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Thank you!!

Thank you for ur reading!great man know exactly what vam going through love&light Nikola

From On 05/07/2019


No need to do anything just listen he will tell you how it is, past present and the future just amazing, I did not know what was coming, I highly recommend Shiv ❤️❤️❤️

Ann From Australia On 26/06/2019

Amazing - real reader

This man is amazing and spot on He never stopped for a breath. I love this kind of reading where you can just relax and listen. Thanks for everything SHIV x

From Scotland On 08/06/2019


Waiting for predictions to come true.But very consistent reader .Straight to the point .Will uptade about predictions. X

Sam From Scotland On 26/05/2019


Spot on reading and lots of details! He was able to pick up everything around me without even asking. Sorry we got disconnected. I will contact you soon :)

From USA On 25/05/2019

Absolutely fav!!!

I had a reading with Shiv weeks ago, he told me the guy I work with will come back to me and he will do whatever I want and spot on. Last two days, he was constantly crying, says sorry and back with me, love me with all his heart and do whatever I say. Wow! I have never expected this could happen to me, still in shocked. Great prediction, thank you so much Shiv! I have many readings on this site but only can see true colour and you just went straight to the point and don't ask questions. If you going to call shiv, please take notes, he talks bit fast but he won't wasted your time and $$$, definitely worth it, I will always call Shiv onwards. Heaps thank you and God bless you

Helen From Australia On 18/05/2019

Shiv is 100% Genuine

Shiv is a true a gentleman. The reading are delivered compassionately and concisely manner. He is a blessing in disguise and most of all a fantastic reader. God bless.

Sam From Cheshire On 13/05/2019

Blown Away

i could have been on the phone whole week oh my days this guy is brilliant because he puts so much energy into work. ive had to make notes so i dont forget the words of wisdom and not to mention the life changing predictions which im looking forward to. Time waits for noone and im glad i found this guy. if you ask him the right questions you will get the right answers its that simple. im amazed with his Energy levels. God bless you xxx

Anonymous From london On 11/05/2019

Thank you

Shiv is a lovely man

Belinda From England On 08/05/2019

Thank you

Very kind man. Tapped in to the heart of the matter.

From On 23/04/2019

Thank you

Thank you for your information packed reading. Everything made sense and you said everything which was going on. Sorry minutes ran out. Hoping your predictions come to light. X

Jas From London On 20/04/2019


Update, Shiv predicted I would get an unexpected sum of money. He predicted this at the end of February and this week I received some early monetary birthday gifts. Thanks so much Shiv, as I could not see this coming. 4/17

From On 18/04/2019


Shiv is absolutely amazing. True professional. He really knows his cards and takes him time to go through each card with you and explain their meanings in detail. Not many readers do that!! He tuned in very well to my situation and gave me some bold predictions with confidence. I look forward to reporting back to him very soon when things come to pass. Thanks for everything Shiv. You are a real pro!!

L8 From Sussex On 17/04/2019


I meant to write this a couple of weeks ago ! I have many readings but Shiv was the only person to pick up on someone returning who at the time I hadn’t given a thought ! So I didn’t think to much of it until he actually returned ! His predictions are spot on! Even if your not looking for them! So much talent ! Well done and thank you ! Xxxxx

H From On 11/04/2019

Sooo Good!

I have had a few readings with Shiv. He is consistent and doesn't sugar coat and doesn't waste time. He said things was there were n told me when things were going to unfold - fingers crossed. He is a kind hearted man, funny too but so easy to carry on talking to. Thank you for everything hope predictions pass as u say.

J From London On 11/04/2019


Shiv Thank you again for another brilliant reading 09/04 So pleased I suddenly woke up when you were available online as,not surprisingly, you are always so busy! you’ve always given me so much help over the last few months with your indepth predictions and accurate timescales. You’re such a warm and caring person. Thank you x

M From York On 09/04/2019


Everytime i have a reading always shiv surprises me with everything he picks up. Predictions came true. Iam sorry i ran out of credit, but i am glad i spoke with you.

Amreeta From Sydney On 08/04/2019

OMG he is absolutely amazing

This man is amazing, he knows everything and he does not do any fishing for answers because he does not need to. I am one tough cookie and he had me in tears with the re-assurance he gave me. Such a healing energy from him. It got cut off before I could thank you Shiv but you have no idea how much you have helped me today (Sat.30th) x

From scotland On 30/03/2019


I love speaking to Shiv he is amazing and always speaks the truth, he always gets my situation bang on every time we speak, which is quite often!! :) Thanks again Shiv your the best xx

From On 27/03/2019


Amazing, no words x

Amrita From Birmingham On 23/03/2019

Validations for April

Thank you Shiv, you said that he would be back with an apology beginning of April and he will want to make plans for the future. I will update when predictions come through. Thanks again x really nice man.

Tara From Sussex On 20/03/2019

With so many good reviews I had to give Shiv a go. He definitely did not disappoint. He was so accurate with all his validations and descriptions and they way he delivers his readings is very unique

From On 19/03/2019


I really enjoyed my reading, all positive, thanks a lot

From On 16/03/2019

General reading

Thanks for the excellent reading. Not time waster , accurate and patient to talk to . I

Rit From England On 12/03/2019

Totally Amazing

Have never spoken to Shiv before but am so glad I have now. What a lovely lovely man and you can tell from the first few minutes of conversation with him that he is truly gifted and picks up on situations without input from the person calling. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to speak to a genuine reader. Thank you very very much Shiv.

Anonymous From UK On 03/03/2019

Spot on!!!

Just to say one of Shivs predictions came in over this weekend from a reading I had in early Feb.. Timings were a little delayed but I’m not worried about that, the fact is the prediction happened which I am so happy about. I have since had another reading as I think Shiv is amazing and gives a very detailed reading with no time wasting so il look forward to the rest coming to fruition.. Thanks Shiv :) xx

From On 03/03/2019


Thank you so very much for the amazing reading. It is more than I had hoped for and I so hope and pray it all pans out as you predict it will. I'll be over the moon. Thank you for sharing the info with me and you have and incredible ability. Wow!!!

Libran From Aus On 01/03/2019

Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanku soo much im so sorry i didnt gt to say goodbye

barbara From On 24/02/2019


Like I am gobsmacked!!!!

Lana From On 24/02/2019

Really good

Shiv thank for the reading. I will update when predictions come through. You are on par with other top readers on here. X Thanks again

Tara From On 22/02/2019


I needed some confirmation that I wasn't going mad ! Shiv picked up straight away on the situation I found myself amazed at the in depth spiritual perfectly correct in every sentence Shiv produced as it came from his spirt I only wish I could call him daily to keep my spirits up ! I will let you know when it happens Shiv , thank you and God Bless Helena 20.02.19. Xx

Helena From North East UK On 20/02/2019


He’s accurate second reading and very intelligent and consistent with his readings and timeframes

From On 17/02/2019

Accurate and very detailed

From On 12/02/2019

Great reading

Knows his cards well

Michael From Mel On 10/02/2019


Shiv is the best reader I've ever come across. Highly recommend!!!

G From London On 31/01/2019


Thank you for an amazing reading! You are truly gifted from above. God bless you for all the good work you do. I really appreciate the guidance, spiritual wisdom and insight. I cannot thank you enough! Z.xxx

Zee From London On 30/01/2019


Amazingly accurate and genuinely a lovely spiritual guide. It was so lovely speaking to him!

Charlotte From Landon On 29/01/2019

Lots of info

Fast reader. In line with top readers. Hope predictions happen in the timeframe given. I Will be amazed! Will let you know as promised. Thanks

From On 16/01/2019


This guy is awesome!!!! Tonight was my first time talking to him, but I wish I could have talked longer. He said everything I had been hearing for an entire year and up until now. He was able to read my entire situation without information. He talks fast and because he is so good, you will want to hear every single word. I will definitely come back to Shiv, he was funny as well but very truthful and refreshing. He only told what he could see and no extra fluff.

From On 16/01/2019

A lot of information

I've had 2 readings with Shiv in regards to the same man and have both been consistent. A lot of information in a short amount of time. Pick up on my situation straight away and put my mind to ease. Thank you for clarifying, will update with prediction.

From On 11/01/2019


Shiv I would like to add you are amazing! You express your self well. Your so honest but yet so kind thank you. Your reading blew me away and I will be spreading the word you know your stuff..... l would like to add relionship you are bang on too. God bless you and thanks xxx PS all rounder amazing xxx

Sharon w From West Midlands On 08/01/2019


I would have to say Shiv is one of the loveliest men I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to! Such a beautiful soul! There was nothing Shiv didn’t know in regards to my incredibly hard past and the present, along with a lovely future prediction made. Thank you so much Shiv, not only for the best reading I have ever had on this site, but also the encouragement you gave me and the kindness you share. Heartfelt gratitude!

From Australia On 28/12/2018

Gifted Reader

A very nice man & good reading. Highly Recommend. Thank You Shiv

Sarah From Milton Keynes On 15/12/2018

Thank u.. U Are Amazing!!

Brilliant straight quick everything you said is true may God bless you more and more each day thank you love and light from Nikola

From On 12/12/2018


Truthful. To the point and a good understanding of the areas Of my life I needed reassurance with. Picked up on indepth detail about my partner, work , family . A very good reassuring reading which gave me clarity and support. Shiv also was quick to answer my questions and didn't spend time talking abouto anything that wasn't related to my questions. Some readers do. He also explained the cards. Talks quickly but the content of his delivery was good. Also I didn't spend too long on the phone which is a bonus. Thanks Shiv for helping to remove blockages I was feeling. Namaste .

Maxine From kent On 08/12/2018

Blown away

Thank you Shiv, everything that you said made sense and it was a pleasure speaking to you :)

Flo From Glasgow On 07/12/2018


Quick and accurate reading. Spot on with everything said. I have had many readings previously and this has to be one of the best one. Will be calling back again and speaking to Shiv again.

Annoymous From UK On 28/11/2018


From On 24/11/2018


Unbelievable, the best ! Thank you Shiv for all your help. A brilliant reading on (20/21 Nov) Could have stayed on the phone for hours, so much detail and information. You are such a lovely person too. Will definitely be back. A reading with Shiv is a must.. you won’t be disappointed.

M From York On 21/11/2018

The Best Reader

I was lucky to have a reading with this gentleman on 13/11/2018. He’s so talented and gifted, compassionate, and understanding. He’s spot on straight away and what an amazing predictions! I still can’t believe it! He gives very good advice if you’re confused according to the reading! He put my mind at ease and cheered me up. He knew exactly my past lovelife and that they will return sooner before Xmas this year! Unbelievable! Will definitely call him back when his predictions come true. Thank you so much Shiv! Best wishes! God Bless! More than 5 stars!!

Isabel From London On 16/11/2018

Very pleased

Shiv seems to understand his tarot cards very well and able to provide a structured clear message from them. I just hope his predictions come true. Have to wait and see.

Nahid From Australia On 19/10/2018

Psychic Reader George
GeorgePIN : 1308 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
Hello, my name is George, teacher of Humanities and Master of Arts, interested in the philosophy and religions of the West and East. With more than 30 year's experience of personal and group Tarot reading and counselling in general, my concerns are with relationship ,career, family and spiritual issues. PIN: 1308
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Psychic Reader Jordan
JordanPIN : 9500 Call : 0904 007 0202
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I am a natural em-path and clairvoyant with the ability to tune into an individual’s energy field or aura. I have been working in the spiritual field for the last five years. During a phone call I strive to assist clients seek clarity and understanding in their day-to-day lives by detailing some of the vibration impressions I receive. I am a natural em-path and offer clients spiritual insight and comfort on their journey. PIN: 9500
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Psychic Reader Pearl
PearlPIN : 1027 Call : 0904 007 0202
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I have had psychic abilities since I was a child, I began reading using tarot cards 20 years ago and since then have developed my abilities to include using crystals, and my crystal ball. I do work closely with my spirit guides. I am naturally empathic and an energy worker. PIN: 1027
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Psychic Reader Summer
SummerPIN : 3578 Call : 0904 007 0202
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Hi my name is Summer and I have many years experience as a Clairvoyant and Tarot Reader. Having worked in the USA, Africa and UK, I have assisted people from all walks of life. I have a sincere desire to assist others in all matters, for love, money or relationships. Let me provide you with answers to your questions and enable you to deal with personal problems and disappointments. PIN: 3578
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Psychic Reader Charlotte
CharlottePIN : 2439 Call : 0904 007 0202
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I can offer a reading of what may come in the next 5 months, I can offer insight and reassurance. I'm a very good listener and love to assist anyway I can with offering healing through my cards and reiki and always being there in anyway I can to assist someone through difficult times and hopefully to provide insight and answers to the questions that you have. PIN: 2439
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Psychic Reader Debbie
DebbiePIN : 4326 Call : 0904 007 0202
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I have been on the spiritual path for fifteen years and I started reading cards in 2014. I am a spiritual teacher, reiki master and holistic therapist. I have been through many difficult times which has made me a deeply understanding person. I pride myself on giving highly concise card readings, letting spirit work through me. I am a good listener, highly sensitive and empathic. My life purpose is to assist you to move forward. PIN: 4326
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Psychic Reader Susan
SusanPIN : 8576 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
Hello my name is Susan I am a psychic based near Reading. I can assist you and guide you in all aspects of your life from finance to family. I have had an interest in angels now for many years and use them to guide me through my own life. I like to think I am kind and always friendly with an open mind. With my psychic abilities along with my angel guides I can assist you with any situation and look forward to speaking to you soon.PIN 8576
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Psychic Reader Ricky
RickyPIN : 6594 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I focus strongly on the Tarot cards for my readings. I love to brighten people's moods by showing them the good aspects of their readings. I have vision and sense of future events and I mainly do readings on love, romance, career etc. PIN NUMBER 6594
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Psychic Reader Amelia
AmeliaPIN : 2100 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I read tarot and angels cards and have just over ten years worth of experience. My strong intuition and natural empathy, along with life experience, aid me to really be able to connect with you and feel what you are going through.Let me read for you today and lets unearth what may be happening around you. Lets see into the future or look at an issue with a love interest. Let the universe speak to us as we are conducting our reading together. PIN: 2100
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Psychic Reader Charlotte
CharlottePIN : 8039 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I have 30 years experience of reading the tarot. I am clairsentient, connecting with spirit through my guides. I am non judgemental, compassionate and intuitive. l can assist with love, relationships, career, family matters and general insight. I aim to give clarity on what is the best way to move forward, and give clarity when answering your questions in depth. I love the energy that comes through the tarot, showing the best outcomes in situations. PIN: 8039
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Psychic Reader Sarah
SarahPIN : 8843 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I can read tarot cards and I receive messages through spirit. I can offer fully confidential in depth, non judgemental and positive reading. I have been reading for over 25 years and I have assisted many people, providing answers on Love, Relationship, Family and Career issues. Please call me for an in-depth reading today. PIN: 8843
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Psychic Reader Rachel
RachelPIN : 2281 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I have 25 years experience of reading the Tarot cards and improving my Psychic abilities. I inherited by gift from my grandmother who was Irish. If you are feeling a little bit low, please call me and I'll provide you with a professional and compassionate reading. I can assist with love, relationships and career issues. I am terribly non judgemental and I can assist you with Psychic and Tarot readings. PIN: 2281
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Psychic Reader Mags
MagsPIN : 4731 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
Looking for in-depth answers to your current situation? Want to know outcomes for the future? My spirit guides help provide Pendulum & Tarot Readings, which allows you more control in getting the answers you seek. I’ve been providing concise and clear Relationship, Career and General Readings since 2012. PIN 4731
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Psychic Reader Monica
MonicaPIN : 6498 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I’m a clairvoyant Tarot card reader and energy healer, in the last 9 years I have been using my healing gift and offering readings after as things present themselves to me. I’m a good listener, with the assistance of my gifts and spirit guides we can look at ways to guiding you on the road to peace and positive solutions. I’m an empathic, clairvoyant, energy healer I use the Tarot and call on the Angels and my guides for assistance I find meditation helps too. PIN: 6498
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Psychic Reader Isteria
IsteriaPIN : 6301 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I am a self-taught Tarot card reader whom has improved my skills amongst friends and folks within the spiritual community. I have been reading for 3 years and finding myself now comfortable to read to the wider public. I offer a reliable friendly face to come back to and hopefully nudge you in the right direction in the way your life goes. I do my best to ensure giving you the information the cards wish to provide to you to assist you on your way. PIN: 6301
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Psychic Reader Pat
PatPIN : 9566 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I am a Psychic Spiritual Coach & Meditation Practitioner. I have over 20 years experience of giving readings. I can offer assistance and advice in a caring and compassionate manner. I can also tune into people around you, giving you insight. I like to bring through as much information as possible. I specialize in Love and Relationships but can offer general readings. PIN: 9566
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Psychic Reader Rita
RitaPIN : 2302 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I have a passion for Tarot, which is my tool of choice to focus my innate intuition. I've been reading for myself for many years, but have just recently started to open up and read for others. I consider myself to be a natural born intuitive, both clairaudient and clairsentient. I can offer unconditional positive regard for you and I will always give you the benefit of the doubt no matter your situation. PIN: 2302
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Psychic Reader Scarlet
ScarletPIN : 2712 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
Hello, I am Scarlet an experienced Psychic Tarot reader who see's visions. I was passed my gifts from my mother who was a phenomenal reader. At age 18 my natural gifts started to emerge. I see visual images of the future and I use the Tarot as a complimentary tool to these images. Please call me for a reading today. PIN: 2712
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