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Sonia is so good I can simply have 24hours of reading. She is calm kind and understanding. Sonia never so that gift your given. It’s helpful. Thanks

Rana From London On 31/07/2019


Predictions are starting to unfold, will keep you updated when other predictions unfold!

Tal From On 29/07/2019

It was good

Thank you for the reading. You got everything spot on. Apologies we got cut off.

From On 28/07/2019

Thank you...

Jacqu From Devon On 19/07/2019

Love this reader

I have spoken to Sonia quite a few times and call on her expertise as often as I can She not only supports me through a tough time with my ex husband but she listens to me and gives me guidance, encourages me to think about myself in this process Just to say Sonia was in fact right when she told me he would come back briefly and why and she as spot on. She always is. I love this reader and thank you so much for all you have done for me Juliet

Juliet From Kensington London On 13/07/2019

Such a great person

Sonia has helped me and guided me in making contact with my ex and has been invaluable. Not only has she guided me through the process but she also told me what will happen and what will come from him and she was correct every time. Now there is consistent communication between me and him. I can't thank you enough Sonia I'll call next week xx

Rebecca From London On 13/07/2019

Honest and accurate

Not only do you pick yo someone's personality so accurately , you also told me what had been happening with my ex over the last few weeks. Utterly amazed on you picking it all up. Thanks for the prediction and your honestly to my circumstance. I'll be in touch soon Rob

Robert From Midlands On 05/07/2019

Bloody Good !

She is really sweet reader.. pronounces my name correctly very few do. very gifted and genuine thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 01/06/2019

Spot on

Sonia won't sugar coat anything and will tell you what will happen . She's accurate and an honest reader. She said my ex won't be back and he wasn't. But she also told me someone new would be coming in and he has . Thanks Sonia. I,m much more fulfilled in this new realtionship. Thanks for your guidance as getting over my ex was hard but you hellped me thorough Thanks I'll be in touch

Anna From West Midlands On 26/05/2019

As always, thank you...

Yet another prediction. Your guidance on how I should behave towards an old friend's situation was invaluable as was your understanding of my feelings. Thank you again for being such an amazing reading. Sadly for me, this is why you are always so busy xx

Jacqui From Devon On 25/05/2019

Thank you

Such an amazing reader and someone I have been going to for several years now. Her predictions always come true and her insight and guidance on how I should deal with situations are invaluable, for that I am truly grateful. As always Sonia, thank you.

Jacqui From Devon On 05/05/2019

Such an accurate reader

Fantastic reader so spot on in everything that's said. I'll be in touch

Gary From Coventry On 03/05/2019

Such a good reader

Sonia your a brilliant reader. So spot on and recognising situations with no prompts at all. Your abilities are brilliant. Thank you for the reading. You did say an old friend that I had lost touch with would be in touch and thanks for being so accurate Will call again soon

Laveen From London On 02/05/2019

Accurate reader

Had so many readings in the past but this reader is so accurate . She described past and present and how would she have known this if she wasn't a gifted reader She also told me my best friend and I Would get together and she was right Thanks Sonia

Tim From Australia On 22/04/2019

So insightful

Fantastic reader. Picks up on everything in a truly gifted way.

Ronnie From Walsall On 22/04/2019

Couldn't believe it

Wanted to share this specifically with everyone as I know speaking to a reader and needing clarification is one thing but we also need predictions to come true As I was having a reading from Sonia I asked when my partner would be in touch. She said anytime from now until the next day. As soon as she said this the text came through I was utterly amazed at the accuracy at the timing and also as she predicted how apologetic he would be She got both things right The timing and accuracy Highly highly recommend this reader Love and hugs Sonia and I'll be in touch. Thank you so much . You made my day speaking to you Zee x

Zee From London On 02/03/2019

Amazing reader

Sonia is an amazing reader. She not only clarified situations of me but she described my current partner Exactly. Sonia gave me guidance and that's what I needed. Thank you so much. I'll be in touch soon j x

Julian From Ireland On 02/03/2019


Thank you Sonia, you are truly gifted, April is our time

Saw From On 28/02/2019

Accuracy is amazing

Thank you so much for the reading today. Your level of understanding to my situation was amazing especially when I needed to discuss how relationships with certain people make me feel. Thank you for giving me an in depth reading on my circumstance and helping me make the right choice for me I’ll be In touch soon

Debbie From USA On 19/01/2019

Real reader

At last! I found a good reader here. She knows things on a deeper level and I thoroughly enjoyed my reading. She is more than just a tarot reader. It was a shame we ran out of time, but thank you Sonia. x

From scotland On 19/01/2019

Very good indeed

Great interpretation of the situaiton with clarity and pleasing prediction. Thank you.

Libran From o/s On 12/01/2019

Amazing Reader Highly Recommend

Thank You Sonia for the extended reading and your patience and understanding. We covered a range of topics which I wasn't expecting. Sonia was able to connect with me with regard to family situations and in particular a love interest whom I havnt seen in a while...Highly recommend, very talented..I will be back again for sure!!

Emma From Australia On 05/01/2019


Sonia was so accurate in her description of the person I was asking about. She didn’t tire of looking for the answers to my questions, and showed great empathy for my feelings. Doesn’t sugar coat—-I felt it was a very honest reading. Thank you Sonia

Anon From Uk On 27/12/2018

Thank you

Thank you for the reading Sonia. You gave me insight on my partner and gave me a time line of what will happen. Thanks because it will help me deal with what's to come in a positive way and not negative. Sonia your description of my partner was so accurate before I even said anything to you. Thank tou for giving me choices to the right path I'll be in touch Julie xx

Julie From USA On 01/11/2018

Thank you

Thanks for the clarity . It was just what I needed. Your reading was spot on. I needed information on someone else and the reading was spot on in terms of there characteristics etc Thank you for giving me clarification

Denise From London On 27/10/2018


Thanks for the interpretation of my dreams. It all makes sense now I'll be in touch Thank you

Paula From London On 15/09/2018

Truly amazing

Such an amazing reading Sonia. Thank you. You said someone will call and they did . it was important to send this message to you as its so hard to get hold of you . I didn't know of any other way to get hold of you Thanks again Now I know why it's so hard to get hold of you, it's because your amazing. From Liz x

Liz From Newcastle On 15/09/2018


Thank you so much, amazing reading. Gave me so much clarity and it predictions

Claire From Falkirk On 08/09/2018

Top Reader

What can I say about Sonia? Just one word amazing. Since I’ve been having reading with Sonia every single of her predictions has came to passed... My most recent reading I asked when will I get communication from the person in question she this weekend but it would be not a nice communication and that’s what exactly happened... No doubt the remaining predictions will come to pass too I hope they do.... But every reading I’ve had she has honestly explained to me in details and have been accurate. Please try her honestly won’t be disappointed but she’s very hard to get hold of. Thank you so much Sonia

G From West Midlands On 04/09/2018

Prediction came true!!

Sonia... thank you so much the prediction you gave me it came true on my true love calling me on the day you said he would and he was exactly as you said he would be “grumpy” so thanks for the heads up! I just wanted to let you know and I’ll call again soon Thanks again lovely

Diane From Coventry On 01/09/2018

Appreciated the reading

I’m a deaf person and had a deaf reading from Sonia through an interpreter. She was great and during the call was patient and explained questions I had well. Just to let you know 1 of your predictions have come true. Thank you much Susan from Newcastle

From On 01/09/2018


Spoke to Sonia for the first time and was impressed with her findings. She's genuine and will not sugarcoat, still waiting for the predictions to unfold. Will not hesitate to come back to her. X

Mz From London On 25/08/2018

Insightful and spot on

Sonia explains each card brilliantly and gives me the clarity I need on a family situation. The reading gave me guidance and the support I need. It’s really hard to get hold of her but when I do I’m so pleased and know the reading will give me clarification Thanks Sonia

Bern From London On 24/08/2018

Sonia’s predictions have always come true as I’ve had quite a few readings from her now. She always gives me updates on my relationship and how he’s progressed she’s great at time lines. I’ll definitely contact again soon Tania London

From On 24/08/2018


This was my second reading with Sonia ... she has been soo consistent she’s picks things no other reader has... but it’s really hard to get hold of her as she is always busy.... I can’t wait for predictions to unfold....

G From West Midlands On 16/07/2018

Sonia said that the man i asked about feels low sad and backstabbed. Initially i didn't understand it. I asked whether backstabbed by me or someone else .she said he has backstabbed himself as well as the woman he went back to. Then i suddenly remembered him telling me that he feels he has betrayed himself by being the person he is expected to be rather than who he is free to be. She also said this was a twin flame situation and fate will have its way no matter what we choose..she was very honest and spot on previously so i trust it. I felt so low before I spoke to u. Thank u for being so accurate and such a healer I will be back.

From On 20/05/2018

Thank u Sonia. I had to go. I remembered having a reading with you a long time ago about this situation and you were right then. So i believe everything you tell me today. The situation was dire then and its a lot more positive this time. I will let you know. For now im just focusing on self healing. Thank you.

From On 20/05/2018

Clear, honest and detailed. Very good.

Excellent reading all round.

Wini From uk On 04/04/2018

Amazing Sonia is kind and soft spoken. She read into my situation so clearly and predicted precise events at precise dates. Stop far, evening has unfolded as she explained it to me. Incredible clarity.

From On 31/03/2018

Great reader now wait for results will post when it all happens

Yb From Aust On 31/03/2018

Amazing Sonia!

I had a few readings with Sonia! She gave me some predictions,few of them unfold already,I’m waiting for others! Very clear and accurate reading all the time,precisely and sure about it! Love you beautiful lady!❤️

F From Leeds On 14/02/2018

Spot on

Confirmed a lot that I knew was true. Was spot on with people’s personalities etc... can’t confirm the future as it hasn’t happened yet but will definitely be calling in the future when I need advice. Thank you Sonia x

Kate From Melbourne On 23/01/2018


very clear reading, hoping it all unfolds ❤️

Ann From Australia On 23/01/2018

Spot on, friendly and honest

Sonia is an accurate and honest reader. She is friendly. And lovely to speak to aswell. I definitely recommend speaking with her. You were spot on! Thank you Sonia :) will definitely call again.

Zara From London On 21/01/2018

Knows her stuff

I call Sonia regularly always very detailed gives me lots of insight that help me cope and better manage situations

Ss From Midlands On 09/09/2017


Hi Sonia I had a reading back in may and the predictions have been unfolding so far! I will keep posing to let you know about the rest. But so far the two you have have unfolded at the time you gave as well. Thank you for ur help, guidance and efforts. Lots of blessings ur way xxxxx

Name From Location On 20/07/2017

Gives her best

I hope Trusted Psychic puts up this review for this lovely reader.. Sonia is a gifted reader, like some other lovely readers on this site.. What I like about Sonia is that she puts her BEST effort into every part of your reading, and to every question I had for her.. She sounded like she genuinely enjoyed connecting to people and to help them in their quest .. And she wasn't over confident on things that she wasn't sure either (some psychics don't like to be told they are wrong and stubbornly tries to justify their statements - Sonia is a beautifully genuine person that she doesn't fall into this category).. Hope you maintain this sweetness forever.. :)

T From Australia On 16/07/2017

Thank you

Lovely reading. Will come back when predictions come true:)

M From Wales On 07/07/2017

Something good is coming soon

Thanks Sonia your prediction have come true. Starting a new role soon. ❤

Eve From London On 05/07/2017


Excellent reader been talking to her for a few months and predictions r unfolding Thank u

Ss From Uk On 01/07/2017

Fingers crossed

Thank you so much for your reading. I will promise to keep you posted on the outcome

Jackie From West Midlands On 23/05/2017

amazing from reading on 20/05/2017

my second reading with Sonia after a few months and it was lovely and amazing as ever. Quite a few predictions made which felt right. The pendulum was really helpful in providing assistance to get to more accurate answers from what was providing via the tarot readings. Overall it was amazing. Sonia does not waste your time/money. Is easy to talk to. Gets straight to the point with the reading and also is helpful via explaining what each tarot card reading means. One of the best tarot readings I have had by far. Also she doesn't keep talking about pointless topics which essentially waste time and money. Thank you so much Sonia xxx

R From west midlands On 21/05/2017

Sensitivity, Knowledge, and a Gift

When we first spoke I said there's a reason why I've been put through. It was fate, her depth of reading individuals and clarity of situations, not only helps but gives you a bigger picture as to the what, why and where's. I felt fully informed on where to concentrate my thoughts. My energy is more positive. She really gives you a full reading, I felt it was time and money well spent. I will be back to update, also to seek guidance for the next road ahead. Many thanks xx

Linda From London On 29/04/2017

Good reading

Picked up the situation quickly . Good reading . Intuitive , was quite specific .

Raz From Australia On 10/04/2017

Its so unfair that at the moment when ur telling the most difficult bit of my reading where i can feel my amxiety come up. It gets cut off and then i can't reconnect. You were spot on regarding everything about male friend. So i have to believe that you r right that ex is still with his spouse and lied to me about it. That he has turned his back on me emotionally probably bcoz he never was into me seriously. I think i have heard enough i still have another question for my own final closure with him and i will come back bcoz i believe u too when u said he has a guilt burden with regards to me. So he should

From On 02/04/2017


What a fantastic reading. Sonia gave me so much information and answered every question I had showing a warmth and genuine care for my well-being. I would highly recommend and will be back in touch with her. Thank you so much x

Sandra From Scotland On 08/03/2017

Pleasantly surprised

So sorry we got cut off. She is GOOD. Got my situation to a T. Highly recommend her. She doesn't waffle or sugar coat and gets straight into the reading. Very nice lady

Anya From London On 07/03/2017

So sorry we got cut of first of all want to thankyou for an amazing reading ! Would highly reccomend you so honest yet caring at the same time .will definitely let you know how things go .. love and light xxx

Rochelle From Manchester On 05/03/2017

Don't know yet

Not sure about this reading. I will have to wait for the predictions to come true first before I can comment.

04/03/2017 From oxon On 05/03/2017


Picked up everything really well and was honest and warm. Looking forward to her predictions coming to pass. Highly recommended. Thanks so much

John From On 18/02/2017


I had a Brilliant reading with Sonia and would definitely be in touch again in the future. :-) xx

Michelle From Nwest On 04/02/2017


Sonia was absolutely fantastic to speak with, she was quick, informative and understood the relationship very well. I really gained a lot by calling her and will do again in the future. One of the best here for sure. Thanks so much!

Jackie From Australia On 22/12/2016


I just finished a fantastic reading with Sonia. Her reading of my relationship was spot on and she gave a lot of information. I like that she got straight into reading and was honest with what was appearing. One of the best here for sure. Also lovely woman.

Jackie From Australia On 22/12/2016


Thank you for amazing reading and your wonderful guidance.

Tlina From London On 24/10/2016


Thank you sonia was the reading. I gained clarity (which was wat i needed) with my current situation and u put my mind at total ease. i understand now wats going on. thanks again and ill be in touch with an update.

Daniella From Melbourne Australia On 24/09/2016

Couldn't have asked for a better reader!

Thanks so much for a great reading!! Xxx Amazing and out my mind at ease with how accurate thorough you were!

Therese From Australia On 13/08/2016


Spoke to Sonia today she was so lovely will call again

Kerry From Lincolnshire On 12/08/2016

Sonia has a brilliant method, she is calm, warm and friendly and put me at ease straight away. She conducts the reading in a synthesised holistic way which makes sense integrating all issues and answering all concerns whilst highlighting key bits and was able to answer my questions and pick up on the concerns - keeping on point always. Extremely professional. Brilliant. Thank you so much!

A From London On 06/08/2016

Wonderful advisor !!!!!

She connected to the situation amazingly and she described in detail the whole situation!!! She was able to describe the kind of person I am and she mentioned people in my life that I did not bring up!!! And she's a very lovely and caring advisor!!!

From Texas On 09/07/2016

Very good

Sonia picked up on my situation so well, she knew everything to do with my situation I feel so much better about everything now. Thankyou x

Aimee From London On 03/07/2016


Honestly I wasn't sure what to expect with the tarot cards. I was so completely surprised & amazed at all that Sonia saw. Sonia you are truly gifted xo Thankyou ???? I look so forward to calling you again with news!!

Deb From Alice Springs, Australia. On 28/06/2016

Had a lovely reading today regarding love matters and hit the nail on the head! Accurate about every single thing happened and happening. Xxx

jess From On 18/06/2016

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