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Henry - 3091

Tarot cards and spiritual intuition have been in my family for generations. The Tarot cards I use today are three generations old. I have been providing professional readings for 11 years. I can offer valued callers, a great ear, where they can be completely open and transparent without fear of judgement. I at all times remain impartial and non judgemental. PIN: 3091



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Henry - 3091

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Really insightful

Lovely to talk to, very insightful, sorry we got cut off.

Tracy From London On 07/04/2019


This guy is awesome! Tunes straight in and told me some mindblowing stuff about the connection between me and my love interest!

Sg From Uk On 07/04/2019


Henry is something else. Called for my usual 20 minute weekly reading and left after over 3 hours and only because my phone ran out of battery. He is so busy I hope I am lucky enough to get him again. Nobody before has described my dreams down to every specific detail.

Donna From Hull On 06/04/2019

The first reader that truly understood

My situation is so complicated that if I tell anyone about it they say move on. They are not realistic and understand what I’m going through. But when I say Henry is the ONLY one in my life and on this psychic line that REALLY understand me so well I truly mean it. It almost felt unbelievable. He is very patient and empathetic. He is great and dedicated at what he does as a psychic. Thank so much Henry. Speak to you soon.

T From England On 31/03/2019

Look forward to speaking again

I spoke to Henry a few times and was left feeling happier and more relaxed. He is kind and friendly to talk to. unfortunately for me, his predictions have not come true which is a shame as he advised he was certain but I no way doubt his ability as he got the validations spot on! I hope I do get to speak to him again

Jackie From London On 12/01/2019

One in a million gifted psychic!

I have been speaking with Henry since October 2018 on a regular basis and I can honestly say he is an incredibly gifted psychic. He is also non judgemental and a kind soul. Everything he says comes true as he explains them and the level of details he provides are so accurate. I highly recommend Henry. Thank you very much Henry for your ongoing support and for sharing your gift.

Susan From On 09/01/2019


Thank you for an amazing reading. It was spot on and positive. Sorry we got disconnected. I will contact you again soon

From On 19/12/2018

Valuable insight

Henry was able to give me great insight and clarity to my situation. He picked up on and described exactly what I was going through. Had two readings in quick succession, his guidance is invaluable. Sorry we got cut off on my second reading. I know I will be calling him again. M

M From London On 13/12/2018

So precise!

I was fortunate enough to get Henry on two separate occasions. And both times a Henry has been spot on and very tuned into his spiritual institution. I am also spiritual and picked up great positive, energy from his reading. I thoroughly enjoy it and felt great comfort.Thank you Henry:-)

Susan From London On 30/11/2018

The gift that keeps on giving!

The first time I spoke to Henry he picked up on three situations without asking a single question. He told me what would happen and gave me dates for each event. He told me I would be sceptical and that wouldn't change even after the phone call, and he was right. To me the thought of having three situations around me changing to the extent predicted was a nice thought and a lovely story but not realistic. Henry assured me that following the first prediction coming to fruition I would believe in the rest. The week before the first prediction I had no expectations at all, then on the weekend predicted my ex returned and I seen a side of him that I had never seen before. We now have a very stable relationship and just as Henry predicted we have just purchased our first home. I never expected one of the events to unfold never mind the hat trick. What a gift.

Angela From West Sussex On 27/11/2018


i needed guidance after my divorce not knowing where i was heading i spoke to Henry who was amazing he direction for my new life was helpful and looking forward to it

billy From London On 27/11/2018

Henry Infinite Blessings!

Henry is a fabulous reader. He tuned in straight away with actual facts and had true knowledge of my situation. Highly recommended. Thank you

Victoria From Northamptonshire On 26/11/2018

powerful reading

i had apowerful reading with henry, powerful soul relationship reading , where henry had a deep understanding of the situation, and was very connected. he is extremely accurate up to very little details. my reading with henry was very eye opening . in a lot of ways. thank you so much. yo are truly gifted

guylene From LONDON On 27/10/2018

Predictions Occurred Exactly as Henry Predicted Correct Timing!!!

Wow, what can I say. The predictions occurred exactly with precise timing as Henry predicted!! I was speechless. Thank you very much, you are truly gifted!!

Susan From Australia On 26/10/2018

A genuine Psychic Medium...So Insightful!

Henry shot straight into the reading with such accuracy! I've developed an amazing intuition following my Near Death Experience so kinda know what's in-store for me. Guess what? So did Henry! But he also knew so much more. Outstanding guy...try and talk with him, he's amazing, humble and an all round good egg. Thanks Henry, Ronnie x

Ronnie From Berkshire On 19/10/2018

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