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Katharine - 3897

I have over ten years reading tarot cards, runes, psychometry, Ouija board, channelling, and generally fine tuning my psychic talents. I am a compassionate, empathetic and experienced psychic and tarot reader with many years’ worth of experience. I am here to assist you when you are down, feeling like life is not being good to you, or are at a crossroads. I will look at your questions, and try my very best to give you the answers. PIN: 3897



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I can offer my valued clients a compassionate and empathetic reading. I am caring, down to earth and will never judge anyone. I can offer support, understanding and calmness.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

My deck is the traditional Rider-Waite tarot that I’ve used from the start, using both reversed and upright readings. I carved my rune set out of a branch from my silver birch tree, using ink created by myself to mark them, and have used them for many, many years. My Ouija board is one that was made for me by a friend. Psychometry, channelling and my other practices need no tools.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I first became aware that my abilities were unusual when I went, with my parents, to stay with an elderly and slightly eccentric aunt in Exeter. I saw a maid, a young girl, in her kitchen, and heard the name Mary in my ear so clearly. On asking my aunt who she was, my aunt went pale and almost fell into a chair. Mary was the young serving girl who had died in childbirth in that very kitchen in the early 1800’s. As a ten year old, I had no way of knowing this previously, and it scared both myself, and everyone around me. Since then, I have just accepted that I pick things up everywhere I go. A background hum of whispered words in my ears, catching images out of the corners of my eyes, and knowing things that it should be impossible for me to know.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I think everything I do, I try and do with an open mind to the psychic stuff. I practice Mindfulness meditation which calms my mind, and also use Attention Restorative Therapy on myself, which combined with the mindfulness gives me a slightly unusual take on life. My sense of humour gets me through most things, and I feel the ability to laugh is crucial to coping with our stressful lives.

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Katharine - 3897

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Trusted psychic!

Katharine is a genuine reader,she tells you what she sees, and gives validation after validation. Brilliant!

Anon From Uk On 07/02/2019

Best reading I ever had

What a gorgeous soul, we laughed so hard and she connected perfectly to my situation with Mr Headache lol. I will update you April time . Thank you beautiful

Raz From Australia On 07/02/2019

Very good

Gave this lady a try i normally dont go with readers with low feedback. But she was good picked up on my current partner very well shes good i will update what she said in a few weeks thanks

R From London On 03/02/2019

Lovely Lady

Thank you

J From London On 03/02/2019


I cant believe just how fantastic this lady is. She really knows her stuff and is the most truly intuitive person i have ever spoken to. I am so grateful for her for all the help and support she has offered.

Mike From France On 12/12/2018


very very good lovely reading and nice to chat thankyou

linda From Bristol On 06/09/2018

A Genuine and in-tune..Lady

I spoke to this gifted and intuitive lady today, after briefly explained my situation which included career & relationships. I found Katharine to be very intuitive, empathetic and providing clarity to my situation. Now awaiting for the things discussed to materialise.

Barr From Enfield On 09/08/2018


I had a fantastic reading from Katharine today. It was so accurate and she connected to me completely. This was the best reading I have had with so many things both past and present being accurately told to me. I look forward to the next few weeks to await the next exciting predictions I also really enjoyed her sense of humour. I will definitely call her again soon.

Polly From Italy On 09/08/2018

This lady should have 100+ reviews by now... her and write one! She connected so quickly with my situation and has stopped me wrecking a potentially very special relationship. She will amaze you with her insights. A brilliant sense of humour as well. Thanks Katherine x

Ronnie From Berkshire On 05/08/2018

Very good

Fantastic review with Katharine whereby she depicted in much detail the situation with an ex, his character and the obstacles I would have to overcome should I reconnect with that person. She answered clearly to all my questions and gave a lot of validations. I find her very trustworthy and very good as a psychic and highly recommend her. Thanks Katharine and speak soon.

A From France On 05/08/2018


I had a reading with Kathrine today and was blown away with things she told me, she connected with my partner and myself really well and told me things past, present and future of which past and present I can connect well with. I will certainly be coming back for more Katharine, thank you for your clarity I my difficult hour.

From Nottingham On 29/06/2018

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