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Aries Friendship Compatibility

Published 26/06/2024 by Sarah Lutterloch

Aries Friendship Compatibility

If you're born between March 21st and April 19th, then you are an Aries native, and that comes with some very interesting characteristics.

Aries individuals are known to be very bold, enthusiastic, and full of energy. They are the type of person with a zest for life, exploration and having a lot of fun. But like any other astrological sign, the fiery nature of Aries won't be compatible with everyone.

Certain zodiac signs work very well with Aries, while others should be avoided. Here's a quick guide regarding the Aries friendship compatibility!

Aries Friendship Compatibility Guide

It's very difficult for many Aries to figure out which zodiac sign is the perfect fit. As you will notice, Aries is only compatible with some being a natural-born leader, and finding the right friend for them can sometimes prove difficult.

If you want to be a genuine friend with an Aries, you need to be direct and trustworthy. For example, if you share a sincere compliment, that can go a long way. It will also set the tone of your friendship as something sincere and natural.

Aries, the cardinal sign, obviously won't appreciate people who lie or avoid being direct with them. Once you become friends with an Aries, you must realise that nurturing such a relationship is different.

People born under this zodiac sign aren't exactly sentimental. They will not check in for months, and that's normal for them. However, showing certain signs of affection at times might help.

Aries Friendship Traits

Aries are very spontaneous, so they expect their friends to be ready to go with them, explore things, and try out new things. They also have the motto of "never missing out" on things and always want to express themselves.

What's very important to keep in mind is that Aries natives make friends in any social setting with ease. They are very good at breaking the ice and initiating a conversation. Communication is key for them. They also see their friends as their counsellors.

When you are friends with an Aries, you'll notice they seek peace and comfort in those close to them. But they also expect friends to be there for them when needed. Read more about Aries Traits in our in-depth Aries sign guide.

Who Is Aries' Best Friend?

The zodiac sign best friends for Aries is usually either Gemini or Sagittarius, a fellow fire sign. In the case of Sagittarius, they are also very athletic, open-minded, and energetic.

The friendship between Aries and Gemini is a strong bond because they bring out the best in Aries natives. Gemini friends are just like twins; they like similar things but also push you to become the best version of yourself.

Why Are Aries and Aquarius Best Friends?

There are multiple reasons why Aquarius and Aries can be very good friends. Both signs are characterised by the fact they are very social. They also enjoy being around friends. And yes, they both like trying new things, stepping outside their comfort zone, etc.

If you are an Aries native and you have an Aquarius friend, you'll notice there's never a dull moment. These are both signs that value independence as well.

Aries Friendship Compatibility

Aries compatibility is quite interesting because Aries natives will be a very good fit for certain zodiac signs. But at the same time, you will also find some incompatibility with other signs as well.

That's why we made a quick list showing who you are compatible with as an Aries and what signs might be something you want to avoid.

Aries and Scorpio

The combination of Scorpio and Aries signs is quite interesting, as they both form a very intense yet powerful union. You'll have fiery passion but also emotional currents.

These signs are both known for their determination and independence, as they are natural leaders. That means, sometimes, you will encounter some power struggles, but it also leads to a great bond, and they will always be friends for life.

Can they be friends? Of course, they can develop a long-lasting, very durable bond. At its core, it's mutual respect and trust. These are signs that value people who are supportive and loyal. Yes, there will be some fights due to their assertive natures, but usually, these are private.

However, Scorpio and Aries can be great friends, although it's not always the best match in a romantic relationship.

Aries and Sagittarius

In the case of Sagittarius and Aries, it's safe to say that they both crave spontaneity, excitement, and freedom.

They want to try out new stuff, which is right up the alley for an Aries. They are both known for mutually respecting one another and having a great affinity for travelling. They also support each other's ambitions and dreams, making for a wonderful and inspiring friendship.

Aries and Capricorn

Capricorn isn't always the best pick for Aries because this friendship combines fire and earth. The mix can be unique but also explosive, and it's usually one of the two.

Capricorns are known for being very careful and calculated; they take things cautiously. Aries are quite the opposite because they are impulsive.

But there's also a mutual understanding and appreciation, which can sometimes lead to balance and strength.

An Aries can learn quite a lot from Capricorn natives, like how they can plan, increase their patience and be more perseverant. At the same time, Capricorns can learn how to take risks and enjoy life more in a balanced relationship.

Aries and Pisces

Pisces and Aries are two contrasting signs, but as we saw, contrasts can sometimes make for very good compatible signs.

Aries is the one bringing assertiveness and passion into this friendship. Pisces, on the other hand, are those that bring empathy and emotional depth. They can become great friends and will undoubtedly support each other in a relationship built upon trust and respect.

But it can also go wrong, which sometimes makes Pisces one of the worst options for an Aries.

Aries and Taurus

Again, this is different from the type of combination that might be ideal when it comes to astrological compatibility.

Taurus are known for liking routine and stability, whereas Aries natives are spontaneous and energetic. Despite that, the two signs can become good friends if Taurus natives are willing to step out of their comfort zone a little bit.

The upside for Aries natives is that they can find great friends in Taurus since they are very friendly and loyal.

Aries and Gemini

Gemini and Aries natives will always make great friends. Sure, there might be some exceptions, but they understand one another well and what they like or dislike.

These zodiac signs both have a mutual appreciation for spontaneity and a great sense of freedom. They are excited to try out new stuff with their competitive natures and a sense of adventure, which makes them the best and closest friends.

With that in mind, they bond by being there for each other and enjoying the moment.

Aries and Leo

Is Leo a good friend for Aries? The short answer is yes. They can be a good duo, and they appreciate each other's virtues and commitment.

They encourage each other to pursue their goals and dreams. Their friendship is built upon motivation and support, and they have a great way of empowering one another. Yes, the relationship between the two can be very fiery, but it's always built on admiration and trust.

Aries and Virgo

It's important to note that Virgos is an excellent friend of Aries. They can learn a lot from each other, with Virgos teaching Aries how to be reliable, patient, and more precise.

Their friendship is also built on mutual respect and growth, and they help each other bring out the best in each other.

Read our guide on Virgo Friendship Compatibility.

Aries and Libra

Libra and Aries are known for being opposites. Libras are about harmony and balance, whereas Aries brings passion and enthusiasm. Sometimes, this can work because they can be very supportive but also stimulating.

In addition, they admire one another and want to see each other achieve success.

Aries and Cancer

Cancer and Aries aren't really a good combination. Cancer natives can be very compassionate and nurturing, although they are prone to mood swings, while the free-spirited nature of Aries always tries to go out of their comfort zone.

Sure, they can learn from each other, but Cancer natives will find it hard to be friends with Aries, as they see them as unstable and less reliable.

Can Aries and Aries Be Friends?

Yes, two Aries can be very good friends with a solid emotional bond. They already have a lot in common, and they can be supportive of one another.

Some may be more social and outgoing than others, but they are willing to learn, try out new things, and improve their current lives to succeed in a romantic relationship!

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As you can see, the compatibility of Aries' friendship is quite interesting, and reading about it is a good idea. When you do so, you get to see what astrological signs are the most compatible with you and which could be better. All this info can make it easier to narrow down who you can be friends with, what signs are more suitable for dating, and who can be your ideal partner.

Arming yourself with this information can be helpful, so don't hesitate to use these tips and knowledge immediately!


Are Taurus and Aries Compatible as Friends?

Aries and Taurus are exciting because they must talk a lot and ensure the other person is happy. However, they are compatible as astrological signs and can make an excellent team.

Taurus keeps things grounded, whereas Aries brings excitement and fun. The two signs are very different, allowing them to learn new things and adapt.

Who Is Aries Not Friends With?

Generally, Aries is not compatible with Cancer or Pisces. Cancer natives can sometimes have an outrage of emotions due to Aries being too straightforward, and there can also be a conflict regarding each one's needs.

Similarly, Pisceans are known to be very sensitive, while Aries natives are unexpected and have boundless energy. That's another astrological sign combination which doesn't work at all.

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