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Raz - 3056

I am an experienced psychic tarot, angle card reader and a healer. I have been conducting readings for 10 years. I am truly looking forward to connecting with you today. Call me on love, relationship and career issues Pin 3056



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Raz - 3056

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She’s exceptional

Amazing women picked on my situation very well and confirmed why certain things happened the way they happened. You won’t be disappointed at all.

From Melbourne, Australia On 20/12/2018

The best

Wow so accurate

Alex From Melbourne On 01/12/2018

Thank you

Sorry my phone battery died. You picked up on everything with no prompting. Very accurate at describing my current situation. I hope your predictions come true. Thank you for your reading. You have an amazing gift.

D From London On 30/11/2018

A big support

Raz thank you so much for being such a big support for me. I don’t know how I would have coped if I didn’t have a very honest gifted reader through this journey that I am going through. I am sure I will get through this journey with your support. Sending you love S

S From On 11/11/2018

10 stars x

I have been speaking to raz for a while now whatever she has predicted has come to pass and shes very honest she does not sugar coat she only tells u what she sees it just flows a time when i had no hope i contacted her and she really put my heart and mind at ease xxxthanks alot raz xx

H From L On 05/11/2018

Thank you

i have left a review on many but it does not seem to be posting. Raz your prediction came to pass. My partner has reconnected after a long wait. Just as i mentioned i would leave a review once prediction comes to pass and i would like to say thank you for the patient you have been with me. I wish i could speak to you again x sending you lots of love

Reema From On 01/11/2018

Wait over

Hey Raz you may not remember me but i have had several readings from you and just as i mentioned i would leave a review once my prediction has come to pass. Well that wait is over finally it happened. I don't know how i can thank you enough. Thank you for being patient with me and hope i can speak to you again :) keep up the good work x

Reema From Yorkshire On 30/10/2018


No words can describe she is always spot on with her readings and also a lovley person to talk to .she genuinely cares for her clients and tells you only the truth no sugar coating :) thanks raz xxx

From On 20/10/2018

Finally got to speak to you

Oh my god trying for months i finally got through to you. I must say the reading was beyond expectations as more and more accurate information was given. Raz how did you manage to read me like a book. Raz you surely are a angel and a very understanding individual. I hate to leave this review as i know you will be even harder to get through too :(. People please try this lovely lady as you will not be disappointed x

P From Australia On 17/10/2018

No wonder is so loved by all

Once you get a hold of her, it literally goes for hours! She tries to go beyond your situation revealing more and more. Also very kind and well knowledgeable of people's emotions. Raz, you should have this as a full time job, then you definitely would not a have sleep. :)) x

Zee From UK On 07/10/2018


I cannot put my words into the experience I've had with Raz, breathtaking connection. Raz did not need prompting and gave me a clear validation of my situation. This lady is fabulous and so confident about her prediction, therefore, I truly believe that all will come true. Her reading accuracy is amazing and with the delightful way of expressing it is just amazing. Thank you so much, I will call you back and keep you in the loop with all predictions. Thank you.

Marta From London On 23/09/2018


Finally got to speak to Raz after months of trying, she's truly phenomenal. She literally picked up every single thing in my life and the precise months that they happened, something no other reader has. I was truly amazed by her accuracy and the depth of understanding of my situation. Unfortunately, the line got disconnected before we finished our chat. Made predictions for the this month and October giving dates as well. I now truly understand the glowing reviews. Love and light Xx

Becca From Aus On 14/09/2018

No words just Wow

I keep posting this and it doesn’t seem to post but this is My first reading with Raz and I must say just wow how could this lady be so accurate with knowing how my life has been and what I am wanting. Great validations and predictions to look forward to. I know everyone’s situation is different and not easy to guide but I have full faith in Raz. Once again thank you x

Claire From Brighton On 31/08/2018


Raz was so helpful and kind. Answered all my questions and addressed my concerns. Understood the underlying complexities of the situation. The reading was actually very favourable, but that is not why I am saying it was good.

Wini From London On 19/08/2018

I was lucky to speak to you twice and I really think you are amazing person, unfortunately and I must be just unlucky that your predictions didn't come true for me, I did enjoy the reading though,but my situation was rather complicated x

Dorothy From Northeast On 18/08/2018

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