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Update one of your predictions has unfolded on 1/6) Lilly. You predicted contact within 2-3 days and it happened just as you stated prediction made on (1/4). Just waiting on your other predictions to unfold. Lily is a very good detailed reader, she always spot on about my situation and her readings always align with my other top go to readers. She knows the cards and can see the situation clearly.

From USA On 07/01/2019


Thank you so much Lily for reading yesterday 3/1. So helpful and very detailed straight to the point. You have helped me to deal with my situation. Will definitely be back..... x

M From Yorkshire On 04/01/2019


I have been speaking to Lily for 2yrs now and she has been very helpful throughout my trying times. I have left a couple of reviews as predictions have come into fruition. So here is another prediction that has unfolded, that you have predicted just 2days ago on 12/13. I will post again as the others unfold. Thanks so much Lily!!!

Your Friend (T) From On 16/12/2018

I didn’t want to be connected with her because I like to stick with who I’ve spoken to before. Something said step out of your comfort zone. I’m glad i did. 1000 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Amazing From Atlanta On 11/12/2018

From a fellow South Africa.

So calming and to the point. I will call you again soon to update you. A fantastic reader. X

From On 29/10/2018

She’s a nice lady but most of her love perdictions have never come to pass. She always said he’s ‘the one’ about a couple of men over a period of a couple of years however never happened.

From UK On 18/10/2018

Thank you

You were so lovely and your reading was spot on with everything. You confirmed a reading from years ago from a famous reader and which I always knew was coming. I'm off to the shops now

J From Cheshire On 13/09/2018

Lovely Lady

Great Reading,i was feeling down before i spoke to Lilly and she made me feel so much better,i was losing hope in my love life and she reasured me,that the man that i wanted,will come back into my life,it will be a long term relationship,leading to marriage,this has made me happy,i can sleep peacefully tonight Thank you Lilly

sharon From London On 10/08/2018

Amazing connection

Amazing connection.. gave me so much hope. I hope predictions come to pass

RA From Australia On 16/07/2018


Excellent information and clarity - unfortunately phone connection lost after 15 mins and couldn't reconnect.

J From London On 31/05/2018

Good connection and genuine care for clients

Good connection and clear understanding of a complicated situation. Would recommend

Wini From London On 25/05/2018

100% Recommended

25/05/18 Dear Lilly, it was a great pleasure to have finally be able to talk to you. I feel truly blessed. You've mentioned things that I have kept only to myself. Things that were in my mind or in my prayers. You described my situation so accurately that it was like having flashbacks (i.e. Scent, mother and grandmother, and etc.). You made predictions with so much conviction and assured me that your cards are never mistaken. I believe it! It was almost like you were looking into a crystal ball to watch my future unfold in the exact same way I sense/see it happening. I've spoken to other readers who also gave me great readings and a lot of hope but something about your reading got me right there in that deep place of faith and complete trust. Thank you ever so much for connecting with me and God bless you and your special gift.

AR From UK On 24/05/2018

Lovely Lilly

So difficult to always get in touch with Lilly but when I do, always grateful for her compassionate, warm and calming tone. Her insight is impeccable and I am so thankful for you!

B From USA On 29/04/2018

Breaking free

Thank you so much Lilly for your help.You have given me the strength and clarity I needed to break free from oppression and a clear way forward.Much gratitude and love to you xxxx

Sarah From England On 18/04/2018


lilly, ran out of credit again but you were brilliant. thank you and good luck

craig From newcastle On 06/03/2018


Thank you again for a fabulous reading! You were spot on. I could talk to you for hours! Talk to you soon. Blessings

Diane From USA On 14/02/2018

Always spot on

Thank you so much absolutely brilliant

2 min man From Uk On 13/02/2018

Love Lilly!!

I loved your Reading as always! You are so amazing and spot on. I can’t believe I pressed the wrong number when topping up and then you were taken. I will try again next week. Thanks. Love and light

Diane From On 06/02/2018


Thank you Lilly awesome reading very friendly lady i will ring back and give you an update

Colleen From Australia On 02/02/2018

My Ex the Virgo

I have been reading with Lily for almost a year and she has been consistently accurate in her readings. I haven't spoken to her since October and she remembered without telling her that my ex was a virgo!!! I couldn't believe it, she also named some other things I didn't think she would remember but she did. Her readings have been consistent with the other top readers on here and she gives a great amount of accurate details. So refreshing !

T. From On 16/01/2018

Absolutely amazing

Oh my gosh....that is all! Sorry my signal dropped. Thank you fir such a detailed and amazing reading

From On 10/01/2018

A Beautiful Soul

I have been having readings from Lily for a few years now. She is honest, sincere and a true Earth Angel. She's helped me through such trying times and I am truly grateful and blessed that I have had opportunity to speak to her time and time again, she always gives me faith. She is brilliant as a reader and is an amazing human being. God bless you and thank you lots of love

Belinda From London UK On 07/12/2017


Lilly, I ran out of minutes, (Taneka) please come on more! I enjoyed are conversation, you always help me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. So refreshing, no sugar coating but very gentle. Although I have not spoken to you in a while, your readings still align with the others I have spoken to on here, when I can't talk to you. I MISS YOU! You won't be disappointed she is always spot on!

T From USA On 14/11/2017

Love lilly

Thank you for a lovely reading, I could have talked to you all night. Wonderful xxxx hugs xxxx

Fiona From Scotland On 20/10/2017


I absolutely love Lilly, I haven't spoken to her in 3 months and she literally knew who she was talking to. Quite sure your asking/wondering how can I prove it, she literally reminded me of my situation without any prompting. She is soooo sweet and always spot on with her predictions. Her predictions align with the other readings I have had with other readers. She is uplifting and very pleasant to talk to.

Teneka From On 08/08/2017


I love Lilly as she picks up on things without prompting. Literally, you do not have to give her any information. Some readers cannot connect with everyone's energy. She is always positive and has been very consistent in her readings. Her readings have confirmed and have been consistent with other readings, I have had. For me it's never rubbish, but positive insight and hope. I will definitely be phoning back.

T. From On 02/05/2017

Thankyou so much for a great reading. You were spot on with my situation, Will be in touch soon, Your fantastic and spot on.

Sharon From On 07/03/2017

Spot On

Lilly is like a breath of fresh air! I enjoy talking to her every time. She is very hard to catch due to the fact that she is really gifted. Lilly gets straight to the point,she does not ask any questions,however, she does allow you to ask questions once she has given you an ear full.Another great thing about her is that she does not waste your time and money. I have come across 3 readers on here that have wasted my time and could not read me. I will definitely be calling her again.

Tenika From USA On 07/03/2017

Just One Word

Just one word to sum up the reading I had, Rubbish. Definitely won't be phoning back again.

From 06/03/2017 On 06/03/2017

Love you lilly

Lilly your the best I've been trying to hold of you to night but not having much luck because you are so good at what you do I've been talking to you a few years now and you have always put my mind and gave me clarity at rest and made me feel better every th I g you have said has come true thank you for all you do i give 10 stars if there was the option **********marie

marie From Uk On 07/02/2017


Lilly, was verrryyy spot on, super sweet did not ask a lot of questions. She did most of the talking and was confident in her predictions. I am confident as well because she stated some feelings I was having, in regards to my job and relationship. I will be calling her again!

Taneka From GA On 07/02/2017

Wonderful reading and picked up my situation so well. Really hope the predictions happen; my instinct is telling me you're right. Thank u again xx

Jess From On 30/01/2017

Blown away!!

Pick up things in detail about the situation with my life. I am waiting with positive anticipation for her predictions to materialise!

K From London On 26/01/2017

Thank you so much

I have just spoken to you and I can honestly say that you were amazing. Completely accurate on the situation and my feelings and a wonderful listener and advisor. You have made me extremely happy and I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you and god bless.

Carrie From Bedford On 10/01/2017

Mind blowing!

she picked thing s up immediately. I was astonished at her details of the situation and where it's headed, im glad I called her. She is a lovely and considerate person. Waiting for the predictions to come true!

K From London On 01/01/2017


Lily is a lovely soul and is such an amazing reader! Spot on and very easy to talk to. I will definitely come back for another reading. Thanks again and Blessings :)

Diane From New York On 23/11/2016


Lily was so accurate with my situation she didn't even ask me anything and the information just kept flowing and flowing. I will definitely be calling again and i will make a future review as soon as my situation changes as predicted. This lady deserves more reviews shes definitely a 5* reader im still in shock as how much she picked up on my current situation. Thanks Lily your amazing xx

sophie From Birmingham On 04/10/2016


Love love love Lilly!! She was clear, concise and so fun to talk to. Will definitely call back. Thank you

Anonymous From USA On 27/09/2016

Thank You . . .

. . . for a clear reading that put my mind at rest - love and peace :-)

Phil From Wiltshire On 19/06/2016

A beautiful person!

Thank you so much Lilly. You were spot on with everything, had a great reading from you. You are such a lovely beautiful person who genuinely does care about people. Am glad I got connected to you. Lots of love Arosa x

Arosa From Manchester On 17/05/2016


Just want to say a massive thank u to lilly for being so helpful and understanding in what I'm going through and I really can't wait to see this unfold ,,, A+++++++++

Vicky From Swansea On 28/10/2015

Healing and wonderful

Thanks so much Lilly, my reading was short and I wish I could have topped up for longer because you gave so much in that short time! Amazingly accurate and tuned in! Also, what a very lovely lady you are. I received clear guidance, which left me feeling a whole lot better. Thank you!

Sarah From London On 21/10/2015


Lilly picked up on my situation instantly! Lovely lady that gave a great reading thank you xxx

Helen From Durham On 30/11/-0001

A breath of fresh air!

Finding Lilly has been like a breath of fresh air! She is honest, caring and compasionate. She has helped me all the way through a very stressful time in my life and without her advice, guidance and reassurance I would not have coped. Lilly has always very accurate and I highly recommend her, since she is an extraordinary reader. Thank you Lilly!

Silvia From London On 30/11/-0001

Left me a bit taken aback

I couldn't understand how Lilly knew so much about me and my situation?!? Her compassion was outstanding and she instantly made me feel relaxed. I don't see Lilly on very much, come on more so I can get more readings!!!

Maja From Manchester On 30/11/-0001

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