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Carl - 8691

I've been aware of my abilities for over 15 years. I connect to spirit and I am a Reiki healer. I am also here if you would just like to talk and let off some steam. I am a non judgemental person, we've all been through some rough times and I am here to offer a compassionate ear. Please call me for an in-depth reading, I am here to assist you. PIN: 8691



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Carl - 8691

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Thank you Carl

I had a reading a few weeks ago and his prediction came true. I had another reading tonight and I want to thank Carl again from the bottom of my heart.

frances From Australia On 05/04/2019

Awesome source of information

Yet another chat with Carl and such a pleasing one with terrifically helpful info. I'll be interested to see how the "meeting" does go, and look forward to things stepping up.

Libran From Aus On 14/03/2019

General reading

Thanks so much. Prediction came through

Rit From London On 02/03/2019

Thank you

Many thanks Carl for going straight to the point and being specific about the question I asked. You clarified the situation and did not give the often time wasters of a character read on myself. So appreciate that!! Great value reading.

Libran From Aus On 28/02/2019

Amazing reader! Wow!

Had a reading last night 22/2/2019 with this lovely and caring gentleman and I was speechless what he saw in the cards! Thank you Carl! You cheered me up and I’m no longer confused. Thank you for your advice! What a beautiful reading can’t stop topping up! Will definitely call you back when predictions unfold. Now I know who’s the best guy for me! He’s the best reader here so accurate and worth every penny! Best Wishes God Bless xx 23/2/2019

Isabel From London On 23/02/2019

Very good indeed

Loved the reading. Thank you Carl - for answering my question and sharing additional insight which has made me one very happy girl. Very much appreciated indeed.

Libran From Aus On 04/02/2019


Thanks for a further clarification that the wheels are turning. I'll be patient.

Lyn From o/s On 12/01/2019

Genuine, caring and well connected

I like your concise way of reading - clear and to the point. No waffle and honesty about what is coming up. Many thanks - will be thrilled if your prediction comes to pass...Thank you

Lyn From o/s On 01/01/2019

Excellent Reader

Carl was spot on with me today. I was surprised at his accuracy. A very good reader, to the point, and crystal clear. Thank you !

From On 01/12/2018


Good reading

K From Australia On 27/11/2018

Very good thanks. And great help.

Gurinder From Coventry On 20/11/2018

100% Correct

I found Carl to tell the truth and not beat around the bush. He correctly picked up on my situation and I am surprised he has not received more reviews. Carl led me out of a dark tunnel into the light and I thank him for enlightening me on a situation which made me ease my mind. Thank-you Carl, you was shockingly correct. Your a star!

From On 15/11/2018

100% Accurate

I did reading with Carl this morning and I found Carl to be 100% accurate. He picked up on a negative situation and advised me on the reading to stay away from it. I found Carl to be genuine, not to mention concerned and am astonished as to his accuracy and definitely felt a lot better when I came off of the phone from the reading with Carl. I am also surprised that Carl not got more positive reviews. Thank-you Carl for an amazing, uplifting and an very positive reading and giving me insight into a horrible and negative situation and saving me from getting heartbroken. You gave me light when all I saw was darkness and I wish to personally thank-you for your clarity and guidance your amazing.

Charlene From London On 12/11/2018

Good reading

From On 10/11/2018

Professional and acurate

Had a lovely reading with Carl, I was a bit nervous and a tad sceptical as ive had other readings in the past that were not acurate.When I called Carl was very approachable, and he put me at ease straight away. He explained what he was doing and took time to give me a proper reading. I could hear him shuffle the cards, whereas with previous readings they just launched straight into a load of general waffle. Carl picked up straight away on the issue I had and gave me an honest account of what the cards were showing him. Some bits seemed a bit off the mark but less than 24 hours later, events in my life played out pretty much spot on to what he said. Although I stayed on the phone longer than I'd intended, I'm so glad I did. Will definitely call Carl the next time I need some perspective and clarity in my life

Sarah From Uk On 10/11/2018

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