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She’s exceptional

Amazing women picked on my situation very well and confirmed why certain things happened the way they happened. You won’t be disappointed at all.

From Melbourne, Australia On 20/12/2018

The best

Wow so accurate

Alex From Melbourne On 01/12/2018

Thank you

Sorry my phone battery died. You picked up on everything with no prompting. Very accurate at describing my current situation. I hope your predictions come true. Thank you for your reading. You have an amazing gift.

D From London On 30/11/2018

A big support

Raz thank you so much for being such a big support for me. I don’t know how I would have coped if I didn’t have a very honest gifted reader through this journey that I am going through. I am sure I will get through this journey with your support. Sending you love S

S From On 11/11/2018

10 stars x

I have been speaking to raz for a while now whatever she has predicted has come to pass and shes very honest she does not sugar coat she only tells u what she sees it just flows ..in a time when i had no hope i contacted her and she really put my heart and mind at ease xxxthanks alot raz xx

H From L On 05/11/2018

Thank you

i have left a review on many but it does not seem to be posting. Raz your prediction came to pass. My partner has reconnected after a long wait. Just as i mentioned i would leave a review once prediction comes to pass and i would like to say thank you for the patient you have been with me. I wish i could speak to you again x sending you lots of love

Reema From On 01/11/2018

Wait over

Hey Raz you may not remember me but i have had several readings from you and just as i mentioned i would leave a review once my prediction has come to pass. Well that wait is over finally it happened. I don't know how i can thank you enough. Thank you for being patient with me and hope i can speak to you again :) keep up the good work x

Reema From Yorkshire On 30/10/2018


No words can describe she is always spot on with her readings and also a lovley person to talk to .she genuinely cares for her clients and tells you only the truth no sugar coating :) thanks raz xxx

From On 20/10/2018

Finally got to speak to you

Oh my god trying for months i finally got through to you. I must say the reading was beyond expectations as more and more accurate information was given. Raz how did you manage to read me like a book. Raz you surely are a angel and a very understanding individual. I hate to leave this review as i know you will be even harder to get through too :(. People please try this lovely lady as you will not be disappointed x

P From Australia On 17/10/2018

No wonder is so loved by all

Once you get a hold of her, it literally goes for hours! She tries to go beyond your situation revealing more and more. Also very kind and well knowledgeable of people's emotions. Raz, you should have this as a full time job, then you definitely would not a have sleep. :)) x

Zee From UK On 07/10/2018


I cannot put my words into the experience I've had with Raz, breathtaking connection. Raz did not need prompting and gave me a clear validation of my situation. This lady is fabulous and so confident about her prediction, therefore, I truly believe that all will come true. Her reading accuracy is amazing and with the delightful way of expressing it is just amazing. Thank you so much, I will call you back and keep you in the loop with all predictions. Thank you.

Marta From London On 23/09/2018


Finally got to speak to Raz after months of trying, she's truly phenomenal. She literally picked up every single thing in my life and the precise months that they happened, something no other reader has. I was truly amazed by her accuracy and the depth of understanding of my situation. Unfortunately, the line got disconnected before we finished our chat. Made predictions for the this month and October giving dates as well. I now truly understand the glowing reviews. Love and light Xx

Becca From Aus On 14/09/2018

No words just Wow

I keep posting this and it doesn’t seem to post but this is My first reading with Raz and I must say just wow how could this lady be so accurate with knowing how my life has been and what I am wanting. Great validations and predictions to look forward to. I know everyone’s situation is different and not easy to guide but I have full faith in Raz. Once again thank you x

Claire From Brighton On 31/08/2018


Raz was so helpful and kind. Answered all my questions and addressed my concerns. Understood the underlying complexities of the situation. The reading was actually very favourable, but that is not why I am saying it was good.

Wini From London On 19/08/2018

I was lucky to speak to you twice and I really think you are amazing person, unfortunately and I must be just unlucky that your predictions didn't come true for me, I did enjoy the reading though,but my situation was rather complicated x

Dorothy From Northeast On 18/08/2018

Wow is what I will start with. Raz is very hard to get on the phone but when you do you will not be disappointed. She is kind, caring and such a sweet lady. I can't even begin to explain how accurate her reading was and how she delivers the information to you is on another level. She told me I would get contact from a certain person within 6 days, she said it could even be 6 hours. I called Raz about 9am and I got contact from that person about 3pm. The conversation was not pleasant but she didn't say it was going to be, she simply said contact could be in 6 hours and it was. Very gifted. She asked I keep her updated with other predictions as she was very confident that they will come through. As it's very hard to get through to her I will leave a review with any updates.

From On 18/08/2018

Could talk hours with you...

Thanks for listening...my very first reading with you where you tuned into my feelings and person in question, describing my inner fears and said loud things I kept in my heart on lock. You are beautiful soul, hopefully I'l update you with more positive news - your predictions...xx

Zee From Kent On 14/08/2018


Very accurate with great detail. Predictions unfolding within the correct time frame

A From UK On 12/08/2018

A Shining Star - Brill

Hi Raz. Left a review for you and did not get published so hopefully this will. Got 2 readings in last few weeks from you. The information was very detailed and accurate. You are of the best that have read for me. Thank you for shining you light - it has lit some of the pathway for me ahead and seriously appreciate xx Máire

Maire From London On 08/08/2018


I'm hoping to speak to you...call ended ....amazing..brilliant... reader...don't need to tell this reader nothing...very very good...spot on...never met anyone like her....

Raz From Bedfordshire On 01/08/2018


Amazing lady brilliant..... When are you on....been waiting for you to come on... Like to know when you are on...need to speak to you. Please....

Raz From Bedfordshire On 31/07/2018

Thank you

Hi Raz sorry we got cut off and thank you for the lovely reading I will let you know how things are unfolding. Xx

V From Uk On 04/07/2018


Raz, I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for quite sometime now and by fate I was connected to you at the time when I was in tears and almost about to give up on this man. I know that everything you said will happen, my intuition tells me you’re right. I will write another testimonial once things pan out and I will desperately try to catch you again. You are indeed amazing.

J From Essex On 09/05/2018

Predictions happened

Raz you were right.... again one of your prediction has unfolded. Thank you

G From West Midlands On 09/05/2018

The universe sent you to me

Wow, thank you Raz for my reading. You picked up on the whole situation that I have been going through. I will definitely update when the prediction unfold. Thank you again xx

Tara From Sussex On 25/04/2018


I would highly recommend Raz cause I’ve had many readings with her and recently few things she predicted has happened exactly how she said it.... so guys don’t waste time on readers who will only tell you what you want to hear ! Raz will only tell you what she sees and will give honest reading... xxx

G From West Midlands On 17/04/2018

Best reader

Wow and what a wonderful amazing reader you are, I have written a few reviews about this amazing reader however they never appeared you were worth the wait xx

Dorothy From Northeast On 11/04/2018

Thank you

Thank you so much for your reading Raz! It was so lovely to speak to you. I'm sorry we got cut off. You have validated and said a lot of the same stuff that other top readers on this site have. I have no doubt your predictions will come to pass and I will definitely call and add another review when they do. You were so lovely and warm to talk to and I appreciate your time and your guides' assistance. Xxx

Stacey From On 04/04/2018

Just the best

I would like to thank you so much for a reading. This wait was worth it. I hope your predictions come to pass which I am sure they will. Thank you

A happy customer From Uk On 01/04/2018

Thank you

After waiting many months to speak to this wonderful lady, I was not left disappointed, thank you so very much and you are a beautiful and wonderful reader and put my heart and mind at rest and give me a clear view of what is to come, I can not thank you enough you are my earth angel x

Dorothy From Northeast On 01/04/2018


You need to log in more often cause your one of the best reader on here.. your the only person that got my situation to tee... Will carry on to look out for you on here ...

From UK On 16/03/2018

V Good

Raz came on line yesterday but for a very short time. Luckily I was able to get through to her . She picked up what was going on in the background of the person in question which gave me more clarity and sense! This was a second reading with her and was consistent .Very pleased! Thank you Raz.

Ange From London On 03/03/2018

Fab as always

So hard to get hold of but worth the wait.Brilliant as always,thank you.

Angela From UK On 02/03/2018

Thank you

Hi Raz beautiful soul hope you are well this is amanda who you have read for on many occasions. Every time I speak to you I feel and sense healing as there is so much indept reading and perdictions do happen. I will keep trying to see if you are online xx

Amanda From Middlesbrough On 13/02/2018

Top Reader

Raz has guided me through my journey of love. Gave a lot validations and made a lot of predictions, I can confirm she was spot on with the validations and most of her predictions have already been unfolded still few remaining. Fingers cross they should happen. Unfortunately she’s rarely online. Every readings are always so different one and another. She gives in depth readings. If you do see her online get true readings from her, you won’t be disappointed XX please Raz log on more often

G From West Midlands On 03/02/2018

Thank you

Hi Raz We haven't spoken for a while but as mentioned in my last reading i said i would leave you a review when a prediction came to pass well it has happened. I just hope i can get through and tell you the exciting news xx

T From Surrey On 26/01/2018

Predictions happened

Raz I just want to let you all of the predictions has happened . You are a true reader honestly I can’t imagine any of it to unfold but it’s happening... can’t wait for remaining predictions to unfold... Raz I really want to say a big Thank you xx

G From West Midlands On 18/01/2018

Just a BIG Thank You

Raz!!!!!! It happened he came back just as you predicted. I am still in shock how this finally managed to happen after a very long wait. Most readers said that this will not happen until i spoke to you and you reassured me it would. I wish you a fantastic bright future ahead with your life and ability hope to speak to you soon xx

Liz From Manchester On 09/01/2018


I asked Raz for a general reading.. Instantly she picked up on my failed relationship. She told me what had happened and what is happening now and in the future. I look forward to her predictions coming true as they are everything I want but seem so unrealistic.. She is adamant that things are on the upswing so here is hoping... I thought Raz was brilliant! Such a warm and caring soul. I'll get back in touch with you Raz when things start to move as you say they will. Many thanks x

Sandra From UK On 28/12/2017


Thank u raz ur truly gifted ur prediction for contact was bang on jus hopin the rest will onfold infact i know it well because ur honest and extreamly intuitive u put me at so much ease thnks agen!

T From On 06/12/2017

Best of the best on trusted Psychic

I’ve been having regular reading from Raz. At first I wasn’t sure if any of the predictions will happen ! But when time went on All the predictions that Raz predicted came true even the most impossible became possible ! She predicted that I will get contact from him before this weekend and will meet up before Sunday ! It happened she also goes that I will be upset but will pick up on a lot of his energies. It happened ! She picked things at were happening in the background , it all came true ... I would highly recommend Raz cause everything she has been predicting has came true and especially the validition she gives are always accurate and make a person feel at ease. You can trust Raz cause she doesn’t judge in fact she will be honest with you even it’s good or bad... I’ve been to so many readers on here and there’s only 2 readers that have been consistent Raz is one of them.

G From West Midlands On 02/12/2017

Thank you

Raz is a beautiful, kind and caring person. I asked the universe to send someone to help me and I believe that was Raz! I have had many readings and have been told again and again that a certain thing will happen. There some very talented psychics on here – I’ve been given names and predictions that have actually happened. But when it comes to that one thing you think is this really going to happen? Other readers have said ‘it should have happened by now’ etc and I almost feel they have given up. That’s when Raz came along. She was the only reader to pick up that the person in question was with another. No other psychic picked this up and I was told it was because they don’t have a spiritual connection. As I started having more and more readings Raz would give me more and more details. She would say ‘you will get contact from a certain person’ or ‘a family member’ or ‘this is going to happen’. It did. ‘you have been feeling like this’ ‘you were thinking of changing your hair’ She even looked in to a situation for a friend of mine and correctly predicted events. Raz has gone one step further and asked if I trusted her, I said of course I do Raz but my situation seems helpless. Raz assured me she would never give false hopes and has been supportive and honest. I understand that psychics like Raze can tune in to an individual and make a prediction based on that. Tuning in to the situation has been fantastic. I have connected really well with Raz and I am so grateful to the universe for sending her my way. She has been such a support and is a genuine caring and supportive person. xxx

c for chocolate! You know who. From London On 25/11/2017

Truely Gifted Psychic ! She is brilliant

It was pleasure to speak with you . You always get the intricate stuff and always spot on with your predictions ...... Its amazing to be able to speak with you .. You are truely incredible and gifted Psychic , very kind hearted and compassionate too. Thanks



Hey sweet lady. I haven’t seen you on for a while now and really hoping you are doing ok. Take care of you and hopefully we’ll see you again soon. Lots of love xx

Sept 14th From On 08/11/2017

Wow just amazing

Hi Raz You are fantastic one of your prediction has come to pass. The information you pick up is absolutely fantastic. No other reader has been able to pick this up. Looking forward for rest predictions to unfold. Many thanks xx

A From Australia On 06/11/2017


She is amazing , gives great details and her pyshic powers are astounding ... she is super sweet and calm n soothing voice... just awesome . You are amazing psychic , please stay the same never change ... stuff legends made of.. thanks a lot



Hi Raz Raz the phone line went dead....thank you for the wonderfull reading....I will keep you post on your predictions....bless you.

J From Australia On 29/10/2017

One of the best

Hey Raz, I have tried getting through to you many times but unfortunately was unable to. I hope your okay cause you haven’t been online. I really need to speak to you and give you an update on what’s going on . You will be surprised and also really need further guidance. I will try again when I see you online next . Finger cross x cause it’s really really important

G From West Midlands On 28/10/2017


OMGosh Raz, not even two weeks after my reading with you and already one of your predictions has happened. It was in regards to my finances and even though at the time I could not imagine how it was ever going to happen, it did. Having had readings with others this is the first time ever I can write a review stating a prediction has unfolded and I'm so happy it was you Raz! I knew from the minute we started speaking you were true in your gift and I will be forever grateful for my opportunity to connect with you! I'm so excited I can't wait to update you with your other predictions! Thank you so much beautiful lady! Sending you lots of love from across the way! xx

September 14th From So Excited On 27/10/2017


There are simply no words that could ever truly come close to doing this beautiful, gifted young lady justice! Raz is without any doubt Trusted Psychics number 1 top reader! She is above and beyond any other, being in a league of her own! I have NEVER experienced anyone near her caliber, not even in a face to face reading! Raz is incredibly connected to spirit, empathetic and compassionate. She works from a space of authenticity and integrity only. With a gentle and healing voice she will tell you it all as she sees it and let me tell you there is absolutely nothing about you she won't know. Raz, my gratitude is beyond words for the way you have touched my heart/my life, for your clearing the confusion and setting me back on the path I had been happily travelling, the right path. Thank you for who you are, not only your gift but also your character, this world needs more like you in it!! Sending you my love. Talk soon. xx

September 14th From On 19/10/2017

A truly gifted lady

Tonight was the first time I have spoken to Raz and I was truly blown away. It was the most in depth reading I’ve ever had and flowed so well. Raz correctly picked up on so many things, even little things such as my hair colour! The accuracy was astounding and I am feeling a lot more content and positive about my situation and I am very much looking forward to seeing Raz’s predictions unfold :) I will be in touch again in November. I could not recommend Raz enough, she truly is a gifted, talented soul.

Z From Doncaster On 16/10/2017

She is the real deal

Flawless, she is very gifted. Highly recommended

Bibi From London On 15/10/2017

Mind BLOWING!!!!!!1

I was so lucky to get through to you as now i feel at ease. Thank you so much for the lovely reading as you have reassured me everything is on track. I wish i am able to get through to you again as you are always busy. Thank you once again x

Laura From Uk On 11/10/2017

Good Reader

Thank you Raz for your insight and encouragement . you are a gifted compassionate reader . You said a lot that resonates with me , I appreciate your honesty and kindness. hopefully I will be back soon to give you updates.

Victoria From London On 10/10/2017

Very Gifted

Fantastic reading, very accurate with incredible insight into my complicated situation, so sweet to talk to,spot on with absolutely everything.

Bronny From Sydney On 01/10/2017


Razzzzz, so sorry I got cut off after talking for so long! Couldn't gone on for hours! Talked about my man coming back to me after so long, friends and house move (just so you know who I am). Raz is super amazing!!! Tuned in, gave dates and predictions... cannot wait for them to come true. Such an amazing person! Excellent excellent reading!! Thank you soooooo much!! P Xxx

P From London On 30/09/2017


She is really good. Just waiting for predictions to unfold. Raz is my go to reader . I can talk to her for hours . I really need to give you an update on what has been going on. I hope I can get through to you again

. From West Midlands On 25/09/2017

Thank you

Hi Raz thank you for the reading 23/9/17. I'm so sorry the phone got cut off. However I just wanted to say you really clarified a lot for me today that's helped put my mind at ease. I will seriously take your advice on board and see which way to go forward and take it from there. God willing all predictions will unfold. They are slowly, and in surprising ways. Thank you. God bless x

B From London On 24/09/2017


I spoke to Raz twice , and both readings were consistent and almost identical! She picked up on everything around me , really amazing ! I'll let you know shortly about the predictions! Thank you Raz I could speak to you for hours ! Lots of love xx

Fernanda From On 17/09/2017

Brilliant, I hated it when it got cut off

One of the best reading, you were so accurate about my and his past ... I honestly wanted to hear more and more cause everything you said made sense, even to a point of things and situations only I knew of. I feel you have encouraged me to stay positive and not to worry about things, a lot things you mentioned regarding my future I was surprised cause no other reader picked up, but you blown me away with your accuracy and details on situations in past, present and future. Now all I need to do is wait for all the predictions to unfold, You really showed me my future ... after all I wasn't deluded... I tried calling you back but your ever so busy but I was lucky to even have my reading with you ! Your a true gem.

G From West Midlands On 17/09/2017

It Happened

I have been trying to speak to you. I wish i could get through the prediction has been unfolded. I hope i can get through to you. Thank you so much you are surely are a gifted lots of love Sarah xxx

Sarah From Uk On 13/09/2017

Thank you for reading. I like your energy and work predictions. However the prediction about love seems unbelievable. This man lied led me on and toyed. He has hurt me and used me that i dont actually feel i need or want him in my future. He has given me nothing. So when you say there's deep pove and twin flames and we will be together next March i find it hard to believe. But i will leave it open and we will see. I will certainly give another review . Thanks

From On 11/09/2017

Pure Delight

Raz is a delightful reader, gives hope and uplift. Very accurate and pleasant to talk to. I didn't think I could spend 30 minutes on the phone with the psychic reader, but I could have stayed much longer talking to Raz. Very genuine person, you can feel in her lovely voice. I would definitely talk to her again. Thank you, lovely lady.

T From London On 06/09/2017


Thank you Raz. U been so accurate in ur prediction and u made me feel more confident in my current situation. Its hard to conmect to u as ur line always busy but I will get back to u for more updates. Once again, thank you so much

Vivienne From NSW On 03/09/2017


Lovely speaking to you again tonight and I have had contact from you know a lot sooner than you predicted. I have no question that the other predictions will follow. You are so genuine and amazing with a real gift. Thank you again. Sue x

Sue From Middlesex On 02/09/2017

No Words

RAZ you are amazing your prediction has unfold, I am trying to get hold of you to tell you more in regards to prediction as I am sure you like to hear as you told me call me and let me know but the problem is that I can't get hold of you any longer. You are truly gifted person. Many Thanks for your time

Faton From London On 30/08/2017


so glad I got through to you tonight, sorry couldn't top up the final time, but it was lovely speaking to you again and I really hope to call you back with some much awaited good news shortly :) lots of love xx hannah

Hannah From London On 29/08/2017

Lovely reading

I had a fantastic reading with Raz, really genuine and caring and her validations were amazing, no leading questions asked, a really lovely reader. I look forward to the ring on my finger and the 2 kids, I feel reassured and happy. Thank you Raz!

Magi From On 27/08/2017

Very accurate

This women is amazing very accurate I had s lovely reading

Doug From Surrey On 26/08/2017

Predicted situation spot on-relationship

Amazingly speechless carry on honestly either shes genuine or vintage rose man hope the prediction comes true

Ahliya From England On 24/08/2017

Sooo wonderful lady is ❤️

I had on 23.8.2017 my reading and she pick up my situation without asking any questions. She told my everything and she told me am gonna get married and have two more children. And she seen then I have ring on my finger without me telling her. Raz is truely and honest lady she is the best. I will keep you Raz updating. God bless love Jane, David and the children xxxx

Jane xxxx From Liverpool On 24/08/2017

Wow Amazing

What a truly amazing reading! I am totally blown away with this reader she is so in depth and the information never stopped. She can read situations and people so accurately and I could have talked to her forever. This lady is so in tune with her ability and she has a lovely calm and sweet voice, no waffling or digging at all and I can't believe how much she picked up and predicted. I am really looking forward to the future. I hate to leave such a review because I know she is going to be in high demand in the future and difficult to get hold of. Please call her she is the real deal and you won't be disappointed. Thanks Raz sorry I got cut off but truly beautiful reading from you. Sue x

Sue From Middlesex On 19/08/2017


Sweet reading tonight. Very compassionate and picks up A LOT! Definitely felt good throughout the reading and she kept her focus on the positives.

B From Us On 18/08/2017

No words

This lady is a great deal I only spoke to her two weeks ago and things are falling into place. Thank you so much following your positive advice everything is on track

Optimistic From Uk On 17/08/2017

Thank you

Raz has a beautiful soul, she is a fantastic reading and is non-judgemental. she tells you what she clearly sees not what you want to hear. Thank you so much for the lovely reading. The future looks bright x

B From UK On 17/08/2017


Just want to say thank you for the reading you gave me Raz i felt really positive after and also looking forward to when things start to happen :) A really calming, lovely lady and genuine to the point where you will be like wow! Can't wait till this happens! Thank you again and will call back with good news ;D xx

J From On 16/08/2017


My first reading and pleasantly surprised, a few questions but only as confirmation, she had me and other people in my life spot on, she also said same as other readings I have had fairly recently, so here's to the future. I would recommend her.

Gill From Eaton Bray, UK On 12/08/2017


i have left this review on so many occasions but it seems to not be posting. but i must say this lady is a great deal as she was able to pick up on the situation straight away. I know she will not sugar coat anything just as she sees it. Please try her once again thanks Raz xxxx

a happy customer From uk On 09/08/2017

Genuine Reader

Very genuine reader who gives the best of her abilities and can see far ahead. Predicted a few things, I'll stay positive and awaits the outcome. Definitely would recommend. God bless you Raz.

zara From Somewhere Uk On 07/08/2017

Great Reader.

This was my first reading with Raz, I was pleasantly surprised as to how accurately she knew what was going on around my love and relationship area. She read the tarot cards which showed what other great readers have predicted on this site such as Maria and Rae. She has a lovely calm voice and explains everything well. I loved the advice she gave me to stay on track and positive. Please call her she's great. I was more than happy with my reading.

Amisha from From Leicester On 07/08/2017

Thank you

Thank you,thank you, thank you for your lovely reading tonight.... you picked up on the situation without me even saying a word....I will be positive about my situation and I will be back to let you how it goes. So thank you once again xxx

Victoria From Gloucestershire On 06/08/2017


She picked up everything, tuned in straightaway and gave lots of insight and predictions, can't wait for them to come true, will keep you posted, many thanks for a kind and compassionate reading. Xx

Hannah From London On 06/08/2017

General general

So spot on: This lady is so good with what she does. So accurate. I am waiting for predictions to happen which am sure they will.

Rita From London On 06/08/2017


Thank you so much for my amazing and to the point reading. Raz is an honest, direct and compassionate reader. The information was spot on and some lovely predictions to look forward to. I will call back and update soon xx

Anon From Uk On 05/08/2017

Just no words

I was completely shocked with the reading you gave as you picked up everything everything so accurate. You gave me so reassurance. Please try her you will be amazed ❤️️

L From On 01/08/2017

Thank you

Thank you for the looking reading last night. I look forward to your predictions x

Marina From Uk On 31/07/2017

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