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Cancer March 2023

Published 26/02/2023 by Joanne Jones

Cancer | March 2023 | Free Horoscope

Free Horoscope Cancer

The live psychic readers at Trusted Psychics predict the Cancer horoscope for March will show a slew of promising changes and improvements in March, which will be especially true for those Cancers willing to take risks, break away from their comfort zones, and embrace new opportunities and experiences.

There is a heightened sense of exploration throughout this month, and you may find yourself exploring new places, ideas, or relationships. Feel free to take calculated risks during this period, as these will likely pay off in the long run.

Increased adventurousness comes with an equally energized sense of ambition and determination. You should feel inspired to work diligently towards achieving your goals and dreams this month by following through on projects that need attention or beginning something entirely new, which could be a chance to upgrade your skill set in some way, such as taking a class or pursuing a certification that can help you further your career goals.

Emotional intensity will be high for your romantic relationships. Single Cancers might find someone special this month, or already-attached Cancers might enjoy improving their existing relationship with stronger communication, trust, and intimacy.

In either case, it's essential to remain open-minded when it comes to enjoying the company of others without expecting too much from them too soon.

Love, Relationships and Compatibility for Cancer

Cancer, the 4th sign of the zodiac, is a water sign associated with emotions, intuition, creativity, loyalty, and sensitivity. March-born Cancers are known for their tenacity and dedication to friends, family, and partners.

When it comes to relationships, Cancers are incredibly devoted and compassionate. They seek a partner who will match them in intensity, someone they can trust completely and feel at ease with.

Due to their similar emotional natures, cancers' most compatible signs in March will be fellow water signs Scorpio and Pisces. They may also get along well with earth signs such as Taurus or Virgo due to their practicality and grounded Ness, which helps balance Cancer's intense emotions.

While these partnerships can work, there can be some challenges between fire signs such as Aries or Leo since these contrasting elements often clash in relationships.

Cancer star signs will likely experience an uplift in their love life as the stars align to spark new relationships or strengthen existing ones. With the planet Venus in a harmonious trine angle with the planetary ruler, the Moon, it is an ideal time for Cancers to open and explore what romance has to offer.

For those seeking new relationships, this period of cosmic alignment is an excellent opportunity to get out there and meet potential partners. Whether it be through online dating sites or social events, now is the perfect time to start conversations that could lead your heart down a promising path.

For those already happily in love, it's an ideal opportunity to re-commit and affirm your relationship with your partner. Whether through words or actions, use this period of heightened emotions and harmony between planets to remind your partner why you belong together.

Money and Finance for Cancer

Cancer horoscope predictions for March suggest that finances and money prospects will increase.

March is an excellent time to take a chance and make some investments, as the stars are aligned in favour of taking risks. With newfound confidence and optimism, Cancers should feel comfortable embracing new opportunities financially. March could be a great month to explore stock market opportunities, mutual funds, or other investment venues.

As a result of increased financial luck this month, Cancers may find themselves on a better path towards financial success. It's important to remain prudent with spending habits.

March is also ideal for Cancers to start planning or revisiting their budgets and savings. Make sure expenses are kept low while savings continue growing; this way, you can keep your finances in check while protecting yourself from any unexpected curveballs.

Cancer individuals should be welcomed into April with more financial security than ever, with increased career prospects likely coming soon due to planetary influences.

Career, Business and Education for Cancer

Cancer zodiac signs in March can expect a strong focus on their career and business goals. As the Sun transits through Pisces this month, they will be more able to focus on their goals and achieve them more clearly. March is an excellent time for Cancer signs to take advantage of any potential opportunity that comes their way.

The stars are especially favourable this month, allowing those Cancer signs currently enrolled in school or university to work diligently towards achieving positive results. With the right motivation, they should be able to excel in their studies due to the abundance of energy available at this time.

When seeking new educational opportunities, such as higher learning or even just additional classes, this is also an excellent month for making these decisions as clarity and sound judgement will be heightened.

Regarding business and financial pursuits, the energy around Cancers in March will help them make sound investments and wise decisions regarding money matters. Any entrepreneurial venture started this month may also result in great success due to the extra luck that comes with it.

Health and Wellness for Cancer

The Cancer horoscope in March predicts a period of health, wellness, and spiritual pursuit. During this time, Cancers will focus on improving their health and well-being by engaging in activities that promote mental clarity, physical strength, and emotional balance.

Regular walks in nature can help clear the mind and body of toxins, while yoga or tai chi can bring inner peace and heightened awareness. Meditation can effectively reduce stress levels and increase self-understanding and spiritual awareness.

There are also many other spiritual activities that Cancer zodiac signs may like to pursue during this period.

These could include attending spiritual workshops or retreats to learn more about personal growth and transformation, exploring various philosophies around mindfulness and positive thinking, or taking part in creative pursuits such as art, music or writing to deepen one's understanding of their true self.

Important Dates for Cancer

The new astrological year begins with the Sun in Aries and a powerful full moon in Libra. During this period, Cancers may experience a shift in their priorities and sense of direction. March is a positive time for creative activities, as the energy of the stars will stimulate your imaginative nature.

The Sun's transition into Aries on March 20th marks the beginning of spring. It will bring renewed energy to your life after a long winter season.

With Aries being ruled by Mars, this transition can bring ambition and action to your plans. You have been through enough inner growth to be ready to take risks and make bold moves towards your goals. Don't let naysayers get in the way; follow your intuition and trust you know what's best for you!

On March 13th, a Pisces new moon will bring deep emotions and allow you to process lingering feelings from the past few months. This could be an excellent opportunity to heal old wounds or create closure on unfinished business, enabling you to move forward without the burden of the past holding you back.

As we enter April, there is an opportunity for balance with the full Moon in Libra on March 28th. The event invites us all to clear our minds of any mental clutter we might be juggling, giving us space to think more creatively about our lives and pursue our passions.

There may also be an influx of social activities surrounding this full Moon.

Lucky Days for Cancer

March is an excellent month for Cancers to enjoy good luck and positive energy.

The third week of March brings a strong sense of optimism, with the New Moon in Pisces taking place on the 13th. This powerful lunar event encourages Cancers to make bold changes, start new projects, and confidently pursue their dreams.

With Saturn retrograde also happening this month, Cancers should be mindful of how they spend their energy and focus on balancing work and play.

The 14th is also a lucky day for Cancerians as Venus enters Aries. This lucky day will bring abundant creative energy, inspiring Cancers to express themselves openly and without fear. This makes this an excellent time to pursue romantic endeavours, particularly if you want to connect with someone special.

The middle of the month is when things begin to pick up speed for Cancers, with some luck-filled days falling around the 19th through the 23rd. On March 19th, Jupiter moves into retrograde. While this can bring challenges related to finances and career advancement, it also offers opportunities to reassess your strategies and restructure your plans to help you build your future goals more effectively.

From March 20th through 22nd, Cancerians can take advantage of lucky breaks brought about by Mars entering Gemini. This transit brings about a welcome change in attitude that can help encourage communication skills, making it easier for Cancers to express themselves authentically with friends and family.

The 24th marks a perfect day as Mercury enters Aries, promoting critical thinking skills and improved decision-making abilities that will significantly benefit Cancers over the coming weeks. They should actively seek out new knowledge and opportunities during this time to give them an edge when tackling any tasks or challenges that may come their way.

Lucky Numbers for Cancer

Cancers can expect good luck in March and should watch for specific numbers to bring them prosperity. This month's most significant numbers for Cancers are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 22. These numbers have special meanings attached to them, which will bring positive energy into their lives.

The number 2 is associated with duality, creativity, and communication. They represent the need to be balanced and diplomatic. It symbolizes harmony and cooperation.

The number 4 represents stability, security, and hard work. It signifies orderliness, practicality, and planning.

The number 6 resonates with compassion, harmony and understanding and symbolizes family values.

Number 8 stands for tenacity, ambition, and achievement. It emphasizes the importance of success through hard work and discipline.

Number 10 symbolizes authority figures, power structures, and karma.

Number 12 speaks about faith in the future and a sense of completion or closure, often seen as a sign of spiritual awakening.

Number 22 is symbolic of success after a long effort. It stands for considerable accomplishments that require patience and determination to achieve.

Interests for Cancer

In March, you may feel inspired and full of wild ideas that can bring many positive changes. Although this month may bring some unexpected challenges, these will help you to grow and develop further. As a result, you may become interested in new activities or hobbies you never thought possible before.

March will be a great time to start new projects and explore different sides of yourself. With the Moon entering its waxing phase, your motivation and drive will only grow stronger as the month passes.

Mercury retrograde in Aries could spark innovative ideas for approaching project ideas with a unique twist! You may find yourself trying out unusual activities or taking up an art form that was previously unknown to you - all under the influence of Mars' fiery energy.

Overview for Cancer

Cancer zodiacs may find March an exciting time full of progress and adventure. With the Sun still in Pisces, Cancerians may feel more inspired to take on new challenges and express their creative side.

However, this month's Lunar Eclipse in Libra could bring turbulence on the home front. There may be tension between family members or a sense of being overwhelmed by obligations.

Fortunately, the New Moon in Aries at the end of the month should bring an influx of new energy that can help tide over these stressful moments.

For career goals, there will likely be great opportunities to make progress this month. Mercury retrograde may cause some delays and miscommunications, but with Venus in Aquarius entering its home sign later this month, your efforts to build professional relationships should bear fruit.

March is a powerful time for Cancers' romantic life. You have a positive attitude and are feeling passionate and openhearted during March. With Venus transiting through Aquarius, you may find yourself drawn to unconventional partners or exploring more daring ideas for dating and relationships.

Remember that Mercury retrograde can cause misunderstandings, so avoid jumping to conclusions too quickly.

On a health front, Cancerians need more rest during March than usual, with more physical and mental rest. Allowing you time to process recent events and plan for upcoming ones.

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