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Lovely woman ❤️

Thank you so much Victoria for the lovely reading you made me feel so much better! A lovely kind and gentle lady I will definitely call again. God bless you xxxxxxx

Ana From On 30/09/2018

Thank you

Just had a reading with this calming reader the reader I went for wasn’t available and was put threw to Victoria picked up been feeling down then went on to tell me the man I’m involved with didn’t want to know about him but was glad she picked up on him as made me feel more relaxed about us thank you again top reader will let you know when it happens x

C From Yorks On 08/07/2018

With so many great reviews I have wanted to speak to Victoria for a while, and like all the other reviews she did not disappoint. Such a sweet lady with a very soothing and calm voice. She will tell you exactly what she picks up and I can say it is 100% accurate.

From On 24/06/2018

I lovely lady indeed!

01.06.18 - Her voice is quite healing. She tunes in so quickly. We've greeted each other, she asked my name, asked me to say when to stop shuffling the cards and next thing I know this lovely lady is describing to me the story of my life. Some people just have the gift and Victoria is definitely one of them. Thank you for lighting up that candle for me. God bless you.

AR From London On 01/06/2018

Top reader alert!

Victoria is definitely one of the better readers on this site. Lovely to talk to, non judgemental, kind, compassionate etc.

From On 15/01/2018

Very good

I enjoyed my reading with Victoria. She connected with me very well and described circumstances perfectly. I got cut off when my credit ran out otherwise I could have spoke to her for much longer. She has a nice, quiet way of speaking and I felt her to be very calming. Would definitely speak to her again!

Tracie From On 10/12/2017

Thank you

Thank you so much for the lovely reading this is Rihanna who we were having a conversation about Down syndrome. Victoria picks up on the situation straight away not only a good reader but a lovely lady. Sending you lots of love ❤️ ❤️️

Rihanna From Uk On 18/06/2017


I love Victoria,so soothing as she describes what she sees,in any doubt she calmly explains and makes you feel at ease.She is very precise and consistent in all my readings.We are so lucky

A From Uk On 14/06/2017

One of the best readers!

It's been a SUCH pleasure speaking with Victoria.. Picked up my situation straight away.. Very detailed, very accurate.. Such a beautiful soul, very non judgemental, understanding and helped me in my soul searching and spiritual journey - it felt that the messages from the universe itself.. Can't wait to talk to you again..

T From Vic On 26/05/2017

Beautiful Person

Thanks Victoria, we got cut off, but you were spot on and very calming. She is very positive with her reading, she didn't need any prompting and did not ask any questions. In addition, she was very accurate and very detailed. I will definitely be calling her again!

T. From On 26/05/2017

Thank you angel

So sorry we got cut off. It was so lovely speaking to you after a long while. Thank you for your lovely reading and all the love that vibrates from your beautiful soul. Hope to speak soon. Blessings Belinda xxx

Belinda From UK On 30/04/2017

Best reader!

Victoria, it's been comforting and amazing talking to you in the 12 months. Hope to talk to you again soon. Haven't seen you on this site for quite a while now.

Lan From Australia On 04/02/2017


Victoria is such an amazing lady and reader! She is very sweet and understanding and her readings are spot on. She will answer all your questions and will make you feel at ease. I will recommend this lovely lady and I will definitely come back for another reading. God bless :)

Diane From New York On 27/11/2016

Sorry we got cut off minutes ran out . You tuned in the very second we spoke. Your reading was accurate and spot on im glad I spoke to u as you pretty much confirmed it all. I'm really looking forward to things heading in a much better direction very soon.

Daniella From On 27/11/2016


Picked up on my situation accurately within the first minute. She has given me a prediction which is a major shift for this week! I will be back to update if it comes to frusion x

E From MELBOURNE On 06/11/2016

Worth listening to

Thanks for your caring and uplifting reading. I was cut off but could have kept listening. You gave a gentle prod in direction and really told me to stay in my heart and follow my dreams. Felt so comfortable thanks......thanks for listening and picking up on what's happening its ice to get positivity. Amazing reader......

Jules From Australia On 31/10/2016

Amazing !

Victoria I just wanted to say your brilliant ! True to the point of being exceptional understanding kind empathetic but most of all very very gifted ! I loved talking to you you have uplifted my spirits and your the medicine I needed to get onto the positive path I'd slipped off ! Love to talk soon , take care Helena 19.10.16

Helena From North East England On 19/10/2016

very very very very nice lady

Thank you Victoria, Loved talking with you, wow!!! if i could i would call her every dayyyyyyyyy!! i miss her already!!

baharak From canada On 02/10/2016

Lovely lady

Sorry we got cut off. Thank you for a lovely reading and a positive one. You picked up on what is going on. I will call you again and let you know how I get on. Xx

Cathy From South East On 22/07/2016

Very insightful, went straight into reading without asking which type of reading I would like. Looking forward to out come and really do hope it comes true.

Caz From Uk On 17/07/2016


Lovely lady, very positive about my situation and gave me hope. Picked up on me thinking about moving and also told me things she couldn't of known. Give her a call you won't be disappointed.

Caz From Uk On 15/07/2016

Thank you

Called today and decided to let the universe choose my reader and was put through to this lovely lady who made me feel at ease straight away... She asked no questions and tuned into me, Victoria knew my situation and gave me predictions And hope i liked this reader and as a healer and therapist myself i would recommend Victoria. We got cut off but thank you L& L xxxx

Michele From Essex On 13/07/2016

Thank you so much Victoria. .you truly helped me. Everything you said happened. I will call you again and give you an update. God bless. E.

Emilia From Nsw On 26/06/2016

Thank you dearly x

I came to this lady with a problem that was very close to ,y heart and i felt that she dealt with the situation so delictely and gave the right guidance to show the path i needed to take

Anthony From Milton Keynes On 17/06/2016

Lovely lady ,perfect reading

Speechless ...straight on the point . Thank you a million xxxxx

Brendan From U.K. On 01/06/2016


I highly recommend Victoria to anyone. She is exceptionally rare and gifted. Always there giving me 1000%! I agree with everyone on here. She will not waist your time or ever let you down. Jesus bless you dear one. Xoxo!


Thank you

Thanks so much Victoria just wanted to say one of your predictions came true just waiting for the major one to come to fruition! Your a beautiful soul and always are consistent with your readings thanks again talk soon xxoo

J From A On 24/05/2016

Thank you

Thanks again Victoria for my reading! You are a beautiful soul! Always give me comfort when I am down am happy one of your predictions came true waiting for the major one to come to fruition! Sorry call got cut off talk soon God bless xxoo

J From A On 21/05/2016


Thank you for all your help Victoria. You are truly amazing and extraordinary! EXTREMELY gifted and insightful! You worked so hard on my issues and helped me find peace. I will be in touch. Hugs and God bless you dear.

KATIANNA From USA On 15/05/2016


Got cut off but what a beautiful woman!! Thank you Victoria :)

sasha From melbourne On 30/04/2016


Thank you Victoria, Loved talking with you, wow she was a great reader and insightful spot on. Speak soon

C From London On 26/04/2016

Softly spoken,woman

Shes slow in her approach to deliver you the most understanding,warm and kind reading-she gives great advice as well as predictions and shes validated what other readers have said. I will always come back to this non-judgmental,lovely soul.

DEE From London On 28/03/2016

The most touching and soothing reading

Thank you Victoria for your gift and beautiful presence. You truly helped me access some buried emotions that needed to be released. Your readings are always incredibly detailed and deep. Thank you for assisting me through this troubling time. Talking to you is like talking to the mother I wish I had. Sending you much love xxx

J From Scotland On 22/03/2016

I enjoyed listening to Vitoria. Her readings touched specific areas of my life. I almost felt like she had my life history book. Truly she's gifted and non judgemental. She's warm and quiet a good listener. She's a great counselor too.

Leah From On 19/03/2016

Thank you so much Victoria. You are a beautiful soul. You are so kind and have helped me so much tonight. Sadly we got cut off. I will definitely call again.

From On 09/02/2016

Feeling good

Thank you Victoria, it was such a pleasant conversation. I hope everything will be ok. Hope for best!

Aleksandra From Los Angeles On 23/01/2016

A reassuring, comforting reading

I'm sorry Victory, we got cut off just as I was thanking you for the comforting reading you have just given. Thank you so very much for the clarity and comfort in what you have just said.

Jacqui From Scotland On 15/01/2016

Great Reading

I have had many readings with Victoria before. She is very kind and quick to answer all questions. I always like talking to her, she helps clear my mind and put it to ease!

Stephanie From United States On 10/01/2016

Get a reading now!!

Just had my 2nd reading with Victoria today. 1st was only a few weeks back,but had to call to tell her a few of the predictions from the first reading had happened already! Victoeia walked me thru everything that is going on in his head and explained why we are the way we are. Anyway, point is, she is caring in all respects, lets u babble on about life then straightens everything out for you and points you in the direction you should be going. Im hopeful the rest of the predictions will pass aswell as the new predictions. For an honest, advice giving, on point reading, pls get in touch with Victoria

Bj From Scotland On 05/01/2016

Lovely lady

Thank you and sorry we got cut off now wait and see !

From On 01/01/2016

Thank you

Lovely lady thank you and sorry we got cut off lets hope it all comes true x

From On 01/01/2016

Lovely Reading

Hello Victoria, we got cut off today during my reading. I did try to get hold of you again, but was unsuccessful :( Just wanted to say thank you for such a warm lovely reading. You tuned into my world so well and made some solid predictions. I will try and get back in touch with you soon as you were right in the middle of the reading! I would recommended you highly to other callers, you are a caring, warm, honest and gentle reader. Thank you x

Kim From UK On 29/12/2015

Thank you!

Victoria, I did not expect to hear what you have told me and we will know very soon if what you have seen will manifest. I will come back to you. Thank you for your emphatic understanding. God bless you.

Donatella From Australia On 03/12/2015

A delight to talk too.

Can't talk highly enough about this Lady. Kind genuine Give Victoria a call you won't be disappointed. Il be calling her again. Thanks VIctoria.

J From Scotland On 22/11/2015

Beautiful reading! :)

Hi Victoria Thank you for a wonderful and beautiful reading tonight. You're very kind and loving reader. Thank you for making me feel peaceful and giving me insight to my relationship. With love and light, S Butterfly (Australia)

S Butterfly From Australia On 08/11/2015

Lovely lady

Victoria is very kind. Within a few minutes she pick up on my situation and she was spot on. I will definitely recommend Victoria. Now I am just going to wait. Thank you xx

CT From Cornwall On 11/10/2015

A beautiful soul.

Victoria is one of a kind. She always helps me to stay true to my heart. Her wisdom and advice is extraordinary and I couldn't go through this hard period without her. Thank you Victoria from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to speaking with you again soon. X

Melanie From Australia On 30/11/-0001

A beautiful soul

Victoria is one of a kind. She is gifted with a beautiful, caring nature and she gives a lot. She had provided me with great strength through a very difficult time and always encourages me to not give up. Thank you Victoria from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to speaking with you soon.xx

Melanie From Australia On 30/11/-0001


victoria is an amazing, kind and supportive psychic I really couldn't have got through this last month as well without her support and guidance. Non judgmental and very accurate thank you victoria you are a star !! Xxx

G From manchester On 30/11/-0001

Brilliant all round reader.!!!!

What a lovely person being so sensitive and genuine, she came straight to the point with so many things and what I really appreciated it was not rose tinted to just make me feel better - anyone can do that. Victoria really is a caring reader and I for one would get anyone to call her especially if you have never had a reader before Victoria would be a great choice. Will call again very soon my thanks

Lilly Briggs From Burgess Hill West Sussex On 30/11/-0001


Victoria is a very soft spoken and caring reader. She told me what I really didn't expect to hear. I was on the phone ready to hear a certain outcome of a situation. She picked up why I had called within a couple of minutes and she was spot on. Lets see if she is right with a certain prediction, if she is i will come back and let you know x

L From Scotland On 30/11/-0001

Lovely reader!

Thank you so much Victoria.. Such a warm caring soul.. And a fantastic, positive and uplifting reading.. Victoria's is so busy on here but shes worth all the wait!!! God bless :))

K From East midlands On 30/11/-0001

Beautiful reader what a lovely lady so kind and sweet, good reading xx

What a beautiful reading for a warm beautiful person speak to u soon x

Cassi From London On 30/11/-0001

Beautiful Reader

Victoria thanks so much for a beautiful reading you were so accurate in picking up what's going on around me! You have totally uplifted me I feel at peace knowing that things will only get better from now on! Your a beautiful soft spoken psychic and I look forward to talking to you in the future thanks so much Josie from Oz

Jj From Australia On 30/11/-0001

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