Cartomancy Card Readings

Cartomancy readings are the practice of using cards to gain insights into the past, present, or future.

The earliest form of cartomancy was likely developed in Europe during the Middle Ages. At that time, playing card readings was becoming popular, and people were looking for ways to use them for divination.

One of the most common methods of cartomancy readings is tarot reading. In a tarot reading, the reader will shuffle a deck of tarot cards and then lay them out in a specific pattern. The position of the cards will then be interpreted to reveal information about the querent's life.

Cartomancy readings can also be done with regular playing cards where the suits of the cards correspond to different aspects of life, such as love, work, or health.

The specific card values also have meaning, and the reading is often customised based on the spread used. Whether using tarot cards or playing cards, cartomancy is a fun way to get insights into your life and see what may be coming down the road.

The History of Playing Cards

Playing cards was first used as a game in the 13th century. They were made from wood, and the suits were named after the four elements. Later, paper became the material of choice.

The French court banned card games in 1545 because they believed they caused gambling addiction.

In the 19th century, cards were used to play poker, and in the early 20th century, the invention of the deck led to the development of other card games and later used for playing card readings.

What Is Cartomancy Card Reading?

Cartomancy, the art of divination using regular playing cards, has been practised for centuries by skilled fortune tellers worldwide.

It is believed that each card holds a specific energy that allows the reader to gain insights into the past, present, and future of the seeker's life.

Cartomancy card readings can be approached in various ways, including single-card draws, three-card spreads, and larger spreads incorporating multiple cards for more detailed interpretations.

The simplicity of regular playing cards makes them perfect for cartomancy card readings. The tarot deck can be complex and have multiple layers of symbolism and meanings, so the playing cards are straightforward to understand.

Each suit of playing cards represents a different aspect of life, with Spades representing challenges or difficulties, Hearts representing love and relationships, Diamonds representing material wealth and prosperity, and Clubs representing personal growth and evolving situations.

A Cartomancy reading can provide deep insights into a person's life, answering pressing questions about career, love life, finances, and more. They can also offer guidance on overcoming challenges and obstacles and manifesting positive outcomes in the future.

With the help of a skilled cartomancer (card reader), seekers can better understand their lives and the paths available.

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How Is Cartomancy Different From Tarot Reading?

Cartomancy readings and tarot card readings are very similar, with a traditional tarot card deck having 78 cards and a standard playing card deck with 52 cards.

Both are excellent fortune-telling methods and give the recipient an in-depth reading of their past, present, and future. Both ways can tell fortunes by looking at your present-day life cycle and what may happen tomorrow.

Tarot cards are often seen as more magical and spiritual than others and can look at broader issues. In contrast, playing card readings are more direct in their answers and interpretations, whereas an excellent psychic reader's skill is essential to determine the divinatory readings.

Tarot readers use a specialised tarot deck, with each card having a specific meaning guiding the reader to connect intuitively to the person's energies.

Playing card readings are based on the four critical areas of life: emotional, mental, material, and physical and then further subdivided to include all areas of life.

Playing Card Readings - Combinations and Interpretations

Cartomancy readings are a form of divination using a regular deck of cards. It can be done with just a few cards or spread across multiple tiers. Some people even use tarot cards. There are many types of spreads, including ones with three, nine, or twenty-one cards.

Each class represents a different period. For example, a three-card spread could represent your past, present, and future. A nine-card spread could represent all your relationships. And a twenty-one-card spread could mean everything about your life.

The most common way to conduct a playing card reading is using a spread called "crossing." In this method, you take two decks and shuffle them together. You then lay one deck face up and place the second face down.

Next, you turn over the top card of the first deck and put it back down on its own. Then, you turn over the top two cards of the second deck and put those back down on their own.

Continue until you have turned over every card in the first deck. Finally, turn over the second deck's last card to reveal the spread's outcome.

There are many unique ways to interpret the results of a crossing. One of the most common is comparing the second deck's top card to the first deck's bottom card. If they match, you know that the result is positive. If they do not match, you know there is some conflict.

Another interpretation is to consider the suit of the cards in the first deck. The suits are usually Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, Spades, and Acorns.

If the top card of the deck matches the suit of the bottom card, you know the result is positive. However, if the top card does not match the base suit, you know something negative is happening.

Still, another card interpretation is to consider the number value of the cards in the second deck. The numbers are usually: Ace (1), Two (2), Three (3), Four (4), Five (5), Six (6), Seven (7), Eight (8), Nine (9), Ten (10), Jack (11), Queen (12), King (13).

If the top card of both decks has the same number, you know the result will be positive. But if the top card of the decks doesn't match, you know that something wrong will come from the situation.

A final interpretation is to consider the colour of the cards. Red means danger, black means death, white means success, and green means money.

So, if the top card of both cards is red, you know that something dangerous is coming. If the top card is black, you know something tragic is happening. If the top card has a white border, you know something extraordinary will occur. If the top card also has a green edge, you know you will have eventual success.

Cartomancy Card Readings and Card Meanings

The Four Suits

The Clubs represent dreams, goals, and future opportunities in the world. They can also symbolise your home life or family connections with others and future opportunities with positive outcomes.

The Hearts represent how you feel about certain things: emotions for love and relationships, your home life, and all things you consider essential to your well-being.

The Spades symbolise communication, speaking to others to resolve issues, and understanding a situation and possible struggles within your life or disputes.

The Diamonds symbolise money matters and general finance linked to your goals in life.


Hearts relate to all things romantic.

Ace of Hearts: A is a positive new beginning, a fresh start, possibly a new romantic relationship or marital success or even a reunion with past friends or acquaintances.

Two of Hearts: Stands for a union between two people committed to the relationship and value each other's feelings. This matching of hearts means it's time to spend more time with those you love.

Three of Hearts: Being an odd number, this represents being indecisive or a lack of commitment in a romantic relationship.

Four of Hearts: Being secure and stable within your life for a contented romantic relationship.

Five of Hearts: Changes are ahead, maybe uncertain times, a significant change in your circumstances.

Six of Hearts: Peaceful times ahead, full-on contentment, successful marriage.

Severn of Hearts: Learning a friend is not trustworthy, being let down by those you trusted.

Eight of Hearts: A planned event will be better than expected, with life-changing connections to be made.

Nine of Hearts: Someone hopes for more in a relationship, such as having a baby or taking your connection to the next level.

Ten of Hearts: A busy social life and an exciting time to celebrate with family and friends.

Jack of Hearts: Your soul mate is part of your life.

Queen of Hearts: A caring woman plays great importance in your life.

King of Hearts: A male figure who is respected, cherished and a family leader.


Diamonds relate to all things financial.

Ace of Diamonds: Important news that needs to be actioned, work-related or love matters.

Two of Diamonds: Long-term investment has increased unexpectedly.

Three of Diamonds: Money matters pressing on your mind, possible disagreements.

Four of Diamonds: A time to re-evaluate finances to clear any debts. Financial troubles.

Five of Diamonds: A big, valued purchase that is long-awaited but will be beneficial in the long term.

Six of Diamonds: Money concerns can be left no longer to produce stability.

Severn of Diamonds: Watch your spending on unnecessary goods and plan for savings..

Eight of Diamonds: Money coming your way, an unexpected windfall, business success.

Nine of Diamonds: Increased spending on household bills for white goods.

Ten of Diamonds: Financial security is coming your way, so save and invest.

Jack of Diamonds: Unexpected sad news in your current situation, legal troubles.

Queen of Diamonds: A Well-spoken, educated, fair-haired woman plays a role in your life.

King of Diamonds: Successful businessman plays a role in your life.


The Clubs are a suit that guides your actions.

Ace of Clubs: Good fortune and wealth are on the horizon.

Two of Clubs: Difficult times that have come to an end.

Three of Clubs: Success in many areas you put your mind to in life.

Four of Clubs: Worries and concerns about being let down by others.

Five of Clubs: Seek new challenges and change your patterns in life.

Six of Clubs: A job situation is about to change; follow your intuition.

Severn of Clubs: A jealous person challenges your choices.

Eight of Clubs: Distance in a relationship where communication has failed.

Nine of Clubs: Represents the end of a project or phase of your life.

Ten of Clubs: Ready for a journey.

Jack of Clubs: A real friend who stands by your side through difficulties.

Queen of Clubs: A powerful woman who stands by your side through challenges.

King of Clubs: A man of wisdom.


Spades represent difficulties that can be overcome in life.

Ace of Spades: A significant change in your life, unexpected burdens.

Two of Spades: Financial difficulties and a delay in moving forward.

Three of Spades: Relationships are struggling and need time to mend.

Four of Spades: Health issues and delays to your plans.

Five of Spades: Moving forwards in careers or relationships, major upheaval.

Six of Spades: A time to slow down and wait and see the outcomes of your decisions.

Seven of Spades: Loss of a friend or a partner.

Eight of Spades: Tempers by those around you due to your choices.

Nine of Spades: Worries, concern, times of anxiety, upcoming struggles.

Ten of Spades: Worry and grief that may result from health problems, fear, or bad news.

Jack of Spades: A dark period in your life.

Queen of Spades: A woman not to be trusted.

King of Spades: A male who is hard to please.

Combinations of Cards and Their Meanings

  • Ace of Diamonds and Ten of Hearts: These two cards in a reading suggest that a romantic situation may lead to marriage.

  • Ace of Clubs amongst Diamonds: This combination of cards suggests that there will be some success with finances and a business deal leading to extra money.

  • King or Queen between two Jacks: If these cards are drawn in a reading, you can expect to receive protection from your enemies.

  • Jack amongst multiple Diamonds: These cards suggest an incoming message regarding unexpected money.

  • A Five and Eight of Spades: If these cards are presented together, you should be wary of jealousy from an unknown source.

When having a reading, if we look at each card as an individual entity, we can see that there are many ways to interpret them. We must also remember that each card can have different meanings depending on its context.

For example, a reading containing the three hearts could symbolise a party, a surprise romance, or even a funeral or troubling times ahead. There are many other possibilities, and it is up to us to create our own stories.

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Where Did Cartomancy Start?

Cartomancy card reading spread to Europe during the 14th century, gaining immense popularity among the nobility.

In Renaissance Italy, a deck of cards was used as a divination tool, eventually leading to tarot cards' development.

The tarot deck, comprised of 78 cards, consisted of four suits, just like the traditional playing cards, but also included an additional 22 cards known as the "Major Arcana."

Cartomancy card readings were also practised by gypsies, who were said to have modified the ordinary playing cards and changed them into a tarot deck to incorporate their unique symbolism and interpretation.

Eventually, cartomancy spread to other parts of the world, such as Asia, Africa, and the Americas, where it took on different forms and variations.

Is Cartomancy Card Reading the Same As Tarot Card Reading?

Cartomancy involves using a standard deck of cards that have been modified for divination purposes. The deck of cards is shuffled, and the reader will interpret the cards drawn based on their positioning, the suits, and the numbers.

Cartomancy can be traced back to 14th-century Europe and has been used to forecast fate, provide relationship advice on romantic partners, and even predict the weather and unexpected money problems or gains.

Tarot card reading is a popular method of divination that uses a unique deck of 78 cards rich in symbolism, each card representing specific experiences or personality traits.

In contrast to cartomancy, tarot cards are explicitly designed for divination and are not used in any other context.

Tarot cards are used to gain insight into past, present, and future situations and can help clarify aspects of one's life, like relationships, career, and personal growth.

What Does the Queen of Spades Mean in Cartomancy?

The Queen of Spades in a Cartomancy reading is often seen as a warning of potential danger and tragedy. It can indicate the presence of a manipulative or treacherous person in the querent's life who may cause harm or deceive them.

It may also represent inner turmoil or emotional pain the individual is experiencing.

In some interpretations, the Queen of Spades is linked to betrayal, secrets, and hidden agendas. It can signify the need for caution and vigilance when dealing with personal or professional relationships.

The card is associated with solitude, isolation, and detachment, indicating a sense of loneliness or separation from others.

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