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I was drawn to Tarot Cards from the age of 18, so have been reading the cards for 23 yrs. If you are seeking guidance and direction in your life, call me fro in-depth reading. Love & Light PIN 4553



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I can offer you Psychic Tarot readings that are unique and insightful to your life situation and any problems that you may have. I promise that the answers you get from me will be clear and detailed for you to make the right life choices.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

My strength is my compassionate and caring nature that put your mind at rest in times of worry. Everybody needs guidance from time to time and that is exactly what I can offer you. I will give you clear answers that I get from the Psychic Tarot cards for your future happiness.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I was drawn to Psychic Tarot Cards from the age of 18, so have been reading the cards for over 23 years now. My reading has flourished with time and I can confidently say that I will leave feeling empowered and positively charged to face your problems.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

If you are seeking guidance and direction in your life, call me fro in-depth reading. Love and Light.

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Lilly - 4553

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Update I spoke with you on 3/28 in regards to my supervisor and you gave a prediction for a week for changes to take place. Well on 4/1 and from then on things have been progressing/improving. I have learned from Lilly in spirit world it is hard to put a timeframe on things, but having faith and patience in the universe is key. Lilly is truly genuine no matter the situation, she can only predict what she sees, but one thing people must understand that there is free will and what the universe feels is the right thing for you. Lilly is gentle, kind and genuine when she delivers her readings. There are four readers I talk to when I can’t get a hold of one of them and depending on the night. She has said the majority of the same things the others have said and they don’t use tools, so in other words she truly knows the tarot. Lilly does not read the back of the cards instead she reads your situation through the cards. Another plus she knows that I am able to read situations and people because of my empathic and psychic abilities. She also knows a lot of the times when I am calling it is mainly for confirmation of what I have already predicted and picked up on through my own abilities. Please try Lilly you won’t be disappointed.

From On 05/04/2019


This lady’s talent is second to none! I just had the most amazing reading from Lilly. 100% accurate about whats going on for me and the person i enquired about. She delivers her readings with passion, integrity, enthusiasm patience and respect. You can tell she loves and lives her craft. Call her. If you manage to get through you wont be disappointed! Thx again Lilly x

Sg From Uk On 27/03/2019


Update one of your predictions has unfolded on 1/6) Lilly. You predicted contact within 2-3 days and it happened just as you stated prediction made on (1/4). Just waiting on your other predictions to unfold. Lily is a very good detailed reader, she always spot on about my situation and her readings always align with my other top go to readers. She knows the cards and can see the situation clearly.

From USA On 07/01/2019


Thank you so much Lily for reading yesterday 3/1. So helpful and very detailed straight to the point. You have helped me to deal with my situation. Will definitely be back..... x

M From Yorkshire On 04/01/2019


I have been speaking to Lily for 2yrs now and she has been very helpful throughout my trying times. I have left a couple of reviews as predictions have come into fruition. So here is another prediction that has unfolded, that you have predicted just 2days ago on 12/13. I will post again as the others unfold. Thanks so much Lily!!!

Your Friend (T) From On 16/12/2018

I didn’t want to be connected with her because I like to stick with who I’ve spoken to before. Something said step out of your comfort zone. I’m glad i did. 1000 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Amazing From Atlanta On 11/12/2018

From a fellow South Africa.

So calming and to the point. I will call you again soon to update you. A fantastic reader. X

From On 29/10/2018

She’s a nice lady but most of her love perdictions have never come to pass. She always said he’s ‘the one’ about a couple of men over a period of a couple of years however never happened.

From UK On 18/10/2018

Thank you

You were so lovely and your reading was spot on with everything. You confirmed a reading from years ago from a famous reader and which I always knew was coming. I'm off to the shops now

J From Cheshire On 13/09/2018

Lovely Lady

Great Reading,i was feeling down before i spoke to Lilly and she made me feel so much better,i was losing hope in my love life and she reasured me,that the man that i wanted,will come back into my life,it will be a long term relationship,leading to marriage,this has made me happy,i can sleep peacefully tonight Thank you Lilly

sharon From London On 10/08/2018

Amazing connection

Amazing connection.. gave me so much hope. I hope predictions come to pass

RA From Australia On 16/07/2018


Excellent information and clarity - unfortunately phone connection lost after 15 mins and couldn't reconnect.

J From London On 31/05/2018

Good connection and genuine care for clients

Good connection and clear understanding of a complicated situation. Would recommend

Wini From London On 25/05/2018

100% Recommended

25/05/18 Dear Lilly, it was a great pleasure to have finally be able to talk to you. I feel truly blessed. You've mentioned things that I have kept only to myself. Things that were in my mind or in my prayers. You described my situation so accurately that it was like having flashbacks (i.e. Scent, mother and grandmother, and etc.). You made predictions with so much conviction and assured me that your cards are never mistaken. I believe it! It was almost like you were looking into a crystal ball to watch my future unfold in the exact same way I sense/see it happening. I've spoken to other readers who also gave me great readings and a lot of hope but something about your reading got me right there in that deep place of faith and complete trust. Thank you ever so much for connecting with me and God bless you and your special gift.

AR From UK On 24/05/2018

Lovely Lilly

So difficult to always get in touch with Lilly but when I do, always grateful for her compassionate, warm and calming tone. Her insight is impeccable and I am so thankful for you!

B From USA On 29/04/2018

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