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Amazing !!! Love her soul

RS From Sydney On 10/01/2019

Thank you

Bless you and thank you Carris. You are very kind and gentle and I called you again due to you being the only one who got the timing perfect on my last prediction. Thank you always xxxx

Sarah From Australia On 05/10/2018

Good !!!

Thank you Carris for a lovely reading. I'm hoping it wasn't a fairy tale because its hard to believe what you said about my complex situation. I do believe you have psychic abilities and I believe that when you are silent you are getting messages from spirits and you pass that on to us. I can't wait for the predictions to unfold and will call you soon to let you know if there's any progress in my long and boring situation.

MZ From London On 13/09/2018

Wow and wow

Amazing predictions with a time factor - if they come about - I'll be out on the hills shouting her praises..Others have indicate that things will happen but no one has ventured as close a time frame. Many thanks and I so hope you're on the nail.

Lynda From Aus On 03/05/2018

Very correct

Right on with everything

Bianca From Australia On 01/02/2018

Picked up on a lot that I was going through. Very calm, lovely and felt like I could trust her with my problems. thank yuou for the great reading

Layla From On 04/01/2018

Very good

Connections made were brilliant. she is calm and friendly. i really enjoyed this readin and i will be calling back. Anon xx

Annon From On 23/11/2017


Carris is a psychic medium who i have come to give me readings many a time and she has been so spot on with the information shes given me in her readings it is rather shocking actually. She has helped me get in contact with my aunty who abruptly passed away a year ago and with very little info from my self Carris gave told me things that only my aunty and my self could have known. I feel a gap in my life has now been filled and i am complete again. Blessed be Carris.

Deanna From Yorkshire On 02/09/2017

calm reading

Carris has gentle calm voice, did find her bit slow to get going,didnt give any validations about my life, felt like she was just saying anything as she went along, but time will tell

noname From scotland On 22/07/2017

Very very slow

Went to this reader as I was feeling unsure about a current situation but unfortunately she was very slow gaps of silence didn't even get a basic general told me someone was coming back when asked who she changed the topic Didn't feel she had a connection with me but still continued the reading 7min in I asked what cards had come up and She told me she was using Angel cards but did not mention one Angel card that had come up Unfortunately I came off the phone even more Confused!

N From Yourkshire On 27/03/2017

Very slow

Long gaps of silence and lots of questions. credit got used up.

Jo From Kent On 26/02/2017


I have just come off the phone to this amazing and accurate reader. She put my mind at ease straight away... I will definitely be calling her again. I'm lost for words xx

Jean From Staffordshire On 03/04/2016

Very accurate reader.

lee From australia On 06/02/2016


A thoroughly good reading, thank you very much.

Amy From London On 30/11/-0001

Beautiful reader

I would just like to say thanks very much Carris for a beautiful reading you have definitely put my mind at ease and I won't fret any longer coz I know you are 100

J From Australia On 30/11/-0001

Lovely Reader

I would just like to thank Carris for a lovely Reading you put my mind at ease and I won't fret any more thanks so much....

J From Australia On 30/11/-0001

Lovely Reader

I would just like to thank Carris for a lovely Reading you put my mind at ease and I won't fret any more thanks so much....

J From Australia On 30/11/-0001

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