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Just brilliant

I was willing you to come on this afternoon but I waited and waited and you logged off before we could speak. Having a little wobble about something. Jane is a brilliant reader, doesn't ask questions and is so intelligent and articulate. Genuinely amazing.

Caroline From North East UK On 12/03/2019

Blessings to you Jane

Jane you are an incredible reader and healer. Thank you for your spiritual insight and guidance. Trusted Psychics are lucky to have you. You are a life changer. Thank you for helping me on my path! Lots of love to you. Z.xxx

From On 11/03/2019

Awesome and gifted reader

I don’t usually give feedback but Jane is deserving as she is too good to pass by. I highly recommend her. Her insight provides you with a depth of connection in your reading.

From On 09/03/2019

Thank you Jane

I’m so grateful for your insight. Always on point and seeing into the heart of the matter. Your communication is clear. Your counsel and the tools you’ve provided have helped me so much. My apologies I ran out of time.

Alanna From San Francisco On 04/03/2019

Genuine psychic, spiritual reading

I appreciate hearing things that are NOT general friend-type advice and this lady is fantastic in her tap into the spiritual realm with predictions and helpful timelines (although I appreciate they may waver). Her accuracy with information is fantastic and all round a terrific reading. Many thanks you have restored my faith in Spiritual readings.

Libran From Aus On 02/03/2019

Wonderful communicator

Precise, helpful reading from a lovely, good humoured understanding lady. Thank you for all the details required.

Rose From Scotland On 01/03/2019


Such an intelligent reader and beautiful person. Jane gives a detailed reading.

Caroline From North East UK On 26/02/2019


Jane picked up on my situation, she's on point. Worth every penny, will call again.

From On 18/02/2019


Superb, picked up details she could never have guessed. Kind, compassionate, funny and genuinely cares. Has given predictions for 3 weeks time. Would highly recommend this lady, though will just make it even harder to get hold of her. Take care beautiful soul, will update. X

Yvonne From Scotland On 14/02/2019


What a peach! Jane is gifted spiritually as well as psychically. I'm so happy that i have connected to this beautiful soul. x

Ronnie From BERKSHIRE On 09/02/2019

Genuine and Honest

Hello Jane, Thank you for you time today. Your guidance and reading, helped me very much and I appreciate your insights. You helped me to put my heart at ease and allow everything to unfold as it should, more importantly, as it is. Blessings to you!! Sharon

From On 07/02/2019


Lovely women and already a prediction came true xx thank you very much

Lana From Yirk On 07/02/2019


So sorry my phone lost signal

Josh From UK On 06/02/2019


What a lovely lady Jane is. So down to earth and specific in her readings. Will definitely call her again.

Kate From England On 04/02/2019

Very good indeed

Loved the detail with explanation of hos things will pan out. Yep, I'll have the patience. Great reading - much appreciated.

Libran From o/s On 02/02/2019


She is great, second reading was better than first one.. you rock the best here probably she is too sweet n too accurate just connects so well so talented :)

Pranav From Midlands On 31/01/2019

Fantastic reading

I had a v positive reading with Jane with lots of predictions for the month of February regarding a new job. I’m so looking forward to the coming weeks and filling you in as things materialise. I can see Jane getting v busy.

Gina From UK On 31/01/2019

Beautiful reading

Spot on tapped into the heart of the matter instantly with no prompting at all from me. Clear communication and incredibly compassionate. The real deal a true psychic. Thank you!

From On 31/01/2019


Jane is an articulate, to the point and an extremely intuitive reader. She was able to accurately read my situation and the person I was calling about. I thought she was excellent and gave realistic guidance. I highly recommend her. M

M From London On 29/01/2019

Very good

She did a great reading, very clear, picked really quickly and was very accurate and precise.. she is very talented . Thanks a lot

Pranav From Midlands On 28/01/2019


Absolutely brilliant Spot on and an incredible reader of the Tarot. A very kind and caring human being who is very honest which is sensational and answered my questions before I even asked them. Sadly I ran out of time. However,I will definately be calling back again very soon. X

Karen From Oz On 27/01/2019


Picked up on my situation very quickly without the need for any prompting. Very kind and gentle approach. Will be very busy soon.

Mark From OZ On 22/01/2019

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