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Great reader, lovely woman! Accurate insights. Thank you x

Sg From Uk On 28/03/2019

Thank you

Brilliant and spot on! Great counsel. Genuine compassionate woman. So grateful

From On 21/02/2019

Awesome!!!! The REAL DEAL

Deena is a phenomenal reader and I'm so appreciative of her insight which has given me the clarity I needed

Roshea From England On 16/02/2019

Top psychic on here.Jan.x

From On 15/02/2019


I’m so sorry my phone died! Deena was absolutely amazing, gave me some incredibly hopeful predictions which I am very excited to come to pass, and was very kind and funny! Would recommend to anyone!

Josh From UK On 09/02/2019

So accurate .I was cut off due to funds and lost her whilst topping up to another.She is funny and 100 per cent correct really puts so much into her readings. Blessings,Jan.

From On 20/01/2019


Great reading... highly recommended

Usa From On 17/01/2019


She is the real deal! She is amazing and well worth a call! She pickes up on everything! Well recommended xxx

Marianna From Surrey On 16/01/2019

Favourite reader

This is the first time I’ve put up a review on here.. But Deena is amazing she predicted something to me months ago about my romantic situation and warned me about it, it wasn’t something I wanted to hear but nevertheless it happened only recently. She was 100% spot on. Please give her a try she’s a real gem

From On 22/09/2018


This lady is worth her weight in gold...total gem!!!! Bless you!

Janet From On 15/09/2018


Deena was spot on the situation and without any prompting gave accurate information. Highly recommend, don't miss out this fantastic lady. I will call you soon.

M From London On 04/08/2018


Deena has been so accurate in her readings, Straight to the point connected perfectly. Highly recommended. Amazing reader. Thank you. M x

From On 22/07/2018

So uplifting and true

Deena is such a positive reader, she will tell the truth however illogical. She does not try to make sense of your situation, she reads it as it is and you can definitely know that it's yours so accurate she is. She finds the positive side to events and really clears all black clouds. She is kind and ger energy resonates through the phone. I can't wait to feedback on the time frame she gave me. Try her if you can, you won't be dissapointed.

G From Lincolnshire On 14/07/2018

Wow you know everything!

Thank you Deena you were bloody fantastic, I’ll definitely be back to catchup and for more information. Xxx

From Uk On 02/06/2018

Lovely lovely lady

Hi Deena - Thank you for my reading this evening - Just to let you know that you have made me feel really uplifted, you are also spot on with everything that you said.... Thank you, thank you, thank you....H'adrian!!! Hehe - x

Claire From Wales On 13/05/2018

Really lovely and spot on

So down to earth, honest and was spot on with my situation around work, relationships and family. Thank you Dee xx

Sharon G From London On 08/04/2018


WOW! Lovely lady, accurate, sweet and very friendly. Pleasure talking with her she really lifted up my spirit and gave me great advices. The reading was on spot. Cant wait for the predictions to come true. Will update soon. Thank you, God bless you xxx

B From On 17/03/2018


This lady is bang on the money! She picked up immediately on my situation. She confirmed my innermost thoughts and feelings...magic! A lovely person too! Thanks Deena, Ronnie (claddagh ring)

Ronnie From Berkshire On 04/03/2018

Amazing reading

thank you for another great reading Deena, you are very quick and accurate with details! I will follow your advice. THANK YOU **** 5 Star Reader ****

Donna From London On 20/01/2018


So I got thru to speak to deena today as I just don't see the prediction coming to fruitation.. And she repeated what she said the first time round and remembered me! This time she even got his star sign which helped me validate him further, I was rambling on and on but once again she stayed strong with what her guide told her along with the cards, her Christina and Demi have stuck strong to what they see and say and all predicted something similar all which includes marriage.. They also picked up his star sign and gave me insights briefly. Fingers crossed on this one my love. I'll keep you posted and hope he balls up away from His manipulative family lol. Love ya ;)

Ess From On 13/01/2018


Deena- if took ALOT out of me to share my experience regarding my breakup and the dynamics surrounding it! We both agreed that logically it was over and I should walk but your spirit guide and the cards suggested that based on my actions- Iv scared him Off LOL (I was in a bad place pushing him) but like the other readers Iv consulted you predicted contact in January.. I'm not sure but I'll wait it out ❤️❤️

Ess From West Midlands On 23/12/2017


She is straight to the point, she can tune into the truth. With her thre is no guessing. She does not pretend to be psychic that's what I love about her. And she had a beautiful vibe about her. Xxxxx

E From London On 11/11/2017


Deena was absolutely spot on & her accuracy in my current situation was shocking. Deena said I was would get contact within 10 days but she feels it could be imminently and I received a text message within the hour. I’m looking forward to seeing if the rest of your predictions unfold.

B From London On 26/10/2017


She new exactly the reason of my call without me saying a word. A prediction she made ab someone I didnt spoke with for about a year came to fruition the same day!! Her reading was Excelent!!!

C From New Jersey On 26/10/2017


I'll keep this short and sweet... have a reading with Deena. I've had many readings she's the best talent, skill but also gentle loving and bursting with information to share with you. So annoying trying to get through to het especially when she rarely is available!!!!!! A true gem.

Me From London UK On 25/10/2017


Definitely recommend, straight to the point. So funny

Nicole From England On 24/10/2017

Gorgeous woman

Hi Deena thanks so much for a wonderful reading today and I'm sorry I got cut off. This woman says exactly what her guides tell her and gives an honest non judgemental reading. She will give you a lot of information and answer all your questions. I felt a real connection with her and I'm sure she will be very busy soon. Call her you won't be disappointed. Thanks again Deena xx

J From London On 22/10/2017


Lovely lady. Instant connection. Caring and fun. Accurate re past. Now waiting for predictions. Highly recommended.

From wirral On 14/10/2017

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