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Bestest !

Accurate as ever ! Picked up every change in my life and past events ! Susanne you are extremely talented and kind !! Thank you

H From On 10/04/2019

Accurate as always

This lady has told me things that you could not guess. Amazing! Thank you very much. I would now say she is the best reader. Better than M by far!!!!!!

Helanah From On 23/02/2019


She was so accurate and lovely, didn’t wasn’t time

B From London On 09/02/2019

My sincere favourite

Additional to my previous review, More than Five stars for Susanne. Thank you!

J From On 06/02/2019

My sincere favourite

I have been talking to Susan for a while. She is accurate and also very supportive like a sister. She plans through things she picks up for you in a way that you’ll make a good decision. Amazing

From On 06/02/2019

Thank you

Hello Susanne, I would firstly like to apologise for coming across sharply today 22/12/18. Thank you for your reading you were spot on.

From On 22/12/2018

Thank you

I will come back in 6 mnths or a yr time for updates on the things we talked! Thanks for always being there over the past 2 yrs! Speaking with u is like talking to a friend, always enjoyable! Xx

Baha From Uk On 25/11/2018

Good connection and genuine care for clients

Thank you Susanne for your patience and in depth reading. kept topping up to hear more as what you were saying rang true. At least now I know where I stand. Folks, I Would recommend Susanne to you.

wini From On 08/09/2018

Thank you

Susanne thank you for always being there for me, minutes went off and I didn’t have the chance to thank you. X

Baha From Uk On 08/09/2018

The REAL deal

Knew my exact birthday, very aware of spiritual themes and undercurrents and genuine psychic. I am amazed xx

AV From LONDON On 11/08/2018


Suzanne is one amazing woman, she has helped me through some very difficult times with perfect clarity and pre warned me of some difficult times ahead, thank you so very much.

From On 04/08/2018

The best on this line

Susanne is my best one, she is kind calming and does not sugar coat anything! She is unbelievably accurate and predictions mostly come to pass! I can not tell how much I apprecite this woman. Thank you xxx

From On 19/07/2018

Completely spot on about everything ! Susanne picked up everything immediately !! Thank you so much !!

From On 26/05/2018

Amazing - phenominal

Your connection with the situation was nothing short of amazing. You gave such incredible validations and your honesty in how you see the future was much appreciated. Thank you - you certainly are top of the game..

Lynda From Aus On 02/05/2018


It was lovely to speak with you again my dear Sussane. I had to let you go cause it was almost two hrs and yet I would not get tired. Spot on as always and i hope things come together. Thank you xx

Baha From Lodnon On 14/04/2018

Susanne was great. Many things she said were spot on, said what she felt and saw, definitely no sugar coating. The only bad thing I can say is the lag on the phone but I got used to it and knew not to talk otherwise we would talk over one another.

From On 04/04/2018

5 Star as always

Susanne you know I don’t get tired speaking with you but mins went off. Thank you so much for all the support since one year and a half ago and you know I’ll miss speaking with you but wouldn’t want to call psychics for a while. So wish me luck and I hope you have the best coming your way as you are such a beautiful soul. X

Baha From London On 25/02/2018

Great as always

Susanne sorry I had to let go after 2 hrs although I never get tired speaking with you. Thank you very much and hope happy days come at some point. X

From On 07/02/2018

Susanne is an amazing reader. She picked up my situation straight away with out asking me too many leading questions. It's very difficult to find readers that can tune in that well and give you a clear logical answer. Will definitely be using her again. Thanks Susanne

V From London On 27/01/2018

She is fab

Sorry I didn't have the chance to say thank you, it's Baha...you were extremely spot on as always, almost scary xx

From On 23/01/2018

Thank you Susanne once again, will keep you posted on everything!

katie From uk On 10/01/2018

pretty good reading thanks x

From On 09/01/2018

Excellent reading

Susanne' reading was spot on, and very detailed although I didn't give her much information in regards to my issue. She is excellent and I would highly recommend Susanne☺️

Angie From Scotland On 24/12/2017


Excellent reading. Initiative, covered off on topics I wanted to discuss. Very engaged and on point without any prompting. Thoroughly enjoyed the reading, highly recommend.

From Australia On 27/11/2017

My marriage was in ruins, I didn't know what else I could try to help us work our relationship out or who to turn to that I'd feel confident to talk to about our problems, so as a very last resort I rang some of these psychic lines, the 1st few I spoke to just didn't seem to have any talent then finally I was put through to Suzanne who I left with a feeling of positivity about everything, for the first time in a long time. Everyday I called her for readings, gradually day by day she helped me re-build my life long marriage x Thank you so much Suzanne x

From On 09/11/2017


Instant connection today. So many points of evidence, past and present. Now waiting for predictions. Psychic, spiritual, with a kind and sensitive delivery. Highly recommended.

Marg From Merseyside On 07/10/2017

Past Life connection

Sorry money ran out before I could thank you for a spot on and very helpful reading Thank you so much for your guidance today..xx

Sarah From England On 24/08/2017


Thank you Susanne 4426. Right on. X

From Australia On 18/07/2017


Thank you for your honesty. It was lovely to be shown the true situation and the different levels in vibration. Thanks you for suggesting I take the opportunity with the new person, I so appreciate that guidance. Excellent connection and truly lovely person to talk to.

Lynda From Australia On 24/06/2017


Thank you dear, I really recommend you as you know what you are talking about ! Love and blessings Sandra

Sandra From London On 16/05/2017

Excellent connection

Explained the connection but also the truth about it never going to be a future. I needed the truth and I got it - thank you. Appreciate the sharing of details which were all very good validations. Excellent reading and lovely to chat to you - thank you Suzanne - you're a star!

Lynda From Perth On 04/04/2017

Lovely lady

This was my first reading with Suzanne and she was very good. She gave me lots of information

A From London On 27/03/2017

Excellent and Good intentioned!

Suzanne was a pleasure to speak with..She is not only insightful but quick- picked on the situations very accurately and with much empathy and honesty...She projected into the future and confirmed several things that I felt as well..Thanks so much for the lovely reading.

Debbie From NY On 03/12/2016

She is the real deal

Susan, sorry my minutes finished. You are an exceptional reader. The things you have told me are quite precise and accurate. Your predictions have come to pass and you are always spot on. Experience has shown you are one of the bests on this line. Love and light x

Bah From London On 27/11/2016

i enjoyed the reading, very insightful and on point. Would recommend

Amanda From London On 09/10/2016

Really good.. Amazing

TG From London On 31/08/2016


Susanne will be very popular soon so I'm glad I git to speak to her. Scarily accurate, no generic waffle. She gets to the heart of what you need to know. She doesn't just tell you what you want to hear but she delivers what she sees in the most compassionate way. She's a true psychic and will go far

M From London On 30/08/2016

Amazingly accurate reading

One of the most accurate readings I've ever had and very detailed. Answered all my questions thoroughly and told me things that have already came true. Thank you so much :) x

Angela From N Ireland On 30/08/2016

One of the best readings

This is one of the best readings I have had. Susanne tuned into a lot of stuff that I felt resonated and it was not what I "wanted to hear" but it was spot on. Thank you for your honesty :-)

Phil From South West On 27/08/2016

good tarot reader

good tarot reader she gave me a lot of information and great guidance without too much beating around the bush, only point i could perhaps fault her on is she may have tried to be a little too sensitive to my situation

poppy From cornwall On 17/06/2016

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