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Thank you for Sean

Thank you so much Trusted Psychics for having him on your site!!!!! I just had to say this, because I am so grateful. You know who I am, A x

A From UK On 17/03/2019

Sean, the true Psychic and Medium

OH MY GOODNESS, this man is out of this world!!!!!! Go and ask him anything and he can see what will happen and he really hears from spirits. He knows things about you, your work, even people at work, people's names and ages and personality, your surroundings, you name it, with precise detail and accuracy! When you call him about a particular thing, you walk away with so much more. You can receive true guidance in life from this incredible person, you may contact him about one aspect of your life but he will reveal to you other aspects of your life as he sees and hears so many things, things that you only yourself know and things that will happen and that you should pay attention to, you leave feeling amazingly looked after, enriched and truly guided, like you've had a real psychic & medium experience and all rounded reading. There is no waffling about, unlike others that predict something and say, "This may happen" but he delivers his prediction with exactly what he sees with so much details, precision and dates. He even heard me telepathically call him to come log on as I really wanted to speak to him, when he answered the call, without me even having to mention calling him telepathically, he said, "I heard you call me." I am truly astonished, I have never EVER met a psychic that has the ability that he has and I will spend whatever money I have to get through to him. He is the best on this site, and I am worried that he is going to get extremely busy (but good for him if he does!) and I will not be able to get through to him! I hope he remembers me :) He is the highest of the high of psychics there are, he has the truest gift and he is also just so kind, caring and great to talk to as well. I can rave about this man all day, no words will ever be enough to testify how distinguishable and remarkable I find him to be. Thank you for being who you are Sean, and I believe that is why you are also greatly gifted because your heart is in the right place in wanting to help people. I have truly wasted money on everyone else on here, sorry but I have to say it, with Sean you get a premium service, a TRUE psychic service. He is better than those classed as the top psychics/mediums on this site. Don't believe me, try him yourself. I have found my reader. Thank you soooooooo much Sean, I will never forget you and I know we will connect again, (I am sorry for each time we get cut off and never get to thank you at the end, but know that my heart is full of thanks each time we call and I am eternally grateful for your guidance) you have truly made a remarkable expression on me. I will send lots blessings your way, lots of love, your friend Angel :)

Angel From UK On 17/03/2019

Amazing and very good would love to have more reading kind hearted and helped tell as it is

From On 29/01/2019


Only 3 days ago I spoke to Sean. He gave me dates for flying to another city for work. Yesterday my company tokd me I was flying on those exact dates. Very few readers can pinpoint dates and time so accurately. Other information and dates fit with my horoscope.

Coral From Australia On 12/01/2019

Spot on

Only had a short time with Sean as my credit ran out but in that time everything he said was spot on for my situation and he gave some comforting advice through using tarot. Just what i needed to hear - thanks Sean x

Sharon From Lanarkshire On 29/12/2018

Blown Away

Excellent he picked up quite a bit Hes very funny and very nice person. thank you

Linda From london On 21/12/2018


If you ask Sean for a psychic reading he will give you one. Ask the questions you want answered and you will be surprised at how accurate he is. He picked up on my husband's name and that I wanted a shitzu. He was also accurate with career and family. I recommend him.

frances From Australia On 10/12/2018

Love reading

Sean is a nice person but I found the reading to be purely a tarot reading. Didn't feel he connected with spirit at all and was disappointed specially reading the reviews here

Ma From Manchester On 04/12/2018

Funny and accurate.

He's a fast talker, very funny and my reading was accurate. He touched on names, times, reasons, and personality traits. Gave a time scale, that's to unfold. Give Sean a call if you need validations. I hope his timing is right, it would make my heart lighter and Christmas a lot brighter. Over all he made my night.

Rachael From Uk On 28/11/2018

Out of this world.

Sean came up with the name Richard and I was gobsmacked as I have just met a guy by that name. This is the best reading I have ever had and trust me I have had many. Sorry we got cut off. I will definitely be back in time.

Michelle From London On 05/11/2018

First reading!!!

I was at crossroads when I had my first reading with Sean, he is a polite reader with amazing psychic abilities, no reader has ever mentioned about my dreams but he did and he knew about my spiritual ability.He has made some predictions which I'll wait to get materialise but I will def call him again...

Mz From London On 03/11/2018


I felt a warmth and understanding of my current situation and was offered great insight into things I needed clarity with. Only time will tell if it works out for me I hope so.... Thank you Sean.

Sarah From Wales On 29/10/2018

fab reading thank you sean

paula From uk On 17/10/2018


I’m stunned and amazed you plucked my partners name straight out the air I’m never lost for words but I was then I look forward to all the wonderful things you have told me to unfold Thank you for the reading xx

From On 16/10/2018

Seriously give him a call!

I am so blown away at the accuracy. He knew the exact app i have on my phone to contact someone and it wasnt something generic like facebook or instagram. And the app i have was downloaded solely for communicating with this person i was shocked. He gave me dates. Answered my questions and more. Validations were spot on i was shocked. I wish i wasnt cut off because it was such an interesting reading . He will not disappoint

Bianca From On 04/10/2018

great reading

Thanks Sean for this wonderful and hopeful insight.

From On 03/10/2018

This Guy

Straight off the bat picked up the situation and the people around me, made me laugh with the way he gave information and didn't need information from me. Time will tell if predictions come through. He's definitely worth a read with

Optimist From London On 29/09/2018

Top top guy

Spot on Extremely accurate. I only wait now for this guy to log on. I've found my reader

A From London On 27/09/2018

Wonderful guy

Very tuned in. Answers questions no messing and doesn't waste time. Lovely manner. Thank you

A From London On 24/09/2018

Beautiful reading

I had a very beautiful reading from Sean. Positive and calm.

S From Ireland On 08/09/2018

wonderful reading

sorry Sean we were cut off. Thank you for reassuring me about exams and your wonderful and healing reading. I really recommend him you won't be disappointed . Blessings and light. Amel

From On 08/09/2018

Exact and encouraging

Sean provided me with names I am associated with in my life and I instantly felt connected. He has lovely warm manner and he unfolded details that he saw will come true. One of the best readings I have had.

Sophie From Scotland On 15/08/2018

I finally got to speak to my grandad!

I initially spoke to Sean about the uncertainty in my future and Sean was very specific with events and timelines for my future using cards. But my grandad decided to take over (I have not been able to connect to him - or I thought) since he passed. The connect Sean had with him was so strong. He knew his name, my nan’s name (still with us) validated times when grandad has tried to connect to me (that I’ve ignored) gave me lots of reassurances to give to my nan who will so overwhelmed by the things grandad has spoken about. Sean was spot on with the details of his passing, validated grandads presence with a recent injury to my nan and provided many names for validation too. The connection was so great that Sean even felt the issues my grandad had before passing, and his emotions towards me and nan. I would highly recommend Sean for a reading!! Thank you Sean for your time and messages

Shelley From Uk On 31/07/2018


julia From Devon On 06/07/2018


I am so impressed by Sean. He was able to pinpoint the problem and contact my deceased husband. He also Identified the issues giving me nightmares and gave me the solutions Let's hope he is right. He saw my dog Bobby now deceased and to the pet of my friend who is also deceased. I hope his 'solutions' and predictions are correct and I have sight of the problems ending. My deepest gratitude Sean. (you mentioned psychic detectives - well I was one once upon a time) Marvellous!!!

Frances From Hertfordshire UK On 27/06/2018

Amazing and comforting

An amazing reading with great intuition and connection to spirit. Will look forward to things unfolding over the next few days and weeks. Thank you also to Serena his spitit guide. In love and light

Heather From Australia On 25/06/2018


He really made me feel better. I was dreading an outcome of a certain situation. But he picked up on even more than I expected him to. He helped me so much

A From London On 17/05/2018


Amazing reading with Sean today. Thank you so much. I will call back soon.

A From France On 16/05/2018

Exceptionally Gifted

Sean is an exceptionally gifted reader. He was able to connect with my love one and bring back vivid happy memories of our time together. I cannot thank him enough. I give him my highest recommendation.

Michele From Virginia On 08/05/2018


Sean is the real deal. His connection was incredible and was even able to depict things with an exact picture and clarity. Also very sweet and comforting.

SydneyRx From Australia On 03/05/2018


Thank you, you were more spot on than you realised. I'm not normally inspired to leave feedback, but I'm glad I called and went through to you.

Debs From Wales On 05/04/2018

Straight in to the reading Sean was accurate with names of my family members and of memories I have long forgotten. He is really good and was able to help me of what may lie ahead in the future. He has given me reassurance and insight which I am very much grateful for. So insightful - Amazing!

FM From England On 30/03/2018

Straight to the point

Thank you Sean straight to the point. I will post it when it happens. Please ring him his such a understanding man and knows what he sees,

Maria From australia On 24/03/2018

Amazing!! Excellent!! straight to the point

This is the first time I picked Sean, He is amazing reader, he picked on the issues that I am concern about! even the animal I like which I was surprised! I highly recommend Sean because he is accurate and pleasant to talk to! I will call him back soon! Thank you so so much for your time this evening Sean. All the best.

Rima From London On 24/03/2018

Very easy & carming to talk too went straight in to give me the answers I needed

From On 22/03/2018

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