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I have had so many reading with Chris, that l have lost count. Chris is truthful with empathy. When Chris delivers good news, that’s really special. All of Chris’ predictions have come true! I have spoken to Chris for a year now! I am shocked how she is more busy cause! Chris is amazing. Please give Chris a chance you won’t regret it! Once again thank you Chris! Leanne x

Leanne From Australia On 30/03/2019


Absolutely amazing! Spot on with no questions asked. Thank you for a great reading

From On 29/03/2019

3rd reading and still very happy

Thanks Chris - you tapped in and read clearly and the info appears to be very much on the nail. Many thanks.

Libran From Aus On 03/03/2019

accurate and lovely!

Chirs is the real deal,, fast and accurate with your reading. No messing around, she is right on it. And she is very nice too. Thankyou !

eve From northamptonshire On 02/03/2019


She’s the best . Thank you !

Laura From England On 01/02/2019

The best

This lady will tell you a timeline that she has proven to be accurate with time and again since May for me last year.I always go to her because she will tell you truth and no messing around and sees everything no holding back from truth.Predictions always come true.God Bless a wonderful Lady! Jan.

From On 11/01/2019

Love her reading

Awsome !!! Straight to the point.

R From Sydney On 11/01/2019

If you want the truth ask this lady 100 per cent fast and accurate every time.My go to reader...totally love her direct and accurate approach.

From On 14/12/2018


Hi Chris, I have spoken to you twice now and bith times you have been spot on!! My favourite psychic by far xxoo Josie

From On 24/11/2018


Chris you are a wonderful and honest psychic spot on with everything! You tell it as it is and that’s what I like about you! Will definitely talk to you again luv Josie form Oz xxoo

From On 17/11/2018

Chris is an absolutely amazing reader.She has made so many accurate predictions this past few months for me and never wastes time.She is very straightforward and tells you exactly what she sees without pretending there will be fairy tale outcomes if they aren't shown.I like this honesty because she is accurate and truthful.She always says she will tell you what she shes so you are warned and if people don't like that kind of honesty and aren't looking for accurate readings or want sugar coatings or dishonesty...then this is not the reader for you.She is so brilliant at getting to the truth of any situation especially complex ones that seem confusing and deciphering it for you.Bless her always. Very honest professional straightforward reader.

From On 06/11/2018

thank you x

amazing professional reader x

From On 01/11/2018

My favorite reader!

Wow what can l say! I have had so many reading with Chris. Chris has proven to be spot on with her predictions. Please give Chris a chance you will never be disappointed. Thank you Chris l know l wasn’t easy person to deal with at times! But you always bring the best in me! Love Leanne xx

Leanne From Australia On 20/10/2018


She has been spot on again with another prediction unfolding already since my last reading.She is so accurate and honest.She just gets straight into the reading with no questions asked and is so respectful of the fact you have little time or are constrained and gives 100 per cent regardless to help you.A true gifted amazing angel Lady.God Bless you always Chris!!!!!!

j From On 08/09/2018

Love her

To the point, accurate and clear and concise. No time wasted, just validations and helpful info. 2nd read and will def be back again.

Lyn From Aus On 08/09/2018


Chris I am always so grateful to you for navigating for me and predictions that just keep being so concise and accurate.God Bless.

From On 25/08/2018

short, sweet and on the nail

Thank you for the clarity and advice to wait. Will do!! :)

L From o/s On 23/08/2018


The best reader!!!!

From On 16/08/2018

My first reading with this lady yesterday Amazing!

She picked up very quickly on my situation and I am excited for all the predictions to unfold. Thank you for all your help. Miss Palmer from the East Midlands. :) :)

From On 16/08/2018


100 pc correct

From On 04/08/2018

Great reading with Chris. She is spot on with her validations, she explains things in a kind and honest manner. Now it's my decision and I have to remember to listen to my inner voice

From On 06/06/2018

Thank you

Sorry Chris, my time ran out. Really enjoyed the reading with you. Chris is scheduled a calm and straight too the point reader, who gets straight too it which I respect very much. Thank you for a lovely reading God bless

Martha From Australia On 11/04/2018

Lovely reading

Thank you for the clarification about past and future. I look forward to MArch and contact... yippee..

Lynda From Perth On 06/02/2018


Im so sorry Chris we got cut off, i went to top up but tapped a wrong digit and got cut off. Tried again and u were busy. Thank you for what you told me in the short time we spoke. God bless x

From On 31/01/2018

Prediction !

Had to call this lady back we spoke about a man returning and I couldn’t place who she meant ! Then out the blew down to the last detail the person she described is back! I had to call her to let her know she was bang on! Thank you again! Just amazing ! Still gobsmacked ! Hope the rest of your predictions come to light I’m sure they will ! X

H From On 29/01/2018

Real Reader

Bang on the money. Straight to the point, no fluff she just gets on with it. Thanks. x

From Scotland On 11/01/2018

Very clear reading

Thankyou a very clear and straight to the point look forward for the out come.

Ann From Australia On 10/01/2018

Straight to the point

Really good, straight to the point, no fluff.

Optimist From London On 08/01/2018

Clear and concise

Thank you for telling me that the road ahead is smooth sailing - and very positive. Sounds fabulous and not before time. Many thanks

Lynda From Perth On 07/01/2018

Wow...eerily spot on

Wow...where has this lady been hiding? I had my first reading with Chris 20 minutes ago. No questions I divulged no information (as always..too many frauds in this industry), she just started shuffling and asked me which card pile I wanted to choose....bam....first up,she was right onto my situation. I pray that her predications come to light.... I highly recommend her to anyone...

Bren From Australia On 04/01/2018

Good connection

She is very good and known what she doing and to do for reading any aspect for my life. Glad to chat to you. Recommended. Thankuou very much. X

Anniza From Brisbane - Australia On 03/01/2018


When I first came to this lady, she gave me a bit of information about the lady the person I was seeing left me for. I was surprised but took her reading with pinch of salt . 2 months later, i have realized she was 100 percent spot on.i now trust whatever she says. Noone else picked up this info and to the level to detail she picked up.

Eva From On 30/12/2017

Thanks Chris!

Great reader, saw the situation clearly and surprised me with what she could see. I will ring you again.

M From Ozzie On 28/12/2017

Really wonderful!!

Accurate! Flows quickly with no info. Picks up so amazingly! Look forward to the next few weeks and will call soon. Thankyou Chris! Deb

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 20/12/2017

Very good

There was a bit of card shuffling initially but worth the wait.. delivered an accurate reading in .minutes with no questions asked. Will call again xx

Sanda From UK On 06/12/2017

W . W

This lady was spot on and very quick accurate. I asked her a couple of questions and wow Chris is great information flowed and she is a lovely lady . Thank you Chris

Wendy turner From Lincolnshire On 29/11/2017

Amazing Relationship reading

Thanks so much.

From On 17/11/2017


if any1 was to tell me i would start havivg readings with this guy and he would give me predictions that actually came true and this guy would have the ability to tell me detailed information about my life and people in my life just as Chris has, i wouldnt have believed them for a second but thats exactly what Chris has showed me and im flabbergasted!

jake From Warrington On 09/11/2017


Really insightful.. No guesswork, no opinions just a straight forward reading. Would highly recommend and I will be in contact with this lady again! Thanks Chris x

S From UK On 03/11/2017

Awesome Reading

Thank you Chris. A very lovely lady. She picked up on major things going on in my life pretty quickly without any prompting from me. Genuine, give her a go.

Jenny From Perth, Australia On 30/10/2017

great reading

wow this lady really good very happy with my reading would recommend thank you chris xxx

pauline From On 29/10/2017

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