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Heather - 5502

I am a Tarot and Angel card reader with over 30 years experience providing good insight from the various cards I read. My spirit guides and Angel guides help me with my readings. I use a crystal pendulum to get yes or no answers to direct questions. My readings are always friendly and enjoyable. I specialize in love relationships and careers. And also can do more general readings. PIN: 5502



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Heather - 5502

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Positive Reading

I have just had a reading with Heather. What a lovely lady, very helpful and has put my mind at rest. Will book another reading in the future with Heather.

Lynne From Kent On 29/03/2019


Very positive reading, did really well in understanding situation, and was extremely sound and calm ... very empathetic and talented thank you

PRANAV From Midlands On 20/03/2019

Fab reading

Had a lovely reading with heather. The information she gave me was spot on. Heather I felt was honest and accurate. I certainly will contact heather again.

Wende From Cardiff On 13/03/2019

Lovely Lady

You were truly kind & lovely in your reading with me and I hope things turn positive here

Lilac From London On 13/03/2019

Lovely lady

Lovely reading. I found it too good to be true. She predicted something for me so I will have to wait and see. Thanks Heather x

From On 06/03/2019


This lady is very accurate and told me things that I didn’t mention that were right. Her readings have been consistent as well.

From On 03/03/2019


Heather, you were fab! thank you.... you were very accurate, kind and lovely.

eve From northamptonshire On 01/03/2019


Nice lady, caring reader, gave insight. Thank you

Kathleen From Perth Australia On 13/02/2019

First time reading amazing. Will defiantly call bacj

From On 30/01/2019

Fantastic reader so precise.


Karen From Oz On 13/01/2019

Love and Happiness

Heather seemed to be confident with her predictions i just hope it comes true

Alejandro From England On 30/12/2018

Good, will come back with more stars if things happen

Hi heather, well blow me down,on the way to work on the 5th day after my reading, a huge black bird was on the grass at entrance of the work site. As i walked towatd it it stared at me and didnt move as i got closer, and walked side of me.. i was so happy, first bird i have seen in months there.then on the 7th guess who turned up my place of work!! .. totaly unexpected, i sent the christmas card as we spoke about as he feels door was closed, and although he wanted to reach out after all these months of nothing at all he didnt know how with out rejection as he not able to cope with it from me, he didnt get to see or speak with me as i was in meetings, but he told one of the receptionist for me to email him.and he is able to come aee me tomorrow ? (Sat) i emailed and i will wait to see when he replies, you said take simple,steady and slow he will tell me by new year jan/feb everything, he will open up about all he gone through he wants try again but scared of rejection at moment i amflabbegasted. Thank you Will be back heather to let you know in new year of things have materialised. Merry christmas abd happy new year

MC From Uk On 08/12/2018

Good, will come back with more stars if things happen

Beautiful reading, knew things about my situ without saying anything, confirmed few things for me that others have said. Very positive and although Heather didnt say it, i know free will can stop things, but free will only last so long before universe steps in to take action. So never doubt it going to happen it will,and within divine timing. I cant wait.i will continue to grow, be positive, and help my mind find the balance and power over negative thinking. I will up my stars when things start to shift, or i get that bird on the fence that tells me. Love and light

MC From Uk On 04/12/2018

Amazingly accurate information from this reader. She got things which were so relevant. Hoping to see that things come true that she predicted.

linda From manchester On 30/11/2018

Indepth & to the point

i enjoy my calls with heather as she gives me the truthful answers i am looking for, not sugar coated or beating around the bush.

Aiden From Notts On 15/10/2018

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