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Absolutely priceless!

Just get in the queue and call him. You will be shell-shocked. You can't hide anything from this guy!

Ronnie From BERKSHIRE On 05/04/2019

Second review - Better than ever

Have called Jordan several times in the last four months. His reading ability covers such a wide spiritual scope, there is so much more detail and background that gives a greater understanding. To me he is a reader’s reader and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thanks Jordan

Sonya From Oxon On 20/03/2019

Great reader , Highly recommended !

Thank you Jordan for your help today, sorry we were cut off but really appreciate your help advice and support. Jordan is very accurate and straight forward he doesn't waste your time, he is very caring and nice to talk to. call him !!!

From uk On 19/03/2019

Good sound reader

Clear to the point not dragged out and very helpful. Would call again

Elizabeth From London On 19/03/2019

excellent caring spoton reading

I had a very relaxed comfortable reading eith Jordan, he picked up on so many things and was able to give me guidance, ideas and reminded me of things ive forgotten to do within my inner self.. told me some of my inner thoughts and feelings only I would know.. very inspired after our very long in-depth reading. Im looking forward to putting things into action again and waiting for what surprises the universe will bring. Will call again.

Kathleen From Perth Australia On 06/03/2019

Thank you!

I appreciate your advice and counsel. You hit the nail on the head. Sorry mybtime ran out.

From On 26/02/2019


You are an inspiration. As a medium and psychic myself - you are inspiring , accurate on another level to most. Was bothered and stuck yesterday and your words and advice have help me become unstuck and get back on track. Bless you xx Mary

Mary From London On 18/02/2019


Absolutely accurate. Very quickly hit the nail right on the head. This reader is amazing. The best on here by far.

Emma From Scotland On 14/02/2019

Just WOW

What an amazing reader. Jordan connected quickly and was able to provide clarity around my situation. His validations were so accurate and he didn't waffle and just provided so much detail. I could have spoken to him for hours! Give him a call, you won't be disappointed. Thank you so much Jordan. Love n light from the erratic Gemini's wife xx

The Imature Gemini's Wife From Cheshire On 05/02/2019


Jordan I can’t thank you enough for the reading and insight youboffered. Thank you for helping me navigate through this and understand why I’m here. Your insight was spot on and you instantly tapped into the heart of the situation. I will update you in the future. So grateful for your counsel. You’re a kind and gentle soul.

Alanna From San Francisco On 18/01/2019

Quick, Accurate and Kind

Great reader who knows his stuff and doesn’t mess around. Really easy to connect with! Highly recommend :)

RG From Australia On 07/01/2019


Jordan, thank you. I am seriously impressed. Know not the easiest to read for when I have the hump or ... All the information you gave me was correct, helpful and extra things to help me understand and help on my life path- you are a blessing xx Máire

From On 07/01/2019

Truely gifted.. 5 stars THANKU X

Barbara From On 21/11/2018


Great guy with a fabulous talent! Thank you

Julie From Bath On 19/11/2018

Truly gifted

Superb reader who was extremely accurate in his description of the personalities involved and the energetic dynamics. His future forecast made a lot of sense. Would definitely call again. Thank you

Sonya From Oxon On 15/11/2018


This guy is fantastic! Absolutely blew me away.

From On 08/11/2018


Now I’ve spoken to just about all the top readers, and I cannot understand why jordan hasn’t gotten more and more reviews. He was so in tune with everything ! Not a single wrong thing, he read me better than a book. Although I can’t say anything for predictions as yet, I look forward to the year ahead. He’s truely gifted and so lovely to listen too with that accent, it’s so calming. If you want someone that can tune in you in detail, and your issues I highly reckon him. Absolutely gob smacked

Kirsten From Castle hill On 01/11/2018


Have had two readings with jordan on the same subject. They were consistent with eachother and be tuned in to our personalities, insecurities and desires. I really enjoy talking to jordan he also has useful advice and provides an uplifting reading. Thank you jordan. Highly recommended

Bianca From On 04/10/2018

Thank you

You are a lovely person, thank you for reading for me. It really calmed me down and that's what i needed so much. i will call you again.

Teti From UK On 04/10/2018

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