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Good connection

Could listen to you talk all night, but sadly cannot afford it. Appreciate the guidance. Will take your advice and choose my path. Thank you.

Libran From Aus On 31/03/2019


Thanks for reading, feel so much better, after talking to vincent, cheered me up xx lady who likes her red and black

Anonymous From Cardiff On 11/03/2019


Vincent homed in with very accurate detail and sussed out the situation....he gave me the confidence to trust my own instincts. A very insightful read thankyou!

Kay From South-west England On 03/03/2019


Wow Thank You Vincent I have been stunned by your reading in such an amazing way, I highly recommend 100% Speak to you soon and Thank You xx

Rachel From London On 03/03/2019


Sorry our call was cut off. Thank you for a great reading and healing. Awkward-North Yorkshire!

From On 25/02/2019

Well Gosh

I'm not surprised at Vincents' reviews , and I'm joining in 'cos I found lets say it The V to be utterly marvelous and quite original , the way he could put his finger right on the button ... Well he sure helped me to relax, release and just be I just might ,might stop being dismissive about being happy and therefore stop sabotaging any and all possibilities of being 'whatever happy is' Thanks I think Hugs me

Wayward From ask dad On 23/02/2019

The big D!

Amazing man very kind felt drawn to him the moment started talking agreed to disagree on my marriage being over but time will tell lol i hope your energies where right. Fantastic healing will call soon on an update to our disagreement xx

Danielle From Lincolnshire On 12/02/2019

Great connection!

I loved Vincent´s no nonsense approach and help me guide through making the next steps in planning my future. I can't wait how it all unfolds - THANK YOU for the guidance! He was spot-on with details regarding people around me and has a very caring, gentle straight talking nature- I really enjoyed speaking to him!

Annette From UK / Miami On 11/02/2019


I just wanted to say thank you so my for my reading. It really helped give me some insight on my current situation

Sherry From Southend On 09/02/2019


Great 5th read off Vincent got me motivated ;this guy is bob on with information ..great listener too...booking longer call next pay day ...chat soon star!!!!....

Jackie D From Burnley UK On 02/02/2019

Thank you

I will be in touch at a later point. Thank you

From On 01/02/2019


Thank you! We got cut off yesterday. You tapped into incredible details. I appreciate your insight and kindness. I will call back. I was very comforted and found some hope.

From On 31/01/2019

I was cut off and he was snapped up...amazingly accurate!!!!

Jan From On 30/01/2019


This guy is amazing this is the second time i have spoken with him . He is so spot on the first time he told me stuff i never thought it would come true and it did . And today he was so spot on with my situation that I’m going through And cant wait to see what unfolds for me now So looking forward to getting my new job and to see how my romantic life is going to work out . If you want to know exactly what is going on contact Vincent as so good at his good Thank you so much for making me understand why he does what he does ..... you know what i mean by that x

Claire From Essex On 29/01/2019


Vincent is amazing at what he does and made me feel at ease, I’m defnitrly coming back for another reading

Emma From Derbyshire On 22/01/2019

Just had a positive reading with Vincent looking forward to have another reading with you soon! Thanks

From On 21/01/2019


just had a reading of vincent what a lovley man and very gòod at what he does put my mind at rest and what he said made a lot of sence well recommended once again thank you vincent xx michele

michele From newcastle On 17/01/2019

Blew me away

I'm lost for words was so spot with the reading i didnt have to say anything he lifted up my sprites right up and healing was so wounderful such a strong connection I could still feel u as we got cut off such a lovely soft voice I'm looking forward to be talking to You again :)

Rhea From London On 15/01/2019

spot on

Thank you Vincent for a great reading you connected with me and my situation straight away. also the healing did wonders. I will be back again for a chat

lunn From newcastle On 27/11/2018


This is the frist time ever I have tlaked to vincent but he got everything right and he as got a very soft voice very spiritually man very happy that I got through to him and I hope to talk to him again at some point that's why I gave him 5 Stars

chlarie From yorkshie On 19/11/2018

Great reading

Thank you for a wonderful reading. Sorry I got cut off.

Sandra From UK On 13/11/2018


Very clear and precise a pleasure to talk to

Luke From Suffolk On 06/11/2018


I really dont know what to say, describing it in detail will not explain how great the reading went so am going to keep it simple. Amazing and thank you. S

Sandro From London On 06/11/2018

Great Psychic!!!

Brilliant info he just gets better and better..waited ages get him again thanks star!!!

Jackie baillie From Burnley UK On 17/10/2018

Very good

Very kind man. Doesn't sugar coat. Honest reading, helpful and accurate.

Mandy From Manchester On 09/10/2018

Strong spiritual connection ❤

Thank Vincent for an incredible reading and the spiritual guidance and healing. I feel amazing and so relaxed at the moment. Could of spoke to you all night. (Take snd keep) Sorry the phone cut out at the end. Love and light

Sherie From Australia On 20/09/2018

thank you Vincent, your insight was very good and I understand more and more your reading was enlighting once again thank you Best wishes Marcus

From On 15/09/2018


Vincent is so easy to talk to and accurate. Great guy

A From East Sussex On 15/09/2018

Brilliant Reader

Thank you for a brilliant reading and even though we agreed to disagree on a number of things (including your obsession with coffee and biscuits) :) I did enjoy the reading. Thank you and take care

Anonymous From ENGLAND On 11/09/2018

Good connection

A very interesting reading. Time will tell how it all pans out - but forewarned is forearmed - so appreciate the guidance.

Lyn From Aus On 10/09/2018

Great reading picked up my situation right away

Nikki From Wolverhampton On 08/09/2018

Lovely man !

Vincent was super sweet! And was very understanding and wanted to help . Doesn’t give predictions , however he really tunes in

From On 07/09/2018

Thank you Vincent.............

Vincent, your advice and insight are wonderful. I am going to follow it and let you know how it goes. You gave me a funny side to a truthful situation and I appreciate that. Everything you said was correct and you picked it up without any prompting. P.S im going to wear black and red :) Thanks again xxx

LM From Essex On 07/09/2018

Very good

Had a reading with this gentleman this evening regarding whether or not I would hear from the man I love again or had I lost him. He picked up on the situation really well and went into detail about his state of mind which helped me a great deal. He is very good and very nice to talk to

From On 06/09/2018


Fantastic, loved it xx

Bee From London On 26/08/2018

Ok but not for everyone

Was really kind but not my cup of tea as advised does not do predictions....he is a problem solved which is fine for some but I prefer to speak to readers who are psychic.

Jessica From Brighton On 24/08/2018


Lovely, gentle energy from this man who gave me a very detailed reading with much validation. He talks a lot of sense too! Highly recommended. I’ll be back... Sonya

Sonya From Witney On 20/08/2018

Spot on

Genuine nice man with a lovely soothing voice. Picked up on details without asking questions and validated what he was saying. Highly recommend a reading with Vincent xx

From On 19/08/2018


I had amazing reading so uplifting and honest answer and guidance, Vincent keep going you are doing great job.

Mmmm From London On 15/08/2018

Wow! Amazing

Wow what an amazing reading! I topped up twice. I laughed and I cried. Lovely man and amazing reading with no cards. Highly recommend!! I finally feel like I have clarity. God bless you Vincent ❤️

Charlotte From Spain On 11/08/2018

Absolutely Amazing!!

This man has such a lovely voice and I could tell that he dearly wanted to help me! Vincent: What you said about my ex was spot on! I would like to know more so I will try to get through to you again! Sorry I had to go... My neighbour popped round to see me unexpectedly! You have made me feel so much better about my life!! Thank You! Kim x

Kim From Kent UK On 10/08/2018

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