading with with lady 3 months ago , but trusted psychics dint put up my review for this lady ...so here goes 2nd time lucky ...all that i wanted to say is that you're predictions regarding my ex partner came true , and i thank you so so much for that .. god bless Cara x

Cara From Auckland NZ On 08/12/2018


wow great reading with this talented reader , im anticipating now her predictions , being trying for month s to get through to this lady , so glad that i have now x

Jose From Canberra AUS On 07/12/2018


I was on the phone to this lady for a hr had to top up my card twice ... but i tell you what , worth every single penny , she was on point with what happened to my family and past relationships .... now im anticipating her predictions .. 5 stars all day long .. Thank you Mystic May x

Lorranie From Sutton , Surrey UK On 04/12/2018


I have had tarot readings in the past , but not like anything to the level of this lady ... im just so exited for the future , she was spot on with my family members , and all the other tarot readers that ive spoke to in the past couldn't do that ..... so impressed x thank you

Naylor From Cardiff Wales UK On 03/12/2018

She just sees everything ...incredible Lady!

From On 27/11/2018

Really needed today

Although we were cut off, I want to say a huge thank you. You gave a lovely reading and you are so positive, even when I’m feeling low. I will call you soon with an update on the ex returning and my spring wishes. Much love and light xx

Zana From On 27/11/2018

X - Rated

my reading with this talented lady was like an x rated film scary as in that she was so right about everything and one of her predictions have already come true Excellent x

Maxine From London UK On 26/11/2018

Lovely reading

Thank you so much for the reading, I will look forward to predictions coming true. I also want to thank the advice for the new year. Many blessings, x

From On 25/11/2018

Helpful and amazing conduit for guidance and good .So accurate! Blessings always to you.

From On 25/11/2018

Thank you

She's definitely genuine and honest

Litty From Australia On 25/11/2018

Amazing psychic! Thank you so much

Mystic May was so accurate about everything and her predictions unfolded. So accurate about every detail! Wow I was blown away. Thank you so much! Highly recommend!!

Suzy From Australia On 25/11/2018

Prediction came through

I had a reading with this lady two weeks ago and unbelievably her prediction came to light today. I have been using this service for 18 months and get readings from top psychics here but so far none of them was so spot on with predictions as Mystic May was! Only the time frame was 6 days behind but it happened as she predicted! Very pleased with her! She also during the reading validated many things.

Ange From London On 24/11/2018

Blown Away

Shes definitely good genuine and doesnt sugarcoat Anything. made some lovely predictions so fingers crossed. I wish she would be on here longer as its difficult getting hold of her. i was given an interesting reading and will be back with an update

rose From Bedfordshire On 23/11/2018


The connection i had with this gifted reader was spot on , come through with a lot of home truths regarding my sister and my ex partner... one of the best reading ive ever had ... totally blown away , thank you L

Leon From Sidney Australia On 10/11/2018

Ex partner

this was the first time id ever used Trusted Psychics , ans this lady brought up and was on point about my old boyfriend , amazing reading ... will be calling you again for sure ... best wishes Shu x

Shu From Los Angeles CA USA On 09/11/2018

On the Money

i have been trying to get through to mystic may for 3 months and finally got through ... after having my reading i can see why see is so popular and so difficult to get through ... Thank You ..... best wishes Priscilla

Priscilla From London UK On 08/11/2018


Thank you lovely lady you surly are a gifted reader. I was very pleased with the information received where no questions were asked. X

Ree From Uk On 07/11/2018

Thank you

So sorry I didn't say goodbye. I cannot thank you enough for how happy you have made me. God bless you xx jo

From On 07/11/2018

Heart Attack

This lady nearly gave me a heart attack , not in a bad way but in a good way because she was so bang on with her reading , brought up family members and friends from my past which i no way expected her to do ... by far the best reading ive had so far ..... money well spent i say ... god bless x

Tammy From London UK On 06/11/2018


really enjoyed my reading with Mystic May she predicted my future of what was going to happen in the next few weeks , said i would come into money , and i just got a legal pay out for a good few thousand dollars ... wow cant believe it .. she even knew a lot about my past history too , best reading ive ever had to date .... Peter

Peter From Melbourne AUS On 06/11/2018

in a state

was in a state of shock when i had my reading with this talented lady ... she was so accurate with everything that has happened in my past ... lets hope future predictions come true .... Matt

Matthew From Milton Keynes UK On 05/11/2018

Fabulous - real reader - ten stars

omg this reader is amazing. She gave me messages from my young son in spirit, that was just fantastic. Everything else was pretty bang on. So glad I managed to get through, WOW what a reading. x

From SCOTLAND On 27/10/2018


I’m so sorry, I was really enjoying my reading and got cut off, it wouldn’t let me top up. however what mystic May gave me in 6 minutes was what others couldn’t give in 14. She was very reassuring and straight to the point and wished I had not wasted my money on other readers now. Looking forward to everything coming in over next 6 weeks. Thanks so much lovely and will update soon xx

From UK On 27/10/2018


very accurate and was spot on with everything that happened with regarding my love life and the current job that im in , got clarity for what i need to address in the future , looking forward to prediction to come to light Many Thanks x

Allyah From London UK On 25/10/2018


was so surprised and shocked when i had my reading with this talented psychic , she brought up ever aspect of my life past and present and my family ... now waiting to see predictions ... thank you x Marianne

Marianne From Weybridge Surrey UK On 20/10/2018

Thank you

Hello Mystic, sorry i pressed the wrong button and lost the connection, thank you so much for the reading and your patience as always. xx

Baha From UK On 16/10/2018


Mystic May is straight to the point with her reading , was blown away when she told me about my dad who passed away last year .... looking forward to her predictions coming true ... thank you Mystic May and Trusted Psychics x

Nikki From Wolverhampton On 15/10/2018

Spot on

I like talking to you ,you are spot on i will leave another review on the date u gave me for predictions, I feel so much confident, thanks a lot God bless you

Maria From London On 15/10/2018


I was truly shocked and amazed at how accurate this lady gives readings , she was on pint with my family and love triangles Looking to see what the future holds

Sean From Dublin Ireland On 13/10/2018


I have used and spoken to a lot of psychics in the past few years but this lady is the best by a country mile , all of my predictions came true .... im just stunned trusted psychics need to hold on to this lady x

Jacqueline From Benfleet Essex On 09/10/2018


I've been having readings from Mystic May on a regular basis for the last 3 months now , and she never fails to disappoint me , she is so accurate and her predictions always come true thank you Trusted Psychics and Mystic May

Bonnie From NY USA On 08/10/2018

Great as always

Thank you, didn’t have the chance to say that! I’m certain that the beautiful predictions will come to pass. Xx

From On 07/10/2018

Lovely reading

I enjoyed my reading. Validation on dates and very positive. Thank you very much. x

From On 05/10/2018

lovely woman always spot on

thank you mystic may for your wonderful reading and continuous accuracy. i am so grateful for your advice and prediction always happen. guylene london

guylene rosange From london On 28/09/2018


Great reading with this lovely lady straight to the point very accurate absolutely superb will definitely be Calling her again

Emma From Glasgow Scotland On 20/09/2018


Spot on, looking forward to predictions coming in. Thank you

Claire From Edinburgh On 18/09/2018

so accurate

thoroughly enjoyed my reading this lady , what can i say straight to the point , hope her predictions come true , as she was spot on with my family and past thank you Peter

Peter From Manchester On 18/09/2018

Wonderful lady

Fabulous reading, can't wait to speak again in new year :)

AAA From UK On 15/09/2018


She is phenomenal

From On 13/09/2018

She is so special n gem

She always gives amazing readings very accurate she knows what i am doing in the weekends also.. she is awesome super smart , slick crisp and amazing really true new modern psychic reader awesome

From On 13/09/2018

Just WOW

For the past month and a half Mystic May has been telling me I'll be getting a windfall of money, I never put too much thought into it but I got a tax rebate from last year. I rang her again for something else and she still kept saying she saw a financial windfall, and I got a scholarship. Rang the third time and she still kept seeing a financial windfall in the near future and lo and behold, I got another 600 pound unexpectedly!!!

Nimaah From On 24/08/2018


i was so taken back at how accurate and how precise my reading was with this lady , she brought up people from my past , hope that her predictions come true have a great day x

Lucy From Liverpool UK On 17/08/2018


Had a great reading with this lady very accurate was bang on point one of her predictions have already come to light looking forward to my other prediction is coming through Best wishes Linda

Linda From Dublin Ireland On 16/08/2018


Im so impressed with my reading with this lovely lady, she was band on point with everything that she told me , looking forward to seeing if her predictions will come to fruition will have to call her call her again thank you Mystic May x

Zeta From Brighton UK On 14/08/2018

Calmed me

Had reading with meg today. Her first thoughts were you and this man hsve had a very stressful and confusing 3 weeks. I was gob smacked as it exactly 3 weeks since me and my man had a big bust up and although he's still speaking to me he's being very cold. Meg said between the 20th and 28th Aug all that will change for the better. We are booked to go away on 24th for a weekend break but id convinced myself he would not go now I'm feeling confident. He is my twin flame.

From On 14/08/2018

Great as always

Could not get hold of you for a while but am happy we could speak again two nights ago ! As I told you your predictions about end of July have come to pass and I am so happy. The dog is gone now as we spoke about and he’s been still very keen, though we haven’t met since he took the dog away. Big big thank you...can’t wait to speak with you again! Xx

Bee From Uk On 08/08/2018

top draw

all i want to say is give this talented lady a big thank you , i spoke to you a while ago now , and just to let you know i get the new job and bumped in to a face from the past just as you predicted that would happen !!! Brilliant thank you Mystic May will be calling you back very soon x

Paula From London UK On 06/08/2018

Thank you amazing reading, was so accurate with the letter R!

From On 05/08/2018

outstanding reading

was so impressed with this ladys accuracy she just blew me away about what she said in my personal life and regarding my family , looking forward to her predictions becoming a reality , and would definatley be calling her again

Tara From Brighton UK On 05/08/2018


lovely lady love her voice putting me at ease in a stressful situation and how see connects with her guides using the crystal ball using her medium skills. I cant thank you enough and blown away the predictions happened keep up the good work Mystic Mayxxx

A From Surrey On 03/08/2018

So true

Very accurate and truthful reading from this gifted individual just wanting to see if her predictions come true Very lovely lady to open up too also will definitely recommend her to friends and family x

Karen From Henley on Thames On 01/08/2018


Sorry hunni I got cut off pressed wrong button! :( love your readings you are amazing xxxx

Hannah From Leed On 26/07/2018

No one like her

There's no one like Mystic May she's absolutely incredible ! She channels spirit and is acurate and precise delivered the messages with conviction and accuracy ! She did more then that for me she gave me very valuable advice to help me on my very special journey An amazing psychic but a very amazing lady too God bless Mystic May Helena 23.07.18!

Helena From North East UK On 24/07/2018


She is exceptional in what she does! She is absolutely spot on. Very nice and polite lady and pleasant to talk to! Predictions have more or less come to pass, in fact she is the most spot on with the predictions. Thank you

Bibi From London On 22/07/2018


really impressed with this ladies accuracy , she seemed to know more about ne than i did . looking forward to see if her predictions come to fruition , would definitely recommend her to my friends

Ester From London , UK On 09/07/2018

Spot on!!!

Thank you for the clarity and excellent explanation of what the future holds. So appreciate your guidance.

L From Aus On 09/07/2018

Lovely lady

So good, nearly made me cry as she understood my problem. very, very good no messing about.

Sue From Derbyshire On 08/07/2018

5 * reading

Amazing reading

Donna From UK On 05/07/2018


Really sweet and helpful lady. She was honest and realistic. Cant wait for her prediction to unfold

Rosie From London On 30/06/2018

Amazing reading her mediumship spot on thanks may was nice reading very good excellent xxx

Deborah From Aberdeen On 28/06/2018


Got a reading with Mystic May last night and she told me a younger guy from my past will get in touch, had not heard from him in nearly 3 months, he did get in touch this morning. :) She is just amazing isn't she?! It's not the first time that her predictions have come to pass. thank you

Baha From London On 23/06/2018


Spoke to this lady round about two weeks ago and I have tried to ring her back but she’s always so popular and busy all I wanted to say is her predictions about my partner came true so I’d like to give her a big thank you and will try to catch up with her again

Audrey From London UK On 06/06/2018

Really good validations

Fingers crossed for predictions x

From Edinburgh On 04/06/2018

Lovely Lady

Had first reading tonight, she asked what wanted to look at, we looked at my relationship that broke down, she confirmed wasn't me and women my ex was with now was nothing to worry about. Says he wants me back and hear from him between June- August, spirit come through to say he come back as I hold all the cards and not to worry about this other women ? We see if these come to pass if so I will update .

Anon From Uk On 03/06/2018

Just had a medium reading and think she s fantastic spot on asked for a specific person to come through and they did which made my day thankyou so much Mayxxx1/6/18 thanx Sandra

Sandra From Lincolnshire On 01/06/2018


Thank you, let’s see what will happen this summer....I ran out of minutes. You’re great and I wish you all the best x

Baha From Uk On 31/05/2018


Spoke to mystic may back in February and spoke to her again just last week all of her predictions that she told me all came true and was Blown away by her accuracy would like to speak to this lady a lot more often but she is very very difficult to get hold hold of more than happy to top up my credit card for her thanks again mystic may

Mavis From York Uk On 26/05/2018


Brilliant reading with this very talented and gifted lady , Have been trying to speak to her for over three weeks so this goes to show how popular she is but I finally got through 10 out of 10 well done

Emma From London UK On 23/05/2018


Spot on without any prompting So difficult to get hold of and easy to see why

From On 21/05/2018

Thank you

I have spoken to Mystic May twice now and both readings from her were very accurate and eyeopening to my current situations. She picked up on a lot of my relationships and has helped me gain clarity. I'm looking forward to positivity in my future. Thank you

Nerys From Swansea On 06/05/2018

On point!

She picked up on most things her reading was accurate precise and I'm looking forward for the predictions to unfold.

Odette From London UK On 06/05/2018


had a fantastic reading with mystic may for a good 35 mins plus and was so blown away by her accuracy , looking forward to her predictions coming true

kelly From Sidney Australia On 03/05/2018


Had a fantastic reading with mystical mate very accurate and I’m looking forward to a predictions to come in the next few months would definitely recommend

Bianca From London UK On 03/05/2018


Loved talking to this lady , cant believe the accuracy of her reading described my boyfriend to a T and knew he was a football coach , can wait to see if her predictions will come true , but if her predictions are as good as her accuracy then i can wait Tamika Atlanta Georgia USA

Tamika From Atlanta Georgia USA On 30/04/2018

Blown away

What can I say about this lady she is very accurate from the get go was very nice lady to talk to and I’ll deafly recommend this psychic to anyone else that wants a professional reading well done Pam London uk

Pam From London On 30/04/2018


This Lady is amazing .. two predictions came to pass within five days. Love the way she reads straight to the point! No leaving you hanging. Thank you dearly Mystic May

Helanah From York On 30/04/2018

Brilliant as always

She is so accurate, not to mention her predictions have more or less come to pass. She is amongst my best psychics list, and that rating is based on accurate current and predicted info! I am the first one who left her comment, and won’t be the last one for sure! She deserves 5 star or more! Xx

From On 27/04/2018

Stunning observations

The reading May was intriguing, enjoyable and very insightful. I can certainly recommend her and very likely to call her again.

Warren From Cambs On 25/04/2018

Missing dad

May was really great picked up my dad and lots detail..be back soon you are really gifted..so happy thank you May

Janet From Burnley UK On 24/04/2018

Exceptionally gifted lady

Mystic May has a real gift and is very easy to talk to . She delivers your predications in a kind sensitive way . She has a true psychic talent Thank you very much Mystic May

liza From uk On 21/04/2018


I ended up talking to this lovely lady for over an hour and 30 minutes , she picked up on my late husband who came through in the reading .... Well she was spot on woth everything she said ... worth every penny of my phone call Irene Lancashire UK

irene From burnley Lancashire UK On 20/04/2018


She warmed me about someone, and the prediction came true

From On 18/04/2018

The best reader

In my opinion this lady was spot on-she was pleasant to talk to and very good-she told me what I needed to hear and what was happening,I highly recommend this reader and i am regularly going to call her-

Amy From London On 17/04/2018

Spot on

She is brilliant, so accurate. Her prediction regarding someone came to pass. Give her a ring for clarity.

From On 15/04/2018

Frist Prediction come true

Had a reading with me a few weeks ago and asked her about the job I applied for and if she could see if I get the job as I was waiting to hear back from them I said I would hear back from them when I least expected it over the next few days I kept checking my phone and on the second day when I picked up my phone wasn’t really looking to see if I had any messages or missed calls there was the message and I got the job I was I had a reading with me which was amazing she knew things that she should have known and gave me positive predictions for the next couple of months waiting to see if they come true as well (CFC)

C From London On 13/04/2018

very positive

Recommended, enjoyed the reading :)

Anna From London On 10/04/2018


Whay she said to me about meeting a younger guy came to pass! She is awlays spot on, althogh sometimes giving out small info but rest assured they are correct! Thanks May x

Baha From London On 09/04/2018

The best

Had a wonderful reading with this lovely lady everything that you told me would be spot-on will definitely be coming back again

Marie From Melbourne Australia On 09/04/2018


Really really good, picked up on things that only I knew. Picked up on the a persons characteristics straight away! Would defo reccomemnd this lovely lady

Patrice From London On 09/04/2018

First prediction came true

Wanna say a big thank you to may I had a reading with her a week ago and asked her for love reading and also I was waiting to hear back on a job offer and I asked her if she thought I would get the job or not and she said yes I was going to get the job and I was going to hear from them when I least expected it I kept checking my phone I was very anxious and again when I least expected it picked up my phone and there was a message and I got the job still waiting for my love predictions to come to pass but the timing hasn’t passed yet so fingers crossed that prediction will come true as well (CFC)

From On 07/04/2018

May was lovely to speak to, within the first 30 seconds she picked up I was a fire sign. Validations were very good.

From On 07/04/2018


May my minutes went off while we were talking about things happening out of the blue, which is against my analytical mind! They do and thank you so much for the beautiful reading. You were spot on as always. Xx

From On 06/04/2018

Fantastic reading

I had a fabulous reading with mystic may had a great connection was worth every penny looking forward to the future predictions Sam London uk

Sam From London uk On 05/04/2018

Very good

Excellent reading. My best friend with the 'red hair' who had passed over 27 years ago came through in the reading. Very comforting to know she is still watching over me. Made my day. Good advice about problems delivered by spirit guides and information accurate. Very good.

Lg From Australia On 05/04/2018


very nice lady to talk to was very accurate and felt very positive for the future . I have used psychic lines before and i wasn't impressed but this lady has restored my faith in speaking to psychics again. Would easily recommend her to other people Chelsea London UK

Chelsea From London , Emgland On 05/04/2018


I had a reading from may tonight and can only say Wow! She asked no questions and picked up immediately upon my sistuation, the person involved, the heartache and my exact feelings. Her validations were undeniable giving me a very significant date, my plans for that date and also the exact colour that is my favourite. I felt so much more content after a short reading and know to listen to my insincts. Thank you and I will call you back with an upddate after your predictions start to unfold.

Anne From Suffolk On 27/03/2018

Mystic mayhh

Had a reading with lady last night I would highly recommend a reading with this lady she hit the nail on the head didn’t say anything she picked up straight away on my situation and excellent reader just waiting on other things to come true can’t wait for them I pray that they will excellent reader wouldn’t hesitate to ring her again thank you for my reading and peace of mind will keep you updated on everything fantastic

Ruth mmm From Northern Ireland 5 On 27/03/2018

Great connection

I received a great reading from a natural psychic

Helena From North east uk On 26/03/2018


I asked for a general reading.. immediately I was being told of a turnaround in a situation of which I’d given up all hope. Very precise information and descriptions of people involved.. this lady is spot on and quite amazing.. I’d highly recommend you give her a try.. I’m looking forward to seeing how her predictions unfold.. thank you so much Mystic May!

From On 26/03/2018


Not afraid to be very open minded and give you what you want to hear the best May:XNeil

Neil From North East On 24/03/2018

Great Reading!

Concise, excellent reading. Confirms the question through her psychic gifts and Tarot. Worth more money than I paid. Thank you!

Stephanie From London On 18/03/2018


One particular word around the individual I was asking about which couldn't have been so precise unless it was spirit validating, made me realise to stop doubting what is to come , that one word an other validations gave this reading the wow factor :) thank you

Abc From I'm here On 18/03/2018

Excellent Connection

I didn’t say anything, she picked up the situation and what I was feeling and been through straight away. No waste of time. Also said I will be successful in a tribunal case in 5 weeks. I will update if it comes to pass. Said I would hear from the person I was calling about in 3 days or 3 weeks. Will update if predictions are accurate. It’s always good to hear a timeline to be able to validate predictions. Lovely, polite and genuine Reader. Keep doing what you are doing Mystic May, you have a real gift. Good luck xx

Shal From Sydney On 18/03/2018

Woke up feeling really low this morning decided to call trusted physic . Spoke to mystic may . This lady picked up on so many issues without me saying anything and was spot on . I would highly recommend her to anyone .

Charlene From London On 18/03/2018


i've always been a bit skeptical of tarot readers but i had to say this lady is amazing very accurate and gave me a lot of positives for the future , she has given me hope , if any of you out there really want a true positive reading , this is the lady to call many thanks Maurice London

maurice From croydon london uk On 17/03/2018


Mystic May really is a truly gifted medium, she was extremely accurate and picked up on so many aspects of my past and for the future , i was totally blown away when she brought my family up from the spirit world . i would definitely be calling her again and would definitely recommend her to others very lovely lady to talk to Gary , London UK

gary From London , Emgland On 13/03/2018

Wonderful reading

Wonderful reading, and a lovely lady. So accurate, and so full of uplifting guidance and advice. Thank you so much you make me feel at ease.

Amber From London On 09/03/2018


Within first sentence May picked up on something i have been struggling with. Her predictions for the future are amazing. Fingers crossed they happen. Thank you lovely lady

Anon From UK On 24/02/2018


She was very accurate and picked up on a few things. A lot of positive things happening in future so will wait for all the prediction s to come through. Very good reading and I would recommend her highly.

Sara From Uk On 21/02/2018

Confident, excellent reader. No waffling.

1st reading with May. Excellent reader in that she does not waffle and gets straight to the point.Also she tells you what spirit wants you to hear, not what you expect. so be prepared. I had called to ask about a particular man but was surprised to hear that actually there were to be 3 others.

Surprised one! From London On 17/02/2018


May has a real gift May was spot on the past which give me assurance for the future predictions to unfold... Many Thanks.

Fata From London On 17/02/2018


I just loved this lady she was so accurate in all her predictions and had really good insight,she says everything like it is and shows you the right direction and the path that leads to success-Ishall definately be calling her again.

Mona From London On 13/02/2018


Had a quick read on work scenario - all positive and seemed to be well tuned in - thanks Mystic May X

Ria From UK On 12/02/2018


Initially I though we didn’t connect but soon after she got it all right. She gave me major predictions. Let’s see hoe they come to pass

Bibi From London On 10/02/2018


Very confident reader, impressed.

Michelle From On 08/02/2018

Absolutely amazing

Happy to leave the first review for this lovely lady. In the beginning it sounded a bit off as we could not connect properly but then I was blown away by her accuracy. Still don’t know how the future will unfold but she made prefetc sense. Loved the reading very much as I am not easily pleased and pick up immediately if someone starts waffling. Give it a try and ring her...

From Bee On 08/02/2018

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