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Trusted Psychics Reader: Faith (Faith)
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Excellent reading

Connected vert quickly without wasting time on cards. Gave an honest n accurate reading which gave me perfect guidance. Read things as they are and did not give any false hope . I recommend Faith to all those who are seeking clarity in their lives

Varshini From Blackpool On 24/05/2021


Repeats herself constantly. Says contradictory things. Hung up on me when I pointed this out. Not great.

D From London On 26/03/2021


Great reading thank you

Jackie From SA On 05/02/2021


Please send this review. Faith is amazing picked up on everything it’s like she knows me inside out. I would highly recommend faith. A true psychic. Thank you faith.

Jules From Berks On 15/01/2021


Thank you so much for your reading, so perfect

Jackie From SA On 23/11/2020

Changes transformation new job maybe new man

I have to agree faith tell you exactly what she see with the smallest amount of imput . First time reading with faith so will have to wait and see . If the x doesn’t work out and the new guy who lives local will turn out even through he’s been married and had kids , will look out for the new job to do with communication and empathy . Made a lot of sense didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear more what she saw inreview again in dec see where we are at but very interesting I give her another go at reading me lots of information love and light

Fiona From Yorkshire On 17/09/2020

Love career not sure about meeting another guy who’s been married

Hi faith I take on board what you said about the x John. Not moving forward to fast and another more romantic guy who wants commitment but who also been married with kids disappointed I can’t meet a single guy without baggage . Maybe the new job will make up for the single guy I wanted . See what job I find that included listening empth and understand . And at this time going through a transaction for the next three months and this year will finally turn around after nine months of hard slog . Thanks I let you know if this all turns out maybe it’s not what I want but what I need I keep my options open thank you

Fiona From Yorkshire On 17/09/2020

Great Reader

Jasmin was straight to the point and picked up on what was going. Such a wonderful person.

Ravi From West Midlands Uk On 03/09/2020


I had a reading with Faith yesterday and she picked up on my house move and was simply wonderful! Thank you, Faith x

Lynne From Kent On 28/08/2020

Just brilliant

I got connected to faith early morning after a sleepless night, faith went straight in to wot has happened and is happening at the minute and she was in line with a lot of other good psychics, she has a very calm way about her and would definitely recommend... A true psychic...

Michelle From Lincolnshire On 13/08/2020

Reading today 30 june

Thank you for the reading Faith, you were spot on. I will call you again for another reading. Sarah

From On 30/06/2020


Good clear reading

From On 02/06/2020


Faith got to my situation straight away quickly , she gave me reasons why issues in my life were not working any more and that im going through a transition this year with renewed success . I have a clear future ahead with new opportunities . Thankyou Faith Rosie xx

Rosie From Midlands On 07/04/2020


I read with Faith and she was so detailed and gave me a whole lot to think about. My situation with my boyfriend made me thinking if I should stay or not. She brought out more information then any of psychic has said to me. She is truly gifted. I hope her prediction about finding work comes forward.

amielczarski From New York USA On 19/03/2020

Accurate as always

I have had faith on four occasions. SHe is very accurate and straight to the point. Faith tells you exactly how it is and not a reader who will sugar coat because that's what you want to hear.. faiths previous predictions have come to pass, she is worth every penny..I would definitely recommend her,if you want an accurate, authentic, honest reader.... Thank you faith, i look for award to speaking to you again..⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Saskia From Uk On 19/03/2020

Factual and quick

Knows her stuff and is very concise. Thank you , Samantha.

Samantha From Belfast On 25/02/2020


Yes she is gifted - she's very natural and quick.

Chris From London On 20/01/2020

Thankyou Faith for your understanding warmth and accuracy. Sending Love and gratitude to you

From Australia On 13/11/2019

Straight to the point

Had a quick chat with Faith who was straight to the point and picked up on things straight away. Loved the fact that she said what she needed to say and didn't drag it out/repeat everything to stretch time. Thank you

RB From London On 05/11/2019


Sooo tuned in immediately! Thankyou sooo much. Your abilities are genuinely gifted!

Anonymous From Australia On 31/10/2019


Only had to say what the subject is, she picked on everything about it and the information was flowing with an accuracy as if she had been with us. There wasn’t any sugar coating. The reading gave me the confidence I needed now. Great job Faith x

From Leeds On 02/09/2019


She is lovely and accurate. Really nice calming person and very good with her reading. Thanks and well done xx

eve From northants On 29/08/2019

Very good indeed

Thank you for your honest insight and great prediction. Appreciate your lovely manner.

Libran From Aus On 08/05/2019


I have had a few readings with Faith & she has always been understanding, insightful & accurate. It’s such a help to have some reassurance & guidance. Thank you so much Faith.

Caroline From Weston Super Mare On 19/01/2019


She was so connected to my situations, it also responded with my own predictions ...and it was just really positive :) ...x helps for manifestation

From On 17/01/2019

Staight forward reading

There was no sugar coating with this reader,she does not tell you what you want to hear,just what she sees,very calm,nice and gives good advice,i will update her when the time comes

P From On 12/11/2018

Very good indeed

Great connection and lovely reading. Genuine and caring and on the nail. Thank you

Lyn From o/s On 12/11/2018


Faith is a real psychic, no prompting and her reading flows. She describes a person's personality very accurately. Past and present is spot on. I will wait for the predictions to materialize and will def come back to her with all my nagging questions. Thank you Faith x

MZ From London On 07/09/2018

Nice person

Really nice calming person to talk to. Definitely picked up on my situation just wasn’t very detailed

Gemma From Scotland On 04/08/2018


100% accurate! made me feel so much better. Just very spot on . so detailed thanks again

Anisha From london On 24/04/2018

Excellent reader

Just tops! Faith connected immediately - NO time wasted. every word was worth it's weight in gold. To the point - accurate and very clear about situation. Thank you Faith - you certainly gave me the peace of mind I needed.

Meryl From Perth On 07/04/2018

Spot on

Spot on, amazing

Claire From Edinburgh On 18/03/2018


Frances Kelly From NJ On 17/03/2018


This lady is wonderful!

M From On 30/01/2018

Wowed me.

She was very accurate and speaks randomly just flows naturally,that's a true psychic that does that.

From On 29/01/2018

Fabulous!!! This lady knows her stuff!!!

Faith is absolutely fantastic!! I would recommend a reading with her!! :)

Tanya From London On 22/09/2017

Thank spot on

We got cut off, Just to let you know how you how you were spot on. Thank you so mush. I will call you again.

Carol From UK On 21/09/2017

Pleasing reading

Great chatting - very good connection - validations just rolled out with no questions asked. New looks good - thank you for advice and clarity.. Good reading- much appreciated.

Lynda From Perth On 07/08/2017

Brilliant reader, so very spot on :)

From On 21/07/2017

100% accurate in every way

My reading was late last year, at the onset Faith simply asked my year of birth & the 1st initial of those I was enquiring about as a part of my reading, from there faith was amazingly accurate about present & past circumstances completely spot on & now months future predictions have come true just as she said right down to the timing faith suggested too, a truly gifted psychic.

L From Australia On 15/06/2017

Blown away.

She was very accurate. Picked up on my situation right away!

Nes From Australia On 13/06/2017

She Is amazing !!!!

Thank you dear, you are really gifted !!!

S From London On 20/05/2017

Guess work!!!

Total guess work and fishing. Very unpleasant reading as she had no idea what she was going on about. Waste of money!!

Anne From Uk On 20/05/2017

100% genuine and freakishly accurate!!!

I was blow away by her accuracy, and you can tell she was not one of those who forces what they see down your throat. She was just reading a story and all of it was so true! I'm surprised she is not busy because my intuition told me straight that if I ever doubt another psychic words I can always come to her to see the truth remotely! Her remote viewing is strikingly spot on!!! Don't pass her up. Talk to her now for the true peace you need. Thank you Faith! I'll call again. Jess

Jess From Australia On 23/04/2017

Very happy lady

This lady has been giving em guidance for several months now on my current relationship me and my partner were going through a very rocky patch and she has helped me through this - me and my partner are now very content & happy X

Jackie May From Kettering On 27/10/2016


I'm so very used to chatting to psychics and can tell the genuine from not a mile away. Faith is absolutely the real deal and well worth a call. Thank you for the wise words.

L From OZ On 15/09/2016


I was only asked for a name of the person I wanted information about and WOW Faith gave me everything I needed to know.....thank you so much....I highly advise anyone to speak to Faith. xxx

marian From cumbria On 14/09/2016

A beautiful person!!

Thankyou!! I'm so grateful for my reading with you. My head feels better. My ? feels better. You sense information and details with amazing accuracy. I will be sure to call you in the upcoming months. X

Deb From Alice Springs, Australia. On 10/08/2016


Excellent reading Spot on Thankyou

Anne From australia On 20/05/2016


Faith picked up on my situation immediately without any prompting and without questions. It was truly amazing and I ended the reading feeling calm, and trusting my intuition. Wonderful reader.

Ires From Melbourne On 16/05/2016

Thank you

Thank you so much Faith.for my reading you are a lovely person and you picked up on my situation correctly xxoo

J From A On 13/05/2016

Amazing woman

Faith thank you so much X you have lifted up my spirits and given me hope :) you are so spot on about what you saw around me. I will def call back again. Thank hok and God bless X

E From Australia On 12/05/2016

Love reading

great reading, accurate around the love area of things. many thanks :D x

J From On 05/05/2016


Faith is the REAL DEAL, without a shadow of a doubt!!I had a relationship reading and faith picked up on my situation STRAIGHT away. By the end of the reading I truly had all my answers. FAITH IS AMAZING!! Give her a call, you WILL come off the phone feeling 100% better.

C From Staffordshire On 02/05/2016

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I am a lady with over 50 years experience in this field. I have always been aware of my spiritual abilities and am honoured to be able to use this gift to assist others. I regularly have premonitions and dreams that have come true. I have a passion for Astrology and use this knowledge when doing my readings. PIN: 1678

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I offer a passion of listening to understand the person I'm speaking to, using my spiritual gifts and best advice for the questions asked. My expertise is using all my gifts and opening up to each question and getting the questions answered through readings and being open to spiritual gifts. I also spend a time of reflective silence and thought before I start and I'm a very spiritual person. PIN: 7126

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I am a Psychic Tarot Reader and have over thirty years of experience. When I was a teenager I was aware that I had physic abilities and I have developed my abilities over the years and find the Tarot the most useful aid for me. It allows me to see people in their present circumstances and shows how the future unfolds. PIN: 9429

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PIN: 2260

Reviews: 6

My name is Jackie.I have had my gift since a young child and used it for over 30 years while assisting and providing insight to valued customers. I am easy to talk to, a good listener, non judgemental and supportive. I communicate directly with spirit by seeing, hearing feeling and knowing. PIN: 2260

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Busy For 1 Minute

I am a spiritual healer practiced in the art of shamanism, card reading and astrology. I have been giving readings since I was a teenager; about twenty years now and also there is psychic roots in the family tree. I can give you insight on love, feelings, friendship, career and also deeper insights into characters. My favourite area is astrology where I have given compatibility and personal readings. I am familiar with Tarot and trained in the heart of Glastonbury. PIN: 2375

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Psychic Reader Liz


Busy For 39 Minutes

PIN 2602
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PIN: 2602

Reviews: 45

Hello I am Liz. I work with a higher intelligence to bring you positive and clarity filled readings. I work in a natural and open way to bring you the very best readings. I have been reading tarot for 20 years and have grown considerably. Spirit is always around me allowing me to provide you with a detailed reading. PIN: 2602

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Psychic Reader Maura


Busy For 45 Seconds

PIN 8331
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PIN: 8331

Reviews: 94

I have been a practising my Psychic abilities for over 30 years both face to face and on telephone, with excellent response and appraisal from my customers. I offer a confidential non judgemental Psychic counselling service with a positive open minded approach. I specialise in “Affairs of The Heart. I consult intuitively “fine.tuning” with voice vibration and I use cards/crystal ball to assist. PIN: 8331

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Psychic Reader Kate


Busy For 57 Minutes

PIN 4535
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Calls cost 45p/min + network access charge

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PIN: 4535

Reviews: 28

Hi there my name is Kate and I was aware from a child that I had a gift that I wanted to share with others. I use my gift to bring people clarity into their lives. I work with colours, crystals aura's and guides. I am none judgemental and I am ready to assist in any areas that may be troubling you. Love and Light. PIN: 4535

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Psychic Reader Susan


Busy For 3 Minutes

PIN 8576
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PIN: 8576

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Hello my name is Susan I am a psychic based near Reading. I can assist you and guide you in all aspects of your life from finance to family. I have had an interest in angels now for many years and use them to guide me through my own life. I like to think I am kind and always friendly with an open mind. With my psychic abilities along with my angel guides I can assist you with any situation and look forward to speaking to you soon.PIN 8576

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Psychic Reader Nick


Busy For 6 Minutes

PIN 5800
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Calls cost 45p/min + network access charge

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PIN: 5800

Reviews: 28

Hi my name is NICK, my pin number is 5800. I have been reading Tarot for 31 years. When I lay out your cards I can see the picture that gives me insight in order to have solutions on the Question you need Answers for. I use Tarot cards and my intuitive gift to assist you take the next steps forward solving issues to the questions you have. I use my empathy and in a non judgemental way give insight to your Questions. PIN: 5800

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Busy For 32 Minutes
Psychic Reader Linda


Busy For 32 Minutes

PIN 5360
27 Reviews

0904 007 0663

Calls cost 45p/min + network access charge

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PIN: 5360

Reviews: 27

My name is Linda and I am a psychic tarot reader with over 25 years experience. I have always loved to assist people from all backgrounds in a caring nonjudgemental way. I can focus your reading on family, relationships, career or can give you a general reading. I am very intuitive and passionate about giving the best reading possible. I am a kind reader and I never judge on a situation. I specialise in Love related issues or questions. PIN: 5360

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Psychic Reader Louise


Busy For 3 Minutes

PIN 8770
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0904 007 0663

Calls cost 45p/min + network access charge

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PIN: 8770

Reviews: 23

I’ve been involved in spirituality and energy work since my teens, and have many years’ experience working with crystals, vibrational energy and healing. My energy work guided me to my ability with and passion for using tarot cards to provide insight and clarify issues for myself and others. I offer readings that are positive, authentic and non-judgemental. PIN: 8770

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