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Hashim - 3065

I am a gifted psychic, who come from a long line of spiritual psychics on my maternal side in Africa. I have worked as a spiritual psychic and spiritual counsellor, counselling clients in business, relationships, career and well-being for over ten years.I also work with the TAROT and other divination tools to bring you an empowering reading to help you achieve your dreams. PIN: 3065



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I am an extremely gifted Psychic reader with an excellent spiritual background and upbringing here to offer you an in-depth reading to explore every aspect of your life. Now matter what you are facing In terms of problems or dilemmas, I have the powers to call upon to find the answers for you to achieve your dreams.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

My strength lies within my Spiritual Psychic powers, giving me the tools to understand and empathize with anybody who needs my help. As a natural Spiritual Counsellor I am able to see the unseen and make the hidden answers become visible with astonishing clarity. I always deliver my clients with empowering readings to help them enrich their life goals.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

My Psychic abilities have been passed down through generation on my maternal side from my African heritage. I have been a practising Psychic now for over ten years. I find it extremely easy to learn new Psychic skills and techniques. I have mastered the art of Tarot card reading and other divination tools.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I am also a professional spiritual psychic and spiritual counsellor, counselling clients in business, relationships, career and well-being to find answers to the hardest questions asked. I am very friendly and approachable and I look forward to hearing from you very soon to help you achieve true happiness.

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Hashim - 3065

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Awesome!!!! The REAL DEAL

A phenomenal accurate and insighterful reader with a kind and reassuring personality but thoroughly honest

Roshea From U.K. On 05/02/2019

The Real Deal

Gave an excellent reading, accurately intuiting my circumstances and picking up on the situations around me brilliantly. Highly recommend.

From On 22/01/2019

In the bush

Hashim gave a lovely reading. Tuned into many different things. Quite accurate with much of the information he gave. Lovely man.

L From Australia On 03/12/2018

Great reading!

Thank you Hashim For a most detailed reading on 8 Nov. You have really helped me with my situation. Will definitely be back!

From Yorkshire On 09/11/2018

Prediction came true

Thank you so much. You said to me last week the guy in question will make an effort to see me within 10days and he Did!!!

T2 From London On 24/10/2018


Thank you for a great reading. We just got cut off sorry I ran out of credit. All you said is very true and you are a true psychic. Thank you so much. I will definitely be in touch with you again. T2

T2 From London On 18/10/2018

True connection

Definitely a real psychic recommended

From On 08/10/2018


Very insightful and helpful and enjoyed talking to him.

Mikolaj From UK On 07/09/2018

good Reading

Thank you hashim for a good accurate reading,i was confused about my lovelife and feel much better after i spoke with you,keep up the good work

Princess From London On 09/08/2018


Hashim predicted the situation very well without any questioning. a true gifted reader. Will wait for his future predictions Britney

Britney From London On 24/07/2018

Hashim is amazing. Makes me feel at ease and gives great advice ! Lovely reading. Thank you

From On 29/05/2018


Really talented reader with fantastic ability. Tuned in to my situation without any questions or prompting. So wonderful and will be very busy very soon.

A From London On 28/05/2018

Had a reading with Hashim this morning, validations totally spot on. Have to wait and see about the predictions.

From On 11/04/2018

thank you

thank you for a positive reading and the tips to manifest my dreams. will let you know when prediction has come true very soon. reading was calm, accurate and really powerful.

Joy From UK On 19/03/2018

Prediction happened!

Amazing! You said I would hear from him within one week. You were adamant. He contacted me within the week! You were spot on. Thank you!

Charlotte From London On 17/01/2018

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