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How Does Ceres Fit into Astrology?

Published 20/08/2022 by Joanne Jones

How Ceres Fits Into Astrology

The History of Ceres

Ceres is a powerful asteroid discovered in 1801 by astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi who believed that Ceres was a significant discovery. Ceres has been classified as a planet, asteroid, and then back to the status of a dwarf planet (in 2006).

Ceres is the largest of the four asteroid planets that hover between Mars and Jupiter. Astrologers have only just started taking asteroids/dwarf planets seriously in astrology. Research by astrologers has shown that asteroids/dwarf planets impact us much like other heavenly bodies.

Ceres will reveal where your true power lies, when/where you are most likely to lose power, and when/where you will share your power with others. Even though dwarf planets are small and obscure, do not be fooled into thinking they are irrelevant. The influence of the Minor planets on our lives can intensify when they are next to major planets. Astrologers always look out for the placement of Ceres, especially when seeking clarity about someone’s love life.

Ceres and Astrology

Ceres is best understood by looking at the main characteristics of this dwarf planet. Ceres is the most rounded (in shape) of the four other planets it is close to, making it very similar to the moon. In astrology, Ceres represents the feminine influence and is referred to as the mother. Ceres explains a lot about the women in your life and themes related to motherhood. Ceres represents Mother Earth, the goddess of agriculture. The place of Mother Earth on your birth chart will help you understand your evolution as you continue to grow.

Ceres and Roman Mythology

Asteroids are named after the gods/goddess archetypes in Greek & Roman mythology; Ceres was named after Jupiter’s sister. The other three asteroids that orbit nearby are Juno (Jupiter’s wife), Pallas Athena (Jupiter’s daughter), and Vesta (another sister of Jupiter). In Roman mythology, Ceres had to deal with losing her daughter when she married because she could only see her during the spring and summer.

Trusted Psychics Astrology Readings

A horoscope is a map of the cosmos, showcasing the alignments of the planets/stars. Ceres is often overlooked in astrology, despite it having an important role to play in your life. As the world changes, the influence that asteroids/dwarf planets have will increase. If you concentrate solely on the traditionally known planets, you will miss out on the small details in the universe.

If you are interested in discovering more about your personality and how Ceres affects your horoscope, call Trusted Psychics for a personalised reading. Our team of experts can help you get insights into your unique personality and what the future may hold for you.

Just from knowing what your birth date is will allow our gifted astrologers to tell you what kind of person you are, who your soulmate is likely to be, and what your eventual fate is. The stars are capable of telling us so much; nonetheless, the messages they convey can be ever-changing as we have been gifted with free will. Call our cheap psychic line today and see where your life is heading so you can change it if it’s not up to your liking.

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