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Adrian (5892)
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Adrian (5892)
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Adrian - 5892

I have worked with angel and tarot cards for over 10 years, and I am an experienced clairvoyant using many tools including connected to my spirit guides to bring forward clarity in a non-judgemental and empathic way. I look into the past, present and future and I conduct my readings in a clear and insightful manner. I help to give insight with any questions guiding others to the path of light. PIN: 5892

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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I can offer clients an empathic and clear reading giving professional advice and giving peace of mind and balance to those in need. I do like my clients to feel healing energy and positivity after every reading and my approach is compassionate. I do listen strongly picking up on the surrounding energies around me. I offer a open reading with a caring nature. Clients can feel trust in me, and my aim is to surround others with love and light.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I specialise in love and relationship readings, including twin flame and soul mate readings. I also specialise in career and general readings, helping to use my wisdom to give the best outcome in a direct and positive way. My tools also include connecting to the angels and tarot cards. I also use the crystal ball and pendulum in my readings with years of experience, and I enjoy bringing others into a positive energy field and helping others to find their way through my gifts.

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I first became aware of my gifts at a very young age being able to pick up on energies of others and feelings around myself. I would also have visions as a child growing up as I have become older I felt my gifts become stronger in a big way. I also felt I had a purpose for my gifts from the higher divine light and I felt with the pursuit of my gifts I can guide others in the way of supporting others in need through any situation to give the best advice which also uplifts me spiritually to help others as a light worker helping those around me to feel enlightened and empowered.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

My other skills are connecting to the light of the archangels that guide the way through the light of grace, and I can use my skills of being a dedicated, patient caring person. I also have visions and connect to the sound vibrations of others when conducting my readings, and I have an understanding approach to my clients and the life experiences my clients have gone through. My skills also include Clairaudience and claircognizance, connecting to my clients’ surroundings and experiences, and gaining sudden realisations, tuning into the energies of others through my psychic energy.