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Excellent, straight to the point but new exactly what was happening in my life without any prompting. Thanks

V From England On 07/03/2019

Clear with no prompting

Thank you for the amazing reading. You gave me hope and saw right into the situation without prompting from me. Wish me luck. Sorry my time ran out.

From On 12/02/2019

General reading

I had a very good reading. I make sure not to give any leading question or answer and she did not even ask . She is one of the best here. Waiting for prediction which am sure will happen. Thank you

Rita From London On 10/02/2019

Just amazing

Just had most amazing reading never asked questions just straight to the point think Leah gonna b busy soon recommend give her call you won’t be disappointed spot on thank you so much lovely lady xxx def phone again xxx

Deeeebbbeee From Scotland On 20/11/2018

Amazing lady and reader

Thank you for always being so great. Her predictions are amazing! The way she can link in is oustounding!!

Helanah From York On 03/11/2018


Unfortunately we got of but what a lovely, reassuring ready. Thank you Leah I look forward to the next few months and seeing what unfolds!

Kristy From Australia On 09/10/2018

Great reading thank you!!

Picked up the energy straight away and was able to give guidance where things are at and spot on!! Thank you

Angela From Australia On 09/10/2018

Amazing clarity!

Our time ran out! Thankyou Leah! A great reading! Accurate information and clear predictions. I’m super excited! about the near future xx

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 02/10/2018

Clear and accurate

Excellent connection - short and sweet and to the point - well connected with Spirit and able to interpret really well. Thank you.

Lyn From Aus On 02/10/2018


Leah was very intuitive , she knew my situation very well. Didnt ask me know questions. A true psychic. Sorry the phone cut off but thank you for the reading! looking forward to the predictions

A From london On 18/09/2018


thank you Leah sorry my credit ran out! But thank you for a really helpful and positive reading ... look forward to the outcome and sure will be in touch again you are a lovely easy person to talk to.. and no bluffing!

amanda From france On 16/09/2018


Thank you very much Leah. You are so amazing. Lovely lady xx

Helanah From York On 15/09/2018


She is just incredible .....so amazing!!!!

From On 02/09/2018


What a lovely lady.Already had one of her predictions confirmed by man in question after just an hour....so kind,accurate and fast it just flows.God Bless.

jan From On 18/08/2018

very good straight forward

thank you Leah, very insightful and straight forward reading. Blessings and love A

From uk On 26/07/2018


Truely gifted! Thank you so much for such a beautiful and intune reading! Really something very special!

Heln From York On 15/05/2018

Excellent - Simply the Best

I was cut off from my original psychic when I rang back I was connected to Leah - must have been for good reason she was excellent. Very tuned into my situation. I am hoping and sure things will turn out as she predicted

Elaine From Australia On 08/05/2018

Leah is Right on Point, Money well spent, Will Call her Again

Leah got straight to the root of the matter in question and was able to see clearly exactly what I should focus on. I had gut feelings about my situation which ran contrary to what others were telling me and Leah was able to confirm things I was feeling and give me strong assurance that I am on perfectly on track. There was nothing generalised or standard psychic types of answers, everything she shared was right on point. I am very impressed Leah, thank you with all my heart. You are an excellent reader. I highly recommend you and hope to speak to you again. x

From On 20/03/2018


I have just come off of the phone to Leah, she was absolutely amazing and picked up on my situation straight away. She was not only accurate but also gave clear and precise information and I just wanted to say that every minute of this reading is worth paying for. Thank-You Leah, ur a star!

Charlene From London On 11/03/2018

Man with hair

I connected with Leah straight away. She didn't ask any questions. and was spot on. She has a good sense of humour, and delivers the future predictions very well. I will be in touch when the predictions resonate. Thank you

Penny From Somerset On 08/03/2018

I'm not sure why Leah does not have more reviews, maybe she is new to the site but she is very good with her validations, describing people and situations. Gave me hope for the future and a way to get out of the hole I feel like I'm living in.

From On 27/02/2018

good reading

picked up on the person concerned time will tell if he will get in touch thanks

a From wales On 30/01/2018


Down to earth new what she was saying, made sense.. let you know what happends, But I know your right as I know my situation. Thnaks

Maria From Australia On 30/01/2018

2nd reading very positive

Looking forward to the near future for the unfolding on the perdition

A From Australia On 12/01/2018

Very clear

Very clear with lots of info

Ann From Australia On 07/01/2018

Leah is very gifted. An Amazing Lady. My heartfelt thanks.

Giulietta From Australia On 07/01/2018

Gave me Hope

Seemed to know what was going on without being told. She has encouraged me to take positive steps to resolve issues I thought were impossible to change. Now I must wait to see how effective Leah's advice will prove to be. I am hopeful of a good outcome.

Ivan From South Coast On 05/01/2018

Helped Me On My Journey

My life is complicated to say the least but after speaking to Leah it has put so much into place and has I must say given me great relief from the worrying as I do feel emotionally lifted up so I would like to say thank you for taking your time to talk to me and the great kindness you showed. Christie

Christie Baker From Bedford On 30/12/2017

I really enjoyed my reading.

"I felt this reader was very honest and to the point, she did not exaggerate on say things that felt out of place, or things that I would like to hear. I would definitely call and again and I topped up on my reading, it was a pleasant and positive experience. I am sure she will do very well on this site, loved the her grandmother coming through with sound advice on finances". ☺

Miss Palmer From East Midlands, UK On 28/11/2017

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