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What Is Karmic Astrology?

Published 24/07/2022 by Joanne Jones

The Truth About Karmic Astrology

Karmic astrology is practised by those who believe in reincarnation and karma. Through karmic astrology, you can learn about your present life by analysing the events of your past lives. If you are experiencing good/bad karma, you can use karmic astrology to look into your past lives.

By looking in your history, you can see what you may have done to earn the karma you are receiving. Your actions can be used to estimate the karmic debt you will receive—that said, predicting events is not what karmic astrology primary use.

The Planetary Positions

The karmic planetary system can is divided into five parts:

The Sun:

The sun will reveal the purpose of your life; it will also reveal your weaknesses, fears, and thoughts.

The Moon:

The moon represents your past; through this sign, you can resolve any lingering issues you may have.


Saturn is responsible for the karma you receive in your life, both good and bad.


The planet Rahu is why karma exists at all.


Ketu sometimes referred to as the spiritual planet. is believed to guide us towards a more positive/constructive way of living.

Karmic Relationships

It is not uncommon to meet people in this life who you met in a previous life. People who share a strong bond like this are called soulmates, which would help explain why these individuals play such an important role in each other's lives, even if not for very long. People are often reunited because they have unfinished business, so the universe has given them another chance to get the job done.

How to Maintain the Karmic Balance?

By learning about karmic astrology, you can live a better life. Being the best version of yourself in this life will enable you to live a fulfilling life after reincarnation. You must genuinely want to do good, to make the world a better place. Karma is not something that can be tricked. Karma has a way of balancing the things that happen in this chaotic world, so make sure you are on the right side of it.

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