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It’s better to call Rob than to get an IM reading with him because it takes him forever to type a simple line / sentence on IM.

From On 28/08/2020


Thank you Rob. Picked up situation with out any prompting needed. Gave information very clearly. Professional and very easy to talk to. Fantastic reader

Emma From Cardiff On 29/05/2020

Spot on

Soon picked up on what I asked him , explained clearly what which card meant and gave me hope all will get sorted out for the better .

Sue From Glos UK On 12/04/2020

Absolutely amazing reader

Thank you Rob you are absolutely fabulous. I love how you read and how accurate you picked up on everything. Many thanks. Big hugs xxx

Girl that does not sound her age From Scotland On 02/04/2020


Had a very detailed and professional reading with Rob this afternoon. Although somewhat stuck in a rut with my personal circumstances at present, things in the coming months sound much brighter. I very much look forward to these brighter days, when they come along. Rob gave me a very detailed prospective of how things are also looking around another person from my past. Just as I thought! I’ll be back to give Rob an update in the coming months. Please give him a try. You WONT be disappointed. Thanks Rob for your help and guidance.

Leighton From Brighton, SouthCoast UK On 31/03/2020


Truly amazing. Rob was able to pick up information on my two POI and provided me with so much detail as if he knew them. I was amazed.

Emmanuella From UK On 01/03/2020

Great reader , Highly recommended !

First reading, amazed by his ability to tune in and use the cards in a very unique way he doesn't do the boring redaing of the cards but he just translate what they mean with much validations. Very accurate at describing the situations and predictions in line with other good redears on this site. Rob is very caring, genuine, professional and kind . Sorry run out minutes but will be back Blessings and love xxxx

From On 11/02/2020


Thank you

From On 07/02/2020


So glad Rob is back - had a fantastic reading with him today. He had previously predicted correctly which I was happy to update him on. He carefully helped me pull apart a very complex situation - piece by piece. Rob has an excellent understanding of the cards and is able to articulate them with depth and clarity. This coupled with is own wisdom made for another excellent reading. Thank you Rob.

From UK On 30/01/2020

Thank you

Excellent reading, thank you

Claire From Edinburgh On 08/09/2018

Lost husband and complicatiins

Hi Rob called around 3pm for ages about stables and goings on. Very accurate your take on it all. Sorry my phone cut off just as you were saying the other woman gets a boast from my boyfriend. I wasnt being off with you but my mobile minutes ended so you might have thought i didnt like what you said. Sorry it was accurate i feel. Didnt hear the ending though. Thank you

JULIE From Essex On 04/06/2018


Rob said that I'd find more shocking truth that will drain any remaining warm feelings for my ex. This actually happened straight after your call. Found something that has made me realise that my ex has been up to so many questionable and disturbing things that it makes me sick to my stomach and angry as you predicted. So accurate and thanks for making this break up a doddle.

J From U.K On 30/05/2018

Rob will tell you how it is and what the cards are telling him. I not a fan of cards but Rob picked up on my situation 100%.

From On 21/05/2018

tunes in

I felt Rob really knew his tarot and tuned into the energy of the situation and good insights to my situation - helpful and reassuring - thanks Rob X

Me From Uk On 15/05/2018

Consistently amazing!!

An hour flew by! Always amazing and super accurate and positive!! A gift to have talked to you over the years! Thankyou and keep you posted on my awesome journey ahead x

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 02/05/2018

Pure Genius

U get wat u ask for. He reads the cards. No waffling or advice of a patronising nature. Shows u straight away his psychic ability. So accurate, spot on. Best reader I have had from this service. Worth every penny. Enjoyable. Rung him early morning made my day!

Maria From Birmingham On 24/02/2018

Rob, just does the job. Reads the cards and does the talking. No waffling or advice to run up your phone bill. Very accurate and is definitely psychic. Best ever reading.

From On 24/02/2018

He is good

Very nice man, enjoyable reading. Validations made very clearly and predictions are realistic. Thank you.

From scotland On 01/02/2018

First Time Call

Just a quick review to say I wish I had called sooner Rob definitely has a psychic ability. Many thanks Mrs Pritchard

Mrs Prichard From Berrick On 20/09/2017

My Fav On here

You have to search for the best reader that you connect with and I was about to give up - got through to Rob by mistake or possibly fate not only is Rob very interesting a real mind of knowledge he does understand so much by me saying so little - Really helped to see where my life was going. S Tate Mrs

Susan Tate From Swindon On 20/09/2017

Excellent reader

Thank you Rob for such an excellent connection and reading .Got the personalities of the people involved so spot on I had to hold back the laughter You have a brilliant insight and a very caring and as promised a non judgmental view of people,which is highly refreshing.It was a real pleasure to speak with you and very reassuring .Thank you so much xx

Sarah From Uk On 06/09/2017

Thank you Rob

Hi Rob, thank you so much for the reading this morning. Sorry my phone battery died hence the call got cut off. I will remember the analogy you were explaining to me of "compartments" and thank you so much for helping me out. Will speak to you on Tuesday. You are a star! I highly recommend your readings.

Kavita From London On 22/08/2017

My Reader Awesome Guy

Rob has been awesome every time and very honest and direct. Love his practical sense when reading, he makes everything clear, and his predictions so far for me have come to light and when he is not online I must admit I get frustrated. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Clare From UK On 09/08/2017

Thank you

Would just like to say thank you.

Sam From Worcestershire On 04/07/2017

Nothing came true so won't call again

Most readers are great at validations but few predictions come true. Rob's predictions never materialize

Margaret From UK On 30/06/2017

Genuine, accurate and truthful

Such a lovely person who is genuine about his readings with accuracy.... there was no hesitation or assumption just the truth and focused on the matter in question. Real gem... Thank you...

Jazz From Birmingham On 31/05/2017

Thank you

I enjoyed talking to rob. Such a great guy to speak to. Thank you

From Ny, Nu On 31/05/2017


I have just had an amazing reading with Rob. He explained the cards so well and he is so gifted. I read his reviews and agree with everyone else he is certainly one of the best on this site - to me he is the best. Thank you and I will keep you updated. It will be lovely to speak to you again

Elaine From Australia On 26/04/2017


Such a lovely kind and calm reader. Accurate, clear and concise. Thank you. xx

Ires From Melbourne On 01/04/2017

Awesome reader

I spoke with rob early this morning bout my love life I couldn't sleep thanks rob for giving me hope a clarity you were spot on with what you said my head feels much clearer Noe thanks to you .and I also look forward to your predictions happening soon fingers cross :)

Maria From Uk On 28/03/2017


I last spoke to Rob in April and rang again for the same subject it was like he just turned over a page in a book and read what comes next from the Aprils conversation totally amazing reading ! Very Gifted reader Thank You Rob x

Helena From North East uk On 16/11/2016


Wow, this is the real deal. Rob is extremely on point with details about people. He is very mindful of your time so a quick reader. Rob will make sure to give you time for questions also. I am eager for his predictions to come true. Will come back!

mk From West Coast On 16/11/2016

Thankyou Amazing as always!!

The hour disappeared!! Tried to call back but another caller beat me to it! I just feel even stronger and know things will be fine. Call you back soon with news.

Deb From Alice Springs, Australia On 09/11/2016

So Gooooood!!

One of the most amazing readings I have had on this site. He was gentle in the way he explained everything. I went into this reading hoping to hear some good news and I did. It confirmed what I was feeling about the person in question. Rob's reviews were great so I am glad I listened to them as I wanted somebody who was honest, no sugar coating and a very good reader and that is what I got.

Elaine From Australia On 08/11/2016

Amazing and accurate

Absolutely amazing and accurate. Has been spot on about everything in my past readings so had to leave a review. He has a way of putting things forward so you actually understand and he takes you on the journey that he sees for you. He doesn't sugar coat at all and is quite honest so you are aware of the whole picture. He is a very gifted person and the cards just confirm what he already can sense. Superstar Rob!!! Many thanks xo

J From Australia On 06/10/2016

thanks u were awesome

Hi Rob Sorry cut short the conversation i didnt want the call/minutes to dc without saying thanks. u explained the situation spot on it was brilliant. everthing u said made sense to the current sitution. i highly recommend u.

Daniella From Melbourne Austalia On 09/09/2016


Rob, as always, just incredible! Thorough, calming, positive. Accurate & Clear. I am so looking forward to the next few months. Will be back in touch xo

Deb From Alice Springs, Australia. On 16/08/2016

Roll on September

Good reading with Rob today. Given me a better feeling for the future, looking forward to September prediction and things moving forward between myself and the lady I was asking about. Fingers crossed it all happens as predicted.

Carl From On 14/08/2016


Very good reader. Extremely accurate and a master at reading the cards. Will definitely contact Rob again.

Kerry From Cardiff On 25/05/2016

He is very good

I find it magical that I was given such a similar reading practically card for card and word for word as a reading I had recently from another excellent reader on this site- John. I love tarot, isn't it an incredible tool! Thanks Rob you are brilliant-on point, fast, clear and amazingly well tuned in. Call with confidence.

Sarah From London On 10/05/2016

A blessing

I don't want to share him. I'm truly grateful for your reading and understanding. You explained everything and what's good is, as a male reader, you speak from a man's perspective. When my head was beginning to overrule my heart you told me not to give up and that's there too much energy between us - thank you.

Anon From Birmingham On 08/05/2016

Love reading

thank you for the reading! very accurate and tuned in well to my situation :D looking forward to the future x

jess From UK On 06/05/2016


Rob was very accurate very reassuring has a natural ability to see what's happening in your life and tells you how it is and helps you to understand why it's happening . Have no fear Rob is GENUINE and Gifted don't hesitate to call him . Thank You Rob .

Helena From North East England On 26/04/2016

Amazing!! A hundred stars ????!!

Rob we ran out of time!! Honestly I can't thankyou enough!!! Will keep you posted!! Deb xo

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 02/03/2016

Thank you your Amazing Rob so blessed to know you.

Thank you Rob your guidance was spot on. You told me about someone who had lost his job 2 weeks later it happened he found out he lost his job. Others told me to move on you encouraged me to endure and you were right again.thank you for developing your gifts for us.

Louise From Australia On 16/02/2016

Thank you

Thank you for your reading, I hope and pray for your insight to manifest in the near future. Love and light.

Donatella From Australia On 05/01/2016


First reading with Rob he was correct about everything and timings, one prediction has already happened

Anna From Hertfordshire On 03/01/2016

Just Amazing!!

Wow what a truly gentle soul! Very thoughtful & considerate of feelings, but delivers it exactly the way it is. He hit the nail on the head & described me & my situation unbelieveably spot on! Thank you Rob your a star!

Rosh From N.Ireland On 20/10/2015

Brilliant WOW

I was in state over my relationship got put through an amazing accurate reading spot on brilliant gave me faith to continue and mad me laugh and lifted my energy very very good im a perfectionist and give advice to my friends but this guy seemed to see your life whats coming and give you peace and serenity to continue knows his stuff gotxa real gift real deal very very good wow factor xxxlove light very impressed sorted my mind

Angel wings From Reading On 06/10/2015

My shining light

I travel a lot, having to leave my young family to make enough money to give them a better life than I have. Leaving my children is so painful, for the months I am in England, I see their faces crying as they wave me away. It haunts me and I feel so alone every night when my work day is finished. I have a friend who is very spiritual and she convinced me to ring and speak to a professional to give me guidance and strength and that is when I spoke to Rob. His words let me see the biggest picture, putting every thing in perspective. It does not take pain away, but helps me to deal with my situation I am in. You are my English shinning light, thanking you so much for the inner strength you have helped me develop.

Magda Podolska From Warsaw & Essex On 30/11/-0001

Spot on

Wow first time i had a reading with Rob concerning love relationship, was amazed how spot on he was with the situation and with this other person. Felt so at ease after talking with Rob and confident in what will unfold. Concerning relationships Rob is the one to go too.

Marissa From Sydney On 30/11/-0001


I've had a couple of readings with Rob and he's always so spot on, non judgemental and always leaves me feeling comforted. I especially love that he explains the card meanings and how they relate to your situation in detail. He is bang on with timeframes and he moves at a quick pace also. Rob one of the best and most accurate readers I've ever had and he definitely has a lifetime customer in me. Highly recommended, thanks a million Rob!

Roseanna From Australia On 30/11/-0001

What a reading should be like

Had to review Rob as he really is one in a million when it comes to love and romance readings really spot on in every respect. With matters of the heart it can be a little nerve racking but Rob has a way that puts you at your ease within moments. When you want real info this is the guy to call trust me he has really given me sound advice. Will call again definite. Beth

Beth Ingrams From Croydon On 30/11/-0001

Just thanks - Will call next week for an update

Second reading with Rob no wonder he is so often busy he is really good.

Mrs Kay Melton From Bournemouth Dorset On 30/11/-0001

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Hi I mainly use the Tarot cards and crystals to give you a fulfilling reading. I have been offering readings for over 30 years and I specialize with problems of the heart. I am a member of the psychic university and practice my abilities daily. I work as a medium and can assist you in contacting your loved ones. I also offer guidance with career issues. PIN NUMBER 8061

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I have many years experience in tarot card reading. I am naturally a very intuitive person and I connect using voice vibration. I also have the ability to connect with spirits and how to interpret the messages I receive from them. I meditate frequently to keep my abilities on top form. PIN: 3107

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I do tarot reading, I feel I am very spiritual and have been doing so for about 2-3 years. I can offer a callers a very insightful reading and feel I am very easy to talk to and connect with. I specialize in tarot readings using tarot cards and can feel a insight-fullness into your life using the cards. I have been practicing tarot reading for about 2 years now but feel I have always been a spiritual person. I use my spiritual intuition as well as my tarot cards. PIN: 4191

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I offer an Enlightening, non judgmental and hopefully enjoyable reading. My psychic gifts have always worked best when inspired by the Tarot cards. I have used the same deck for 27 years, tried others but, always return to my special ones. After all these years I am still prepared & enjoy fresh ideas & I am currently living in Spain putting the final touches to a romance language that has always fascinated me. PIN: 8739

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I am psychic clairvoyant, clairsentient and medium with over 15 years of experience. I connect with my spirit guides and loved ones who have passed over. I can offer detailed and insightful readings that offer callers clarity and peace of mind in a straightforward way. I specialise in all areas like work and relationships, and I use my spiritual gift and spirit guides to connect naturally with people by sensing their energy. PIN: 6320

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Goldie, Is an Spiritualist Church evidential medium, clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient with over 25 years experience. She specialises in tarot readings in love and career/work readings and has been working on live psychic lines for over 14 years. She is a Professional Astrologer, great listener is non judgmental and sympathetic. Pin 5484

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My bloodline runs all the way back to the earliest days of the Tarot cards. So it seemed inevitable that I would start to read them when I was very young. I have been reading professionally since the turn of the century. I also use Angel cards and sometimes the runes as well. I give caring,compassionate, advice in readings that are non judgemental and confidential. I can advise you on problems concerning love,work,general finances,home and family. PIN: 3030

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I am a Professional Tarot Reader and Spirit Coach, with over twenty years’ experience. I’m able to give you clear understanding using the Tarot, about your current and future situations, assisting you to make positive decisions in regard to relationship and career matters. I became aware of my gift as a teenager, my intuition and guides warned me about a particular person, which I managed to avoid with their help. I have trusted my intuition and guides ever since. PIN: 1470

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Busy For 17 Minutes

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I am a medium and Angel card reader and also a Spiritual Healer. I have experience in reading for all kinds of people needing assistance along their paths in life. I will help with a loving message from a loved one, or, a compassionate Angel message through the cards. I like to work direct with spirit and gain confirmation for you. PIN: 1296

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I have over twenty years experience as a Tarot card reader,both over the phone and on a face to face level. When you contact me for a reading you can be assured that I will find all the aspects of the situation that is going on around you.I can focus on past influences,the dilemma that is challenging you at the present,and a way forward that provides a long lasting positive final outcome. PIN: 1387

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