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Finally got hold of Trinity after months of trying to get hold of her. She is lovely. Calm and reassuring. Didn’t say anything to begin with, picked up my situation immediately and gave me answers and timescales. Ended up chatting for w while. You could tell her anything, no judgement and a huge amount of compassion and empathy. Highly recommend x

Anon From Uk On 29/07/2019

Thank you thank

Thank you you you new more then me thank you for be honest I me may not like that he what back.but what you to no how grateful am to you.not only did find you good but find myself true call as well yes will miss him but because of your help I can get on with my life move forward with my gift.thing look good next year .I'll be in touch!.soon god bless Sharon x

Sharon From Stoke on Trent On 31/05/2019

My phone got cut off but let me say this woman knows what she is doing! Just brilliant !

From On 09/05/2019


I could write pages but I'll sum this up A true channel for spirit to remind me that the Universe have my back and to trust its all going to be as its meant . An amazing beautiful person and a true healer Thank you God Bless Helena 18.04.19. Xx

Helena From North East UK On 20/04/2019


I don’t want to write a review because she’s already so hard to get through to, that I selfishly don’t want her to get busier... but it’s telling when superhuman efforts are required to get through to a reader! IF you come on this site, she is one of the few that you MUST speak to. Effortless detail, great humour, ridiculous accuracy. My call cut off and I was devestated! Will definitely call through again. Provided me with answers and insights that I was unaware of! Thank you so much!! I thoroughly enjoyed my reading!

Natasha From On 04/02/2019

another prediction happened !

I had a reading with trinity in july and she saw a lot of coins and a lot of money coming in relation to work. I was suprised yesterday when i was called into a meeting. I was given a hefty bonus and a salary increase for September. Trinity had spoken of a female noticing all the work that I do.And much to say all my managers are female and she had spoken of recognition. My manager yesterday had thanked me for all my contribution nothing i had expected at all.Thanks Trinity I have posted before a prediction you saw with your cards. I will be back in october

Thankful From UK On 16/08/2018

Gave me hope

Lovely lady. Put me at ease, gave me hope. Waiting to see what happens.

Emma From South wales On 15/08/2018


I cannot over-state how good Trinity is. She is the most insightful Tarot reader I have ever come across. Predictions come true. Absolutely superb!

Anna From UK On 13/08/2018

Very good

Hi trinity, I cannot call u since ur line unavailable after our disconnection. I would like to thanks for the reading though. Accurate as usual

Vivienne From Australia On 06/06/2018


Big prediction happened Just WOW! The best reader

F From On 15/05/2018

Simply Amazed at the accuracy!

Thank you for my reading today. You read our situation really accurately. Seems my assumptions were way off... Couldn't see what was going on behind "The moon covering the sun.."...Lol.

wini From London On 13/05/2018


Prediction unfold! Thank you

F From On 11/05/2018

Prediction happened

I spoke to Trinity mid February. she did a relationship reading for me.She saw a meeting happening in the cards and I am happy to say that this meeting took place last week. I'm now looking forwards to the bigger predictions coming to fruition. For tarot I think she is now my go to. I hadn't told her anything about potentially meeting and she did not ask any questions

One of predictions happened From UK On 06/05/2018

What a Pleasure!

I had the pleasure of connecting with Trinity today and I she lifted my spirits with her warmth and compassion. She has a true gift and from other reviews, I look forward to the days ahead...of course free-will (I just call it being darn stubborn ;-)) plays a huge roll in how life pans out but we also know that the universe has a way of stepping in when things need to change as well...thank you - I have left the reading with such a warm feeling in my heart and it feels incredibly peaceful right now! Love and Light!

B From USA On 08/04/2018

Fabulous - real reader

Thanks ever so much you are so good at what you do from a fellow reader xxx

From On 07/04/2018


I only had 5 mins credit and she gave me masses of information in that time. We got cut of before i could say thank you. I would return here x

From SCOTLAND On 23/02/2018

Spot On

Thank you Trinity for a detailed reading. Every details you spoke about were spon on. Sorry the line got cut off, I promised will say properly say Goodbye to you before finishing our call. Love and light - C From Australia

C From Australia On 16/02/2018

Amazing accurate lovely person

Genuine reader. Trinity is Lovely. She is insightful and accurate. She told me everything. Without me saying anything about my situation. Answered all my questions. Trinity was friendly and patient with me. really lovely to speak with you sorry credit ran out before I could say thank you. Thank you trinity! Will call again.

Zara From London On 07/02/2018

Certainly the best reader ever

Thanks trinity I had the pleasure in having a reading with you this morning and I have to thank you for the wonderful news I be teceived a phone call saying it was accepted just like you said Thank you cxxx Will deffo using you again And will recommend you

Tania From Accrington. On 05/02/2018


I was looking for guidance with my relationship and she immediately picked up on everything! I was gonna smacked for the first 2 minutes as she brought up everything I was concerned about. She has given me a lot of predictions but as she was so spot on with everything I have no doubt they will come to fruition. Thank you Trinity. You have definitely given me some guidance and hope for the future. I will be calling you again in times of need. X

From On 30/01/2018

Accurate as usual

About to say thank u b4 the line gets disconnected but sadly I was too slow but Thank you Trinity. Always accurate and ur the best!

Vivienne From NSW On 15/01/2018

Very good and accurate. Thank u Trinity

From On 10/01/2018


Omg she’s spot on real deal ring this lady she k own what she’s talking about .. just brilliant thankyou so much

Maria From Australia On 29/12/2017


Lovely lady hope predictions come true Rating 10/10

Alex From Aust On 01/12/2017

Awesome as usual

I finally had another reading with Trinity this week after approx 6 months....she is so busy and get hold of. As usual she picked up my situation instantly. Absolutely amazing....I just wait for her predication to come to light. Such a caring beautiful soul who easily picks up on your life. Love this lady...just wish she was not so busy all,the time.

Bren From Australia On 27/10/2017

Very good

Very good indeed

Sasha From Melbourne On 25/09/2017


I have been speaking with Trinity for a couple of years now. Many of her predictions have come true and some are still in my cards. It all depends on free will and which path we choose to take. I agree with Pura some predictions I had years ago and coming in now. Depends on the type of reading as well like love life or career. She is my favourite and I always get great advice and guidance. Ultimately it comes down to you and what path you want to take. Everyone has choices... some people don't think of the journey and want the outcome straight away. Xxx God bless, love and light xxx

E.M From On 19/06/2017


I have been having readings with Trinity for approx three years, many of her predictions have come in, one main prediction from my first reading came in recently in the exact way Trinity's card foresaw. Love & Light x

Pura From London On 13/06/2017

Good reader

Hi, so far I have had lots of readings with trinity too. Not had the predictions come true yet. Called her for the past year. What about ma?

Amisha from From On 01/06/2017


I had a lovely reading with Trinity on the 13/05/17. She gave me a lot of information and made some Predictions. I'm just wondering if anybody have had her predictions coming to fruition?

Ma From Manchester On 27/05/2017

truly gifted

Absolutely BRILLIANT...

g From Australia On 17/05/2017

Thank you

Thank you for such a wonderful reading and counselling session this evening. One hour 40 minutes which I think is the longest I've ever spoken to any reader, and it's not because you keep me hanging on but because I just didn't want to end the conversation. You gave me the situation straight up and accurate fly before I had said word about it and then we continued to talk about it as the reading progressed. I really felt connected to you and appreciated everything you said. You are a gift and you are gifted xx

Ires From Melbourne On 24/04/2017

As if she had known me for years

Great reading, picked up on my situation straight away, didn't have to say anything the information just flowed. Just sit and wait for the validations. Will comment when things come to pass.

Jeanie From Essex On 20/04/2017

Pleasantly Surprised ! Great Incredible Reader

She is fantastic , picked situations quickly , and amazingly accurate , highly recommended.. .she was spot on , everything about her was spell binding ,, I loved this reading ... she is superb, made me calm and gave me great valuable advice ... highly gifted and intuitive .. thanks a lot


lovely reader so caring and accurate

Was glad i got put through to trinity Such a pleasant lady so accurate and counderstanding highly recommend her

elaine From On 09/11/2016

My favourite reader :)

Trinity is my favourite reader :) she is fantastic and always accurate. She is also very understanding and non judgemental. Thank you trinity xxx love and light

E From Australia On 13/08/2016


Just wanted to find out about a recent relationship development, Trinity gave me an amazing reading and insight of the future and put me at ease, I got got cut off and tried to get back to you Trinity, tried to contact you again but could not get through, but thank you for an amazing reading that you gave me. In Love and Light

Simon From UK On 09/08/2016

God bless xxx

Thank you once again :) you make me feel like I am on the right path. Love your advise and readings, absolutely amazing person xxx

E From Australia On 26/07/2016

My favourite reader X X X

Trinity is by far my favourite reader of all time. She is very accurate, kind and accurate. I have spoken to Trinity for almost a year now, she always gives me guidance and I am very blessed to have spoken to Trinity XXX. Always love and light X many blessings to Trinity x

E.M From Australia On 09/07/2016

Excellent! Best reading I have had since a long time!

Trinity provided a detailed account of what she could see in her cards which was accurate and in line with some of the dreams I have been having. She was very caring and showing empathy and at the same time, was able to deliver the bad and the good with kindness and consideration. She made predictions with confidence, this is actually something I am always looking for in a reader. Thank you Trinity for the peace you brought to me this morning, I am grateful and glad I found you! You were able to answer everything thus providing me with peace of mind and positivity, I will be back for another reading with you very soon!

Marie From LONDON On 09/07/2016

Thankyou!! Thankyou!!

What a wonderful reading! I couldn't believe an hour was up already & when I tried to call back someone beat me to it!! I will again very soon with news!! What amazed me the most is the nauseus, anxious , sick feeling I had in my stomach, just disappeared!! Amazing xx

Deb From Alice Springs, Australia On 02/07/2016


Had a reading this morning with Trinity, told not to worry about my situation with a lost love, she will be mine once the other bloke has gone and we will be happy together. and soon. be patient and things will be in my favour. it's a waiting game now. i do hope it happens......

carl From cornwall On 25/06/2016

Amazing and up lifting

You have helped me along the way with my journey X God bless you trinity. You give me so much hope and happiness, everytime I call you X always have guided me in the right direction :)

El From Australia On 14/05/2016

4th may 2016

Had a reading this Mornin ! So glad I got trinity x Uplifting great reading ! Straight into it without prompting ! Cud of talked more but got cut off . Will most def be ringin back if things progress way she said xx thank you

Carol From Notts On 04/05/2016

Thank you so much

Really sorry we got cut off before I could say thank you very much xxx Werid you were not the reader I had chosen but so glad I got you as your reading was just amazing made me feel loads better and have hope for the future xxx thank you so very much you are a brilliant reader xxx

From On 30/04/2016


Just wanted to say that trinity is amazing. Thank you so much for your readings :) I always look forward to speaking to trinity for gauidance. Thank you :)

E From Australia On 24/04/2016


I had never spoken to Trinity before. I actually dialled a reader but just as I was connecting that reader was unavailable. So this was a clear sign, was meant to be. I am so absolutely clear, happy, excited, positive, calm... All those wonderful feelings you get when you know things are going to be fine very soon...after a long and amazing, very accurate! reading with Trinity. This lady is truly gifted. Thankyou Trinity! I'll call back with news soon xo

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 02/04/2016

Lovely reading

Had a great reading with trinity,spot on about everything gave me clarity ??

Shelly From Birmingham On 16/02/2016


I have had a few readings with Trinity and she is brilliant! She has been accurate every time. She is very genuine and is an excellent communicator, very professional too. I can see why she is always busy. Thanks Trinity, hope to speak with you again soon :)

From On 13/02/2016

Monday mornin reading

Thank you , really could of spoke to you all day . Amazing at pick in things up , people's feelings , situations , explains everything , so can understand , got cut of before sayin thank you , wish they would get a minute bell or something ! Def positive thinkin again around situation and 100 per cent def ringin back If start gettin doubt again ! Thank you lovely lady lovely reading , exceptional skills x

Carol From Uk On 18/01/2016

Trinity is the most caring, qualified and spot on reader and counsellor an intelligent person could ask for

Trinity gave answers and insights into very specific issues in my life without me having to give her much information to work from. I didn't know what was wrong inside my head and heart, I was just feeling sick, tired and depressed over some things which had taken a toll on me lately. In one hour and fifteen minutes with Trinity, she helped me work everything out to a place where I feel positive I will make it through this and she gave me insights into the lives of my family and friends as well. She helped me figure out how to come up with a plan to get out of my rut and what to focus on to make problems become blessings. Nothing short of excellent, magical and she is a perfect fit for intelligent people who really want to live their lives fully present, concious and healthy. Absolutely no generalisations or filler conversation. Trinity is ON. I don't think I will ever want another reader other than her. Thank you with all my heart Trinity, you are a Maestra to be sure.

Kellee From Nevada, USA On 03/11/2015

My heartfelt thanks...

Hello had a long reading today and although I have never ever left a review I felt I just had to pass on how professional and genuine this reader is and I am so very grateful for the most wonderful, sensitive and empowering reading. My heartfelt thanks.

Phillis From On 30/11/-0001

Outstanding reading again

Well I can only say i really am a true believer after having another superb reading with Trinity. Love this lady and her accent. She captivates me everytime with her accuracy! Thank you Trinity for all your help once again!

S. Waddle From New York On 30/11/-0001


Trinity is a compassionate, brilliant reader. She is acurate and gets straight to the point. She doesn't predict wrong timings and she actually explains things really well. A wonderful lady. My heartfelt thanks Aisha x

Aisha From london On 30/11/-0001


Thank you lovely indept reading from a lovely easy talkin reader . Will def be ring in back after my holiday . Picked up on situation very easily thank you again .

Carol From Notts On 30/11/-0001

Truly outstanding reading

I had quite a bit of scepticism when I rang, but the problem I had could not be shared with my friends or family. I truly am glad that I called, I now have the answers I was looking for. If you told me I would be turning to the the spirit world for life guidance a year ago, I would have laughed in your face. Now, after the experience I've had, I am a converted believer, thank you Trinity for all your help!

S. Waddle From New York On 30/11/-0001

Awesome read

I was pleasantly surprised at how accurate Trinity was with the reading as I had not mentioned the story of why I was calling. Very accurate I feel with the interpretation of the cards which is what I was looking for. I look forward to seeing how it all plays out too as I'm excited for the near future and what it holds! Great person to talk to as well so I'm very pleased to have been connected to Trinity.

Michelle S. From Australia On 30/11/-0001

Great Reader

I had a nice long reading with Trinity she explained the reading in full detail explained the cards and what was happening she was accurate in what she picked up! Will try not to stress now! Trinity can't thank you enough your a beautiful soul thanks so much I feel so much better.....

Jj From Australia On 30/11/-0001

Lovely reader

I had a reading with Trinity today, she was able to the heart of the situation regarding my situation. I love the way she does the cards then explains them to you. She truly has an amazing gift which she uses so sweetly to help others. So happy to have spoken to her today and feel so much better. Now I can sit back and let things unfold, Trinity has said i don't need to worry and spirit is guiding me. Lots of love xx

Amisha From Leicester On 30/11/-0001

Very intuitive

Very clear reading - picked up on things with no information being given - very detailed. Explained the cards and how they worked together .. Impressed .. Now going to sit back and stop fretting so much

Jean From Northampton On 30/11/-0001

Psychic Reader Heather
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I am a Tarot and Angel card reader with over 30 years experience providing good insight from the various cards I read. My spirit guides and Angel guides help me with my readings. I use a crystal pendulum to get yes or no answers to direct questions. My readings are always friendly and enjoyable. I specialize in love relationships and careers. And also can do more general readings. PIN: 5502
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Psychic Reader Rita
RitaPIN : 2302 Call : 0904 007 0202
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I have a passion for Tarot, which is my tool of choice to focus my innate intuition. I've been reading for myself for many years, but have just recently started to open up and read for others. I consider myself to be a natural born intuitive, both clairaudient and clairsentient. I can offer unconditional positive regard for you and I will always give you the benefit of the doubt no matter your situation. PIN: 2302
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