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The Secrets of the Asteroid Pallas Athena Revealed

Published 27/08/2022 by Joanne Jones

The Secrets of the Asteroid Pallas Athena Revealed

What Is Pallas Athena?

In 1802, the Asteroid Pallas Athena was discovered by Henrich Wilhelm Olbers, an eminent German physician and astronomer. Pallas Athena was the second asteroid discovered (after Ceres, the mother), and her name was taken from the Greek goddess Pallas Athena, who represents wisdom, courage, warfare, strategy, and skill.

In astrology, the asteroid Pallas Athena is associated with the planet Mars and represents law, creative intelligence, and strategic thinking. Pallas Athena is considered a powerful influence that can help us access our hidden potential. Pallas Athena is an asteroid dubbed the Warrior Princess.

The asteroid, Pallas Athena, is responsible for balancing Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars, keeping them in harmony. Pallas Athena sees them as equals and will assess any altercation before passing judgement and/or taking action. Pallas Athena uses her creative streak and intelligence to avoid taking direct action if possible, however, when she does act, she does so decisively; this courage can be seen in both Mars and Jupiter.

If you have Pallas Athena in your birth chart, you are a creative thinker, strategic, resourceful, and innovative. If you're ever feeling stuck or creatively blocked, try asking yourself, 'What would Pallas Athena do?'

Creative Intelligence and Strategic Thinking

Pallas Athena represents creative intelligence as she is in a stellium (cluster of three) with Ceres, Uranus, and the South Node, all aligned in the constellation Crater. Asteroid Pallas is in the constellation of intellect and made creative/intuitive by Uranus.

Pallas Athena plays a vital role in political astrology. Her prominence, strong will and determination make her useful in keeping the peace. In conjunction with the sun, Pallas Athena has a fighting spirit and loves to learn. The North Node is on the star Markab which gives her intellectual alertness, mental powers, and the ability to further propaganda.

In the Pallas astrology chart, Venus (the girl) is closely tied to the sun (her father). The sun, opposite Uranus, makes her strongly independent, which has affected her desire for harmony and stability.

Pallas Athena and Greek Mythology

Pallas Athena was the virgin goddess of pattern recognition, war, wisdom, and crafts. Pallas Athena was also said to be incredibly powerful, able to control the minds of mortals and even influence the gods.

Pallas Athena did not have a mother because she was born from her father's head, Zeus (Jupiter). She was born fully grown and clad in armour. Her name means wise one or exalted one. Athena was also said to be a skilled warrior, often depicted leading armies into battle.

As the goddess of pattern recognition, Pallas Athena was responsible for helping mortals see the world around them more clearly. She was said to give them the ability to see things they would not otherwise be able to see. The power held by Pallas Athena made her an important figure in Greek mythology.

Best Astrology Readings in the UK

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about the asteroid Pallas Athena. This fascinating object has a long and important history in Greek mythology and continues to play an important part in our solar system. While Pallas Athena is a small asteroid, the power/importance of this heavenly body cannot be underestimated. If you want to learn more about how this asteroid affects you, call our trusted astrologers online for a detailed reading.

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