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Welcome, my name is Trinity, I am an intuitive tarot card reader and spiritual healer. My aim is to inspire, inform and guide you with the help of my tarot cards. I use the cards in conjunction with my intuition to offer psychic guidance on any issue of concern. PIN: 3610



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Trinity - 3610

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I don’t want to write a review because she’s already so hard to get through to, that I selfishly don’t want her to get busier... but it’s telling when superhuman efforts are required to get through to a reader! IF you come on this site, she is one of the few that you MUST speak to. Effortless detail, great humour, ridiculous accuracy. My call cut off and I was devestated! Will definitely call through again. Provided me with answers and insights that I was unaware of! Thank you so much!! I thoroughly enjoyed my reading!

Natasha From On 04/02/2019

another prediction happened !

I had a reading with trinity in july and she saw a lot of coins and a lot of money coming in relation to work. I was suprised yesterday when i was called into a meeting. I was given a hefty bonus and a salary increase for September. Trinity had spoken of a female noticing all the work that I do.And much to say all my managers are female and she had spoken of recognition. My manager yesterday had thanked me for all my contribution nothing i had expected at all.Thanks Trinity I have posted before a prediction you saw with your cards. I will be back in october

Thankful From UK On 16/08/2018

Gave me hope

Lovely lady. Put me at ease, gave me hope. Waiting to see what happens.

Emma From South wales On 15/08/2018


I cannot over-state how good Trinity is. She is the most insightful Tarot reader I have ever come across. Predictions come true. Absolutely superb!

Anna From UK On 13/08/2018

Very good

Hi trinity, I cannot call u since ur line unavailable after our disconnection. I would like to thanks for the reading though. Accurate as usual

Vivienne From Australia On 06/06/2018


Big prediction happened Just WOW! The best reader

F From On 15/05/2018

Simply Amazed at the accuracy!

Thank you for my reading today. You read our situation really accurately. Seems my assumptions were way off... Couldn't see what was going on behind "The moon covering the sun.."...Lol.

wini From London On 13/05/2018


Prediction unfold! Thank you

F From On 11/05/2018

Prediction happened

I spoke to Trinity mid February. she did a relationship reading for me.She saw a meeting happening in the cards and I am happy to say that this meeting took place last week. I'm now looking forwards to the bigger predictions coming to fruition. For tarot I think she is now my go to. I hadn't told her anything about potentially meeting and she did not ask any questions

One of predictions happened From UK On 06/05/2018

What a Pleasure!

I had the pleasure of connecting with Trinity today and I she lifted my spirits with her warmth and compassion. She has a true gift and from other reviews, I look forward to the days ahead...of course free-will (I just call it being darn stubborn ;-)) plays a huge roll in how life pans out but we also know that the universe has a way of stepping in when things need to change as well...thank you - I have left the reading with such a warm feeling in my heart and it feels incredibly peaceful right now! Love and Light!

B From USA On 08/04/2018

Fabulous - real reader

Thanks ever so much you are so good at what you do from a fellow reader xxx

From On 07/04/2018


I only had 5 mins credit and she gave me masses of information in that time. We got cut of before i could say thank you. I would return here x

From SCOTLAND On 23/02/2018

Spot On

Thank you Trinity for a detailed reading. Every details you spoke about were spon on. Sorry the line got cut off, I promised will say properly say Goodbye to you before finishing our call. Love and light - C From Australia

C From Australia On 16/02/2018

Amazing accurate lovely person

Genuine reader. Trinity is Lovely. She is insightful and accurate. She told me everything. Without me saying anything about my situation. Answered all my questions. Trinity was friendly and patient with me. really lovely to speak with you sorry credit ran out before I could say thank you. Thank you trinity! Will call again.

Zara From London On 07/02/2018

Certainly the best reader ever

Thanks trinity I had the pleasure in having a reading with you this morning and I have to thank you for the wonderful news I be teceived a phone call saying it was accepted just like you said Thank you cxxx Will deffo using you again And will recommend you

Tania From Accrington. On 05/02/2018

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