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No doubt! He is one of the top reader of this platform. He was straight to the point and his reading aligned with my intuition. Simple/uncomplicated reading. Thanks Hashim. You know how good you are.

Ayse From London On 25/02/2021

Superlative and Stupendous Reader!

He is brilliant, connects really well has great timing and skills superb reader. great psychic thanks kind and gentle

PRANAV From Midlands On 15/02/2021


On point amazing reader. Always accurate we spoken a few times. Picks up on situation good things. I can’t wait for things to happen I feel excited. And what he told me is so true already. Thank you so much speak soon !

Sofia From Uk On 19/09/2020


Thanks Hashim,natural born psychic and u know your staff

Phiwo From Manchester On 15/09/2020

He reacted

Hashim told me to put up my boundaries to the man I love. I did send him the message to say I can't accept just friends while he's with another woman and he reacted to it. He slightly panicked that I was leaving him and tried to win me back into his life by telling me about his life and telling me I'm awesome. But I'm quiet as it's still not what I want.

K From Australia On 10/09/2020

Great spiritual counsellor

I've spoken to way too many psychics in the last few days due to an emotional crisis but Hashim was the most useful empowering and amazing reader. A good reading may give predictions but Hashim has gone beyond good. He made see the whole point of this emotional crisis was a test to not put up with BS and breadcrumbs and tolerate bad behaviour. His words were" U have to be strong to set your boundaries and not take BS from him or else U will lose dignity and respect. If U tell him U won't put up with it and rather lose him he will respect and chase u." I guess the bigger point was it's not as important to have him as it is to have your dignity.

Kim From Aus On 09/09/2020


I haven't spoken to Hashim since last year but his reading today really helped me to get to the deep root of my problem. He was also able to do a career reading for me with predictions. Thank you so much for your support today Hashim, much appreciated

Emmanuella From UK On 02/08/2020

Straight to the point

Probably my third or fourth reading with him. Straight to the point and hits the nail on the head. Predictions came through on the work front.

From On 05/07/2020

Good reading

His predictions were in line with the top readers on this site. Nice man, calm delivery and non judgemental. I enjoyed the reading. I hope that the predictions come true. Will update and add more stars if they do..

Jay From Uk On 27/05/2020

Wow excellent reading spot on

Mac From London On 17/05/2020


I had a confusion state of mind about my relationship without questioning me Hashim picked up i was connected to someone and clarified my relationship. Reassuring me all was ok for the future. Thank you

Diana From Coventry On 17/05/2020

Thankyou Hashim

From Australia On 18/04/2020

Amazing Insight

Was only on for 14 mins but I enjoyed the who reading. Truly gifted truly blessed and truly anointed.

Chalawa From London On 08/08/2019

Genuine reader

Spoke to Hashim a few weeks ago and some of the predictions have come to fruition. Well pleased with the reader as he tells you how it is. Thank you Hashim for the clarity and reassurance

Rsa From Birmingham, On 09/07/2019


I have been calling Hashim periodically over 3 years for support with my Twin Flame relationship I can verify he Definatley connects to spirit and has always given me truth and has said it as it is he is genuine and has a gift to connect to his guides he’s got a empathetic supportive and understanding of emotions in a complicated situation Have no doubt if you want the truth this man will give that to you Thank you Hashim -God bless and thank you Helena 29.06.19

Helena From North East UK On 29/06/2019

Warm and understanding

he is excellent in terms of getting the answers and gave very good advise.. I would love to get more reading done!

Fatimah From Uk On 06/05/2019


Hashim is really excellent. Focused, spot on and detailed.

Paul From Manchester On 08/04/2019

Very nice man

Thank you for the clarity, seem to have the wrong no, will call you back soon. Amazing reading very understanding non judgemental genuine reading will recommend to friends for sure. Peace love ❤

Sab From London On 21/03/2019


Thank you so much for my reading. You were amazing and was spot on with everything without me even saying a word. One of the best on here

Amazing From On 19/03/2019

Lovely reading

Thank you for a lovely spiritual reading really got the tears flowing but this helped and am sure it will help heal my pain.

S E From Derbyshire On 12/03/2019

Excellent reading,and insight,kind and understanding,gets to the point,very nice to talk to,and a very relaxing time great person god bless you

Mack From Kent On 23/02/2019

Awesome!!!! The REAL DEAL

A phenomenal accurate and insighterful reader with a kind and reassuring personality but thoroughly honest

Roshea From U.K. On 05/02/2019

The Real Deal

Gave an excellent reading, accurately intuiting my circumstances and picking up on the situations around me brilliantly. Highly recommend.

From On 22/01/2019

In the bush

Hashim gave a lovely reading. Tuned into many different things. Quite accurate with much of the information he gave. Lovely man.

L From Australia On 03/12/2018

Great reading!

Thank you Hashim For a most detailed reading on 8 Nov. You have really helped me with my situation. Will definitely be back!

From Yorkshire On 09/11/2018

Prediction came true

Thank you so much. You said to me last week the guy in question will make an effort to see me within 10days and he Did!!!

T2 From London On 24/10/2018


Thank you for a great reading. We just got cut off sorry I ran out of credit. All you said is very true and you are a true psychic. Thank you so much. I will definitely be in touch with you again. T2

T2 From London On 18/10/2018

True connection

Definitely a real psychic recommended

From On 08/10/2018


Very insightful and helpful and enjoyed talking to him.

Mikolaj From UK On 07/09/2018

good Reading

Thank you hashim for a good accurate reading,i was confused about my lovelife and feel much better after i spoke with you,keep up the good work

Princess From London On 09/08/2018


Hashim predicted the situation very well without any questioning. a true gifted reader. Will wait for his future predictions Britney

Britney From London On 24/07/2018

Hashim is amazing. Makes me feel at ease and gives great advice ! Lovely reading. Thank you

From On 29/05/2018


Really talented reader with fantastic ability. Tuned in to my situation without any questions or prompting. So wonderful and will be very busy very soon.

A From London On 28/05/2018

Had a reading with Hashim this morning, validations totally spot on. Have to wait and see about the predictions.

From On 11/04/2018

thank you

thank you for a positive reading and the tips to manifest my dreams. will let you know when prediction has come true very soon. reading was calm, accurate and really powerful.

Joy From UK On 19/03/2018

Prediction happened!

Amazing! You said I would hear from him within one week. You were adamant. He contacted me within the week! You were spot on. Thank you!

Charlotte From London On 17/01/2018


I have been helped, guided and healed immensely from hashim. I am so happy and feel so much lighter already

Anon From Uk On 16/10/2017


Had a reading back in January and I kept an eye on his predictions made but unfortunately none of this prediction, none at all come to pass a bit disappointing Since it was a very long chat and 6 months ago !!

Australiana From On 24/07/2017

Prediction come true!!

Hi . I m very happy to say that Hashim is the best reader ever. He said that i will meet someone which I didin't see for almost a year and he said that this person will come back in my life on the 31st of May and it happens ! Everything what he said that it's gone tell me that person it was so right! Thank you so much for being onest and true person Hashim ! I recomand this man from the bottom of my heart!

Mary From London On 02/06/2017

Work and relationships

It different to the one I had couple of days ago predictions completely opposite not sure about it a anymore about the reading:((

Dipti From Surrey On 13/05/2017

thank you

thank you hashim for your accurate answers and being able to give me an answer so quickly without needing to talk about irrelevant information which have nothing to do my situation. hashim will not fail you. he's prompt with his reading, is VERY accurate, provides a great explanation and doesn't prolong the call just to keep you on the phone. thank you! xx

me From On 27/04/2017

So Confused

I was left really really confused after my reading with Hashim. He kept going back on things that he had said when it didn't make sense. His reading also changed half way through. I found myself asking for clarification multiple times. Won't be calling back

E From Aus On 24/04/2017

hashim thank you so much. you are always so helpful. you were able to give me a quick and accurate answer to my question without trying to hold on the conversation for no reason! thank you.

From On 20/04/2017


amazing guy

sam From london On 15/04/2017

The best by a mile

The best pshycic that's ever read for me EVER. been calling pshycics for a while amd after a reading quite a while ago, all predictions and advice to move forward have worked/ are working. Now annoying coz can't see him online anymore! But he's worth it so I'm determined to keep checking the site and pray for another miracle reading.

Me From On 04/04/2017


Great reader lucky to "catch" him scarily accurate really hope and believe his predictions will come true.

Love From Uk On 28/03/2017


Thank you hashim, you're amazing. Wish I could have talked longer xx

Madison From Australia On 27/03/2017

Wasn't impressed sadly

I felt he asked me a lot a lot a lot of questions. Felt more like a concersation than a reading if in honest. He sounds like a sweet guy. Perhaps he just didn't connect with me. I really had high hopes but it wasn't meant to be I guess. Maybe he just didn't connect with me. Sadly I felt I wasted monet and time on this reading.

Anon From Uk On 20/03/2017

Thank you!

I spoke to Hashim about a week ago and it was something special. He was very calm and kind. So far one of his predictions has come true and I am looking forward to the rest. His reading gave me a lot of hope. I highly recommend him and I will call again. Thanks again Hashim! You are amazing! God bless!

TSmith From Illinois On 18/03/2017

5 star rating , fantastic and awesome s

had very good reading , very insightful and detailed.. highly recommended



Is very impressive unfortunately line got cut .. but was pretty accurate and neat cheers


The best!

Hashim has got to be the best reader there is! He is so humble the way he presents himself which is very welcoming. His readings are apot on, and focuses on your question rather than things that aren't relevant (he doesn't talk just for the sale of rambling). He tells you what you need, and knows exactly how to accommodate to those needs. His ability is very accurate and just the other day I received some news which he had told me was coming. Thankyou so much for everything Hashim!

M From Melbourne On 21/09/2016

Thank you

I felt helpless in my relationship. My Partner was backing away without actually backing off. I could not understand what was going on with him.. I was put through to Hashim by default and in the end I was glad I was. He explained the reasons for why my partner was going quiet on me in a real simplistic easy to understand way. You opened my eyes Hashim and for that I really thank you. Have had readings before about the emotional distance I was experiencing but, and not to be biased but Hashim seemed to pick up on 'everything' to do with my man, maybe it was because he is a man, I don't know... So I just had to leave a review to thank you and to let your callers know how great you are..

Maria From On 22/07/2016

Massive thank you

Firstly, sorry i got kut off, my battery died. I want to thank you for such a great reading. You put my mind at ease n made me see things much clearer. You told me things which were so true. Your a lovely person and caring oerson to talk to. I really do hope wat you predicted does kum to light. Will let u know. Thank you sooooo much. God bless you x

J From London On 30/06/2016

Prediction came TRUE!!

I rang him a few nights ago as a man I had been speaking to decided to ignore me for a week. He told me to expect a message from him the following week (so this week).. I asked if he knew what day it might be. He said he senses Tuesday or Wednesday will be the day most likely. Well, woke up this morning (Tuesday) to a message from him!! Just so crazy how they can know this stuff. Will be phoning back when I'm not busy and you're logged on.

Chloe From England On 28/06/2016

Hashim is the Cosmic!

This man is so sincere and caring as well as being a brilliantly astute, psychically attuned, and, just as pretty much everyone else on. I came to Hashim just hoping for some clarity on why life has been feeling so off, why I've felt like I can't shake the feelings of darkness and he has helped me completely turn things around. He is much more than just a reader, he is a coach, a mentor, an angel and does immediately connect to the essence of his client and their situation. He gave me so much more than I could have imagined. I am filled with gratitude, I will be calling him again, I will do my exercises Hashim! I can't wait to speak with you again, you are just such a high frequency and fabulous being!

Kellee Morris From Parkmill, Swansea, Wales On 13/06/2016

Very Precise

Hashim picked up exactly what I wanted to know when I phoned for a reading, I didn't have to tell him anything, only asked a few questions for clarity, he was definitely tuned into my energy. I was amazed at everything he had to tell me, he did not tell me what I wanted to know but what he felt was going on around my life. He has predicted three things that should be happening very soon in my life. Thank you Hashim for the reading on Thursday. Speak with you very soon.

From Oxfordshire On 04/06/2016

Outstanding reading

Spot on reading ..,straight to the point and genuine person .Does not go around the bush . Thank you very much,you have picked up on so many things about me without mentioning anything to you .

Brenda From UK On 29/04/2016

right both times

The first time I called was about a work problem he said it would be ok and it was . The second time was about a relationship problem he said he would call before Monday and he called me Sun night . Amazing

melissa From Bunbury On 17/04/2016

Amazing Reading

A very genuine true spiritual psychic . Connected emmidiatley without hesitation gave me true answers to my question . This person is very genuine and has time to listen and understand you . If your wanting a fantastic genuine reading from a very caring warm soul then call Hasheem you won't regret it ! Thank you Hasheem 8.4.16 Helena

Helena From North East On 08/04/2016

With thanks

Dear Hashim We got cut off but you know who I am. Your guidance through out my journey is so very appreciated and i truly thank you from my heart. New beginnings for me and this transformation i have made is truly a blessing. Thank you - much love and light to you my friend.

Smiling From Australia On 04/02/2016

great reader

I called about a situation i was in a mess i felt calm and happy after my reading

melissa From Bunbury west Australia On 19/01/2016

My Spiritual guide

Hashim Thank you for keeping me on this path and following my ups and downs.......during this most challenging time. I now see that spiritual growth and change is never easy but so very rewarding and necessary for those of us who choose the ultimate path. Your wise guidance is helping me to understand the purpose of this spiritual journey to receive what I am truly meant to, all, in divine timing. I trust your guidance and have total Faith. Hopefully you know who Iam - with thanks and much love for your special gift and calming advice :)

The pilgrimage journey........ From Down Under On 18/01/2016

I am amazed! You

I had my first reading with hashim on monday and i was absolutely amazed with his ability to pick up how i was feeling and being able to guide me in dealing with everything! Hashim, we will definitely be talking soon again!

Tia Cassinelli From Australia On 05/01/2016


Hashim, it was a pleasure and honour to speak with you this morning, I was amazed with the advice that you gave me and feel that I can now move on with my life. I look at life with a different perspective now and feel that I can achieve my goals as you have given me the confidence to do that and to look forward to the challenges in life. I feel that I will be happy going forward now and will be happy whatever life throws at me. Once again thank you and I look forward to speaking with you in the future. xx

Tracy From Norfolk On 12/12/2015


Dear Hashim, it was nice speaking with you this morning, I would like to thank you for your guidance and advice, it has been very informative, I can now put everything into perspective and look forward to a happier and healthier lifestyle. I look forward to speaking with you again.

Tracy From Norfolk On 12/12/2015

Thank you

Dear Hashim Your guidance today really uplifted and reminded me of "why" I am on this journey, however challenging. Your a gift and I truly trust your visions and wisdom. I Cannot wait for the rain :) Much love and light to you for your help.

Joy From On 07/12/2015

Very accurate

Hashim was spot on. He was able to pick up on the situation and also gave me some good advice which deep down I already knew but sometimes it takes another person to say it before you take action. He was honest with me and didn't tell me what he thought I wanted to hear and I am grateful for that. I will definitely call again. Thank you.

Cath From London On 06/12/2015

very talented

Hashim was able to pin point my problemwithin a very short space of time. He is calming, easy to speak to and was very sure at the outcome for me. Have had a reading with him before and he was spot on. Will definitely be back again for another consultation

Anna From London On 24/11/2015


Thank you for a wonderful and editing reading! Looking forward to my dreams coming true! Thank you Hashim

Happy_girl78 From Australia On 11/11/2015


Cannot thank you enough! I was going through a difficult time and Hashim picked up on the situation right away. Not only did he help me with my love issue but he gave me amazing advice and truth about myself which I needed to hear. Such an amazing, incredible reading it actually brought me to tears. Thank you Hashim you are an angel xx

kesh From Australia On 13/10/2015


Excellent read, picked up right away. Will be calling back for extended reading. Thank you!!

Deb From On 30/11/-0001


Yes calming energy and easy to talk to. Totally agree. Like an old friend.

Deb From On 30/11/-0001

My reading yesterday

Hashim is a lovely calm psychic reader and picked up on my situation immediately even without asking any questions - one of the best readers at trusted psychics so I just wanted to say thank you for all you wisdom and advice. Really good reading

Gary Boyd From Brackley Northamptonshire On 30/11/-0001

Gave me all the answers I needed.

Within a very short amount of time I received a detailed psychic reading which is proving to be very accurate and i am now looking forward to the future and at such an affordable cost this service is a winner all round 10 stars from me. Thank you once again. God Bless You for your work.

Mrs R Philips From Bournemouth Dorset On 30/11/-0001

thank you

thank you very much you are a lovely person to talk to. x

j From On 30/11/-0001

Amazing reader

Hashim is an amazing compassionate reader. Spot on with everything and timing is impeccable. Very calming energy and easy to talk to. Has a wonderful way of delivering the information for you to easily understand. Good to have a male reader when it comes to romance as related to the male energy I was asking about and was able to deliver the message that made me understand better what was going on. Thank you so much!

J From On 30/11/-0001

Thank you

Thank you Hashim A wonderful open and nurturing reading from you. Your calm way and dedication to checking for guidance is perfect and have given me much peace and clarity that Iam on the right path today. Love and light :)

Smiling From Australia On 30/11/-0001

Spou on

Picked up on the three main things I was concerned about without asking any questions I recommend a reading from hashim very good reading finished will call again many thanks x

Toni From Romford On 30/11/-0001

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I have over 20 years experience and a multi gifted psychic who has a rare ability to look into past lives and Karmic Blockages. I am very fast with delivering information and can answer questions within seconds using no tools. If you prefer I read 7 different card packs. My readings are very educational and insightful as I looks into the deeper levels of spirituality, the meaning of life and the lessons we are here to learn. PIN: 5282

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