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Accurate and very detailed

From On 12/02/2019

Great reading

Knows his cards well

Michael From Mel On 10/02/2019


Shiv is the best reader I've ever come across. Highly recommend!!!

G From London On 31/01/2019


Thank you for an amazing reading! You are truly gifted from above. God bless you for all the good work you do. I really appreciate the guidance, spiritual wisdom and insight. I cannot thank you enough! Z.xxx

Zee From London On 30/01/2019


Amazingly accurate and genuinely a lovely spiritual guide. It was so lovely speaking to him!

Charlotte From Landon On 29/01/2019

Lots of info

Fast reader. In line with top readers. Hope predictions happen in the timeframe given. I Will be amazed! Will let you know as promised. Thanks

From On 16/01/2019


This guy is awesome!!!! Tonight was my first time talking to him, but I wish I could have talked longer. He said everything I had been hearing for an entire year and up until now. He was able to read my entire situation without information. He talks fast and because he is so good, you will want to hear every single word. I will definitely come back to Shiv, he was funny as well but very truthful and refreshing. He only told what he could see and no extra fluff.

From On 16/01/2019

A lot of information

I've had 2 readings with Shiv in regards to the same man and have both been consistent. A lot of information in a short amount of time. Pick up on my situation straight away and put my mind to ease. Thank you for clarifying, will update with prediction.

From On 11/01/2019


Shiv I would like to add you are amazing! You express your self well. Your so honest but yet so kind thank you. Your reading blew me away and I will be spreading the word you know your stuff..... l would like to add relionship you are bang on too. God bless you and thanks xxx PS all rounder amazing xxx

Sharon w From West Midlands On 08/01/2019


I would have to say Shiv is one of the loveliest men I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to! Such a beautiful soul! There was nothing Shiv didn’t know in regards to my incredibly hard past and the present, along with a lovely future prediction made. Thank you so much Shiv, not only for the best reading I have ever had on this site, but also the encouragement you gave me and the kindness you share. Heartfelt gratitude!

From Australia On 28/12/2018

Gifted Reader

A very nice man & good reading. Highly Recommend. Thank You Shiv

Sarah From Milton Keynes On 15/12/2018

Thank u.. U Are Amazing!!

Brilliant straight quick everything you said is true may God bless you more and more each day thank you love and light from Nikola

From On 12/12/2018


Truthful. To the point and a good understanding of the areas Of my life I needed reassurance with. Picked up on indepth detail about my partner, work , family . A very good reassuring reading which gave me clarity and support. Shiv also was quick to answer my questions and didn't spend time talking abouto anything that wasn't related to my questions. Some readers do. He also explained the cards. Talks quickly but the content of his delivery was good. Also I didn't spend too long on the phone which is a bonus. Thanks Shiv for helping to remove blockages I was feeling. Namaste .

Maxine From kent On 08/12/2018

Blown away

Thank you Shiv, everything that you said made sense and it was a pleasure speaking to you :)

Flo From Glasgow On 07/12/2018


Quick and accurate reading. Spot on with everything said. I have had many readings previously and this has to be one of the best one. Will be calling back again and speaking to Shiv again.

Annoymous From UK On 28/11/2018


From On 24/11/2018


Unbelievable, the best ! Thank you Shiv for all your help. A brilliant reading on (20/21 Nov) Could have stayed on the phone for hours, so much detail and information. You are such a lovely person too. Will definitely be back. A reading with Shiv is a must.. you won’t be disappointed.

M From York On 21/11/2018

The Best Reader

I was lucky to have a reading with this gentleman on 13/11/2018. He’s so talented and gifted, compassionate, and understanding. He’s spot on straight away and what an amazing predictions! I still can’t believe it! He gives very good advice if you’re confused according to the reading! He put my mind at ease and cheered me up. He knew exactly my past lovelife and that they will return sooner before Xmas this year! Unbelievable! Will definitely call him back when his predictions come true. Thank you so much Shiv! Best wishes! God Bless! More than 5 stars!!

Isabel From London On 16/11/2018

Very pleased

Shiv seems to understand his tarot cards very well and able to provide a structured clear message from them. I just hope his predictions come true. Have to wait and see.

Nahid From Australia On 19/10/2018

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