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Some of what Sabrina said rang true but I felt the call was difficult and could have easily been over in 5 minutes. I felt like Sabrina was constantly waiting for me to speak so she could respond, her reading just didn't flow - maybe just not a good connection this time?

Katie From London On 13/05/2021


I know they can't pick up on everybody, I have tried a couple of times with Sabrina but she never seems to be able to get me, and takes a long time to say little, I would expect the reading to flo more easily,

Margaret From East Anglia On 01/05/2021

Absolute Waste of Time and Money

I have had several readings and do not leave a review unless it is either extremely good or extremely bad. Sabrina sounded utterly disengaged and had. Zero respect for the reader’s time, money or even questions! In 5 minutes of patiently waiting for her to say SOMETHING, ANYTHING substantial- all I got was this: Me: I’d like to look into work and a house move please Sabrina: (Long silence lasting a minute. Then very vaguely) mmm .. see a change Me: Okay.. is this work or home? Sabrina: (another long silence) mmmm let me look... Me: continues to wait: Sabrina: who is the guy? Me: I am single Sabrina: dark haired guy? Me: possibly my ex. I’m sorry but I am not interested in spending time talking about him.. is it possible to please look at work and or home? Sabrina: mmmmm (another long silence) Can see change (another long silence)... could be home (more silence) I had to hang up after 5 minutes of what was 3 meaningful lines out of her that I had to prompt.. it was like PullingTeeth. Will Never Call her again. Do post this review. People deserve to know. Thanks.

D From London On 10/04/2021

2 stars

Very vague and nothing about her made me believe she was a gifted reader

From On 23/02/2021

Love Reading

Sabrina was very rude and abrupt. I paid for a reading to get clarity and was met by rudeness. She was very judgemental. I wont be wasting my minutes on her

Sam From Birmingham, Uk On 16/12/2020

On Point

Sabrina was spot on, i didnt need to give her any information and she picked up on my situation instantly. Sabrina was very calm and friendly, straight to the point and detailed.

Tee From London On 23/11/2020

Sabrina asked too many questions

No psychic abilities at all on this particular time with me!?!!!! She asked about my job family past etic which isn't proper reading please improve your skills

Ask tooooo many qS From North, England UK On 22/11/2020

Love love love

I been calling trusted for years my fav readers are sabrina sadie psychic katie and mystic may all different styles predictions happen consistently good never let me down in difficult situations thank you for putting up with me you are an angel mwah love and lightxxxx

Regular From London On 25/10/2020

I had hardly any minutes left and my pin ran out sorry. Was finding the reading very good and I will call again to finish it. Thank you

Joanna From UK On 03/10/2020

Predictions came true ,

Her work prediction came true for me and it was very unusual SHE IS GOOD and kind It might be worth remembering alot of the people reviewing are lonely women who might be a bit bitter about the beauty of this young lady when , they review her. Might be better if her picture was off. I think most of her bad reviews are jealous women .She is excellent

Lanina From London On 26/09/2020

4 Stars

First reading with trusted phychics. I found my reading with Sabrina comforting and hope things will start looking brighter soon.

ES From UK On 19/09/2020

Mainly guess work so if you have a real problem and need help pls dont bother cause she will try to fish answers from You and ask leading questions Sabrina is very lazy and unprofessional I have been mistakenly connected to her a number of times and once she starts with her questions I just cut off

Kate From England On 21/07/2020

Time Waster

very slow take up, repeats herself

Limbo From Australia On 02/07/2020

Terrible reader

No connection, mainly guess work. Predictions never came to light. Waste of time. Wouldn’t recommend at all.

April From Uk On 27/06/2020

very good straight forward psychic

Had many readings with Sabrina, very consistent, honest,doesn't waste time and very kind soul Much belssings and love xxx

From On 25/06/2020

very good

I didn’t believe at first what sabrina predicted but it has actually happened so she is now my go to reader

Clara From uk On 22/06/2020

It worked

Thank you so much. Everything fell into place even though I was so anxious. He stuck to his word and haven’t been having no more problem. You are amazing x

Fallon From Bedford On 22/06/2020

5 stars

thank you sabrina for another great reading always spot on Amber

Amber From Buckinghamshire On 05/06/2020

Seriously amazing

Ignore any bad review on here about this lady! She is spot on! Absolutely gifted and amazing in what she does! I urge anyone to call her and they won’t be disappointed! Straight talking .... open... and bloody good at what she does! Look forward to talking to you again. Sue xxx

Sue From London On 24/05/2020

Please leave this review.. I can't see many of my honest reviews here.. Why are you only allowing positive ones? This reader was extremely lazy and inconsiderate. Spent more time asking leading questions and making off guesses than anything else. Waste of time and money. Seriously unprofessional

From On 21/05/2020


My adult children were not speaking to each other harsh words were said to each other. I asked you if they will talk to each other again. Well they have just started speaking. Thankyou Sabrina xx

Anna From Australia On 11/05/2020

I thought my reading with Sabrina was good and true, she picked up things without me having to say. Don’t know why so many negative reviews to be honest

From On 10/05/2020

very good straight forward psychic

Had several reading with Sabrina, she is very consistent and never change her predictions but also she says it as she sees it and she is defenitely gifted,kind soul. I have a lot of respect for her not being selective in publishing only good reviews as lot of readers do, this shows how honest reader and person she is on top of being a gifted psychic Much blessings and love xxx

From On 05/05/2020

Thank you so much Sabrina!:)

You are a brilliant and a very gifted reader! You picked up things I could not see at the time and I was so surprised when it did happen. You are an accurate reader. I highly recommend you. May God bless continue to bless you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you do and spiritual guidance you provide. Lots of love and blessings to you. Zara.xxxxx

From On 29/04/2020


I have had wonderful readings with you Sabrina and plan to have many more. You are a polite person and always accurate with your readings. Will speak to you in about 3 weeks. You are warm hearted person. Love you Sabrina xx❤ From Anna

Anna From Australia On 27/04/2020


Thank you so much for the awesome reading & being such an amazing person - you’ve cheered me up no end - sorry I didn’t get to say thank you before getting cut off - worth more than 5

Tina From On 23/04/2020


Sabrina gave me an incredible insight to my situation without me having to say and really understood what was going on. Gave some great reassurance and predictions that I will wait to come to pass. She is caring and compassionate and a great listener. I will follow up with the results.

Natalie From Suffolk On 18/04/2020

5 stars

Timing was spot on

Carol From London uk On 18/04/2020

to the point

There maybe negative readings with this reader but I feel if you open up your emotional side she read you better. I feel she spoke the truth and I am yet to see if her predictions are true but I am positive and we are all in control of our destiny. She has implemented my manifestation. You need to be spiritual to understand how readers work

From On 07/04/2020


No connection what so ever. Guesses and takes long pauses on the phone. How there are do many positive reviews has me dumb founded

From On 02/04/2020

Please publish

Written three reviews that have never been published... I’ve had three readings with Sabrina and nothing she has ever said has come true. Nothing not one thing..

Sarah From Uk On 16/03/2020

Great reader , Highly recommended !

Had few reading with Sabrina, very sopt on and most importantly consistent unlike other readers who change their mind. her predictions are in line with top readers on this site. She is very kind and caring and definetly gifted blessings and love xxx

From On 14/03/2020


Genuine lovely reader, and was spot on with everything. I hope predictions come true, but I know everyone has their own free will

From On 13/03/2020

5 stars

Thank you

Angela From Birmingham On 29/02/2020

Not real

I absolutely do not think sabrina is a real reader, I think it's mostly guess work ,nothing has come true that she predicted for me,I've spoken to her 3 times,and she had told me things that resound with most people I am positive she is NOT the real deal

Maddie From Oxford On 29/02/2020

Not sure

I'm not sure he reading was accurate...she told me what I clearly wanted to hear, but I doubt its genuine.

Liz From Cheshire On 02/02/2020

Always positive readings but predictions are far from reality

The reader surely provides you with hope and comfort; I suspect most of her readings are positive and what you want to hear but the predictions do not match reality.

Elle From Nottingham On 30/01/2020


God Bless you Sabrina, you are a sweetie.

Chris From London On 28/01/2020

very good straight forward psychic

Sabrina tuns in very quickly and her predictions are in line with other readers. She is very gentle, caring and kind soul. Many thanks and Lots of blessings and love Sabrina xxx

From On 27/01/2020


Sabrina is honest and caring. She knows what I wanted to know. Thankyou x

Anna From Australia On 16/01/2020

Lovely reader

Sabrina is lovely, she has a calm and reassuring voice when in a reading with her. I have had 3 readings with her, but none of her predictions have come to pass from any of them.

From On 13/01/2020

Thank you

What a lovely calm reader - thank you, looking forward to everything that you said coming right

Tina From On 24/12/2019

Thank you

Everything was bang on and is happening exactly like what you said love you Sabina you are a beautiful kind caring honest soul Adriana xx

Adriana From Leeds On 04/12/2019

Just the right timing

I can’t thank this woman enough for giving me the biggest insight on everything I needed to know!!. He come out like what you said. Thank you so much Sabrina

Kay From Birmingham On 04/12/2019

If only her predictions come through...

Sabrina is a calm and reassuring reader. If her predictions come true I would giver her 5* for sure. At the moment her predictions have not come through and neither have the time scales.....but I am remaining positive as there can be blocks we have no control over.

Anon From U.k On 10/11/2019

Wonderful lady

Had a lovely reading with u very calming and compassionate. Took all your advice on board and will await to see what happens thank you for some reassurance

Em From Uk On 24/10/2019

He came back!!!!!!

Thank you so much for giving the words of encouragement and believing. He’s at home where he well and truly belongs x

Fallon From Shropshire On 12/10/2019

Best reader on the site

Best reader I have ever experienced, told me what would happen and it did

Adriana Stewart From Leeds On 11/10/2019

Predictions didn’t happen

Sorry you said person concerned will contact in 2 days but nothing of it came to pass it’s been now like 2 wks now

Carol From Edin On 10/10/2019

So so lovely! Such a warm kind person. Feeling very anxious and she has definitely put my mind at ease! From the bottom of my heart thankyou! X

Ellie From On 08/10/2019

very good straight forward psychic

Thank you Sabrina for your reading today, sorry we were cut off, a lot of validations and very good advice, your are an angel Blessings and love xx

From On 24/09/2019

Thank you

Thank you Sabrina for your uplifting reading.

From Derby On 16/08/2019

My ear Hung up

Sabrina your an Amazing reader. I look forward to your predictions coming to pass. Peace, love light and blessings.

KristieMaree From Australia On 14/08/2019


Agreed with reviewa. She is genuine and really accurate. Got the situation accurately the connection. The person's personality and character Even the fact that he has quite a temper and she's surprised that he was so gentle with me. He does have a lot on his plate and is a very career minded Indeed. I needed your advice to stay calm stay cool trust. Work with him if i want this. Be patient. Predictions are he will come forward in a few weeks. Sept we will see each other i will feel a lot calmer. Will grow closer from then. Will be together towards end of year. I will update. Thank u.

K From Australia On 11/08/2019


I had another reading with Sabrina. She is just Brilliant.

Anna From Australia On 18/07/2019

Experienced and genuine reader

Thank you for the confirmation that the bond is extremely strong. I look forward to contact coming through before end of the month and a genuine, loving and happy future together. Many thanks.

Libran From Aus On 09/07/2019


I hope to be one of the many reviewers who comes back to say yay prediction has come true. Sabrina was very confident it would but I would also like to say just like many others have commented she’s a really lovely lady, who you could spend hours talking to. She’s like a good friend. Xxx

Anon From Uk On 17/06/2019

Thank you thank

Thank you

Sharon From Stoke on Trent On 18/05/2019

ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a general reading with Sabrina as I did t want to give too much away about what was really going on in my life and she picked up what was really the big issue. I’ve been with my husband for 7 years and had a feeling there was someone else but couldn’t pin point what was going on Sabrina nailed ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING... thank you for your reassurance and I’ll be calling again soon x

Helena From Buckingham On 09/05/2019


Thankyou so much Sabrina for an excellent reading. You have put my mind at ease and reassured me that everything will work out. I feel so much better after speaking to you. I will call you with updates

Anna From Australia On 11/04/2019

thank you

Thank you Sabrina for my reading. Once again your predictions always come true. You are so sincere in what you do. Denise

Denise From Manchester On 30/03/2019

Give him one last chance

I will definetly be calling you again to update you on the situation. Just will continue doing things the way I have been like you said and will wait and see if anything comes to pass. She did ask me for D.O.B and the guy in question but other times she never asked anything. She still tunes in very well either way but I'm just waiting to see about her predictions so will leave another updated review if this does come to pass. It's not my first reading with Sabrina but she has sad things that many other readers have said Also. She is like a close friend when you speak to her and very calm and don't give no bull. Can't give full 5 stars until things happen or if not I will come back and clarify. Will be in touch soon. Love and light. C,xx

From On 26/03/2019


Had a reading a general reading with the lovely Sabrina.... she was so accurate and very very polite she made me feel as thow I had known her for years... Thank you Sabrina

Robert From Bradford On 22/03/2019


Ive just checked and his birthday was the 21st July like you said not the 19th! Thanks for your reading this morning babe ! Always spot on and so lovely when I need a bit of clarity thank you Hannah xxx

From On 21/03/2019

The Best.Straight talking.

From On 15/03/2019

top psychic

everything Sabrina has said has come to light thank you will be calling again.

ray From Uk On 11/03/2019


I feel like I’m talking to a friend. She’s always been right and picks up on my situation well. She said there would be communication and there was. Give her a call xx

V From On 04/03/2019

Ex who’s immature

Hi Sabrina, Sorry I got cut off I ran out of credit I will be calling you again! You was amazing to speak too lovely and kind! God bless you xxx

Ana From On 25/02/2019

The best

I’ve had a couple of readings with Sabrina over the past few months and I could talk to her all day. A truly gifted lady and so lovely to talk to. You don’t need to say a word she just ‘knows.’

Steve From Australia On 29/01/2019


Lou From Essex On 06/01/2019


Had a few reading with this lady shes good.but nothing came to pass oh well never mind

David From London On 16/12/2018


Amazing reading. Always love talking to you Sabrina. Amazing reader xx

A From UK On 27/11/2018

Hi. I'm a sucker for having my fortune told. But yesterday I had a psychic telephone reading with sabrina and it was so accurate one of the best for sure.

Karla From uk On 26/11/2018

Wow just wow!!!

Absolutely amazing reading with no info at all given she knew everything without me saying a word brill thanks so much xx

Kate From Uk On 20/11/2018


spot on and is my favorite reader so calm and beautiful inside and out

Olivia From Sheffield On 20/11/2018

The best

5 Star

cassie From uk On 18/11/2018

Wow just wow!!!

This lady is amazing I told her nothing and she tuned in straight away getting everything spot on with what I called her for!!! Thank you so much hoping what you said will happen and I will follow the advice given thank you xxx

Kate From Uk On 18/11/2018


This reader is a absolute star. 100% accurate reading

S From England On 29/01/2018

thank you and will take your advice and give him a chance. Sorry my phone died

anon From home On 29/01/2018


I spoke to Sabrina this morning and gave me an accurate reading and I am very pleased that trusted psychic have employed her.

Caller From England On 29/01/2018

Clear, accurate and insightful

Thanks so much for tuning in so quickly and sharing the helpful and reassuring info that you did. Loved hearing your view on the situation. Thanks for clearing up my query. Much appreciated.

Lynda From Perth On 06/01/2018

lovely lady

She picked up what i was thinking has predicted 5 days for an event to occur on my 3rd day waiting around see if shes the real deal. Hope your right sabrina. Sorry we got cut off. X

sarah From leeds On 01/12/2017

One of the good ones -for sure

Not great at reviews in fact dont usually bother but just would like to say thank you to Sabrina for just being a nice person to talk to really gave me the courage to carry on and move forward. Thank you Sabrina

Penny Marshall From Kew On 29/11/2017

Worth her weight in gold

Sabrina has been there for me many times even when I have been really down she is so calming and so sensible it is really a positive experience to call and I thank whoever Trusted Psychics maybe that run this service being so much cheaper than others its allowed me to call in twice a week and does really cheer me up every single time even for just a catch up.

Justine From Sheffield On 29/11/2017

Thank you

Thank you for always being there to support and guide and lift up my spirit . God Bless 25.11.17

H From North east uk On 25/11/2017

5 Days.

Straight to the point and does not waste your time or money with ranting on and on like most psychics on these lines do. Prediction was for 5 days so I will wait 7 days and come back with the big news if prediction pans out. Thank you sweetie you need some well earned rest. You sounded so tired.

Everything Crossed! From New Zealand On 13/10/2017

Excellent connection

Thank you so much for an excellent and compassionate connection regarding my relationship.You are a very lovely and genuine person and needed no information to connect accurately and lovingly to the situation.A concise and accurate reading given with warmth and humility.Much appreciated.Lots of love to you and your guides xx

S From Uk On 04/10/2017


Thank you Sabrina for the excellent reading once again. We got cut off but I will call again soon.

Ann From France On 26/09/2017

Calming and Reassuring

I had just had a blazing row with my significant other and thought maybe I had ended things. Sabrina has reassured me he will be back in touch. Really hope she is right but am very impressed with all the good reviews. Lets see...

Penelope From London On 25/09/2017

A very sweet and sensible day and incredibly gifted

She is amazing , my favourite reader ever, picks situation really well and i do trust you and your readings completely Always pleasure to speak with you .. Thanks a lot


Lovely lady

deserves all the praise she gets

Sue From Derbyshire On 29/07/2017

So Amazing

She was just awesome! Patience the hardest virtue EVER cast upon me! I will be back to update but I trust and believe her...

B From USA On 24/07/2017

I had a telephone reading with Sabrina at the end of last year and was very impressed by the details that she picked up. She was able to describe situations and personalities that I could relate to and confirm. She provided me with a date which was relevant to me and described exactly how an event had unfolded without me having given any information about it - I really was very impressed. I also felt extremely calm and settled following my reading and really wanted to point this out as I feel it is so unusual to experience and I really feel that Sabrina has a healing gift. Following my reading I was given the option to ask two follow up questions which were answered promptly and gave more clarity. I would definitely recommend having your reading recorded and to write down questions that you want to ask. Sabrina works quickly and provided very full answers to my questions. I do have some predictions pending and will update about these. Thank you Sabrina for your insight, time and generosity.

Maddie From Uk On 15/07/2017

Absolutely amazing lady

we connected instantly what an amazing lady i will be calling again soon :D xx

Chloe From Manchester On 11/07/2017

Over 3 years I have spoken to Sabrina on numerous occasions nothing she has said has ever came true! Just keeps going around in circles saying how tired she is and half the time just tells people what they want to hear! I have stopped calling her not for me.....

From On 09/07/2017

Sabrina I can't get through? been trying for 5 days HE HAS COME BACK we're together please try and make the line free need you asap.Just thought I'd let you know your prediction came true even sooner than expected and guess what!? he bought my necklace back like what you said

Nina From London On 03/07/2017

Lets See

Sabrina seemed massively confident today of my partner (ex) returning within 3 months, im not sure if this is a common prediction but i promise that on the 1st of Octobet I will update the situation!

P From Leeds On 01/07/2017

Thank you

Thank you for the reading, you have reassured me, and you just knew everything that was going on...... your AMAZING xx

Donna From London On 01/07/2017

Pritty from australia

Sabrina was one of the best experts I've ever spoken to, she answered my question with clarity and our discussion led on to other topics. She was also very friendly, we laughed a lot and she was patient when I asked for things to be re-explained/repeated.

From On 23/06/2017

Truthful and Honest

Absolutely correct. Picked up my situation from my name and the guys name. Described the situation completely without me saying anything initially. Best one ive tried on this site so far. Sympathetic and i felt i could open up easily. Thanks

Petra From Shropshire On 23/06/2017

Sabrina is great, I have had a reading from her a couple of times in the past and she has always been honest, even if its not what I wanted to hear and her predictions have been so so accurate

Lauren From Uk On 23/06/2017

Julie from Australia

Today I spoke to and listened to Sabrina I had felt increasingly sad and unable to lift my own mood which is unusual for me. Within moments of connecting with this wonderful fellow earth angel I was uplifted and this lasted for hours after the communication and now I am peaceful and more balanced. There was much encoragement and light in my darkness. Thank you so much dear soul sister. Truly. Julie

From On 17/06/2017

Thank god i finally got through

Very hard to get but i can see why. Had a reading a month ago and she had the same to say regarding my ex. Very confident on timing and what she sees happening. I will update you when it happens. Thank you so much. Amazing and very caring

Shirley From Ireland On 16/06/2017

Nice Lady, Sadly not a connection with me

Nice Lady to talk to but was more like a counseling session. Asked a lot of questions. I didn't feel at any point she had a real connection with me or my situation, as advice seemed come after probing questions. Shame as i was really excited to speak to this lady after reading all her fabulous reviews.

A From Essex On 13/06/2017

Always Reassuring

Thank you Sabrina and suppprting me throughout the rocky times and your calming voice. Secured a job as you predicted waiting for others to unfolding. Thank❤

Eve From London On 01/06/2017


You are such a lovely person and the reading you give is so spot on lots of love ❤️❤️️

Rihanna From Uk On 12/05/2017

5 stars

so hard to get through to you Sabrina thank you so much for my reading you are truly gifted.ill be in touch very soon love youxx Claire

claire From Australia On 01/05/2017


Hello, I have tried to post before but it didn't appear, I just want to say I totally understand that we all have totally different experiences with different readers but I'm my exp Sabrina has been incredible, she picks up on what you need to know and tells you in her wonderful calm manner, her assessment of my situation she was bang on and I can see some of the positive changes happening already x

N From West Mids On 24/04/2017

Great reading Sabrina thank you your amazing I'll be back

Denise From Halifax On 20/04/2017


I can see the recent negative review but I just want to say my experience was so good with this lovely lady, I am waiting for predictions but I also accept that the lovely kindness of this lady really calmed me down and that means a lot. My Exp with Sabrina had been lovely will keep you updated x

N From West Midlands On 17/04/2017


Had a reading with Sabrina but it was more like talking to a friend which was nice, but not really a reading. She did give me a time frame for contact from a guy I was asking about and unfortunately this didn't happen, but still a nice lady

Anna From Ipswhich On 17/04/2017

Nothing you told me Sabrina has come true you never really gave me a reading as such you just kept taking to me line we were friends I believe a lot of your predictions is guess work! Sorry but not for me.....

From On 13/04/2017


Sabrina is a very kind and sympathetic reader. She not only has a caring and considerate attitude but is also honest and straightforward. Very good!

JO From Italy On 12/04/2017

I have been consulting with psychic advisors for the past 5 years and it’s safe to say that I’ve learned a thing or two along the way. I’ve tried all the most popular online services as well as some of the biggest psychic hotlines you see advertised on television. The biggest thing I’ve learned is when a psychic is feeding me rubbish.I must say I was so impressed with Sabrina she picked up on stuff that was very relevant and also gave me insight I would recommend Sabrina she is also very professional I will be back thank you Sabrina.

Adriana From Leeds On 11/04/2017

A M A Z I N G!!!!!

Sabrina truly has an amazing gift . Her reading went into so much detail and was given with such comfort and understanding that I felt relaxed straight away . I must admit my questions were vague , but Sabrina responded with clear and precise details . Sabrina was extremely professional but also her kindness shone through as well . After the reading I felt much calmer and at peace . I have no hesitation in recommending Sabrina and will look forward to having a follow up reading soon .

Jade From Bristol On 11/04/2017

Best physic reading

She is truly amazing really helped me sort my life issues put would highly reccomend !!

Tash From London On 11/04/2017

Great reader

Thank you Sabrina for your reading you are so down to earth I really enjoyed the reading you connected very well.I will keep you posted thanks a lot Lee

Lee From Newcastle On 11/04/2017


she is superstar, so gifted and talented. and always a great support too thanks a lot :)


Thank you

Sorry we got cut off

Rehana From Uk On 07/04/2017

Always a Pleasure ! Very Gifted Psychic

I am happy I found you on social psychics.. you are a great friend now.. its good to know you always remember me when i call you was so nice to keep me motivated yesterday too . u r so positive and breath of fresh air..your readings are very consistent and coherent...thanks a lot


Have spoken to Sabrina in the past nothing she said has come true! Yet I have written this down so many times but for some reason it doesn't get posted why is that! Negative views should be posted as well as positive so people can make up their mind whether to speak to the reader or not! Siorry Sabrina in all the tines you have given me a reading you always complained how tired you were

From On 04/04/2017

no contact

Thank you sabrina. Your prediction came true. After no contact for three months I got a text yesterday. I spoke to you on Saturday you said very soon. Looming forward for the future predictions to come true.

Nee From USA On 04/04/2017

Cant get through to you

Hi Sabrina, firstly thank you for a great reading. Taken on board what you said. (Guy in question), we spoke last night at work n like you said 'timing is not right'..he said that too but said he is still interested and does want to develop things. You asked me to get his burthday date, he only gave me the month n year lol..n said guess the rest. Been trying to get thru to u all evening but no luck ☹️..will keep trying..speak soon xx

Jaz From London On 30/03/2017


She is very consistent , picks situations well and is amazing person.. very kind and considerate ... really happy to get to know you ..thanks for everything


Phenomenal s

Sabrina is a phenomenal reader. She is very confident in her readings and does not ask any questions she got straight to the point in no time. I will definitely be calling her back again.

T. From USA On 25/03/2017

You are the best

You are the best. I do not know what I would do without you. Thank you. Just will wait for your predictions and speak to you soon

Rehana From Leeds On 23/03/2017


Sabrina is phenomenal and was indeed very spit on. She gave me renewed faith in myself. Sabrina was able to pick up on my situation to the core. She didn't ask any questions and was very confident with her advice and predictions. I will certainly be calling her back. She is a very busy person on here. Thanks

T. From USA On 22/03/2017

Best reading ever

Thank you for a brilliant reading you are the best. Taking your advice and waiting. Hope to speak to u soon lots of love xxxxx

Rehana From Manchester uk On 21/03/2017

Best reading

You are truly gifted thank you so much for the positive reading. You surely are a great person. Just waiting for your predictions lots of love rehana ❤️

Rehana From Uk On 20/03/2017

Simply Fantastic 10000 stars !

She is superb, always pleasure to speak to you... , yesterday i just said hello and you knew who i was So SHOCKED and heart-felt, it means you care .. , its not important for me.if predictions come true or not .which we get to know in the future soon.... u r amazing , kind and compassionate lady and conduct yourself really well...i always believe you and trust you.. you lift my spirits.. i will give update soon about your predictions.. thanks a lot hope we speak soon :)


The Best!

Sabrina is the best reader over here! I tried to call her for several days but lines were busy, I still kept trying till I succeeded! Very professional and truly gifted! XX

Eve From On 12/03/2017

So sorry sabrina my minutes ran out u must be so sick of me calling all the time!! Ill call you again soon thanks for the time we had to chat i love talking to u ur like a friend but love wat u see and tell me about my situation it's been sooo frustrating but ur always spot on i just hope i can call u soon and tell u the good news (u no wat i mean) Xxxx

Daniella From melb AU On 09/03/2017

Sabrina is excellent i wish i can talk to her all the time but need to allow things to eventuate first then ill call her for an update and she never tells me anything new just the same positivity and reassurance ill b bak in touch soon xoo

From On 08/03/2017

very professional

I have spoken to Sabrina a few times she is very professional and straight to the point ...5 starxxxx Deena

Deena From London On 07/03/2017

Sabrina is a very confident reader and reassuring in everything she says. She told me I would here from a guy on the 10/11th of March I heard from him at 11.15pm that night then again at 10.45 the next morning. She also told me I will see him in the next few weeks I am confident that this will happen as well. Definitely will be calling back in the next month or two.

Rebecca From Australia On 05/03/2017

he has come bkkkkkkk!!!!!!

Hi Sabrina I have been trying to get through to you for 2 days no luck but I just wanted to tell you he has come back.I'm so happy you are the best!!! at first I didn't know whether to believe you because I was so low.I need to talk to you Sabrina I will carry on trying you thank you for bringing hope and light into my life at my lowest point and your prediction come true absolutely spot on. love and light

Angela From Australia On 28/02/2017

She is fabulous personality , and an angel

she really lifted my mood , she uplifted me ,, she is awesome personality ..second reading was consistent with first one , how she was so consistent was uncanny.. she is amazing , awesome awesome lady ...completely speechless



she has all qualities of top pyschic.. doesnt play around with u .. was very honest and genuine and BRAVE.. not playing safe.. she stands by what she believes in ..thats why i like her a lot...definitely best on this site ... she is stuff legends made of... hope your prediction comes true.. u r only few who stood by your prediction rather than being diplomatic...



Thanx u your amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Xxxx

Sharon From Wolverhampton On 19/02/2017


I found Sabrina a very good reader . Please call her I was very pleased with the reading thank you Sabrina . Love and light . Angel

From Grimsby On 15/02/2017


O my god just had a reading of Sabrina she is the best on the 13/02/2017 she is amazing, she tell's it like it is she does not sugar coat it. ❤️ women she was in side my mind she knew everything about everything god bless u. Your worth every penny I've ever spent in this site, u need to know the truth with out questions Sabrina your gir, thank u and will speak to u soon I feel like I know u! Give her ago u won't be disappointed. THANKS

Sharon From West Midlands On 13/02/2017


Thankyou for the reading today and giving me clarity and making me feel so much better! I'll keep in touch x

Sam From Australia On 12/02/2017

Very accurate!

Sabrina gave me the most accurate reading, and her predictions were very accurate as well, everything she said would happen actually happened. She restored my hope when I lost it Thank you so much Sabrina, you're amazing

From Australia On 09/02/2017

Sabrina I used to speak to you a lot! You seemed nice enough it's been 2 years and nothing you predicted has come to pass disappointing!! This probably won't get printed as they screen shot everything!

From On 06/02/2017

Just simple yet amazing!

Spent a while trying to get through to Sabrina I'm guessing popular demand and after today's call reading I can see why! She was very compassionate spoke to me like a friend I am now so relaxed with what she said I can only hope and pray now that her predictions unfold this week as many of her clients have or are yet to come true! Thank you so much Sabrina I will deffo keep you posted 10**********

Chloe From Kent On 02/01/2017

Genuine Prediction

I had a reading months ago she told me not to give up and that "it was meant to be " ! I had another reading last nite Sabrina told me I was about to hear from him over Christmas but I dare not believe for couldn't stand the disappointment . She said it will be slow and testing the water after such a long time of no communication ! Sabrina's prediction came true the next morning he's text ! Not enough people let everyone know when a prediction comes to fruition to help others to find genuine caring empathetic person to guide and direct to uplift and install belief . God Bless Sabrina and all looking for her guidance 25.12.16 Helena x

Helena From North East UK On 25/12/2016

Reassuring Reading

Sorry we got cut off so I didn't have time to say thank you so much!; it was so reassuring; like having a big sister !Your calm ,down to earth ,loving reading really helped me as I rang really missing someone I have only just met but have a beautiful deep soul connection with.When I lose faith I will re-read the notes I made & look forward to everything working out fine as you advised me not to worry!God bless you; love joy & peace to you & your family & the lil dog who barked lol.

P. From Bournemouth On 23/11/2016

Great Read

Thank you so much Sabrina for putting my mind at ease. Talking to you reassured me that things would be okay in time. Hopefully you're predictions are correct when it comes to time, I will be calling you with an update!

Alyssa. From On 18/11/2016

Sabrina Where have u been? I've been wanting to give u a call again and update you.. It seems u are on at different times .. as wen am online u never are! Given the time differences between us I keep missing you!! I'll keep trying !

Daniella From Melbourne Australia On 05/11/2016

The Real Deal 5/11/16.

After reading all the reviews and somehow coming across Sabrina I knew she was someone I wanted to connect with. She was always busy as the top psychics on here are! So I waited up till late. She connected with the situation straight away. She told me I had met my soul mate and I agreed I had. She confirmed the connection was very deep and by then end of the year I will be saying how good life really is. She also said this time next year I will be married and will have forgotten about calling psychics in the middle of the night. She reassured me I have nothing to worry about and said she knows its hard but please be patient and don't worry. I won't ever forget calling you in the middle of the night but I understand what you were saying!! Sabrina is beautiful and very skilled in her work- read the reviews and connect with her you wont be disappointed. Lots of Love GG. X

Golden Girl From London On 04/11/2016

Beautiful Reading

Sabrina I would like to say thankyou so much for the uplifting gifted reading you gave me when I felt so low you bought me back to being positive and focused and having the natural ability you posses is a gift of healing and directing supporting and uplifting . Many Thanks God Bless X. 1/11/16

Helena From North East UK On 01/11/2016

Awesome & Accurate

Sabrina is phenomenal, extremely accurate and I can't thank her enough for an extraordinary reading. She put my mind at ease, gave me insight & clarity and I feel so much better after speaking with her. Thanks so much Sabrina. I will call you with an update.

R. From England On 31/10/2016


very nice lady thank you sabrina will keep you updated as promised!

Greg From london On 28/09/2016


thank u for ur reading a few weeks bak i was a total mess bt ur prediction came true about the man in question xx

Daniella From australia On 28/09/2016

she is the real deal!

Very accurate with her readings she made me feel at ease and was spot on and provided me with a lot of insight.

zelda From Australia On 28/09/2016


H Sabrina I hope u read ur reviews I'm the one who spoke to u 2 weeks ago in a complete mess well guess wat happend! He got in touch just as unsaid he would thank u all much or ur wonderfull support and guidance!! I had totally lost all hope but after speaking to u I found the inner strength to stay positive and it finally happend!

Daniella From Australia On 26/09/2016

5******* reading

You tuned in within the first second. Everything you said made sense really are a top reader . X

Shaz From West Midlands On 15/09/2016


HI! ITS ME YOUR FAV PERSON IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!! Just wanted to Thank you for your advice, your confidence actually soothe and calms my crazy mind. Still waiting for things to unfold, but you have helped me, understand "people" kinda, sorta...maybe I think I dunno....but anyway keep it up, you'e a STAR!!

Avni From West Midlands On 27/08/2016


Finally got through to Sabrina twice ! First time got cut off and got through a second time - so so lovely I could talk all day , hopefully all comes true :) felt like a weight has been lifted .... Will keep you posted thanks kerry

Kerry From Lincolnshire On 21/08/2016

Thanks for the wick reading. Sorry we got cut off. Ran out of minutes. I'll take your advice and wait for things to happen and stop worrying so much.

Carl From On 10/08/2016

so happy with my reading

thank you so much Sabrina you are truly an amazing reader I still can't believe you described my mother who has passed down to even the way she wears her hair to her favorite music.I know she is watching over me for sure. thank you

emma From Australia On 08/07/2016


Sabrina you are a 5 star reader she told me stuff without asking any questions I was very surprised.I havnt had such a good reading in years thank you so much Sabrina xx

natalie From london On 04/07/2016


Real genuine reader, caring and telling how it is. Sabrina was nice to talk to, even she didn't ask a lot. Happy with reading:)

Eve From On 23/06/2016

Like a bestie

You spoke to me like a sister and gave me clarity, shame we got cut off but will call you this weekend. I could talk to you for hours Sabrina! Thank you x

T From Hampshire On 15/06/2016


Sabrina is a fabulous reader highly recommend and such a nice lady.i feel so much better now I have hope again Thank you

From Australia On 14/06/2016

spot on

thank you so much Sabrina I am leaving you a review because I just wanted to say you got the timing spot on all your predictions have come true.Thank you so much I'll call you next week katrina

katrina From London On 28/04/2016

Beautiful lady!!

I have been very upset recently and wasn't feeling very optimistic about the whole "psychic" idea of calling a psychic was definitely a last option for me, but I needed guidance on my current situation. Sabrina's voice is soothing and I felt as though she genuinely cared about my situation. I didn't give anything away and she seemed very confident that my current situation will improve. Didn't feel as though she was just saying this either. Although I was pessimistic she gave me honest advice of how to deal with my situation and assured me that her predictions have been known to come true and to read her reviews. Now I just hope that what she says will happen, deep down I'm confident it will. Highly recommend Sabrina, will probably contact her to update her on my situation Thank you Sabrina!

Shôna From Wales On 14/04/2016

Thank you

This lady is amazing. Everthing that was said to me was spot on. I never gave her any clues and she did not fish by asking questions. I truely believe that she is clairvoyant and has a beautiful and unique gift. I feel amazed by what she has said in my reading.thank you Sabrina peace and love

Danielle From London On 20/03/2016

Thank you

Thank you so much for my reading. Very accurate and straight to the point. Looking forward to the future.

M From Surrey On 17/03/2016

Very quick to link in. Lovely lady

Thanks Sabrina for being there for me during a very confusing time of my life. She was quick to tap into the situation and confirmed what I was feeling/thinking. Will reflect on what she said and watch her predictions unfold.

Jen C From London On 01/03/2016

spot on

Sabrina is a talented reader picked up on everything she is truly amazing I will call you next week with a update.

Christina From U.K. On 12/02/2016

Cool reader

Hi Sabrina, thanks for giving me insight into my situation and telling me he's for real. You gave me some great advise. Thanks!

Amisha From On 22/01/2016

Amazing reader!

Terrific reader! Tells it like it is. Truthful, honest and accurate!

Michael From On 17/01/2016


Sabrina your like my best friend so glad I found you on here you have a calming way that makes me calm! Love you girl thanks for all your advice and listening ear looking forward to everything falling into place like it should xxoo

J From A On 09/12/2015

Beautiful reading :)

Thank you a beautiful reading today! You knew exactly my situation and how I felt. Thank you for re assuring me that everything will be okay! Will call you back again to give you an update by February! I am looking forward to the new year 2016!! Thank you Sabrina!! :)

S From Australia On 12/11/2015

Thank you

Sabrina your amazing the best physic on here you picked everything up call you next week as promised to keep you updated. Love & light

Louise From Australia On 11/11/2015


It was lovely to speak to Sabrina. She told me a lot of things from my past and the present that I can relate to. She gave me some important dates for things to happen. Will definitely call her again. God bless Sabrina and thank you. xxx

Zara From london On 21/10/2015

In shock

I had a reading with Sabrina 4 months ago I can't believe her predictions was bang on I am so shocked thank you so much will keep you updated Thank you

Raj From leeds On 30/11/-0001

Outstanding !!

I have spoken to sabrina a few times and i must say she is one of the best psycic on here by far ! Every prediction she has made has come true and she is spot on with her dates...she is very talented i highly reccomend her

N From sheffield On 30/11/-0001

Thank you

Sorry Sabrina we cut off.. Hence me messaging you.. Yr readings have been consistent.. Soon as yr prediction unfolds I will call you.. As I've been having readings with you for a while. God bless Take care

K From East-midlands On 30/11/-0001

Great reading!

Sabrina is a very nice lady, This is my second reading with Sabrina she predicted dates and she was spot on with her timing.. She's also very calm and makes you feel uplifted after a reading. I highly recommend her please give her a call You'll be glad you did! thank you so much Sabrina you know who from.. Love light xx K

K From Eastmidlands On 30/11/-0001

honest reader

sabrina is amazing shes so straight to the point and shes lovely ive had three readings with her and they all happened what she said.highly recommended

Josephine From Australia On 30/11/-0001

Beautiful Reader

Sabrina thanks so much for giving me a lovely Reading! You are a beautiful, caring, loving and a great listener! Thanks for giving me peace of mind as I have been in a lot of turmoil these last few months! Will definitely talk to you again as I know things will definitely turn out positive! Thanks so much Josie from Oz xxoo

Jj From Australia On 30/11/-0001


Sabrina thank you so much for your reading you are truly gifted and picked up on my situation instantly just want to say how happy I am now and I will be back love and light Madeleine

Madeleine From Newcastle On 30/11/-0001


I have been wanting to speak to Sabrina for a long time finally got through to her and the money well spent she told me my mums name that just passed and all about my relationship I'm so happy I will be back thank you so much.

Louise From Yorkshire On 30/11/-0001

Put me at ease :)

Sabrina is very good at what she does, she has such a good way about her when you talk to her and she picked things up so accurately, I will definitely call back :) x thank you again :)

CDB From London On 30/11/-0001


I've had a few readings with Sabrina and her confidence and consistency is always the same. I believe she is honest and genuine n look forward to the predictions, sabrinas voice is beautiful an very soothing I highly recommend any one to call her I could truely talk to this lady all day and never get tired of listening to her. Many thanks xxx

Stu From Hexham On 30/11/-0001


Sabrina is a wonderful reader. she is uplifting, confident and sympathetic. She was accurate with my current situation. Waiting for her predictions to come true!!

Aisha From Manchester On 30/11/-0001

So kind

What a kind and lovely lady. Thank you so much Sabrina I can now sleep tonight. I will call again soon xxx

EL From Brighton On 30/11/-0001


Thanks Sabrina for another lovely reading! This is the second time I have spoken to you and can't believe you remembered who I was and picked up on my situation exactly like last time! Your lovely and caring and thanks so much for the laugh! Talk to you again love Josie xxoo

Jj From Australia On 30/11/-0001


Thanks so much Sabrina for always listening to me, your like my best friend always putting my mind at ease! Love you girl talk soon xxoo

Jj From Australia On 30/11/-0001

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