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Rectification and Astrology

Published 27/08/2022 by Joanne Jones

Rectification and Astrology

What Is Birth Time Rectification?

Birth time rectification is the process of finding out someone’s exact time of birth; this helps the astrologer better understand the person they are reading for. The precise time of birth is not needed for a reading because a date of birth can serve up a lot of information—that said, without an exact time of birth, a querent may not get all the details they want from a star chart reading.

Discovering the Time of Birth

An astrologer needs to get as much information as they can before giving a reading. The information the astrologer gets from a querent will help them pinpoint the arrangement of the heavenly bodies when that individual was born. Even if they do not know the exact time they were born, a skilled astrologer will be able to work it out. Knowing whether you were born in the morning or late at night is helpful; once an astrologer has learned everything they can, the rectification process can begin.

4 Things Your Astrologer Needs From You

  • Birth Date: What date were you born on?
  • Place of Birth: Where were you born—Country, city, town, street. The more precise you can be, the better.
  • Time of Birth: Knowing what time you were born will give your astrologer a more accurate depiction of how the heavens were arranged when you were born.
  • Important Events: If you want to narrow down your time of birth, detailing any significant events that occurred around that time will be helpful to an astrologer.

6 Ways to Rectify a Birth Time

1. Ascendant Sign

If an astrologer knows someone's ascendant sign, they can use it to narrow down the range of possible birth times. If the querent's ascendant sign is Virgo, their birth time occurred sometime between August 23 and September 22.

This narrowing down of possible birth times can be a helpful tool in pinpointing someone's exact birth time. However, an individual's ascendant sign is just one factor to consider when determining their birth time.

2. Planetary Positions and Major Life Events

Comparing the position of planets in someone's known birth chart with the position of planets in potential birth charts will help astrologers narrow down the range of possible birth times.

In astrology, your birth chart is a map of where all the planets were at the exact moment you were born. Astrologers will look at the movement of the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Astrologers use the birth chart to predict an individual's life, including their personality, relationships, and potential challenges.

To narrow down your birth time, astrologers can use the planetary positions in combination with major events in your life. For example, if someone got married on June 15, 2003. An astrologer would look at the planetary positions on that date, compare them to the planetary positions, and then look for the birthday that results in the most accurate predictions about them getting married at that particular time. Astrologers can repeat this process for other significant events in your life, such as the birth dates of your children or a major career change.

3. Birth Order

If an astrologer knows the birth order of a person's siblings, they can use that to narrow down the range of possible birth times. For example, if a person's older sister was born in July and their younger brother was born in May, you can assume that the person was born sometime between those two months.

4. Solar Returns

Solar returns occur when the sun returns to where it was when you were born—this happens once every year on your birthday. Astrologers can look at solar return charts to see if any patterns/trends emerge, which can help narrow down someone's birth time. There are a few things to keep in mind when using solar return charts to find your birth time. The sun moves about one degree per day, so your solar return chart will be slightly different every year. You should also note that solar return charts are only accurate to within about four hours, so you may need to experiment with a few different charts before you find the one that matches your birth time most closely.

5. Astrological Twins

If you know someone with a similar astrological chart to yours, astrologers can use that person's known birth time to help rectify yours. This method is most accurate when you have a close friend or family member with a similar chart. If you do not know anyone with a similar chart, you can use a public figure with a similar chart to yours.

To use this method, astrologers will create a composite chart for you and the other person—this is done by taking the midpoint between each planet in your two charts. For example, if your sun is at 23 degrees (Cancer) and the other person's sun is at 27 degrees (Cancer), the composite sun would be at 25 degrees (Cancer).

Once an astrologer has created the composite chart, they can compare it to your natal chart. The planets in the composite chart will be in the same signs as our natal planets, but they will be at different degrees. By comparing the two charts, astrologers will get an idea of how the planets are moving, allowing them to adjust your birth time accordingly.

6. Rectification by Process of Elimination

Rectification, by process of elimination, is where an astrologer looks at all the potential birth times and starts eliminating those that do not fit with known facts about the person's life. For example, if an astrologer was rectifying the birth chart of someone born in the United States with the sun sign of Leo, they would examine all potential times that would give this person that sign. While examining, the astrologer would eliminate the dates that do not fit with known facts about the person's life until they are left with their potential birth time.

Cheap Astrology Readings With Trusted Psychics

Thanks to keeping records, it is quite easy for someone to find out exactly when and where they were born. Not only will having this information save you a lot of time and money, but it will also allow any personalise reading your receive to be more in-depth. If you are interested in learning more about birth time rectification or want to find an astrologer who will help you rectify your birth chart, call us. At Trusted Psychics, we have the most devoted astrologers available to you around the clock. You can get affordable astrology readings 24 hours a day, allowing you to get all the answers you need.

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