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Excellent reading with this lovely gentleman. Very calming and soothing. Spot on with everything and tuned in accurately. Highly recommended. Would leave 20 stars if I was able to do so. Breathtaking. Many thanks.

Hazel From Tamworth On 27/03/2019

Just Brilliant

Thanks Tyrion x

Tara From Sussex On 24/03/2019

Wonderful communicator

Super accurate reading ......in depth

Rose From Scotland On 24/02/2019


Great reader . Picked up on situation right away. It was exactly what I needed. Xxx thank you

Mairita From On 23/02/2019

Simply Amazing!

I called to get clarity about my love life issues and trying to see if me and my ex would eventually reconnect and Tyrion could tell me things only people who know me would be able to speak on! He is wonderful and gifted! I was having such a bad day and he replaced my cloud with sunshine. I can finally hold on to my faith and stop doubting things! I understand it will take time, but it will be so worth it in the end! Thanks again Tyrion. I will be updating you soon!!!!! Again, awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

From On 16/02/2019

Incredible kindness

Profound reading. Tapped right in. Helped me find some peace. I will keep you posted.

Alanna From San Francisco On 14/02/2019

Always A Smile!

Such amazing energy that you can feel his smile through the phone lines. Always honest and compassionate when we talk with insight into the direction I am heading...always seems to know what is going on in my life! Thank you! Simply Outstanding!

B From USA On 20/01/2019

Love this guy

Thank you so much, you calmed me down, and gave me wonderful confirmation. Very accurate. Thank you.

From Australia On 30/12/2018

great loooong chat

love talking to you tyrion. sorry ran out of minutes. i will let you know when he says “yes”. your prediction of new home and job promotion happened so i’m always grateful! x

joy From london On 22/12/2018

Never wrong

Spot on once again!! Tyrion you have been my absolute rock through these very trying times, always consistent, positive and contact you predicted was correct ( it wasn’t Saturday like you said) will see what else unfolds!!! Thankyou you are amazing as always..from your regular Saturday night caller :) L xx

From UK On 14/12/2018

My friend

Hi Sorry my connection cut after waiting to speak to you for 4hrs omg I was sooo not happy when my line lost connection.. was from my end but you iust opened my eyes and confirmed things I was thinking was happening .. will be waiting to speak to you every night till I get you again Xxx caroline hahaha

From On 06/12/2018

Beautiful soul!

Such a wonderful guy! Thank you so much for always being so amazing! This man has a wonderful energy and is so spot on with everything he predicts. You truely are a lovely man to speak too Tyrion.

Lana From On 30/11/2018

Truly Gifted Psychic

I highly recommend Tyrion. I have spoken to him few times and every time he is spot on accurate and the level of details is incredible as nobody knows. Thank you very much!

Susan From Australia On 22/11/2018

Absolutely Fabulous!

Spit on from the very beginning, no questions asked. Great insight, very friendly. Could have spoken to him for hours. Thank you Tyrion. Sorry I ran out of time and didn’t get to thank you on the call.

Sandra From Uk On 15/11/2018


From On 11/11/2018

Amazing As Always

Had another reading from Tyrion on the 27/10/18 as he had been spot on with me on the last two readings. Again he predicted a contact and the content of what this would be. It happened EXACTLY as he said so I had to call again tonight where more predictions were made. Tyrion your truely amazing and i believe in everything you tell me. Will speak to you after your break and well deserved rest xx

From On 02/11/2018

j + s = ten of cups

i believe in this union. thank you tyrion for your reading and kind help as ever. it took me a few weeks to get connected to you and in a space of 1 hour we get connected twice :) "what's meant for me will not pass me by". i KNOW he will finally take my hand and i won't let go.

joyous From england On 25/10/2018

Spot on

I had a reading with Tyrion a few weeks ago which was amazing, he predicted two spot on contacts and details given about this certain person was also spot on.. Will definitely be back, very addictive and he’s a lovely friendly person to talk too, puts you completely at ease. Thanks again Tyrion your great :) xx

From On 16/10/2018

Wow amazing and spot on accurate

Tyrion is a true psychic. He is incredibly accurate and spot in with everything. I am very happy with my reading and will certainly call again. Thank you very much! Highly recommended!!!!

Sue From Australia On 12/10/2018

You’ll know the minute you start speaking to Tyrion that he’s a lovely, genuine man. He is quick to connect and extremely clear, leaving you with a greater understanding. I had my first reading with Tyrion a few weeks ago and it most certainly won’t be my last (if I can ever get through to him again lol). Tyrion was honest in saying I have a 3mth wait in regards to the question I asked. Thank you so much Tyrion for your lovely, down to earth and honest reading. I look forward to being able to leave my next review for you. x

A From Happy On 11/10/2018

Unreal ... so accurate

Tyrion has totally blown me away .. I was convinced my situation was wishful thinking and he reassured me it wasn’t and explained how the situation would break and play out .. and OMG it happened exactly how he said it would ... and I mean EXACTLY AS HE SAID !! This guy is fantastic and has kept me sane for three months ... even his timing was spot on ... no wonder he’s hard to get hold of ...

Felicity From London On 04/10/2018

Very Talented n Gifted!

He is awesome , connects really well.. really good psychic..



Really great chat and tuned into my situation so well. So happy and he made me feel so at ease. Thank you Tyrion

V From London On 06/09/2018


What can I say??!! Tyrion has been my guiding light. He has been there for me in my darkest tiimes and always pulled me thriugh and shown me the way forward. He is amazing with his predictions and never fails to amaze me with what he 'knows'. Thankyou my Welsh friend xxx

Sharon From Tamworth On 01/09/2018

This guy....

Tyrion is amazing his readings are spot on with what’s going on around you and is in line with the other top readers on here. Not only does he give you clarity help guidance the truth he is also friendly and fantastic to chat with when your not feeling too confident. His readings from the cards and his guides put you back where you need to be - with full clarity of the situation. Ring him.

Hayley From North On 24/08/2018


Sorry I didn’t have much time and got cut off without saying thank you. Great accurate reading and thanks for the advice. Excellent reader.

L From Northern Ireland On 19/08/2018


Tyrion is a five star reader .. events happened exactly as he said they would my partner even used the phrase Tyrion stated he would use .. he’s up there with the best readers on this site ... thank you so much ...

Emma From England On 16/08/2018

My rock!!

Thank you Tyrion you are my rock!! Always a great reading with you Hoping for predictions to materialise in September.

RS From Aus On 08/08/2018


Give him a call you won’t regret it....amazing Amazing Amazing

From On 30/07/2018

In a league of his own ..

Bang on the money ... had my situation nailed ! Tyrion actually gave me goosebumps.. ring him you won’t regret it ... a real good Guy

Wes From Manchester On 11/07/2018


So much detail in his readings, great explanations Cant wait for predictions to unfold

Ranzy80 From On 10/07/2018


Sorry tyrion my mins finished loved my reading I've only had 2 readings with you and I love the way you project your readings I wish I could have spoken for longer ..felt so rude making you rush..thank you xx

Hannah From Leed On 03/07/2018

~ Welshman ~

Wow ... Amazing... So very very good ...

Edge From Devon On 26/06/2018

Please log on more

Your prediction was spot on ... it unfolded exactly as you said .. please log on have so much to update you on

Dawn From Bolton On 31/05/2018


It happend! A big prediction unfold! Thank you

F From On 09/05/2018

Thank you for a lovely reading

I just wanted to thank you Tyrion. I have had 2 readings with you and on both, you delivered open and honestly. You are a really nice guy and a great reader. I look forward to having another reading with you again in the future. I will also keep you updated on prediction. Thanks again. X T x

Tara From South On 09/05/2018


Tyrion is an excellent reader! I’m impressed by the details and description of my situation. Thank you for your spot on reading! Love and light

From United States On 30/04/2018


Was gobsmacked at Tyrion s accuracy . I initially said no more than stop in regards to shuffling and picked a pack and the information just flowed .. he was so spot on it gave me goosebumps.such a nice man to talk to , could have chatted all night he said I’d get contact within the week and it happened on 4 days . Thank you so much Tyrion.

J From Wolverhampton On 28/04/2018

Nice reading

Great connection and great reading. Hopfully the predictions will come true.

Jaz From Nottingham On 26/04/2018

Brilliant. And honest

Thank you for clarification amazing reader. Will.do well on here.. definitely on par with top reader's sadie Linda Rebecca Rachel Charlie trinity.. thank you fingers crossed

Tony From Under the earth's sun On 24/04/2018


Pick up straight away the situation! Confirm what other readers said!(the best ones from this site).Prediction unfold! Waiting for others! Thank you

F From On 17/04/2018

Up there with the best

Spoke to this charming man at length ! Spot on with his analysis of my relationship , gave me great clarity. Never felt the need to leave a review before but had to for Tyrion . Thanks so much Darl

Deanne From Australia On 11/04/2018

thank you

thank you for your kind, calm and compassionate manner. at least i can sleep now. so down at the moment i've never felt so defeated in my life but i will hang on to your reading. will come back to let you know about prediction.

From On 11/04/2018


My goodness. You are rare and unique. Phenomenal. X

From Australia On 07/04/2018


Could talk to Tyrion for hours! Had a couple of readings with him now and he's always been spot on regarding my situation. We have such a laugh aswell, and he's given me a couple of predictions which I think will come to pass and I will be back in touch when they do. Give him a ring he's great. Thanks Tyrion you're an absolute star xxxx

Leanne From UK On 07/04/2018


Thankyou Tyrion! You have given me strength and for that I'm very grateful and reassured me that I'm completely on the right track! Accurate. Clear predictions. Positive messages and an amazing interpretation of the Tarot. I look forward to calling again with wonderful news! Deb x

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 06/04/2018

Super Reader

Really gave a great insight into my situation, read for me really well, spot on with prediction, look forward to another reading in the future, thanks a million TX

Trishie From Hove On 29/03/2018

Straight to the point

Very softly spoken and calming. I was soon at ease with this reading and very impressed with the accuracy. Wish I could give 10 stars. Thank you for your help. X

Christine From Uk On 28/03/2018


Very clear and precise reader. Picked up on things only I knew. Truly remarkable. Definately my favorite reader by far!! Give Tyrion a try, you will not be dissappointed!

Claire From West Midlands On 28/03/2018

Very good

Spoke to Tyrion last night .. hit nail on head with my relationship.. vet nice man to talk to give him a call you won’t regret it ..

Lyn From Manchester On 28/03/2018

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