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Not to sure

Mary is nice to listen too but not sure about her predictions to be honest. She did not pick up the current situation correctly, her predictions were so different from other top readers, so il see what happens....

N From Uk On 09/12/2018


Thank you for such a wonderful reading. You are so in point in so many ways. My apologies that we just got disconnected, especially at a sensitive point. I receive all you have shared with me today. Much love, light and blessings to you, Gem

Gemma From London On 25/09/2018

Wow prediction come to pass 3 yrs on

Mary told me I will end up with a man with initial C that I’ll meet over a bridge. I will move in with him and so on! Then I called her 5 months later she said the same thing while not knowing who I was at all! So I thought she probably says this to everyone, does anyone else has heard the same prediction? Anyway 3 yrs down the line I met the man over that bridge in a very unusual way! Wow I guess she was correct although I never called her again

Bibi From Uk On 19/07/2018

Very Good

Precise, talented and very informative. Caring and compassionate.

Angela Griffiths From Cheshire On 08/05/2018

Great read

Thanks Mary so helpful...truly sweet lady who connected well to spirit...keep in touch

BARBARA G From Bacup uk On 03/05/2018

Mystic Mary is the only person in my life right now who treats me with kindness and respect. She is like the Mother/Grandmother I never had. She always tells me the same thing, I don't know when her predictions will happen, but I can only hope she is correct. Thank you Mary.

From On 09/08/2017

Hit the nail on the head.

Even though all aspects of the reading have not yet come to pass. Within 30 mins of the reading all began to reveal. This reading couldn't have got it anymore right than this. I am so happy I chose this readet

Patricia From London On 06/07/2017


What an absolute waste of money, hung up after 10 minutes. When she started to speak down to me like i was thick I ended call.

From On 31/03/2017


I had a love reading with Mary a few days ago, she amazed me. She gave me initials, names of roads, and lucky numbers. The lucky number she gave me, I already live at. How could she know this? And the road name she gave, I drive down it daily!! She told me about my past and present, and future x she was spot on with past and present. She really knew things and described them brilliantly. I loved her, warm and kind, and all this she gave me without me saying anything but my name. As for her predictions she has said the same as others so we shall see. Thank you Mary, I'm shocked you don't have more reviews. But your always busy too! Thanks so much you really helped me xx

C From West Midlands On 25/03/2017

Not good

Felt no connection. Said I'd move house get a ring and some of gift like a flower. 2 years later. Nothing.

Becci From North wales On 21/03/2017

some predictions

some of her predictions have come through for me but not all - I would say readings generally are 50/50 and I use them only as a guide and nothing 100% fixed in stone and sometimes things do take longer to come through - and we need to make things happen after all! saying that I rate her as pretty good!

Rose From UK On 17/02/2017

Thanks Mary. A five star reading and being a reader myself, I know how hard that is to accomplish. Thank u for your guiding light.

Wonderful From On 03/01/2017

Has anyone ever had Mary's predictions materialise? Because she has been giving me the same reading for 4 years and unfortunately Mr Wonderful never shows up. Mary is accurate with past and present and is a lovely, kind, gentle lady, I just wish her predictions would come true. Thanks.

From On 01/01/2017

Thank you. you beautiful soul!!!!! sorry we got cut off mary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I send you love from my heart xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx kerry with the house move to dadsxxxxxxxx

Kerry From Derbyshire On 11/07/2016

Very good read

Mystic Mary is the real deal. I was amazed at how accurate my reading was, and I didn't need to say anything. Very good reader indeed! Thank you

Simone From Basingstoke On 20/03/2016

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