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Fabulous reader!!!!! 5 Stars!!!!!

Fabulous reader!!!!! 5 STARS!!!!! Lovely genuine lady, made me feel so at ease. Could talk to her all day. Instant connection and very accurate with information. I will definately be back in contact in the near future. Look forward to things unfolding as you said and speaking to you again soon! Highly recommend! Thank you so much!

Lisa From Manchester On 09/04/2019

Mediumship and Clairvoyance

Lovely emotional reading with Zoe tonight spot on picked up how I was feeling connected well with loved ones passed over can't thank you enough for bringing them through and helping me come to terms with how to get on with things the best I can.God bless you.

Sarah From Derbyshire On 28/11/2018

Lucky to have found Zoe and her guide

Strong connection, spot on picking people's energies, encouraging, calming and gifted reader. Thank you for your help.

Eva From London On 26/11/2018

...without the Red Book!" No cards used at all and an instant connection with Zoe. She's very special and very gifted. She's only ever online when her guide's awake! Don't miss her she's golden! Thanks Zoe, Ronnie x

Ronnie From Berkshire On 26/10/2018

One word AMAZING

Thank you so much for all your guidance and your kind words. I’ll let you know when I’ve made it. Absolutely the real deal. Nice to find a genuine reader.

Jade From Shattered Glass On 12/09/2018

The real deal!

Had an instant connection! This lady was so on point from the start. She did not do any guess Work. She said everything I was thinking just before Mentioned it. Even down to the details of what was going on around me. And she has vibrates with positive vibes. She such a sweetheart. Thank you xxxxxx

Vibrant soul From West london On 04/09/2018

Wow & Thank You

Thank you Zoe and your guides for the insight and help. 'He' actually rang while we were on the phone and just after our chat, I met him for a drink. You were right, he does trust me to talk to. I have also started to 'talk out loud ' and it is helping my mind to settle a bit. Thank you so much for your help . I feel so much lighter and aware of the situation.

Tania From Milton Keynes On 03/09/2018

Clear and accurate

Great reading, honest and on the nail. Thank you

L From o/s On 22/08/2018


I have just come off the phone to my best friend.....Zoe you are amazing and I feel emotional as I write this review.....I feel you and your guide are 100% behind me in my quest to alter his and my timeline in October.....I will promise to come back to you with my outcome and pray every day that this will be the breakthrough that is so overdue. Love and light always my lovely friend love Marian xx

marian From cumbria On 14/08/2018

The real deal!!!

This woman is simply amazing! Accurate detailed and so knowledgeable about the situation. Definitely worth calling. Best reader on this site!!!

Maz From Surrey On 07/08/2018

so lovely speaking to Zoe and her guide

Thank you Zoe for helping me and giving me peace of mind as well as some tips on remaining clam in stressful situations. I am looking forward to what you said happening with my situation in Sep and will definitely let you know. Thanks for saying you and your guide will be there for me!!

Liza From Essex On 05/08/2018

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Amazing reading.. this was not a reading where it was all good news and everything I wanted to hear, it was direct and more importantly, it was honest.. I loved talking to this lady and her guide. She picked up on my situation instantly and told me exactly how it was in a kind and compassionate manner.. I will get back in touch with you in September Zoe.. You are just fab! Thank you x

Sandra From UK On 02/08/2018


Zoe got so many facts without me telling her anything By far the most accurate and detailed reader .

Tracey From Midlands On 29/07/2018

Best Reader on Trusted!!!!

Wow!! She was spot on with my situation. Very accurate and detailed. Really good with timescales as well. I hope that her predictions will come true exactly as she says! Thank you for choosing to work for Trusted!!!!

Marianna From Surrey On 24/07/2018


Zoe and her guide are amazing - they were so warm and friendly and it immediately put me at ease. Zoe's guide was able to pick up on my situation and the person in question with amazing accuracy without me saying anything. They validated so many things for me and gave me a prediction. I feel very uplifted and extremely relieved, as though a weight has lifted. Thank you so much, will be in touch again soon. Look forward to talking to you both xx

From On 23/07/2018


Thank you for a wonderful reading this morning by you and your guide. You helped answer many questions surrounding my ex and the mystery of who he was and what happened to him. It was a relief to get clarity. Thanks ever so much xx

Mandy From Macclesfield On 17/07/2018


Zoe's reading was excellent. She picked up on everything around me.I found Zoe to be a warm and friendly lady. I will definitely continue to speak to her again. Thankyou very much Zoe xxx

Anne From Australia On 13/07/2018

Really good

Thank you so much for the opportunity to chat - I so value what you shared with me, and know it is the guidance I need to have now.. Excellent reading. :)

L From Aus On 10/07/2018

Absolutely Brilliant

Zoe is incredibly talented and scarily accurate. Her warm and friendly nature makes her reading fabulous and so enjoyable. Highly recommended. Zoe, I will definitely keep you in a loop with the predictions and will be back soon. Thank you so much. M xxx

M From London On 09/07/2018


I’ve used this service for a few years now and today I got put through to Zoe. This lady is brilliant, picked up on everything even down to small important details , thank Zoe . I will be calling you again

Rachel From Kent On 29/06/2018


Excellent reader

M From Wales On 27/06/2018

Very good reading.Brought my grandparents through, and I look forward to the prediction reference contact.Thank you Zoe.

From Weymouth On 26/06/2018

Excellent. Lovely Lady. Will call Her again.

From On 23/06/2018

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