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Excellent, detailed and to the point. Lovely person too xx

From On 09/04/2018

Picked up on everything really well. Gave me some great insight into something that is going on around me. Didn’t give me any outcome just kept telling me what was going on.

From On 04/04/2018

great connection

thank you for a brilliant, positive reading summer. i can't wait to tell you once he moves in with me :)

From On 21/03/2018

Beautiful undrstanding person!

Thank u so much Summer it was lovely to speak to u.. ur reading was amazing everything u said make sense to me sending lot of love may god bless u always

Nikol From Wales On 21/02/2018

Lots of Love

I am so glad I said 'good bye' tonight before my minutes ran out...they need to put a warning on that!!! Thank you for such a lovely chat tonight and for being the amazing soul that you are! I know you will rest peacefully tonight as will I and I will keep you posted on the all the good life is bringing my way! xxx

B From USA On 25/11/2017

The Best

Always so special Summer is...sorry I got cut off today...I couldn't renew my minutes for some reason...thanks for EVERYTHING. You just bring sunshine to my day!

B From USA On 17/10/2017


Read the situation exactly how it was. Very kind and understanding and saw a big picture and gave me new hope! I will definitely be calling again. Thank you for the wonderful reading

Olivia From london On 19/09/2017

Picked up on lots

Thanks Summer, Straight talking. Picked up on my ex-friend and the desperation from her and the fact that she thought she could buy my ex. That he used this for his own gains, You re-itterated what other readers picked up about the woman sickening him with her desperation but you said he was lapping up what she could give him (money) . However I only wanted closure on the whole betrayal thing and wanted him to be honest with me. I already knew what a pathetic desperate woman she was. As you said to me, I know what I am and its my choice and I will never be part of any triangle. I have held other men at bay for this man, but no more. Onwards and upwards. So thank you for the perspective.

anonymous From On 04/09/2017

Very Genuine

I take each review with a grain of salt as the place that we are each at when we come to a reading can make or break our feelings about the reading. I was in a state of confusion and yes, Summer asks you to say the question out loud and anyone with any common sense knows that to speak to the Universe, you must as the questions out loud and the Universe with provide you with answers. Today we looked at my situations and all my options and ultimately it is up to me which direction I choose, even if that choice may not be in the direction my heart wants it to go...down the road if the universe leads me away from what my heart wants I will discover the reason and understand it better. Thank you my love for your compassion and true understanding of the challenges of my heart! Cheers - two glasses of wine ;-)

B From USA On 02/09/2017

Sensible advice

Thanks summer, you understood my situation very clearly and empathised. The breakdown of personalities and reasons for behaviour were very true, at least what my instinct had been all along . Just hope my life turns around now. I wont waste any more worry and upset on my friend as she is not worth it.

Anon From On 20/06/2017

Very understanding and accurate

I spoke to Summer for the first time this morning. She was able to accurately connect with me and my life. I am forever grateful for the positive outlook and reading. Many Thanks.

Miss Palmer From East Midlands, UK On 12/06/2017


First time I've been asked to verbally ask the cards specific questions I wanted the answers to, others ask for an area and run with it, really not sure I felt like I was giving too much information before the reading started. If ever I am speaking to summer again I would request not to ask questions but for her to tell me what she sees.

M From On 04/04/2017

I have given this woman countless chances

She is always negative and her predictions have absolutely NEVER been right. As she shuffles her cards, she wants you to shout out leading questions to kickstart the card reading...like: "will I get a promotion." If left to her own device and if you don't offer any leading questions her readings fail and she flounders.

Brittany From Arizona On 25/03/2017

Lovely lady

Spoke to Summer when I was at a real low point. I hope her predictions come true. She has made me feel a bit better

A From London On 18/02/2017

Lovely lady

She is great if only her predictions came to pass .. had a few readings with her because she is lovely but disappointed

2015 and 2016 From Australia On 08/01/2017


I hope the prediction comes to pass but what the reading gave resonates :-) :-) :-)

Phil From West Country On 18/12/2016


This lady is amazing! how she knew the things she did blew me away I honestly couldn't believe it and straight away things started to happen that she said xxx

Gemma From Kent On 03/10/2016

Amazing!! A hundred stars !!

Another AMAZING reading! Positive & so reassuring. Thankyou & give you an update soon xo

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 02/05/2016

April 20, 2016

You were right about the phone number digits being off. It was indeed the number 5 which was in the wrong place! You blew me away! I confirmed with the lady who passed the number on to my friend! Unbelievable!! Wow wow wow! Thank you! You truly have a gift! Xxxxxx

Kathy From Usa On 21/04/2016

Wonderful reading and put things into perspective

Summer is a very compassionate but direct reader. She won't sugarcoat the truth. She was able to accurately pick up on the emotional abuse and how much this has drained me. I found her to be very soothing and insightful. I too believe in karma and she was able to make me see the negative law of compensation unfolding in my ex's life. Whatever you put out in life, you'll get back. I was also touched that her cat decided to join the reading too! Thank you Summer for being truthful xx

G From London On 06/03/2016

Just as the reviews say

Amazingly accurate without me giving any info Summer picked up on things exactly I was reassured immediately!! A wonderful reader! I will be sure to call again. Thankyou Summer xo

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 28/01/2016


Summer deserves more reviews she is brilliant. Excellent at honing in quickly and clearly and such a lovely lady too. Thanks Summer you are fabulous.

Lisa From London On 19/12/2015

I can honestly say Summer is the one of the best clairvoyants I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to. She displays her empathy instantly and had so much to pass on to me. Thank you to Summer, will hopefully speak to you again very soon.

Mrs James From East Sussex On 30/11/-0001

Great reading, very thorough and provided me with some great answers. I haven't used a psychic service for quite some time but I am really pleased that I went through to Summer. She has really uplifted my spirits.

Trish From Swansea On 30/11/-0001

Honest and very clear

Just a pleasure to talk to Summer. I can now look forward to the next few months to see how things unfold. Many things were picked up that I would only have possibly known which really did shock me - no gimmicks from Summer

Ms Cherry Taylor From Abeerdeen On 30/11/-0001

everything summer told me came true cant believe how different my life is now

HELEN From AIRDRIE On 30/11/-0001

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