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spot on

No time wasting, spot in, friendly bubbly lady. She picked up on so many things which i didnt tell her she gave me the answers i was seeking. Thank you Nadia, i will call again.

Kathleen From Perth Australia On 16/03/2019

Blown away just amazing

Just had reading with Nadia eventually got hold of her spot on such amazing reader such lovely person to talk to give her try she will blow ur mind speak soon Nadia x can’t wait for predictions to come true xxx

D xxx From Aberdeen On 13/03/2019

Nailed it

You nailed it again... Everything you explained to me its exactly what he said he was feeling.... You also said he tried to reach out 3 times but was scared and pulled back, that is exactly what he explained to me .You are so amazing!! Thank you Nadia.

From UK On 04/03/2019


1st reading with nadia. She is going to be very popular. Very quick with her information and picked up everything. Will definitely call her back.

S From I On 01/03/2019


A gift!

N From On 01/03/2019

OMG amazing!!!!!

Nadia!!!!!!!! You were on a roll !!!! Fast and lots of information exactly how things panned out. You are amazing!! Every detailed were 100% spot on..I love love my reading. Thanks Nadia.

N From UK On 26/02/2019

To have 22 positive reviews in a space of a month shows that Nadia is a great reader. I was gob smacked at what she picked up on from my feelings, worries and that of others. I have spoken to the so called top psychics plus many others but I believe Nadia will be impossible to get through to very soon as she is that good.

From On 26/02/2019


It happened!!!!! You said number 7 was important, 7 days, 7 weeks, 7a.m or 7pm for timing for contact, I heard from him on 7th of this month !!!!!! We made arrangement to meet up Nadia. He said exactly what you explained he was feeling. I really want to talk to you, I Hope I can get you soon . Big thank you Nadia for calming me, you truly are an angel sent xxxxxxx

Lorna From UK On 14/02/2019


She is sooo good . You were right with what you said Nadia. Guys not is she only good with her readings but so caring , compassionate and kind person. Thank you Nadia xx

M From Uk On 06/02/2019

Simply Amazing

Nadia will go down as one of my favourite readers. She is incredibly accurate and such a beautiful caring lady and delivers her message I such a calming way. Thank you so much for the reassurance around my son during this difficult time. I cannot recommend Nadia enough xx

V From Cheshire On 04/02/2019


"Such a beautiful and amazing lady. Always professional and honest. Superb reading every time with integrity and honesty.. I would recommend Nadia in a heartbeat.

philip cartwright From lincolnshire On 02/02/2019


I called this beautiful , I had a lot was going on around me very complicated. I asked Nadia about relationship reading, she saw an ex from my past coming back who I haven't seen for over two years, I argued with this as I didn't believed, plus she said I also have a new man coming in and given me a time frame of 4 and I would like this person.. She given me a brief description of what she can pick up l, also mentioned this person have two dogs, I never believed Nadia. That same night out of the blue I got a phone call from my ex, not only I got contact but I met that new man on the 4th day, we had an instant connection, I do really like him like you said I would. So sorry hon I never believed. I tried to get you hon but you are so busy and hard to get . thank you Nadia, you have an amazing gifted. I hope I am lucky to get you again for an update. Thank you Nadia.

Liz From OZ On 01/02/2019

Lovely nadia

Nadia is amazing...so many on here guess at what you ask..Nadia really knows her stuff..thankyou for the extra help Nadia...waiting for it all to sort itself out....xxxx

Mandy From Oxford On 31/01/2019

Beautiful lady

I love her reading, so calming and beautiful

SR From OZ On 30/01/2019

All I can say is amzing⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Usa From On 26/01/2019


Omg how do you do it????? What you said happened .. You said two was important it was 2 days. Love to you gorgeous. You are my go to reader .

L From London On 23/01/2019

The real deal

This lady blew me away! Best reading I have had in ages because she was soooo accurate and so detailed and knew everything. Let's see if her predictions come true but I'm confident she will be bang on the money with everything. Thanks Nadia. Speak shortly

Marianna From Surrey On 22/01/2019


Nadia is most of all a lovely lady. Had the most amazing reading, details are so stop on. Nadia I will let you know once things start to happen. Big thank you...

J From Australia On 20/01/2019


You are fab Nadia! I got that contact you said I would. I know you said sometimes timings are difficult and you explained everyone have free Will as people can have a changed of heart but I am happy to say it happened when you said it would. Thank you Nadia your a gem , speak again soon xx

Sean From Uk On 20/01/2019

Blew My Mind!

So..... I called Nadia and asked her about my boyfriend, I haven't heard from him in a long time and feeling emotional and wanting to know when I'm going to hear from him. She told me she felt it would be imminent OMG 30 minutes later HE CALLED!!!! I am totally going back to Nadia I'm gonna tell all my girlfriends. AMAZING :D

Nicholas From United Kingdom On 18/01/2019


this reader is so on the money they don't know how good they are blown away totally amazing love and light xx

philip cartwright From lincolnshire On 18/01/2019


Spot on with everything. Thank you thank you.

Sean From Uk On 17/01/2019

Such a lovely reader, very uplifting! Answered all my questions with accuracy. Waiting on predictions now

From On 17/01/2019

On point

Thanks Nadia for your reading, picked up my ex partner, looking forward to spring for new beginnings. Will definitely ring you again xxx

Cor From London On 17/01/2019

Fab Reader

Just had a reading with Nardia, good validations and predictions...... just looking forward to it all unfolding.

Paul From Wales On 16/01/2019


Excellent reader and very detailed.

Michelle From UK On 16/01/2019

she is so beautiful! I hope her prediction comes true.

From On 16/01/2019


Nadia was so accurate with what she picked up around me, she was uplifting and made some great validations. Will come back and update with predictions. Give her a call, she's new and will do amazing!! Thank you so much Nadia! xxx

Cora From Midlands On 16/01/2019

Best experience with psychic in very long time

I was amazed at her accuracy , she even named my partners name with out me telling her, she blew my mind. She's so kind and compassionate and her insight really blew mind.I'll definitely be going back to her for guidance. 10 stars!

Dr.mitchell From Uk On 16/01/2019

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