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Spent a pleasurable hour talking to Doug and could have talked for much longer. I actually laughed over a situation that was quite gut wrenching to me, I love his analogies. Such a lovely, articulate and interesting man, could talk to him all night. Hope to speak to you again soon. Thank you Karen

From On 27/01/2019

Wisdom Wizard

Just got off the phone after a lengthy 1 hour 40 min chat with Doug. He is genuine & extremely knowledgeable. Amazing reading, insightful and extremely accurate! Would recommend to anyone, give him a call you won’t regret it!

Socorra From Leicester On 30/12/2018


Doug is so nice and a phenomenal reader! He picked up on my situations without me having to say a thing and was extremely accurate. He was so very kind and professional. I will definitely be calling him again!

From On 09/12/2018


Sorry we got cut off, I wanted to hear more

From On 23/11/2018

Thank you very much for sharing your talent!Your incredible Doug!

Annette From Arizons On 11/10/2018

Thank you Doug

Hi Doug. Im sorry i couldn't add more minutes. You were fantastic to talk to. Thank you so much for your guidance and advice. I do hope what you say comes true. All the blessings.

Justin From Melbourne On 30/08/2018

Blew me away!

Doug is amazing. He genuinely helped me and gave me exact explanations of what's been happening around me. He is super accurate. Gave predictions and timelines. His timings have been right so far. Thank you so much Doug, I wanted to thank you and say it really made a difference :) Please don't hesitate to call him, he is a great reader. - The one with the 'bachelor' ;)

P From Aus On 26/08/2018


Thank you Doug, I really understood everything you was trying to explain, and I really appreciate your efforts to help me. And we did have a laugh getting there. The cat opening the draws I hope you will remember. I will try you again. Best wishes

Claire From On 12/08/2018

Very kind and empathic

He picked up the situation well and named cards. He really had a deck. I would recommend him.

Debra From United States On 21/07/2018

Love Doug!

Thank you for repetitively getting my head straight! Not only have your predictions come to pass but I feel I understand human behaviour a lot more than I did. I’m happy to cry on your big Scottish shoulder any day! I am the girl who feels it’s her duty to serve others. You have taught me, it’s not a curse, it just has to be tweaked at times xx

Sara From Australia On 30/06/2018

Spoke to Doug today. Picked up that the particular person I was asking about has been giving me mixed signals and false hope but that is because he is confused. Did say that there will be a turn around in communication in about 4-6 weeks and things will become clearer for me over time.

From On 01/04/2018


Nice guy but nothing ever comes to pass

From On 04/02/2018

very helpful insight

Doug was fabulous at picking up the situation with no questions asked. Further discussion gave me a couple of very valuable tips, such as inconsistent communication and seven days for contact. Many thanks Doug - I do like your way of working.

Lynda From Perth On 04/02/2018

Thank you For your detailed reading. Pleasure speaking to you. Hope all you said cones to light. ..J from London with a felliw Scottish accent

From On 29/01/2018

Really good

Doug is very nice to talk to. You won't be disappointed

A From London On 23/01/2018


First prediction unfold! Fantastic man! Wait for other to unfold too! Thank you

F From Leeds On 11/01/2018

Very good Doug

Very good and spot on to my situation . He picked up the two mans in my life and the confusion i had at the moment not knowing where ch one of them to pick up. Well i set up my mind with the help of Doug and i know w now which path to choose. Thank you Doug!!

From On 07/01/2018


Doug is the real deal. He advised me of a specific situation and I am extremely happy that I liaised with him. Sorry I got cut off, I will definitely be calling back to see if I can get through to you. Ur advice was astonishing and amazing, again your the real deal. Charlene

charlene From London On 03/12/2017

Lovely reader

I told Doug I only had 9 mins—- but in those minutes he was extremely articulate, accurate, and tuned in. Sounds like such a lovely guy too. Sorry we got cut off— thank you Doug.

LD From NI On 26/11/2017


Thank u so much for making feel a lot better I can't wait for all this to unfold now thank u xxxx

Vicky From Wales On 21/10/2017


Doug is brilliant -first time with him -got to say he is best reAder by far -even better than Sadie who I rate 2nd and Charlie' 3rd

Alex From Melbourne On 01/10/2017

Prediction update !!

You told me things would be done with mediation..other party has agreed to mediation as you said they would thank you .i shall be calling again this week to speak to you about a privious matter we discussed .thanks again

Karen From Leeds ..West Yorkshire On 20/09/2017

Got cut off !

Sorry ..I was cut off.but had a great reading from Doug.very down to earth and straight to the point.waiting for predictions to unfold.thanks again Doug

Karen From Leeds .west Yorkshire On 17/09/2017

best reading I've had on here!

From a fellow reader: Had a reading from Doug a few days ago, and didn't get to write till now. This guy is the real deal, properly spiritually connected, and gives real advice with no bs. It helps that he has a gorgeous scottish accent, but honestly give him a try, you will not be disappointed! As a reader myself, I normally avoid the tarot, but this guy is so gifted and connected, clearly only uses the tarot as a tool, and is not reading from books about the tarot during the reading unlike some others I have had! His insights come from source, that's for sure! Thanks Doug for the amazing reading! Love and light to you and keep being amazing at what you do x

pisces From UK On 11/09/2017

Lovely guy, but....

Had an extended reading last night as I truly wanted to understand the psychology behind a person's behaviour, the reading was advice which I found confusing, psychoanalysis which becomes diluted as a result of flaws in perception and judgment is not something I want from a psychic reading. Lovely man, but please do not address issues which leave me confused and you trying t validate a train of thought. If what is predicted I swear I shall leave another testimonial and eat my words, but I was disappointed as your approach is confused and I think deep down you know it. God bless.

Magi From On 12/07/2017

Predictions came to pass..wow..

Hello sorry Doug I ran out of funds on phone we got disconnected.. But you read for me on 8/6 and predictions for one of the 2 has come to pass which I did mention to you. I enjoyed your reading and this man knows his stuff. Give him a go his worth all your time and money. thank you

caroline From edinburgh On 18/06/2017

Best reader I have had!

Doug, thank you so very much. You picked up on my situation straight away with no prompts. It was great. Thank you so much for talking with me after the cards. Your positivity helped me to see things from a different perspective, with how to approach communication and situations. I never write reviews, but I am amazed and in awe of your work I had to. Doug is very non judgemental, full of wisdom and easy to talk to. We had a giggle. Sorry I had to end the call so soon, I didn't want to cut out without thanking you. All the best, xx

Zana From UK On 02/03/2017


Excellent reading from Doug pickup situation to a T sorry got cut off, will let you know the outcome. Thank you

From Australia On 26/02/2017

Next door neighbour

Wonderful reading on that next door neighbour I have, this person is should be removed from the housing association you are right.

PRANAV AGNIHOTRI From Warwick On 26/02/2017

great reader

Doug is an amazing reader in that he managed to hone in on the man's character fears thoughts feelings. He even taught me the way to approach him and communicate. Which has been what im looking for. He doesnt tell me what is right or wrong. Non judgemental. I extended the reading for so long Thank you.

From perth On 12/02/2017


The best reader! :-)

Michelle From On 09/02/2017

Lovely to spk with

Doug is a very sweet man, that picked on my situation within seconds. Looking forward to the times ahead, and hoping all is going to workout. I will be in touch next month or so, hopefully to tell you the fist predictions have happened. Sorry we got cut off. Thank you

Gizza From Cornwall On 05/02/2017


It was great speaking with Doug - it was one part reading and one part counselling. He is different to some of the other readers as his wisdom really comes through. I really enjoyed the reading and wish that the 20 mins had not come up so fast.

Jackie From Australia On 29/01/2017

Amazing reading

So much wisdom, so intelligent and gave so much insight into how the male mind works. Excellent reading!

T From London On 09/01/2017

Thank You . . .

Thank you Doug - spot on with his persona :-)

Phil From Wiltshire On 13/11/2016

Excellent reader

Doug picked up on my situation, very detailed and honest reader. Doug also made me chuckle when he described my work environment, he got it to a T!! Thanks Doug, i'll see if your predictions come to pass.

Simone From South east On 10/10/2016

reading 9/10/16

EXCELLENT!! ACCURATE! iv just come off the best reading with you.You explained everything brilliantly. Looking forward to the coming month or so.. ill be in touch again.

Daniella From Melbourne Australia On 09/10/2016

So sweet

Doug. Sorry we got cut off. I really enjoyed our chat You had the person in question pegged to a tee. Thank you for the clarity on where he is coming from as well as helping me see what is in store if I choose to hang in there. It does comes down to what we want and what we can handle but being able to look at it objectively is the hard part and your gifts have helped with that. Thank you so much! Highly recommend!!!

Ro From Usa On 02/10/2016

The best

I was sceptical but this guy is the real deal.. every prediction has come to pass and not only this, but the style in which he delivers sage insights and inspiration are second to none. you will not be disappointed. Love this man.

Sunshine state From Surrey On 14/08/2016

Happy to hve found Doug again

I had two readings with Doug a while back when he was on another website and when he dissapeared from there I was very dissapointed. I am happy to have found him again on here, I did look for him for a long time! He made some predictions for me spanning 6 weeks and everything happened exactly how he said it would. I am looking forward to his new predictions coming true, I will keep you posted!

Cristian From Montreal On 26/07/2016

Doug is the best reader I've spoken to. He delivers insight, knowledge and advice with patience, understand and clarity. As an ongoing situation I'm in his help is invaluable. Thank you Doug

V From Norwich On 24/07/2016

Brilliant, insightful, pragmatic thank you for the clarity!!! A ( London)

From On 28/06/2016

Lovely person to speak with. Gave me loads of positivity, encouragement and some good advice for the things that are yet to come. Thank you Doug!

N From On 05/06/2016

Got cut off

Excellent reader ., very non judgemental and full of wise wisdom and encouragement xx

Lisa Higginson From London On 29/05/2016

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