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Lots of info in short space of time

Only had 4mins left but she gave a lot of details in that time and was quick to connect

H From London On 10/01/2019


Had a very good reading with Hazel, lots of detail and answered my questions when she could. Hazel always puts a lot into her readings, very calming voice and lovely woman. I felt uplifted after my reading. True psychic with a lovely manner. Lots of details I knew to be correct. Look forward to speaking to you again. Thank you, Karen

From On 24/11/2018

My absolute savior.Bless you.Reads people like an open book without any previous info.So maternal.x

From On 01/11/2018


Hazel is so calming and she picked up why I was having problems ...really sorry ran out of time will defo connect again if i can get you,,,heaps good wishes hun talk soon~

Jacqueline From DIDSBURY MANCHESTER UK On 11/07/2018


Accurate and so kind....true psychic lady with a lovely soul.x

j From On 28/06/2018

Lovely lady

I really liked Hazel. She was easy to talk to. She picked up on my situation quickly and was accurate and helped me with clarity and insight. I feel she comes from a very pure intention. Thankyou Hazel

GG From Australia On 03/03/2018

Calming and reassuring

Hazel was really helpful and picked up on a lot of things happening around me at the moment and the past and what to look forward to the future. I felt so much better after chatting to her and will be back with all updates as they unfold. X

Sarah From Uk On 19/02/2018


Hazel pucked up my anxiety and was very calming and helpful. Told me to stop worrying so much as all was going to happen soon. Will update when all comes through

S... From .. On 07/01/2018

Amazing Reader!

An absolutely fantastic reader. She picked up on the problem immediately and gave me fantastic guidence. I will be calling her back with an update soon. Thanks again for the wonderful reading Hazel. xx

Belinda From Newcastle On 05/11/2017


I have a lot of time and respect for this reader I had a couple of readings where I felt like she connected and it was great. I then had one where we just didn't connect for whatever reason and she just said it and didn't want to waste time and money. Because of this I trust her I would have another reading with her and try again but I trust her instincts rather than pretending to connect and it being hurtful or not relevant, I see her being a true Psychic and genuine rather than a time waster. I believe that sometimes we connect and sometimes we don't that's the nature of energy. Xx I would recommend her for being honest and kind.

N From West Mids On 30/07/2017


Hazel was very good at answering questions and gave useful information in a very friendly, open way.

J From London On 23/07/2017


Hazel is so amazing. How did i not read with her before? She got the situations and people perfectly . Doesnt judge. Doesnt say bad things about people. Able to give true practical advice for love in a very compassionate way. She also goes quiet and then delivers message very succinctly. Gives Time frame. I believe she is a real psychic and she is channeling. She has really comforted and healed me even though she told me im best to remain just friends with someone i love.

From perth wa On 20/07/2017

Shes good!

On point, honest and precise!

Kiki From London On 17/07/2017

She got it

She did not hesitate to answer me directly thru his cards.. he also got the whole description between the two men i am involved with and I didnt even share any bits of that. thanks! sorry we cut off! credits run out but you got it!

pamela From London On 11/07/2017


Sounds like a script she reads from, not for me. .....

Kia From London On 01/07/2017


I've had several readings with Hazel, brilliant working timings. A great tarot card reader, warm friendly and empathetic, someone kind to talk too also. Understand situations clearly. Brilliant reader!!! I love Hazel ❤️

Anon From London On 27/06/2017

Lovely to chat too and accurate

Thanks Hazel. I enjoyed our chat and you put things into perspective in a positive way. Good advice and down yo earth. Thanks xx

ML From Essex On 19/06/2017

Another great reading

I've had a few reading with Hazel and I must say she always tunes in perfectly. Thanks for your wonderful insight and guidance. I didn't say anything and as usual you picked things up accurately. I'll be back when things unfold. Xx

Nikki From London, UK On 19/06/2017


Words don't do this women justice , Hazel is a very genuine and caring reader she tuned into my situation Without any information given other than my name She picked up on a situation that Has happend from 10 years ago in my life no way had she been able to get that unless she was the real deal I felt so emotional when speaking with her as I'm not an easy person to read for But she got straight to it and wasted n time Thank you so much

N From - On 21/05/2017


Chose her as found good the 1st time. This time she described 3 different type of men for my ex. Guessing.

Shirley From Antrim On 14/05/2017

Thank you

Hazel conbected straight away shecwas so accurate with details that i felt certain she was connecting with my situation thank you soooo much hazelyou have re assured me about my intuition was spot on love and light xxx

wendy From County Londonderry On 04/05/2017

Didn't connect

From the minute she spoke, she got everything wrong. She read my situation completely incorrectly and I ended the reading after 4 minutes.

AM From Canterbury On 16/04/2017

Amazing lady

I have been speaking to Hazel for sometime on and off, and she has been right about her predictions. She takes time to explain and gets right to the heart of her readings. At times i would say it's not going to happen, but they have so far, and I hope they continue. She is like talking to a friend and will tell you as it is, no fluff, she's direct but in a caring way. I just want to say thank you Hazel as the minutes always run out. I could talk to you for hours! Thank you and I will call you soon. Ps you was right about my mom, she's doing ok x

C From West Midlands On 02/03/2017

Short and accurate

She was dead on. Very good! Only things that answers were short. But. She does waste time! Amainh

C From London On 12/01/2017

Spot on

I have had lots of readings with Hazel. She is spot on with timings and provides great clarity. She is warm and empathic and provides a good reading of the tarot cards, you feel like you have been given an accurate description of the cards not just advice and opinion. Great greater reader.

Anon From London On 31/12/2016


Hazel was uncanny in her accuracy and read the situation in a way that reminded me to stay positive. When she was finished she didn't need me to hang on just to spend more - it was me that kept wanting to talk to her but then the money ran out! Thank you Hazel x

Ires From Melbourne On 28/11/2016

great reading

Hazel has helped me and gave me a wonderful help accurate reading this lady is amazing and i thank her in advance love and light Avril

Avril McTurk From Scotland On 17/10/2016


Hazel is a lovely wonderful accurate psychic she made me feel relaxed and most comfortable she was a positive inspiration giving accurate clear readings helping myself and family which i really appreciated as i love my family to the moon and back . Hazel has given us hope of being reunited Hope to speak to hazel soon as she has really helped me to stay on track I thankyou in advance from my heart as we have been threw a very difficult time and there is now light at the tunnel love and light Avril

Avril From Scotland On 13/10/2016


Had a few readings from Hazel and always gives 100%, never a lazy reading. Details flow, very enjoyable, thanks Hazel.

Karen From On 27/07/2016


I've always steered away card readers and went to Clairvoyantly, however, Hazel combines both and was spot on with everything in a quick and loving and caring fashion. She is the real deal and there is no ''bull' with it...its message coming with love for your highest good. Bless you and may love and light always be in your life xoxo

Julie From On 19/07/2016


Hazel was so sweet. She picked up right away on my situation and she reassured me that good things will be coming my way can't wait to see thank you so much xoxo Phyllis

Phyllis From NY On 27/06/2016

Great reading

Hazel was able to lift my mood with her wonderful sense of humour. She reassured me that I'd done the right thing and that things would work out for me. Will wait and see if the predictions unfold

Anya From London On 03/06/2016


Hazel really put things in perspective, she described the situation in a way that I knew she was right and it made sense and was clear. She wasn't judgemental but described things as they were and all I can say was that it was a very good reading and made a lot of sense to me. Thank you.

B From London On 22/03/2016


Had an enjoyable, detailed reading from Hazel all of which I could easily relate to. Thanks Hazel look forward to speaking to you again soon.

Karen From On 17/01/2016


I've just come off the phone with Hazel now as my time ran out, but I will be ringing her again. Hazel is reassuring & warm. Just what I needed as I've been suffering with health problems recently & have been passed back and fourth between doctors. She was very positive which is good to hear & was accurate about certain things in my life. Even if you need a boost, I'd recommend hazel.

Nadia From London On 11/10/2015

I am now a believer

Hazel is the first psychic I have ever spoke to, and if they are all as good as her, won't be the last. She literally read me and my life story like a book. I now have a few things to look out for for the future, but I will now have my eyes wide open to things I never thought would happen to me.

Seymor From Great Barr On 30/11/-0001

Hazel is very reassuring, she has given me hope, thar this situation will end, Have to wait and see.

janet From On 30/11/-0001

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