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A genuine Psychic

This lady is totally genuine, down to earth and delivers detailed information. I have no doubts about going back to Sadie for a real no nonsense approach.

Barr From London On 27/03/2019

Amazing! Thank you

Emily From On 08/02/2019

10 stars

OMG Sadie you are amazing and I got put through to you randomly. It was meant and you gave a reading that was very deep and you understood how my life is. It is very rare to find a reader who can "get it". You have helped me so much and sorry about the coughing and sneezing, I am sure you were healing at same time as reading. Made my day. Thanks again. x

From Edinburgh On 24/01/2019


thank you Sadie for a wonderful reader. you have put my mind at ease and I look forward to the amazing outcome that will be.

Emily From Australia On 18/01/2019

So soothing

Lovely lady, gentle and kind. Very detailed. Picks up on people's emotional aspect and thoughts. Hope predictions come to pass, il be shocked if it does. Call her

N From Uk On 09/01/2019


The real deal - sorry we got cut off x

Amit From UK On 05/01/2019

Excellent Reader

Wonderful reader, very accurate, calming and positive. Thank you for such a great reading.

From On 30/12/2018

Affirming and Assuring

It was a pleasure to have a reading with Sadie today. She confirmed my thinking and feelings. She has a gentle and yet assuring voice that brings you comfort. She gets straight to your question and focuses the reading. You will leave the reading with the answer you need to hear. I'll be contacting Sadie for an update reading when things eventuate. I highly recommend this reader.

Anna From Australia On 16/11/2018

Amazing & a friend

Speechless. Honestly! God lead me to her and i just know it!... She really put things into perspective for me, and made me realise a lot! 10000% accurate with my situation, i seriously have no words! Looking forward to update you on my journey! God bless you x

Anisha From THE BEST On 04/10/2018

Definitely genuine and skilled psychic

Thank you amazing reader! Insightful to so much!

Sa From UK On 29/08/2018

Great Reader

Reassuring, amazingly insightful and accurate reading... very in tune with the whole picture and picking things up I had not mentioned at all. Thank you!

Sa From UK On 29/08/2018

Honest, accurate and wise

Sadie a big thank you for talking to me about my own spiritual path and my journey as today I was a troubled soul. Much love xxx

Sanda From Cheshire On 24/08/2018

Honest, accurate and wise

Sadie a big thank you for talking to me about my own spiritual path and my journey as today I was a troubled soul. Much love xxx

Sanda From Cheshire On 24/08/2018


Amazing reading from Sadie really made me feel better. Thank you.

Caitlin From Somerset On 10/08/2018

Integration & Consolidation

Sadie’s Reading took me on a gentle and concise journey of self reflection on a Soul level, tying in answers to questions I had to give me a bird’s eye view of my Soul’s purpose and coordinates on the map of my life. Ending the call I felt like all the fragments of confusion in my mind were smoothed over with understanding. I ended the call inspired, strengthened, empowered and hopeful. The way Sadie spoke my reading wove together the grounded details of my present life circumstances with spiritual insight. I am truly grateful. It is readings like this that are like those VERY needed rest breaks for a Soul wearing a meat suit on Earth, in which the Spirit is truly seen and restored. All the dark crevices feel lighter. Thankyou Sadie.

Monica Lubanska From Adelaide South Australia On 04/08/2018


Very calm and spot on lovely lady your reading was very uplifting sadie thank you xxx

H From Leed On 28/07/2018

amazing , spot on and very healing reader !!!

Sadie doesn't waste your time, she is quite straight forward and picked up lot of things in few minutes. she has also a very healing energy. Thank you Sadie with blessing and love. A

From uk On 27/07/2018

Top class reader !

OMG this lady is fabulous. Thank you so very much. xxx

From On 20/07/2018

Very positive

Thank you for helping put my mind at rest. I really hope things work out gor me , it has been a long journey. X

Shab From West midlands On 08/07/2018

Sadie is THE real deal!

When Sadie connects with you, you will FEEL it. Prepare yourself for your "road map", your answers and your intended direction. She is working for you and you'll get a sense of this. Whilst i was talking to Sadie about a certain lady who i would love to hear from...i heard from her via a Viber message! Sadie knew this was going to happen and told me why. Unexplainable! Intriguing! That's Sadie...call her! x

Ronnie From Berkshire On 08/07/2018

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