Lithomancy Readings

Lithomancy is a form of divination used to predict one's future since ancient times. The technique of Lithomancy entails the person who wants information about their life holding stones in their hands and then looking into an overhead reflection while asking questions such as "What will I do tomorrow?" or "Is there any danger ahead?"

This form of ancient fortune-telling is best given by an intuitive, gifted psychic reader, usually using crystals and gemstones. The practice of divination by stones or by crystals can be a life-transforming experience like rune or tarot card readings.

The method of Lithomancy, casting stones, is generally used to provide detailed answers.

What Is Lithomancy? 

The word 'lithomancy' means 'divination by stones.' Lithomancy is the psychic art of reading stones, an ancient method of fortune-telling that is most popular in the British Isles and Europe. Divination by gems will see the casting of precious or semi-precious stones, crystals, or gemstones onto a mat; after the casting of stones, a Lithomancy psychic will then examine the formation of the gems as they land so that they can give a professional psychic reading.

Lithomancy is a popular method of fortune-telling used worldwide by divination users using thirteen or sixteen stones to enable psychic visions of the future.

Lithomancy readings are often seen as more accurate than other forms of divination, such as tarot readings or palmistry. The stones used in lithomancy readings contain special energies that can help predict what will happen in the future. In addition, lithomancy readings can also be used to gain insights into your past and present.

By understanding the messages contained in the stones, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your life path. If you're looking for guidance from the beyond, a lithomancy reading at Trusted Psychics can help you find the answers you seek.

History of Lithomancy 

The earliest record of Lithomancy comes from Photius I, the patriarch of Constantinople (858-866). He reported that a physician named Eusebius used a stone called a baetulus to perform divination readings for his patients – Lithomancy.

It was not until the 1400s that Lithomancy became a popular method of fortune-telling across Europe—since its popularisation, many complex processes have been created around the practice of Lithomancy, giving live psychic readers an in-depth view of the future.

Methods of Lithomancy

13-Stone Lithomancy Readings 

There are many forms of divination, but 13-stone lithomancy reading is one of the most popular methods used by psychic readers and fortune-tellers. In Lithomancy, each stone has a meaning, considered when a gifted psychic conducts a reading like tarot cards and runestones, although lithomancy predictions can be interpreted differently. This skill of the reader will enable them to consider how the light is reflected on the stones or crystals to give accurate premonitions.

Interpreting lithomancy readings can be a complex process, as there are many ways to read the stones. However, most readings can be boiled down to a few key points. The 13 stones in a lithomancy reading represent the consultee's past, present, and future.

By interpreting the meaning of the stones, the diviner can guide the consultee’s choices to achieve their goals.

Seven planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun, and the Moon)

  • Life stone.

  • News stone.

  • Fortune stone.

  • Love stone.

  • Home life stone.

  • Magic stone.

Yes or No Lithomancy Readings 

If you want quick and straightforward answers, you can opt for Lithomancy's simplest form of a 'Yes or No' reading. During a 'Yes or No' Lithomancy reading, the reader will assign a meaning to the stones/crystals before a question is asked. In this instance, a blue stone could mean yes, and a green stone could suggest a no answer.

If needed, a psychic can add more stones/crystals, so rather than simply getting yes or no answers, stones can be used to represent 'maybe,' 'maybe yes,' and 'maybe no'. 

When a psychic reader determines how they will be chosen concerning your question, it can often lead them on a fantastic journey of self-discovery. The fortune teller may state that whichever coloured stone lands closest might answer what you're questioning about life's most important things like love or career path; no matter which reading YOU choose, there are many different outcomes!

Lithomancy Grid Readings 

When giving a lithomancy reading, a fortune-teller can cast the stones/gems onto a grid. The grid will have a pre-determined layout which will decide the meaning of the stones, depending on where they fall. The most used grids for Lithomancy are based on the Bagua or Zodiac signs which became very popular at local psychic fairs and on cruise ships. Lithomancy soon became widely accepted as a new psychic phenomenon.

How to Store Lithomancy Stones 

Typically, in Lithomancy readings, the stones/crystals used for Lithomancy are stored in a Charm Bag; this bag should be made of a soft fabric to prevent the stones from being damaged before casting. This will enable the psychic reader to read the reflections accurately.

Many lithomancy readers will only cleanse their crystals on the night of the full moon to recharge the energies of the casting stones or crystals, which is essential to give accurate readings.

The stones should then be left in natural sunlight or in natural running spring water or any other naturally occurring part to charge the stones to give straightforward answers for future predictions with the most favourable outcomes.

How to Choose the Best Lithomancy Readings?

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With the assistance of a powerful psychic reader and their precious stones, you can find out what the universe has in store for your love life, career, financial situation, or anything else; discover your future online today.

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